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4-6-14 Paranormal Science

Apr 8, 2014|

Features Roger Marsh - UFO writer, author, playwright and independent filmmaker. He is editor of the monthly MUFON UFO Journal for the Mutual UFO Network and National Paranormal News Examiner for examiner.com. Roger is also the author of a great book called Sacred Dialogue.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal. Science. Okay. Okay. And welcome to another. Weekend of paranormal science I'm mark Karr is I'm here with -- and search. Joseph hockey has the night off he's gonna offer couple weeks and we hope to have him back soon but until then stand and I are driving the ship. And dust and co pilot and your co pilot and glad you're here is as always. I'd like to throw out a a very how warm thank you to the guys over a deadline paranormal. They invited Loren and I too go to there're -- -- meeting today in can speak with them. And it was it was just a great group of great reception and I just want to destroy the nice thank you up to those guys. And I also wanna give a congratulation to the PPA's very own horn -- is. 'cause she just became an authorized Disney vacation planner graduating from. Disney's. College of knowledge I think they call it in very good and I tell you what if you want these very personalized trip to Disney in want to info from what I call a Disney addict she's definitely one. Go to our website we actually put it up on the PP eight dot net website and tell you can click on her banner -- -- -- You know check out all she has to offer so congratulations to -- -- on the new venture. They're good congratulations look. Well tonight is. Is a a topic that many people can relate to our stand not I don't know if you've ever had any. Experiences with anything strange sightings in the sky you're UFO's. Yes I have to does. Maybe 23 times I've actually seen a triangle shaped object school over time I think that's one of the things we're gonna talk about -- -- we're triangles. And I had uninteresting. Are siding myself out in Massachusetts last year. That an and app and bring up to her her guest tonight is her own and get his take on that. But tough. Now let's -- bring them -- his name is Roger marsh he's a communications director for remove funds and for people who don't know what that is it's mutual UFO network -- leading agencies -- Investigating UFO sightings. And he operates a UFO newsroom daily he's the editor who fund's monthly UFO journal as well. And does the author of a book called sacred dialogue. And he's got a new show out on history to which I've been getting an awful lot of great feedback on the here -- just a tour freak show. And it's coat -- one. And this and I think you see it very good show he's been watched it several times yes and and again his name is Roger marsh Rodger welcome to the show. Hey thanks for having me on. Let's welcome Roger. So Roger -- -- I know you are into a lot of things are very diverse when it comes to an the only UFO's paranormal. Metaphysical. You're you're really seemed to have a hand in an all in and I think that's great. And you know just four or are listening audience tonight hi I had the the privilege of talking with Roger this morning for a little bit. And Roger you throw one thing that's -- he was a key phrase for me key word professional and and I know. You like to try to do all the work you're involved in I'm a professional level and that's one thing with what we're trying to do is. Is bring a lot more professional people into. Each -- and why no thought. Work that I just mentioned there sheriff and I think it's great -- I think it's it's only going to build the a much broader audience of more professionals. So let me ask you this since you are into just a little bit of everything the paranormal are UFO's. Give -- a little bit of your background there was is there something that sparked your interest into one or the other first which sort of got the ball rolling for you. But I think it's I -- up -- -- in a family of southwestern Pennsylvania. Eight children hug good Catholic family that. And my -- parents and had a UFO sightings. Fifty years before I was born I was the fourth of -- children. And it was this problem the disc shaped object that was hovering over the gas station like directly across the street from their home at a time. And they were up in the second floor window looking at this and the decision like around let's say 1955. -- so. And there wasn't a whole lot of information on you -- that was being talked about probably like right after World War II. And then coming into the fifties the another site in these things like that. So I kind of dropped the household where my parents were kind of quietly. Buying every book and magazine on the water it's. It up for you up close. This kind of started -- Kevin having been around and then. And then we have these kind of family story is they like get -- told him very harsh small circles. About paranormal events that had gone on you know mainly my father's side of the family. And very odd stories but -- -- you don't talk about