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Mar 29, 2014|

Saturday March 29, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and. It's time for Larry and -- Distort your weekend. -- -- -- -- -- -- Good morning good morning how are you today I'm just Jim dandy are you are paraded out. Not long aisles are long. I know others killed two more afraid last weekend. Now I'm so tired idea somewhere else -- say come -- sort of like loses its pop one night I would link after I don't think thanks so I would whenever he knows three weekends that there were Saint Patrick's Day for -- they should be -- -- stay print every weekend but that well beside the poking fun. I think at least the real. So what I think is the -- in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre on that same weekend again. So anyway we're past that now sorry and and -- -- hopefully will be -- sound sensitive I think today as we tape in it and called it should last night it was really cold China. And anyway it's on its way today's you know kind of weird I was thinking about the sort of surreal feeling. When it's this cold and it's still laid out at seven a little after seven does -- kind of weird because. When it starts staying later and monitor and I say this class because of Clinton I'm sorry but if it's when it starts staying late lighter and longer you expected to be warmer so when it's freezing and thinking. Just stuff is a weird feeling it's very weird. It is the same thing that I have never ever experiences and assist you talk about serial. When I lived in New Jersey I was there between January and July or August and when they moved in in January there was one night I came back. From where I was working to the apartment and it was snowing. And I just kept driving on that road in front of the apartment right to the beach. This the weirdest thing you've ever seen -- snow going in the I don't. Yes India now and I don't think I've ever been wrong -- what is man that's supporting. You just you really don't go to the beach and dominate media I'd just say really keyed in to be around and -- and -- -- -- an -- -- since I was in Florida -- of course it's beautiful on the -- and the -- So well hairy strands him there but other than that I'm we're looking at spring. Yeah AEA. Officials and I love the birds are all around -- this -- in the morning and making sure being in the end their nests and there. The cardinals are -- in all their -- deal and why he's at the big guys have to be to prettier wives. It's kind of way it is the only way every said he didn't human species -- species where -- sorry guys back. But don't cardinal and them and them and the momma. Are always very close. Together. And it's my grandmother says he never got to register so we never see a mourning -- without. At its partner that's right there so every time I see one I always look for the other you know he's never fails there's always say yeah there's always two of them. So I love birds I love to hear them and see them and it's a good -- if you think you know I have a -- -- Nest above my door because I have like grapevine and little lights bright lights above like kind of three quarters I'm just kind of the dispute -- and then door for its beautiful with purposely and I'm good -- is up on the top. You know I'm machine it's twice that's it they've built a nest there at this time I did not take it down. And I'm wondering if maybe you're gonna come back -- tried -- to another like this I love it. You know I if I had the same thing only -- there was a little problem. The mail Robin. Could see his reflection. In the door PS screen door. That was made of glass. And this is thought it was another rob so he got his -- he used to territorial. Bang in that thing twenty times I. And I read something in the newspaper front that says they there's another one that does it in the mirror of decided on the side of the car he also sees himself -- -- time or another bird so you're supposed to put something over it so that they don't. CNL's and that's. I can imagine the last you're not a Gil Martin told me outside of her window at her house yeah. Mourning -- built next to. And the babies were born. -- in the nest and she said it was the neatest thing to see because she could see right from her kitchen window. I went to sink was and she could see if it might be happening from the -- to when they hatch to the and she said it was so sad when they kind of flying I want to NASA when -- the mom has to try to -- -- -- -- yeah and there was one where thank god love him he was not ready and I and he was the last that and how they get four. And I know he -- and then now gosh it's so adorable when you think about it it's just the neatest thing I think it is it's it's this wonderful end. All be -- -- Granite Hills and all I know things are popping pretty soon and focus on the -- which I haven't seen harassing him I have now as I haven't seen and the thing or Cynthia oh we'll start to get their blooms. So we can't just tell us live to spring flowers so good it's wonderful stuff so -- -- -- Popular. Demand -- shake our fire request -- Sicily and at that. We have asked we have been asked by several of our friends who listen to this show. That we always interview other people and talk to other people about what they do but nobody really knows what our stories are. So since we have a fifth Saturday. This month. And we have a free weekend so to speak without a sponsor here guest expert. We decided that we -- takes some time to do