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David Clohessy, Executive Director of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) and Corbett

Apr 4, 2014|

David Clohessy, Executive Director of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) talks to Corbett about the latest priest to be accused of sexual assault in the Diocese of Scranton.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David classic thanks so much for taking time to talk with -- senate. Thank you for the application appreciate very much. When you when you saw a news report of this most recent. Incident what what's your reaction then. That's tragic of course anytime. You don't molest any kids it's especially tragic event -- as a powerful. The position like priest and a and it's especially tragic what happens in an institution that has seemed so many of these. Crimes and -- reps for so long. I was a little. Disappointed in the end the -- transaction. -- -- angry says he is Sam cup except. But you know what it is not what people say or feel what matters is what they do and down. The bishop promised to press for victims and urged others to do that that's. Our power to analyze resources and we think he should be actively using that power and those resources to help police. And prosecutors build a strong case so that this child molester is behind bars and can't hurt others. And -- -- them. Has a history although none action is that not accurate. Well I think that's I think that's a very. Greg -- Com. And of course inaction. And a child sex case. I definitely think really when I went somebody in authority refuses to act there in essence taking the side of the predator rather than than the victim. He did just last week promised to write to the Vatican. About being father and I probably will miss that same these were going keep. Milosevic Graham. And -- as now. And promote it in the church and he's the second in command in a dietitian and Paraguay's. Japan and Europe in response to our plea. Has agreed that were promised. To -- the Pope about the -- declared but there again we. Promises don't protect kids action protects kids and it's a shame that we have to prod him into doing that -- that he didn't take this step voluntarily on his own. I read this story at the end of march about this former diocese of Scranton priest. Who more than a decade ago woods was accused him of abusing local children. And how he's now been promoted to the second in command of the diocese in Paraguay. And this is this trailer is far from Scranton. True Paraguay. Came under the auspices of the bishop the emotion reverend Joseph -- But when it comes to the -- bishop a lot of people myself included believe that writing a letter of the -- really is not good enough. It's not it absolutely isn't you know and again this was when we asked several things division -- -- we said that he should go to every parish. Where this south American priest worked and personally appealed to his flock to think they have any information -- suspicions. To contact law enforcement and we encouraged him to. Post this guy's name and photo on the bass is a web site and on the website says parishes in the Scranton area saying hey this guy is you know we as a credibly accused child molester. We were sued because of his crimes we settled both those lawsuits because of his crimes. If you have any information course stations. Whether you're a victim witness or whistle blower if you've got to call the police are still in the -- you can you can basically passively sit back. What do you know about child sex crimes and wait for the protocol you. -- you can act responsibly and proactively. And really. Use your bully pulpit to new powers to. Two reach out and to those who have information about these crimes and that's what bishop been very -- doing and haven't done. And that's what we can get a really compassionate shepherd of the flock. Should give. Well when it comes to this this priest -- -- -- way I'll come a little confused David because. These reference to she is abusing a local children in the Scranton times Tribune story. Refers to a federal sexual abuse lawsuit but there's no mention in the story of this priest having been charged with a crime. And I immediately thought back to 2007. With the reverend Albert we've been deliberately or are. And that's a federal lawsuit where they please to. Whose name was actually kept secret. They called this priest father Ned. And they talked about how the diocesan officials including then monsignor. Joseph -- barrel. As well as then bishop James -- True that this priest and other priests were molesting children in the diocese. They covered it up they kept it quiet they did not contact law enforcement officials. And then they allow these priests to move in the other responsibilities. I wonder. Is it possible that this priest and parable was bad father -- that's what they called him in the trial. I hit it certainly could leave there are now on an independent reliable web site. Called bishop accountability dot ORG bishop accountability dot ORG. There are now some 21. Scranton area. Catholic priests and nuns and Brothers and seminary and you've been publicly accused of of abuse so these are people who are either proven or admit it or at least credibly accused child molesters who have -- it didn't work in the -- -- so. And we certainly don't think the deadliest. Is exhausted so it can they be hard to tell who father admitted that it could be this other coalition you're Detroit you done enough to die down and go our way. Can -- though the concern was that I would -- that a federal court room would allow all. A shortened them to be used to protect the identity of Bob freeze. That under oath sworn testimony other priests were claiming. Had molested children they have signed this sort of -- father Ned to whoever this priest is and after reading the transcripts that I house. And then I continue to study. I wondered is this priest still running amok is he's still out -- -- people and now that we know that this priest is -- away and he. The accusations made against him and according to the diocese bishop Martino had clearly. Expressed his reservations about this -- We really have to wonder where is law enforcement in all this. And in an increase in the investigations that that that really should take place. I could that we would get more I could agree to more cute too quick points first of all. Bishop timlin allegedly wrote. To the church officials and -- -- way instead this guy's dangerous don't accept him we challenged last week current bishops bishop Ben Barrett. To release those letters. Show less if in fact this is true or show -- if mr. timlin. -- -- -- the truth and mission vendor has not responded but secondly you're the point is absolutely right on time. Too many times over the past 25 years we can't have seen the law enforcement officials and bend