a good campfire story so as a kid and I kind of had a doubt and then. And then the other side was -- was on the personal side for me uniform about the issue of fire -- an opt. I just began experiencing. What we now would call you know we used to work paranormal you know very freely today. And a lot of paranormal type things started happening to me at a very young age which I thought was just very natural and normal. And when I began asking questions about -- people began carrying out millions -- No that's not possible. Psychotic kind of quiet about it. And probably the -- -- I was in the fifth. -- did. And I he was -- young you don't play right. And got permission from the school to write a -- And they you know they get to the day we worked it out I wrote the play I copied it to I -- did I directed I'm just a little bit straighter. And here came the morning of June 5 1968. Play it was going to be performed my family kind of slapped him that morning and we were running late and we didn't have the TV on like we might normally do over breakfast. I went running up to the school and I found it can't be. The -- teachers who would have sponsors for my plaque and all the kids that were in the place standing in front of the school cry and and when I got there they said Roger we can't put your Thai army and I said why am I said because it really happened. I play it was about the assassination of senator Robert Kennedy. And it was about a Cornish man that shot him in the head. And the play was to be preformed the morning of June 51968. And he had been shot like earlier that day like by about 1 o'clock in the morning California time. So again I would kind of build from like mom doubt -- -- things happening to me and then I began predicting things. You know all and -- my family is like looking at me like. Because you know about the Kennedy assassination and -- three days before it happened. But I I just kept kind of quiet about it but it kept building in my life and it just kept getting stronger. And I kept experiencing in many many different areas. Of course since 1973. I had my own UFO experience which you don't we can talk about on the show -- you like at some point. And this was up also a desk. About the width of a two lane road that went right government I mean -- whenever the telephone pole. Which a telephone poll in Pennsylvania is forty -- so was probably 4142 feet going over me that we're talking five miles an hour just. Barely moving. And the most sound so it. So that kind of got me very very involved -- and course space. That happened in 73. And 7374. Pennsylvania in particular southwestern Pennsylvania. Was having this huge outbreak above UFOs and the bigfoot creature. All of the same time I'm about sixty years all of the time. And stand guard who was the Pennsylvania investigator for all about two years would pass and I got to college and how -- editor and I hope backup would stand -- And -- who worked for two years on the book silent invasion. About that here -- about what happened. Later -- I hooked up with the mutual UFO network. Or most fun. And -- started a journalism project with them having two degrees in journalism. I decided that to begin an experiment or I would write professionally about your post on a daily basis like -- those around five days a week. Usually sound and I think this week. -- workaholics background. I started that Vietnam. 2009. January 2009. Itself. I'm 91011 tried to finish five years' time -- the year six of that. As you mentioned at the start of the -- and now I am the communications director. For most fonts are not going to -- operate the newsroom I'm also be web concept producer. And also handles all there are negotiations. For you know and I liked Colin holly weird that. He has television it happened so all of them this series. Blow -- -- just keep coming daily it's a lot of farms but you're negotiating you know rights and permissions and things like. -- well I I also see that you've done writing for. On the Huffington Post you've done writing for a tough paranormal examiner so you're you're really helped us. ER IE. It was funny guy did if anybody knows examiner examine dot com they're kind of shut up by market. If you look at your nearest market and for me it was at that time I was living in Chicago now. So I became the Chicago. UFO examiner. I was only on the job two weeks that I got a call from examiner from the Denver headquarters saying my -- your numbers. You know you -- just over the hill. What would be most popular later right now so how would you like to get the national -- examiner so of course has said yes. And I noticed they didn't have a national. On the outside they have a national paranormal news examiner. And Tuesday but I think she hadn't written. In like six months and I inquiry and that they gave me decades ago. -- much later. The Huffington Post got to try to put me. They do of course have a full time -- -- a writer but they liked my work and they are for real blog itself. A -- lover that I try to do about to post some Montgomery down. We need to meet -- has good they are also the