that. So. If she would like me to go first I'm sure you you. Think. What we do have a gas coming but we do -- surprise guest yes smoke later on. Later. Below are three. It always says her story. That sees. PR. Public relations. You're planning for fundraising. Sound like good stuff. But that's not what you always did in life. So I crisis and we know for the story that you went to nursing school turn and it really hated that. Proud proud of nursing school dropout yes. I does that -- how idea crowd -- it's okay yeah so. When did you know that nursing was not free airline now entered and I hated nursing from the get out but demo and -- and I -- when I was a candy as I -- states say candy -- -- my father used to tease me and we used to say candy stripper. We were cans candy -- breast CMC which I absolutely love my friends and I Monty must. And we had so much fun but we can't hit it. I should've known because we would sneak away into the ninth that they I'm steps of CMC and run away from everybody likes it there and and or go to the cafeteria have French Fries or something like -- All we didn't but I told you the time that I was a candy stripe and I got called to the front and I carried that. This. -- of flowers which was a coffee and old coffee canned that they wrapped in in. Wrapping paper and put all wild flowers and in some lady who was sick -- church center this and they asked me to deliver it. And I walked up to the -- I tripped over the bed tray and the flowers in the water for -- of. The -- couple. Yeah. Yeah yeah you -- to -- I think she was in a coma so you know god bless her she didn't know. Then I did it but nonetheless I did and I see and then I had to take blood I mean the weird stuff that. Used to happen years ago that you would never be able to do now is literally carry a thing of blighted. With -- bare fingers and a -- -- from one place to the next I mean I literally was carrying it with my fingernails -- I was afraid. Supposing I shouldn't existed of never. Never done and then I went to nursing school. And Robert packer -- in at that time there really was one of the best nursing schools in the country and it was didn't mean -- Packers they said before with other open heart and other hard stuff that they were doing ahead of most people. I'm it was it was bad could really neat place to be amused to take a seventeen mile bus trip by the yellow school bus to Elmira College every day that was the college that you went to and -- -- that was. Pathetic. And it was just it I just hated this -- Pennsylvania I do not like and it was like. Well I was coming from the big metropolis of Scranton to say air and it was even worse then you can imagine an eight it was just -- I was like what am I doing here like the biggest store in the town was in the -- worries there's something it was. Bizarre comment on breathing every four years. Seven months although I will go away I know going -- I did not want to be there right I want it to be you know I -- -- I did it lasted that long yes I just did it because it was pleasing my mother and father again. And I did now wanna do it. Don't ask me what I'd really knew what I wanted to do 'cause I did and to -- I -- because what was filling my head was I don't want to so what I wanna do really wasn't obvious to me at that point. How did she did in real saying. I am. While I don't know that answer but what I can tell you that I went when I quit nursing school and then was off for about a month and you know my father said you better figure a way to do you can't -- and I knew it I had no idea what I was gonna do and -- I know how did just as being a mother now. I know when it would be I don't know mixed feeling but I can understand now. They used to disappoint me you feel when a child doesn't wanna do what you they think they're going and they come home which you know is not a good -- I am. But I did it and my IE I'm. And I went and I got a job a month later. At the third national bank as I was with my French are sharing Morgan and her aunt Arlene I'm Miller worked at the third. And we went to visit her and she's so we're looking now we have some job applications and some job on -- job openings if she's on an application and I got hired. And am I told it was for a page it literally was called the page. And I took the job because they didn't know what else I was going to do and then when ice got into the banking business I'd really like getting -- this is something I think I would really like to do. And because. They paid for your education. There were a lot of bankers very bright bankers today is day who have no formal. Education and just were great at what they did in banking and -- I -- this is a good comfort zone for me -- now is did well in math I really like to people and I thought I was gonna stick to it and so I did and then make. They paid we had tuition reimbursement and I started taking courses. And so I took the first started at an unbeaten Penn State's taking paralegal courses towards my paralegal certification which I completed finished and loved. And it helped me immensely in everything I do tend to this day. And then I decided I wanted to get my real estate license with so I went I got took those courses which the bank paid for a and then I went because the American institute of banking had. I'm not programmed with black -- college to get a two year degree in in banking and finance I started going to left want to. Towards that two year and I'm associated in non banking and finance and it made sense to me