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Mike Foster, former Vice-President West Scranton Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch, and Corbett

Apr 9, 2014|

Mike Foster, former Vice-President West Scranton Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch, talks to Corbett about having to register as a sex offender under Megan's Law resulting from an incident he was involved in.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll talk with mark Foster right now thanks for call on the show marked. It now I imagine you've listened to what I've said from the opening of the show is there is there anything that I said Mike. That that is inaccurate or wrong is or anything you'd like to clear up. And. They really said was true. That it -- start drive myself -- a teenager. Underage drinking party in. Came home early who were put us out of town and basically broken up -- educated builder like how I received so much spared Major League draw. So. I can -- the Calder -- -- that it was pretty early in the morning and nobody goes to get a response some sort of decided. Thelma you guys are staying in the event -- -- again -- I guess there -- some pillows and blankets and the other one broad question. She's laying on the floor and I tried to figure out some journalists and we're on the couch -- magistrate. At present during that timeframe I've touched her breast but I will admit there was certainly probably won't happen. Fact you know -- I cannot -- -- torso not touch attitude or body. And -- that's a potential and so all home you know got a matter of course like so I had words. And then couple weeks later these local law enforcement be. Sure deputy sheriffs came by were asking questions. And I admit yes kids have a party here in. And you know yes yes you know I've gotten. Thanks I did a little dose volume alone won't happen I was trying to be opposed to -- them. Think he will play at least as and they. -- papers and the basic programs under arrest. And they were sort of a tremendous number of and it is also. Contributing to delinquency of minors charges were ensured the vast majority of that murder of over six. No problem religious station dropped. And I still stuck with us or contribute charges and also essential battery charge. And social battery charge. Let's not electable serves at him in Virginia that time I would've had you done something like that it. Three times when you put on Megan's law west. I don't spend. Basically had -- to regain its second thought into you know my career I did my idea I was signed a thousand -- -- to spend three months -- legions. In jail. And -- a fresh set the elections they're not paid their parents drove my career in my license looked back at not a at all. Now this was in Virginia in the year 2000 mark. Yes correct than a year -- Virginia king George carriers to be very specific. And it's a very rule country it's not like you have closely percent of those little further large piece of people are piece of property and Eric. And and let me see things which is due around there and that during that same timeframe there -- oh. We're actually closer look through our -- -- -- around kidnapping raping children. And also their new elections coming up and do you commonwealth attorney. -- was also well. He got voted -- -- protecting the children and that he's very very visual of course I have been on the first cases to come up you don't actually example. Well if you if you plead guilty to your sexual battery and three or four counts of contributing to the delinquency of minors. Right I was beat plea agreement that we reached. I obviously didn't have the money you have go to a full blown trial I had work -- to do and -- total loss like chopped. -- -- -- Oh yes but you know wouldn't that it was it -- -- party in my house and yes I probably didn't touch her breast side made that. Did you know that at the time when you picked dropper or want to put our county say anything no. Both she asked we will miss you guys start literally picked her up and I told in locating you know who -- that just didn't like has pillow and blanket. You know it is not an unrepentant and actually was -- yeah it's pretty bad. So how long how long. Did it take before this. Allegation against you came to your attention. -- -- It's just two weeks you know when that we should be initiated. Actually happened and then. I was arrested actually -- to be generous Obama much but I want to trial partially people are put 2000. So you do what you say you want to trial but he said you pleading guilty. Correct and social and had to go to trial and the peace agreement was reached. Being right there that the trial -- as we know our attorney general Powell's attorney Agassi that's how they conducted loose some undetermined so. Did you originally did you originally plead not guilty. So I noted we are waiting that was -- meanwhile trying to Obey a caricature. OK but but you didn't plead not guilty or guilty and until you eventually pleaded guilty. Were you surprised too good to see that you were charged with the sexual battery. Yes absolutely. -- in Virginia. Special scrutiny to introduce touch someone intense emotional let's battery. -- -- hadn't touched the agenda is generous but -- support various that's sexual battery. She was also a child she was sixteen. Yes absolutely and actually -- Silicon Valley that like three -- this poorly put on a registry and certainly didn't even get. Okay so well so you eventually leave. Virginia you you say you were not required