over backwards. To be. -- solicitous toward cents. Acute long -- wrong doers who happen to be powerful church officials you know they -- they don't deserve. Any special treatment or any special consideration. They should be afforded all -- -- rights and privileges but people were cues and not to deemed guilty yet. But again they shouldn't be given special favors. From law enforcement especially since -- -- sex crimes and cover -- over so many decades have been so clearly clearly document this -- now. I've had other the number of conversations with a number of people over the past several months with regard to the Philadelphia monsignor William Lynn. Who was a rescuer who was convicted who was sentenced to prison. For a six year term and then eventually released from custody. Because not to -- molest and everybody but that she knew Obama molestation he kept the molestation quiet he did not go to law enforcement. And he covered up the -- of late for these priests to be moved throughout the diocese or elsewhere. And -- I was amazed because that's exactly. What bishop Joseph -- Barack admitted to under oath when you took the witness stand. -- lawsuit back in 2007. Well I'm. And now I haven't seen this testimony but I don't doubt here in the least. And and that is one of the key reasons why these crimes and cover -- continued. Because the man who perpetrate them. Vote especially the -- wraps. Tend to get rewarded and promoted. From. You know I would challenge Catholics. To name even one mission anywhere on the planet. Who had been demoted or defrocked. Or even denounced. By the Vatican. Having child sex crimes. There are some bishops several thousand who have been demoted. Because this. They committed child sex crimes. That's virtually none have ever been demoted or again even disciplined -- denounced because they concealed child sex crimes so -- Honestly -- sound a little harsh and I think it's a little -- there's but obviously. Given the fact that no complicit church officials are ever punished. We are fools. We think things are improving. You know -- good. -- -- officials have no incentive. To I -- it to change. You know -- they say that is -- can't change his stripes and I believe that's true. And especially. Not a couple others neighbors. And not if they keep getting treated really really well for having the stripes that they happened. Continue in -- you brought up by the way it is the one exception. Did he 51 Catholic official. How to literally thousands. So this seemed kind of in jail cell. Because he put kids in harm's way -- one of the and the bishops themselves in America they acknowledge now that there's 6200. 6200. -- -- credibly accused child molesting Catholic clerics. So and it to that number you know the numbers much much higher than if there's 6200 who committed the crimes. You know that there are hundreds if not thousands. Who knows about them. Or suspected then and either stayed silent. As best. Or actively worked to conceal the crimes. And only one -- -- punished and that punishment has only come because of our criminal justice system it's not come from. Within the church. I'll I'll read I'll read one quick exchange. From the the transcript of this two day trial. Back in 2007 where the lawyer. He was asking questions and then monsignor Joseph -- Barre who was in the in the witness on the witness stand under oath under threat of perjury -- And the attorney asked. Then monsignor Joseph -- Barre quote when you're vicar. You became aware that there were members of the clergy. In the diocese of Scranton. Who had admitted sexually. Offending minor boys. Who were then put back in a parish an active ministry what you. And -- bears' answer was yes. -- I don't think you can find any wiggle room in the. Good. I don't think so now you know again these guys not only -- bishops Smart but they also have very Smart warriors. And exploit every legal technicality that's possible. But I think the real the real problem here. Is that. We have a law enforcement officials in some places -- still prefer to church leaders and who who still -- the political power of the church. And well it's so these prosecutors is of course first -- do your job and help but most vulnerable polish citizens there are of course children tennis and I would say look these law enforcement officials would be read the polls. If you read this surveys have taken over the past 1011 years there has been a sea change in how Catholics view. There -- church officials. And maybe fifteen years ago that DA would have been stepping out onto a parallel sledge. -- charging a bishop. For concealing child sex crimes. And maybe he would be putting the issue would be putting. And their political career on the -- Not anymore Catholics are just an outraged by these crimes and cover ups. At some regular citizens are so I would just big prosecutors to. To dig deep work hard and find a way to charge these men scale I was about. Alcatel and remember. He -- that last -- of crimes and the only thing they -- -- on it was income tax evasion. But they didn't Palin because as you know where there's a will there's a way. And so we in -- are very very skeptical. When police -- prosecutors say are -- you know what happened too long ago. Are shocked we just don't have enough evidence you know -- We think that where there is real political will encourage. There's a way take. -- find loopholes in the law and to get more evidence you know prosecutors should also be using the bully pulpit and saying you know we beg you. If you get any information -- any suspicions about Kurdish sect Contra cover ups no matter when it happened no matter who -- -- might have been. Did we better get a pick up the phone call and I think if more more prosecutors had the courage to do that. They were in fact finding that some of these church officials up. Could be charged with obstruction of justice or intimidating a witness sort destroying evidence or endangering a child. -- You know so I think I think it's just mostly a matter more of a lack of political will and it is. Anything else. My understanding is that the district attorney in Philadelphia has indicated that he hopes to revisit the case of monsignor -- And it I think it's interesting that. Scranton diocese bishop -- embarrassed says. He sent a letter to the hole. I'm thinking about so in my own letter to the Pope. And when I send my love. I might include the transcription from which judges read do you which sure is damning and damaging as anything I've ever read and these are in embarrass own words. -- from the witness stand. Under oath. Under threat of perjury and I'm looking forward to talk with you again David Clohessy. Who. What you do is very important and we need to continue these open lines of communication. Definitely thanks very very much -- industry. Thank you David Clohessy director. Of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.