to do all those things that kind of we're all interrelated -- as far as I was concerned you know boom mortgage information and all that stuff with your real estate license. And the stuff you've learned and just to know about properties in how they're there's saleable in Pennsylvania and so it was all just those kind of things they I just -- felt that all those things that I liked and then I seem to be good network all linked together in some way. And so that's what I did and that's what I did most of my eight. You know early life was -- thanking. So now when you left thanking you decide you wanted to go full time. And to it was a -- stay -- I I fully then it really I never really sold three yes I did that centro. I when I moved to Philadelphia after I got married. I decided after about a year and a half of working for a bank and brokerage company that I wanted to try my hand at real estate. And so I quit that and start it with white card real terrorist in Philadelphia. And but again that's everything with with real estate is you don't get paid United's -- you don't get a salary until you sell something. So and that was tough doing it in the middle of Center City yeah it was a great way to learn surely has thrown into the fire you know him. But -- -- continue. This being arrogant take a really quick break so we'll be right back you're listening this morning to the -- human shop -- Saturday morning -- little Korean land now. -- -- Morning my name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm. In clarks summit and I am -- -- owner Larry can enterprises would just say fund raising PR and special event business. And before the break we were talking about the fact that bite. A popular demand. -- People have asked us to tell our story since we really never have a chance to do that we talk mostly about. Other people and money and real estate and things along those lines but we never tell anybody -- stories so. Before the break we were talking about. How -- went from. My career that was dash after seven months in nursing. And went into banking where she does many different designations in degrees -- licenses. And it all kind of blended together. She moved to Philadelphia. Really gut the thrust into the real estate market Center City Philadelphia. And that's where we left our heroine for our. The next question was when you came back to this area. -- did you continue in banking are real statement didn't. Yeah I left day after right after the real estate try it was -- than in 1988 market and those of you who can remember knows it bombed. And I was pregnant with my first child. Tammy and so. It when he was first born he used I used to put him in my those things that you Wear in -- viewing used to command since. The house's in the beauty of it is nobody cared because here I had this little baby yeah and I was running around -- and everybody was up Cuba because it didn't stop you from doing many thanks. But the market really really really tanked so. I thought to myself this isn't working even though I kept doing in and then. At the time of my ex husband ran into somebody -- actually I there was an ad in the paper to get back into banking so I decided to. Apply for this assistant management position. -- and a banked in Nash conscious Hough and I can't even the progress progress savings bank and I applied and it turned out that timing Osborne who used to work with me at third national bank used to be the manager when he left Scranton he managed this branch. So I had called him because of course as you now with -- who you know. And I said I applied for this job and he's like to call few people I saw little hard to give if you still have could reputation if you want to hurt their their me too -- -- you know for you to make the call anyway I got the job yes and then my husband at the time it was an -- and an event downtown Philadelphia which is where we lived. Demand into this guy by the name of Vincent is snapped last name is Doherty but -- in Philly they column doctored eight. -- and he was saying this new bank was opening up and fifth in chestnut. And so time told me about it I applied and I got the job as -- assistant manager. I'm at fifth and -- at the corner right near the liberty bell. And it was a bank that was purchased from another bank. And I was -- -- a great bank. And I got hired there and I had a great time and I absolutely loved it and -- at that point for management you did everything from commercial lending to him to mortgages to got retail lending everything you did was all in one. Their bank believe that you should meet with the branch manager assistant manager in -- -- so I got a wonderful. It's a wonderful experience a very dizzy for all the stuff that was going on in Center City Philadelphia. So I absolutely loved it. And then I -- the woman who I was my manager actually was fired. And I'm it was a big monstrous mass because there was some. Issues of laundering and things that was happening Marron I have it -- to be -- whistle blower from. And so that was and then from that there was some you know grand jury investigations. -- -- how people and we all had a testify in and we were brought into this lawsuit individually. And of course that we myself and a bunch of other people -- charged from this woman for racketeering can imagine. And -- little Nicky -- file and I racketeers. Anyway I almost all of those things were dropped but the bigs Lawson wasn't and so there was. Everything you can imagine that I experienced in this place it was