to. Register as a sexual offender anywhere and you you all to mentally moved to the city of Scranton. Had at -- time did you have any idea that you were supposed to register under Megan's law as a sexual offender. -- I don't know what they're. -- thought apple was no today. And Austin and I think in the meantime let's -- that you -- background checks we have Jonathan Edwards is contractor and also. That decision was brought up with the defense investigative service and I explain what what happened there. And -- they verified it to you know locally there. And they just carried out there was never an issue but it wasn't it -- they don't make as -- -- a long time ago. How many crimes total did you plead guilty to. Helps. One countless social barriers to be here I think this for counseling program. Contribute to the -- of land. Any of those counts felonies. There were all misdemeanors OK so how did you find out that day you were supposed to register councilman under Megan's law how did that come to your attention. Well I'm the one time is concerned being a possible so -- which possible school let out a background check for that. And so the -- school complete bat I was trying to do this civil processes and things of that nature invents a part of who beat training while I was supposed to purchase I hadn't gotten. So why would purchase handguns and this issue came up and they said. -- being mentioned social computing mentioned contributed Lisa -- and that basically says you're not eligible to own a handgun. Until after ten years it has -- covered many deputy county judge to distorted gun rights. So I don't do that process he got -- front about how did you -- on accounting and a struggling state police premiere and this. The state attorney for the published a police came and eleven I mean conference until -- reached with the judge's chambers for a long list. -- -- And that and they won't see arrest me on the spot. Four. Not being a registered sex offender. You don't -- poster Carolina there are -- -- moment inject words. And then they just were last -- There's just a federal issue and they actually goes. Many people Nigeria will not allow these gentlemen to harm. Your client. OK so so even though the Pennsylvania state police came and they wanna -- arrest you on the spot for failing to register failing to comply with that Megan's law. You are a lawyer you're eventually told you you didn't have to -- is that correct. Yes -- then went. Did a lot of research on Virginia law Pennsylvania law -- who really powerful how this can even happen. How does Pennsylvania have jurisdiction over what Virginia -- OK and I don't wanna get hung up in the in the legal -- sure I wanna try to stay with the facts so lawyers said you don't have to worry about that. Your lawyers now deceased we can't check with him. But the Pennsylvania state police were pretty adamant. That you did have to register but -- -- you took your lawyer's advice you did not register. You went on about your business you you we were part of the crime watch as I've described. You're married to beat. President of the west grandma Hyde Park neighborhood watch and you were very act. Active in -- crime watch including alerting people to do people like yourself people on Megan's list. And one Friday night you told me yesterday a sprint and police officer came to your house tell us what happened. Well yes -- is likely detectives came -- or. And he said that he received a phone call from the Pennsylvania state police when the track see if I was still residing at my address. And then then -- Michael Doleac let you shocked that I was standing there and EDS I think I told my -- -- my elections. And any of the country basic police back in the immediately I don't know you know we were married to somebody marshals office. Okay and the really -- that was there again we're making it clear that you had to register this was. -- Friday when it was just like tip from a from a friendly cop or how did I -- -- -- wanted to -- he's just come forward. I don't know I didn't have believed -- be surprised it was so quick release it. We -- this person going by Monday in registered and I did convention you know. OK so this is Friday and you were told to -- until Monday to register. And on Monday where did you go. I went to the Arab state police barracks and not done more. And I got very and and their schools have a piece of paper indicating that I supposed to register in the -- -- police salute our whole lives there and it took an hour. -- find out why I was there. And that eventually we know they're professionals and they threw. And the biggest thing and a fingerprint is an advantage. OK so I'm not very today you told ES today you sever the relationship with the crime watch. For what reason. Because. I felt that it was an ethical issue with me how could I possibly continue doing the work in the as a leader in the group. And I haven't sex offender status it locally because there was there was they've just made no ethical sense to me whatsoever. OK so why did it make sense do you went about a year earlier the Pennsylvania state police were going arrest you for not registering. And you distributed it although you newly pleading guilty to sexual battery. Why did you maintain your leadership role with a crime watch for a good period of time. Almost a year or why didn't you resign not. Because I was so -- sex offender. Sure in many criminal you weren't admitted does sexual. Don't her. As far as I know there's no rules about what you're actually