content providers for AOL dot com. So he had kind of a neat I -- there are going to be going through actually got out there nationally every guy bright and -- I actually don't think there's another writer that puts out as much on the UFO topic and lately you know as ideal. So they're very few other good writers out there. But. We're running a daily newsroom. I think come along. That. Let me ask you this there's there's. A big change that's happened in the paranormal world where you know even 1015 years ago. People didn't want a relief come out and talked about it if somebody was experiencing. A haunting at their home or business they were afraid to bring that out. And you know they're afraid that they were gonna be looked at weird. And it's really you know I think a lot of the television programming has changes a little bit but it's it's really changed over the last ten years. Where people will come out now and talk about experiences are having him talk about haunting that's going on their home and call for. Help from. -- -- shore paranormal team are you finding the same thing. With UFO's that people are coming out a little bit more now in in talking about it. Yeah exactly he hit it exactly directly updated its. It's called the paranormal and of course you -- would follow under the paranormal. But I guess I agree with you it's all of the program and I think it's out there. That even feel like ten years ago a bomb. People may not want to I even -- -- a hard thing to their property for fear it would drop the value. Now today I think it might increase the -- I think -- you know. In some real estate to -- -- people work hard game. Bob what we noticed it most -- for example since our TV show came out tiger -- -- UFO -- We're we're getting out of real sharp increase in reporting in general. -- also receive these historical site it's now people are saying look this is what happened to -- ten years ago twenty years ago fifteen years ago. It's all coming out even military reports are way up on retired. Our military but -- people want to talk about it now it's very much out in the open. It's still not considered mainstream science -- I think things like quantum physics he thought I double on the mainstream sides are are starting to. He's suddenly it's scary yeah on the science front so. And you know it's it's great having groups like yourself in Pennsylvania that are you know very professional people and you know known for being very professional and coming in their mishandling cases -- it's loosening people up a little bit and I'm now I think they wanna talk about it. Yeah and you know mentioning quantum physics sorry I think we're gonna start. Sing a little bit of merging of that into UFO. The -- travel coming out the next few years because I think they go hand in hand. But -- we're gonna get back into a little bit more of this and a few minutes are gonna ask you don't hold on Roger we have to take a quick commercial break. And we're gonna talk a little bit more about UFO's so stick with us. Welcome back to paranormal sciences. Tonight we talk with Roger Moore from history tunes hangar one show. -- -- -- -- -- 8830098. Or anywhere in Pennsylvania 1804370098. If you had anything testimony UFO. Roger marsh that is stand don't think Roger Morris with us tonight double a -- put on. Close I was close sorry about that but -- -- mr. marsh may have. More inside information that no -- Roger I want to go back a little bit you you mentioned a lot of military. People coming out and editors then you don't talk of conspiracies -- covered government cover up for years and years what are your personal thoughts on. How much the government actually knows. Again give -- You know that we haven't been in this field and studying. But I I would say it's it's going to be a 100%. Accurate. That our our government the federal government does this track. UFO's. They have a whole program. I just can't tell you in the last year how I I've covered dozens and dozens of cases. Where an object moves very quickly into somebody's. Witnesses airspace. They're looking at this object hovering it's not making any sound. It doesn't look like any thing you know they came out -- one of our assembly lines. And then all of a sudden you see military. Either jets or helicopters you know moving in the area and then the object moves very quickly away. Military goes off in the same direction. It just. It would just seem insane to. But they're not connected. But again that have to be chopped up -- just a personal you know I've not talked to anybody. Currently in the military is admitting to that they -- they want my comment. -- Our -- here it was very well. Publicized in many places. Also -- don't remember what it was cold exactly but basically a congressional style. Hearing with some very prominent figures in in Washington that was on just last year right. Yeah that was Rob Kurz dot com. Robert statements organized dot com. It's any viewers not familiar with Robert to. My god gave his block is the Bible on UFOs and the military -- UFOs have no cost. Robert Hastings just Google is slam. And