wild. But you know in the and then it was the right thing it was such a good feeling self. Then anyway I was promoted at the same time I was promoted time had decide to take a job with his dad. Can open a new law office in Strasbourg excel. We made a decision that we would move back but time and -- -- Tommy at the time moved back two months before I did so I stayed in Philly for an additional two months. In my house and name of back to Scranton because I had a sort of finish up what I was doing there. And get someone else trained and the whole thing. And so then I moved back to Scranton sort of kicking and screaming 'cause I love my job and done. Applied for a job in a month later got hired at done. The lake area bank at the time. And I interviewed with John Martins who's the president and CEO at the time he -- -- amnesty guy we got your resume we thank you started this guy because. We couldn't believe that somebody had these you know I am looking in here so I went and -- a screen from downtown Philadelphia fifth and chestnut teach you know major commercial lending. All this. Fabulous stuff going on. Crew green acres storing and done but it was neat because then. I met so many nice people there and that was when I came I was so. Then thrust into the community because John and believe John my teens believe that. If you're going to be a banker you better be out there and so I he involved me in all of these things and I started getting involved. And started loving every minute what it was and that was in 1993. So that was you being involved in a lot of community. -- say yes yes fundraising and yes even in Newfoundland yeah and then it was apparent anyway that I could be a fund raiser because. Even though wasn't funds you're asking in the banking world you people who could go anywhere to put their banking money. So you had to have that salesman type passion that say nosy type attitude and I won different you know one year there was I'm a big thing and whoever could get. I am -- with the highest five years certificates of all of the customer service people at the third national bank. You would win and we thought this was great dinner a dinner with the president and vice president of the bank and he's -- country club. So of course I didn't really care about that as much as I wanted to win. Right so of course I was the real and in deal at least five years until I think it's because at the time with -- annual yield they were about 21% interest -- as wild back bad. And so I did it and I missed a little bit of a who you know was kind of a little bit and then this -- set down in front of me had a 100000 dollars to invest. And I convinced him to put it into that -- Stephanie like way over there everybody else and of course I would. I'm nick and then just doing the business I did it did in Philadelphia in getting people to bring their money to invest with us. It was all about sales that's really what it was Angela and so therefore I say -- -- because it was raising funds for the but organization for the bank and so sales and it's still all about sales so I knew I had it in me anyway so then. The then I left my teens and had my second child and was off for a while. And then I went back he's got a jab at the ever heard museum. And it went from co managing the store to director public relations to the assistant community development director to the assistant executive director before I left there. -- and then I went back to fidelity bank for a while. And then I got tired at third at -- Scranton cultural center. And all of that experience prior to what I did in the yards and raising money asking for money and all these. The boards in the junior league in all the organizations I belong -- it all sort of all went together. And was enable me then five story in a half years. -- to start my own business doing fundraising PR and special events boom thanks so that's where it's come to full circle today. But there's also. Other components of what you're doing voices. So what we're doing here today yeah and also a team coalition. So how did you get in the matter how did you get involved in that aspect of the PR -- TV part I got involved because. I am I was asked I was a board member for voluntary action center. And they would they were awarded grants that they could do this 66. Series segment this. On volunteer ism and all different types of volunteering and they asked me if I would moderated. And like it was. Well yes sure I'll do whatever you need me to do so was sitting there not knowing -- some of the people who were coming and sometimes there was twenty people ginger DO. No book or just a list of their names in a in it was a 45 minute segments of no commercial times straining your time. No editing are right true and I had to keep it going never ever having done television before. And sat there and got it done and it was I just was like. It was like second nature it was like I never even before -- it when I would I would love to see those old tapes because. It was the beginning and that I'm Barbara Malick who was on the board of Scranton today because DC TV with now with a spin off of Scranton tomorrow which was called -- Scranton today. Was sitting. She said she was wrapping gifts in her in her living room and that it was sign and she said tree -- she gets sick. She called me and said if you promise me that you will give me -- one show every week. I will give you your own shop. If you wanna do it it's fine we'll do. And I set -- my god that's not -- and from that