trying to be a member of a crime -- You told me there's an. Fix -- statement that you felt you violated once you've registered don't you think you violated that ethics statement when you admitted your guilt. To sexual battery in a sixteen year old girl who was intoxicated. Fourteen years ago our mission here. OK so so that's the way you see this. Fourteen years ago for misdemeanor not a sexual battery on a sixteen year old child who was too drunk to do anything about it. I guess that's how you like the -- yeah sudden you know everybody has their opinions on that and -- -- you go on this list Airbus as a definite I mean that it. So how long you're gonna be on this list. I get real America fifteen years 25 years or life right now Mike. -- status -- so depending and I don't know what that means. -- Several times to return and have to try and find what that means and it's ambiguous about it maybe I don't know what to do what -- told. That's sort of been able to better display replay official Internet blogs are part of what this means. So why don't you just get in the car and go up to the done more state police charge where you registered the first place and there's somebody. I guess I should probably be yes. -- -- -- -- Saw okay because it's not listed near vehicles not listed on Megan's -- List under vehicles so now apartment is not your core. Well I think I -- register their nation they have that information. I wouldn't turn. I wouldn't be playing fast and loose -- millions of primary. And -- mood actually not I'm. Keep my -- straight -- justice. So how do you believe this disclosure affects. Crime watch do you think that the credibility of the crime watch is affected the people in the crime watch and know about your admission of guilt your sexual battery. Yes. I'm told them that -- -- emergency board meeting and we also called and other neighborhood groups. That we've been working world and a and I shared my story. Similarly right resignation letter he -- that I tendered a couple weeks before that. And I -- except that carry Salmonella discussions about what was going to handle the future as a group. And they've always continue on. Did people know before you registered to. You're your history your. Criminal history. I there was a total partly about teenagers didn't -- Jay -- and -- the -- and it that they get into the but I assured my experience with this without. Absolutely and that's -- I mean trade I'd tell about freely. Social -- you admitted that you were. And admitted criminal and had pleading guilty to a sexual battery or drunken sixteen year old child. I admitted that that in court yeah. But you know in the net -- to the crime watch members. I'd. Like never -- solemn dedication and stories about that then how much trouble I got it yes. Did anybody stand up and say what are you doing here if you're that kind of person. Well I don't want them we have people looked very checkered past -- group and finish here. Quite -- they get to contribute significantly. People with very checkered pasts we're working on the crime watch. Yes absolutely most -- the checkered past. What what what's your plan now as far as trying to clear your name because you've indicated to me -- you still don't think you born on Ellis. Hopefully this true. There -- big issues and vote. That I hadn't had discussions with attorneys and basically I don't have -- money to hire the appropriate attorney. Is the lack of -- Due process and it seems like I'm being also give them additional punishment well after the track -- post facto us. Send it to the jurisdiction -- different state altogether. If you get off the Megan's list when you go back to working with the crime watch. Probably not. Most important of course that's my rolls down there. And us is all imagine the number of parents would not want you anywhere near their teenage children. With the history you have. Caller and I don't -- component even born anywhere near paying these kids. The -- and you worked at the crime watch there were a lot of youth activities that the product was part of up to including involvement with the skate park that kind of thing. Oh absolutely and I was involved in uniquely -- -- -- -- nature had cooked burgers for them. He -- that's social type of thing a dead. And I didn't do a lot of former -- police chief Dan -- know about your past. Not so recently than not so generation -- and I believe. How about Cole -- -- currently she's not only find out when did he fund -- I think. I'm not sure as I think as Karen and actually told him. And then on these DES to this -- include social. Don't -- so far. I -- that that was pretty much your little secret. The secret well obviously it's something it certainly didn't wanna share. OK it's time to take a break WYOK. I'm -- -- three point one -- -- Mike -- I just thank you for your willingness to talk with us and answer my questions. Before we go to the top of the hour with the news gently closing thoughts. Well not just appreciate you have to -- have a chance to either save my peace and and I -- our -- was right at the time even though are you blossoming talent issues appreciate your director speaks. Always have had enough. Hopefully I am I have three or satisfactory end -- We can and it -- not amateurs who very much and it was the biggest before resigning just could not allow that. Because anymore harm to our group. Okay we'll follow the story Mike we'll see what happens with your a situation with your. Megan's list thing and thanks again for talking with us Mike Foster.