he brought forth. I mean. I forget exactly how many you know it doesn't. That basically people like base commanders coming forward. But retired now but but these are people who were. Base commanders of -- no killer missile sites. Sang I mean that -- constitutional work version you know for the radio here. But but basically. They're people on the -- spot these US it's coming here hovering over the basically they are looking -- some. And all of a sudden all the missiles silos go down I want my I want everything goes offline. And they're staring at these objects they're covering and then all of a sudden -- the objects move away. And one might want may have to go down to the silos and hands start everything crank it all back up. The first couple hours you know we're kind of laughed you know the equipment seller and we have cases like that that these congressional hearings. Handled. A lot of the 60s70s. And the eighties. And then later we found not a word not a lot on the same thing was happening over in the former Soviet him. During that period. -- in a while popping up I. Speaking of the Soviet Union that you'll prove me is sort of calling out our government to release information put an -- -- any -- -- that that you know of. Top personal leave now I have not heard that one that couldn't was asking for. -- -- -- -- -- God I can't find that on an -- -- it's an incredible web sites that I I've looked at but it's it's oddly enough been popping up on. FaceBook an awful lot with re directs other on the web sites. He I'll have to look for that coincidentally I didn't get a call just last week and I CPU in the email last week from all. Documentary producer in Russia. And they're producing a documentary on UFOs and they were looking for. Some contacts -- me I can't help come up with the right people you know. So. The league we know that that part of it suggests -- -- going on over in Russia right now. You know I mighty mighty thinking may be completely backwards from government I guess whether that's good or bad I don't know what. It seems like. Certain governments would be trying to be the first ones to get that -- that they've had contact who were held something in their possession you know from. These you know on another planet or whatever but it seems to be. Just you know people don't want to put out there and I don't know fully government just thinks that there's going to be public panic or they don't want other parents to find out about it or or. He had these parents the other side of the claim. What what what we asked if our government's involved I think they are -- I would also take a wild gaffes. Good they really don't have a policy answers. Right now. That if you look at the typical site and that he is objects move from very far away. To like here airspace like you know 500 feet you know from -- And -- then they visit the top us like their bugs are kind of moving around join me around banging almost oblivious. To what's around -- who's watching them. All many many many of our cases say that all of the electronics. Shut down. Anybody with a good -- video camera were good digital still camera everything just -- cellphones the works. And then they move very quickly away I have my my gas says that the government. Doesn't want the public to now that they can't defend our airspace. That's a pretty typical. Our response -- you -- -- today they really believe that even -- the governments are starting him this phenomenon. They really really don't have a handle on it I mean -- they've had some conspiracy there is may be out there are saying. But of the government you know they've already you know made. You know met with the aliens and there's seven different races -- they have they're you know quarterly meetings with some. And the other trading information and things like that I don't think that that's happening. Tom -- it's what you said earlier that. You know what what it was a smaller country like -- -- South America they can be the first ones besides. -- well we have. -- scientific factual evidence luck you know come meet the aliens in our country. It's what can hold that SeaWorld would go out of business everybody was having. That little country because they wanna meet the aliens cannot let them check out our technology. What better trophy I have been to being the first nation to have contact with the an alien civilization. -- exactly -- right -- other people telling me well they're all waiting for the United States to go first. And we didn't find out mum all there was a map -- ball boy I can't remember exactly. It was coming out of Canada there was an official blog document government document. And they Orszag and they did not want to disclose what they knew about UFO's they're waiting for video that's. I'm -- came out of that I know we've got that in the plea nullified UFO journal. That's been discussed I just can't recall exactly. Who wrote that -- -- just -- and they found in the last couple of years but I think Stanton Friedman found that document. And I I think you brought up a good point before if if our government was fully aware of