was. So now all these years later from the change of -- management to where we are to being on the board -- BC TV. I have three point clash cows that go on and damn. -- and then of course you know I met Nancy came in years ago. Doing the -- and she's we started talking she's like you should have your own radio -- so in you know how that happened to you became my first gassed right. And then it evolved into hey let's do the show together and here we are. Sell cocaine and that wraps -- whole thing yet. So here we are today and so you know. Started. It in school because you are wearing it and you were a teacher -- a year year and I'm French major yes. I have a degree in secondary education with a major in French and I never actually talked. A French class I mean I did when I was doing my student teaching. I was never hired to be a teacher. So it it was just something I thought I was so devastated. By the fact that I could not do what I had been trained to do. And and I really we had a very bad time for Goodyear and a half after that I just was very depressed. The mass. I didn't like -- -- -- -- this is not the way life was supposed to be I did my job I got through school I got. You know honors all the good stuff right now where is my job is basically what I was saying. Then -- that was a harsh life lesson at that point but. Some guy happened to stop by one day I was unfair I don't know where else I was but. That guy from. An insurance company stopped by. With the the guy who had been our agents. And as they normally do they just stop by every day and every month they come by and pick up the premiums for the insurance policy and he started asking my mother. How many kids you have what are they doing in Obama -- found a note that I was unemployed teacher any lit up. Because apparently. Teachers are very good insurance agents because they can teach. So he wanted me in the worst way call and left the cards sitting their for three months I didn't even wanted to talk about it because I wasn't. Anyway convince what I wanna do. So I eventually went there talked to on. He called somebody and another competing insurance company and said there's somebody here this interviewing you ought to be speaking to. Which says yeah. The original company. But -- now I went over to the other company. I got involved with that for four years in the insurance business and decided I really liked the freedom. Of this I like knowing that I could sell. Then I could. I make my own hours I could take vacations whenever I want it to the there was no cap on my income. I could do an ever wanted to do and I did do it. I did well the first couple years when I was doing less than I found out about something called financial planning. I pursued that from an article it was a money magazine I called everybody that was in -- -- in the article. And I just want to know what they didn't how they didn't they're all very open and told me. So is silence they wanted to do so I applied -- to the college of financial planning. They accepted my application I did the entire thing. I'm by myself without any instructors. I also gut. What's called series seven licensed to sell securities. And I was on my way. And is totally different career though when I went to school four and you've been doing man ever since my business my own company. Down. Talk a little bit more before a surprise guest comes and sends them we can't take a break. You're listening this morning to Delorean in show will be right back it's Saturday morning with the Korean -- now. -- -- Okay good morning for a bank. My name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. And I'm -- can the owner Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business. And I just wanna say we were talking about -- and what she did in the fact that she still in this business how many years. Over thirty over thirty doing something she loves but more importantly when I met -- not knowing she was actually my name -- Grew up with each other even though she was a little bit older than me so I didn't know around 910 years ten years but no warehouse and -- -- beautiful. Brother. -- -- pave the way I digress here. I am spots and then I'm at but anyway limit when I met Linda Linda is all about -- champion -- -- being came. Champion hanging Mitt -- women. And just does it all the time is a great supporter and promoter with Ken will help anybody with anything. And that's what I loved most when I when I found love with Lyn Evans was the fact that she was saying no. Seriously you're and we met on the board of inner harmony. And I just loved how it was so easy for me to be me. With you and that you except you so accepting of just everything can people aren't what they do and your willingness to contribute here. -- own experience and your own knowledge and your friendship to other women is remarkable and not all women. Do that for other women and they should they just don't. Trying to sell a place in half an end and that's what we do this show is to promote women. To give women a voice and say what we wanna say contrary to what you know you may hear out there we say what we feel what we like and now. That's with this show is about. We try to be respectful but but I'm. It seems securing our own beliefs that were able to say what we wanna say without without getting backlash of those sometimes we don't. But in many -- and most times it's just the way we feel and I think all women should have. A voice and so we try to give that voice to many women on the show and