what was going on in what was flying. Over our country and they probably -- -- dispatching. Military aircraft to go won't try to intercept that. They are welcome Medvedev. -- that appears to be what they're still land you. -- even deciding that I have back in 1970 carrying. I actually saw the same objects three times in the same night they went over my head. And then about oh maybe 3045 minutes later the object debris appeared to. In that same general area about adult and a little further distance -- -- And it was just kind of hover any kind of moved quickly into the airspace ever we have we can also say it others like. Forty or fifty people you don't -- my friends from long. The world staring at it and it's making these weird movements in the sky it's like dropping down toward the ground level. Sliding over about thirty feet shooting back up in the sky. It can cover is and it's one point when it dropped to the ground it just shot off in this one direction. You know like the battle on the -- -- Then all of a sudden within seconds to military jets came into the area. Formations. Over the area where do you approach just wildest. And they take off in the direction of the profile. A minute later to light single engine airplanes coming and do formations. Often the same areas video file and has thirty minutes after that the whole thing repeated itself -- UFO came back. Did its capital than military jet flight plans. I -- obviously you know here is a government was. Well aware they were -- under -- -- -- maybe not comfortable with them or maybe just don't totally understand what they're doing on that particular night of assigning. He I'll -- that's kind of again it's it's strictly opinions you know this is just one man's opinion but. It's almost like when they have these sightings when they can track some. They aren't just action. -- military's. You know out to the site. Almost like they wanted to escorted -- you know out of the area. They know what they get they get close to it based seem to like to be bothered by it up and -- -- black. Hey Roger I have a question just came -- someone want to know and it may be something you talked about earlier in the show. About the recent Casey UFO's over nuclear base an interference or nuclear weapons he was on -- Apparently and -- Iran to think in this that's tough. -- they might have covered it. Maybe a more recent case -- that episode I don't recall exactly which one it was split. We've completely we literally have dozens and dozens of those came through over military bases. I guess I just I don't recall I apologize to -- there that I don't know exactly which one that is but. I just -- we've had dozens and dozens of these reports from the 1960s. We keep in mind what would -- it has not like. You know neighbor -- analyses that live next door to the -- is. This is the guy who is the base commander at the time. Coming forward. And he is our man in asylum it's coming forward. It outside and look where observe -- this crowd you know this mobile or you know whatever shape it was triangle. Coming and we don't know what it is we are the -- where the top military. At a time and were watching it it's covering and then all of these things happen on the bay is. You can compare compare that to the average Joseph on the street -- is something within 500 feet. And they grabbed error you know they're I farmed and all the sudden it's it's -- power and it's been well can -- doesn't work. Until -- object most all of your airspace some of solve everything -- strike out and it worked together. We raji got the last two questions I was gonna ask you answered and farming and -- -- the cell phones and you know if anybody in the base is ever reported seeing these. Deserve a martyr I -- of the cameras to -- cellphones well. But since it seems everybody has them nowadays deserve more. Pictures of those that do work to people turn in -- leak information data from what they do get. He really more -- definitely get a more images coming again but the images candidate be. It's almost like like. The objects are allowing photographs of them from a distance. Opt for example like shots covered a case that happened did the actual case happened on January the first. About twice fourteen missiles and a -- popular power plant in Pennsylvania. And this is near the town no -- government hill. And that is -- and let's see that Tim Montgomery County Pennsylvania. I'm not exactly sure from your location. But I believe it's out in Eastern Pennsylvania. Montgomery County. And anyway the guy without just taking like sunrise photos and he's seen is these three objects. Coming him. And by the time he called his camera phone out to start snapping photos. Two of the objects went into the opposite directions but one object started moving toward his what is locations. And I have a great photo from the witness sides covered examiner dot com. My headline news or US post reported near Pennsylvania power plants and that's a case where the object is not you know. Just 500 feet above the guy. In those cases I know that people get mesmerized still. I'm an even myself I would like to said that if fight I was a photographer even at the -- -- six came. And how I had a camera in my hand when that you're fumbled government take my job was just drop and I think I would have dropped the camera. Because I became mesmerized like why is not everybody was shouted what is you know. And it's it's like slowly move it away different views of most witnesses say there are apologize very. And then we have many witnesses that say -- -- the first thing I thought I was the cellphone. And you know let's point it's such -- -- to your question we are getting more photography and there were not get a nice close up images of -- objects. Even from the witnesses who kept. Within a hundred feet fifty feet you know 300 feet of the object. You know in most cases are coming again you know on a daily vessels. But nobody seems to be able to. Are either have a camera at the time -- they become mesmerized or it seems like if they do they do point push that button to nothing's happening. I tell you are Roger we have the same problem in investigating. Want to locations. Either we're seeing something into mesmerized suits -- things to get to -- appoint an -- Or something happens soon as the cameras and -- known in different directions never fails. But we're gonna ask you hang on we have to take another quick commercial break up before although if people want to learn more about you. What's the best way to find information on you or people wanna go to the the move on site what's the what -- For further fondness either used the -- heard from them up UFO -- not blue font dot com. You'll see all of my news reports over there. I'm you can join most fine he'll be part of our group I'm personally just for me I also write comedy. I -- play is all kinds of things even political did irreparable Ron Paul speaks. All of that stuff is overt act. I think Roger marsh dot -- -- dot com. All right great well Roger gonna ask you hang on again just -- short break and we're gonna ask everybody else hang on to we'll be right back. Older one it's talk from animal science I'm here to tell you about some of the best pizza I've ever had. It's a panel experience to have itself so those pizza that's right -- pizza and fill the restaurants since 1964 open seven days a week. -- irrelevant it's -- bypass of the posts and comments just pizza wings hope he's dinner you name it they have had. You sort of settles by calling 5706550001. Some of pizza dot com them an app for your phone Michael on FaceBook if you mention this you know it's going also for free. -- can. This controversy. As some listeners. Spontaneous. Enlightenment may -- Welcome back thermal sites. Tonight we talk to Roger Marsha got that right to size and shape -- -- five. Did you get if you're just sitting as beautiful as gets a -- 8830098. Or anywhere in Pennsylvania 1800. 4370098. Roger. I'm just looking to move -- later. And A -- little search and Pennsylvania. And I expect it's showing your fifty cases reported in Pennsylvania since January 1. Is that. Ali I'm sure -- lets see. I'm sure that's about bacteria are. -- -- look back jacket -- the last month statistics here from Pennsylvania. -- the first a reminder I'd give this staffs that I do this national you have Pro Bowl our ratings system. -- any state had 25. Reports or more for the month but put them but put that -- -- UFO OR three. That's the highest reporting level. It fits -- thirteen cases are more you've -- to what you are full alert for. Other states go down nor of the will also. You don't large fires. And Pennsylvania outlets there was a UFO alert shore from last month. That would have -- -- -- tomorrow our share let me just see for Pennsylvania. In March oh they had twenty cases so if you looked it up first is the first of the year that's about right -- fifty cases since the first of the year. Is that normal in northern -- reports every year if they. Privy to see just last couple months is it the common that this -- now. -- -- at Pennsylvania. Is usually in the top five of all fifty states they're usually the top fires. We do tend to think of that -- population like California is always number one never -- With the number I have the other crime reporting states tend to be let's take taxes. And out Florida. So California taxes Florida Pennsylvania out and then others float up and down you know into the last from about. But yet but that's about accurate I think -- and I think that's bad -- probably have a higher awareness of where to report UFO. Look at a couple of years ago we have -- you know the a lot of site English very high concentration in Eastern Pennsylvania. Of course 7374. Was southwestern Pennsylvania. So that's already had a long history. Of UFOs and getting a lot of media attention itself. And that's actually -- question that came in now through FaceBook here is. What is the best way to report beat UFO -- He's the best way is go right to your computer go to most fond dot com. And it's a really -- and it'll say reported UFO click on mount. And we can't keep your name and location confidential. There's only a few things