I think our supporters and our our suppliers and experts are. You know what this year after year and we are grateful for that and it's a great opportunity south. And we're gonna talk more next week about Lynn and her career and what we know little bit more 'cause. I got so carried away with my and we ran out of time because we have I have a very dear friend without speaking up women and women's issues and supporters of women. We have missed peg ready with us who is the is impressive dinners can executive director executive director executive CN making more and wonder how can a president out. Executive director someday maybe. Ever women's resource center and lots is going man on the bare hands as always paid but why don't we start off by telling people. Who don't maybe don't now. How many women and family and in some cases. And I'm I don't -- just say women but it is a women's resource senate -- -- it's. Abuse happens in all areas are both sexes. But I am your focus is helping women and families and children and helping them get out of the situations and lead healthy. Lives so yes tell everybody out there what how many people you help how long -- -- jurists. Of course thank you I appreciate this opportunity. -- dangerous thing we've just gone and do a heart condition. Very healthy changes transition at the center where we modernized our mission statement. Com and -- you know are the core of our mission stays the same. Com which is to and domestic and sexual violence in our community. Through advocacy education and social change. And as a means to that end we have. Programs available for free and confidential. To any adult or child is being mean their. You know the victimized in their home. On the street are in college campus so -- our primary. Target population are women and children because 96% of the time. -- we talk about the violence. And that in domestic and sexual violence the victims there 96% of the time at least that the senator. Women and children so you know it's a great question about how many women and children we serve. We're in the process of making sure that -- does sustain ourselves well into the future and so. We've been doing a lot of time data analysis and taking all get our work and we answer forty holing calls today -- going Kenny. Com from adults and children. Who are being raped or beyond. Last year alone trying to get leeward to Kenny server Syria Iraq wants us we have Kenny. And how we present provided services to over 2000. Women and children and men. Come in our crisis program. How we also have a legal -- so that if someone can't afford to. An attorney. They need to fight for custody of their -- the -- have been and got abducted. We also have a transitional housing program which is our newest project. Great outcomes. From -- Yeah I've been at the -- or thirty years will be thirty years next month about it and hope. -- -- -- -- How am I don't know where there here's the thing I know I'm sure yeah. Palin was one of our founding mothers was founding member of the founding members that's unbelievable up. I kept thirty by Lawrence even though we really zoom lens -- I did -- -- I hit I'm and so we're taking a look at it and you know -- -- This. And it's pretty cutting edge in in Pennsylvania. How where we really started to take a look at is shelter. A way to save people's alliance when your forcing strangers to live together. You know emptied share meals and two children and so we're starting to take a look at different ways to house. Victims -- -- Clarence that really enhances their autonomy and their financial independence which I know is often a topic on your show here can't. So we rarely get a grant to the office of violence against women. And also through the I Harry Internet my bird that foundation. Where where I am able to offer assistance to women to live where they want to live. In their own communities. Through a transitional housing program where we can supplement their rent. Without women go back to college Shui and one woman start her own business changed the game he had a -- run its business are you -- me it's so we're doing a lot more economic justice work. That's good so there's a lot of fun things going on. And -- a guy like what you said because I don't think I can even -- of course I know for years now but I didn't know. About the legal. Division that you had and I think that's important could you. Sure everybody a little bit about that -- lose there yes excuse me. It's called the Barbara do -- justice center. And it's a project in the women's resource center that we started to believe it or not it's been twelve years now. And why it happened just to deviate history was a Barbara hard with the legal director of the Pennsylvania coalition against domestic violence. Who is a formally battered woman who herself back to law school after she got out of that relationship. With my mentor and you know -- come as a young and the kidneys to get together all the time in Harrisburg she's a phenomenal woman. And we got a chance to work together on on -- workshop. And we happen to be outside the civil rights museum in Memphis Tennessee. And I said Barbara and she's a lawyer into social workers so it's a great combination. I said I'm really exhausted from. Having to you know spend so much time -- I'm looking for attorneys to be able to have provides services to our clients I want our own. I mean she's so what you need nice and I need my sneaky and now can't. So all I had and a panic at the time numb our governor and