that we you know we left out to the public. You know the nearest city of the states and then we ask you do. And I'll repeal on the case that the armed that the public it's safe and you can also choose to simply says you know I have overcome an investigator calmer. If you wanna keep it all confidential. But just it's a matter of minutes you gunfire all. And then every state in the in the country we have a state director we have an assistant state director we have a chief investigator. And then any number of investigators. Depends on the state. Pennsylvania. -- I think we have. Probably about twenty to 25 field investigators also scattered throughout the state we also have states section directors John gentry is our. State director. Pennsylvania as one of the best organized states in the country. Now I thought we had a John entry on the show actually awhile ago. But the one of the things at the time I think -- funny in Pennsylvania was looking for some members. What what if someone want to become a member -- information on how to do that I think he did mention this earlier but. As a member of as an investigator I guess I'm trying to say are there openings and. No doubt definitely ER -- if you just want to be like an armchair. Member of problem there's a way to do that. Com if you wanna go further her arm you'd have to get our investigators manual in -- just after our our web site. And he'll second and online captured an open I -- think it's a hundred questions. And you know within 24 hours you know if you pass the test. Obviously contacted by the state director you'll be assigned to estates section director. And then and -- and you know they'll they'll they'll help you from you know every step but again if you're just an armed chairperson. I'm -- I am the editor of the monthly most -- journal. I took a half by 1124 pages -- could elect to get a you know as a PDF -- your computer or wall mallet TO. You know -- and either way you want it. And I had to make that journal just just just be joining -- for one year you get twelve issues of that. And that is very investigation. Focused. -- or read about some of our best investigations. From the ancient generally from the investigator. Camera herself they're writing these stories. Putting you know the illustrations and photos from the same. So some of our best suffer appears in the journal and nowhere else. So battle -- work I think some enjoyed in every hour. There's a lot of paranormal teams out there that also investigate not only on things like UFO sightings where I think. If they did join. A much larger group national group that there would be some benefits for them to do so. Definitely a -- that that's actually something have been discussion with our headquarters office armed despite a few years back to. I was kind of trying to track -- of the paranormal groups in the country. Excuse me and I was. Searching you know -- states for all the names and collecting everything. And there's a lot of groups out there and they wouldn't have to completely you know can hardcover to be you know -- -- investigators. Can be just another arm of what they deal. But it at least being you know going under most -- it you know. Anytime we have a K is given that groups area you know the case is going to come November and you know. Going to be pushed off into their hands so. Well we get more and more interest in -- out this year. Well great so I think that's a good place to to check you don't go to the move fund's website Sheridan and you can find out Paul and info punish your personal story. Then I had I I had done. -- this was not in Pennsylvania this was in Massachusetts. Along the post I was in a town. Just south of the Salem Massachusetts. And fruit throwing all this could be military I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- The owner of this bed and breakfast to that my wife and I had stayed at the end asked him if anybody had seen anything like I encountered and he says that's the first he's heard that -- hasn't seen any. Military activity in the area all. But. This was about maybe 103011 o'clock at night and I had the balcony in the room that I was staying in so I was just sitting. On the balcony watching the ocean and it was a beautiful star lit night. And from the north. Side of the coast coming down along the coastline going -- I saw you know they look like of but also -- basically easily way to describe it some form or shape and color was similar to that of the road flare that pinkish red color. And tight and they saw at first just one and as it approached me I suddenly saw a second when trailing at and in the third and and a fourth. And the closer to god. I am waiting to hear may be some aircraft noise propeller noise something like that. What it was so just as you described in your sighting was used. No quite there is absolutely no noise whatsoever to me it looked like the size of medium basketball when I couldn't tell the range the hype. Powerful in the ocean it was. But at one point when he got down just below where I was sitting it turned out over the ocean. And all all four lights disappeared while with the matter maybe 23 minutes another string of these lights came down the coast. Turned out over the ocean and in just disappeared and there was a third string that came down of about four or five. And during this whole time there is not a single. Sound from an engine a propeller nothing that I can hear and they weren't that far out over the water. But. Very strange I don't know what was in nobody in the area that I talked to the next morning claim there's any kind of military aircraft that they've ever seen like that before. He -- key to a story that I think I read thousands of witness statements. Over the years I'm I'm pretty good at least 20 again -- what the possibilities would be. From the way that you described these objects I -- as an investigator I would be asking Leo. If they if they seem to be moving with the wind -- where did they seem to move and a controlled manner. Did they stop at any point in harbor. You know where one of them -- off came back but it did it seem to be more of just a flaw. Along the cost and then at some point they moved out over the ocean. It's. To me it seemed very controlled and they were not evenly spaced somewhere closer together than others. At as the approach mean they got to a point where it was just pass me just a little bit and it. You can tell a significant left hand turn taking them out over the water. Okay because -- it didn't shatter our fight just look it's almost the factors that you're bringing up and that report. It would sound like these might have been Chinese lanterns. Which are typically released at parties or celebrations. And they've typically religiously leaves them in groups. And then they might wait a few minutes release the second group releases third group. So the key to looking at Chinese lanterns from a distance. District is to see if it appears led. They were more. You know -- moving what that we haven't. I don't know how it's just sad to if it's not as Chinese slam turned and it's something more on aircraft seat. Problems they might be flying and -- you know tighter formation. They might stop that might -- momentarily. There's other things that I'm saying but just from the -- tell you gave me quite of them that they were they were simply Chinese lanterns. You'll have to do little research on that to see. Does this lead to me was I I've launched a lot of regular balloons into the air and on the speed was a lot greater than that those balloon but I don't know again the altitude. And the wind speed but -- -- all it basically information at at the same -- To me the first thing I thought of was you went to school and an area where a lot of helicopter activity took place and I would see. These columns of helicopters following each other but I was waiting to hear the propeller noise and and it was just really quiet. Variety ST it is another whacked. Sometimes somebody will give a description of what sounds like a Chinese lantern. But when you track the speed at which it was low wearing a balloon cant move like. Something different certain interest insiders. Yeah that's going to be one of those things that's why they call UFO's I guess it's just an even an unidentified until I could find something -- trapped there. But -- with all the reports in Pennsylvania how many actually panned out to be. The probability of something more then a naturally caused. Phenomena like the balloon nor an aircraft. -- -- -- What what what will we close the cases this week we obviously try to identify there's something manmade or something that a mother nature. Everything we can't explain. We close it out as an unknown. Aerial vehicle such and -- non. I don't have the stats right in front of me on Pennsylvania out but I would say problem of believe. I'm just think he allowed guess that maybe one and one inch high of one and eight cases we cannot expired. You know. Get some. Say it like has so we will will we look at each K is certain if you look at some other witness testimony. It looks outrageous like this has to be some kind of an alien craft. We did have a case of Pennsylvania work to man. I you have a Rolling Hills of Pennsylvania in the coming up the side dismount and and they're looking posture -- laughed and receive this object. You know with lights are made and it seems to be elected disc shaped thing and it's operate right over farmers aren't. And their parents fired him and that that they don't even slowdown -- see it they've noted they have the description. And problem here we went back to that site and Pennsylvania -- And came up this same love -- -- the same spot and went over to the mom and hear these farmer has precious slice. Soft abolish the -- and had not made it look from a distance but -- desk. You know what hovering over -- soldier you can't always felt the witness testimony either might seem pretty outrageous. Roger unfortunately we're out of time served so we're gonna have to cut you off your but thank you so much for joining us on the program tonight. Actually -- -- -- did it take care that's it for paranormal science folks will see you next week goodnight.