Pennsylvania -- governor ridge who also was you know very interested in legal work. I and we were able to get. Money where one of only eleven projects and almost in a Pennsylvanian and very proud of the last service attached yes and so we've got. For attorneys and legal assistant. -- -- direct legal representation in civil matters to our clients. Until someone comes to the center and they're eligible for our crisis program our shelter program are transitional housing there lead partner in them based on their legal means. With our attorneys. We want them to grow and expertise because domestic violence and sexual -- a very complex. Our legal system isn't necessarily set up to deal with the complexities. Our legal system is more steps is something happened -- -- one day c'mon we'll take care of it and that's now when violence against women is it's much more complex okay. I -- Lewis is the director Tom bush and so we are. In the community or in -- uncanny court Susquehanna -- court sometimes in neighboring courts. I -- assisting women with a thin and -- Now with tears civil legal needs -- she still married to now where television analysts are in town -- 'cause she left she -- district judge guard Lee when. I'm very first attorney mom -- guard leaves knowing that I see how wonderful that and so bundle is there she -- didn't -- he works his custody the hearing officer in western -- for juveniles and she I love her and her name is I consider full blame -- -- I love Israel -- a -- amount. And when I met her she worked for Joseph Miller. And she was an attorney angel's arm and -- I just instantly called their row week and that was her name rally and she said you're the only person however it like coming up but I Glover so highbrow way they believe it's like they're working -- yeah that's wonderful. But I think that's so nice that well it's it's it's convenient and it's so good for them. The client coming in that they have that opportunity to have legal because sometimes -- you can provide all you want to help someone to give them the advice they need to shelter them. But -- feed legal aspect is -- tempted to have their legal right then. It doesn't matter right because what's more important to a woman in her children Great -- thing getting me. Saving every you know she has children and he has so you get the nerve up to go and you leave -- get your own place and now -- -- custody and wins. You know many many women. I go back to domestic violence households are households where there's there's two kinds because they don't wanna be separated from friends out there and I know. I had a great break up the family whatever ideas they just won't do it so now we're able to build an expertise and -- let's see you represented. Victims of domestic violence in the courts so that the kids are safe. -- is there a common one word borrow a phrase that would would say because I think people think like. You know you always say when you're not volunteer like I I just. One time and that would be it for me or you know what if they ever did that I BI here -- But is -- is there one quality that most. People who are. Abused both men and women that you would say. The quality they have this one quality about them would be trust would be insecurity would -- be -- You know I I I approach it differently I always say I can retire when we start saying why is he beat her up the -- and we let them. And when you start talking about what happens to victims of domestic violence. I mean think that that jargon term can be misleading sometimes it's really about breaking someone's spirit. And we on a daily basis someone Saddam to break your spirit it's hard to make decisions TM. It's hard to see yourself differently than that person is telling New York so sometimes -- by saying what I nastier okay. The inane happy anywhere near what these people are like but they've become that because of what happens you know when your spirit gets broken -- -- -- he gave me just you lose confidence you know -- Plus fear you know. Person might have said you know if you leave I'm going to harm you or I know your family usually that the biggest. I tell everybody to because we have about another minute and tell everyone about your capital campaign well -- somewhere in the process right now of putting together a plan for capital campaign so. Do we want to be able to sustain ourselves into the future. And so we haven't gone public yet I think people can visit our web site. At WR CE NEP eight dot org. And learn about some of our needs if they wanna donate if they wanna get involved. On and we also have our 24 annual great chefs event coming up on May first. I'm at the Radisson I just saw your billboard on the way down. How is -- great -- -- it was all of that was donated down by Lamar he's the best wonderful years. So may first and this year it is going to be a food truck. Frenzy. -- it's gonna be. A contest a friendly contest. Found between the owners of the food truck what the -- compassion comes so you can get on our FaceBook an order -- and time. Is you can like is unfazed broke. You can look at our web site you can get all the information you need to join us that night it's going to be a lot of fun as all of your great -- type of -- and -- -- -- all the times -- Yes -- I'm telling you we've got the women's resource center association in our co chairs and create claiming he's an intelligent and I do a fine job. -- -- -- And as I already joined this website is at WOR CE ten. -- -- next week everybody grief weekends.