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Karin Foster, President of West Scranton Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch, and Corbett

Apr 9, 2014|

Karin Foster, President of West Scranton Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch, talks to Corbett about her husband Mike having to register as a sex offender under Megan's Law and the effect on the West Scranton Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Erin Foster thanks for talking with me this afternoon. So what do what are your feelings Karen after after listening to your husband after after knowing that this story was. Going to be discussed publicly what what are your feelings about that. Feeling the -- point of it and we wanted to go. Public with however under the advice to her -- is we actually had not because it and depending. What end -- we. Can't about a very. Very strongly that she did we chose to try to get in the open the DL unit that we would have to go public with that. You know I try to. When you think that the charges that someone has been the people still does not -- been -- -- tell you. That's typically what happens because the if so what we're trying to protect the facilities -- our country has done very good to. Job -- and there and I think these individuals who didn't many to think that is. Is necessary. How are all of me. We think that made entry into the -- and quality but -- -- -- can't you change to sort out which we're. But -- over on. The guidelines. For sex offender registration and still to think that Pennsylvania. Had adopted that -- all black here. During the 2012 and 30. -- come with that -- -- look at the fate of the they have -- Allowed thing that's happened that ordinarily wouldn't and regular -- -- for example. Retro active end reclassification. As -- of that nature of many many as. -- -- as unconstitutional. That too many -- -- -- and at the -- -- -- remember. Senate in Pennsylvania portion unconstitutional. So now it's a typical the fight this because -- It spoke to eat it in the competition but not constitutional -- -- -- Make a couple of red -- from jurisdiction. And require buying them and and higher. So what court determined Pennsylvania's Megan's law to be unconstitutional. And you can import. Superior courts. Well if the law is unconstitutional why does the state police still maintain the list. -- it could protect the club -- out before the UK you can actually went into unconstitutional what does that currently opening topple ball. All -- -- my understanding is the law is still an -- Karen. She would not -- but. Portions of it had been repealed and beaten to. It -- as good as usual did Mike's case is pending. Pending before move. Pending before it -- -- approach and it. Are you working do -- all. Pardon -- disabilities. Full. What what is actually pending is their preceding -- how they. Actually no actual critiquing another part of the problem with lack of duke got a. So so now shall we say it's pending. I don't really I don't know what that means. Well I've got to go out and blow your pending. Patent they can't straight out. To be some guidelines that I'm the I have to kind of didn't. And absorb the Pennsylvania -- with the breaking a lot of English and looked at the time now that -- -- -- -- -- Clinton had to get. Really cannot I don't know what I don't know what that is and then you're no attorney in neither myself I have no idea what you're talking about. -- on the list she's required to register he was told by the state police twice. That he was required to register register the first time. He dismissed it because he said his lawyer told me didn't have to the second time when he sent a Scranton police officer tipped them off. To the fact if you register by Monday's state police are gonna charge him with failing to register. He then did goal and he did register. As a right now do you have any. Concerns. That she is working. -- a -- with a crime watch for Bob a year after initially being told that he needed to register do you think that hurts the credibility of your organization. I don't think he felt. And I'm irritated because of the I continue to get good work should. It -- the -- their community and then again that flop and say that. There's been -- part of that is. -- -- -- -- -- -- for people that ordinarily wouldn't be there. Option look like and and there are always issues there can be brought to the attention of the courts that can be appealed that can be challenged. But according to -- he hasn't taken any formal. Action to challenge -- he doesn't -- warrior he told me who's currently working on this. He he he said that he hopes. The American Civil Liberties Union gets involved but they get thousands of cases and requests to get involved there's no guarantee there. He is on the list and I think what concerns of people with whom I've spoken. Is the fact that for a -- a year after he was first told you better register as a sexual offender he did not do that. And continue to work continue to deal -- children continued to be part of the leadership of the crime watch. And some people believe that that that you -- Nolan about this helped him deceive the community is that true. It was not something that we've done it intentionally be very -- we were told by carrying that we did not need to go any further with that and rerouted again. Understanding that I had come up with some sort of arranged -- -- -- on the fact that. That is an advocate requirement will no longer need it. But do you feel as the president of the crime -- someone who received the national award from the from the national sheriffs association. Even with -- Megan's law -- without the list do you think it was appropriate. -- Mike Foster. And admitted criminal a man who has pleaded guilty. To sexual battery on a drunken sixteen year old child do you believe that was appropriate for him to even be part of the crime watch. Well when I need. My parents work. I did not know Mike when that happens. And -- believe that he told Maine within our first meeting that about a situation. And -- and that is security clearances were far higher than me at school teacher I felt that it. Think we're not being -- as being out of a -- problem then I felt bad. That would. You know he's. -- and -- definitely -- dot com. Don -- I got a I'm a little bit and -- it happened at can't trump let it. From a personal relationship perspective that's entirely up to a person. But I'm I'm talking about the impact of keeping this quiet within the community within the crime watch community itself which within the organization. Knowing full well that this is a guy who pleaded guilty to. Sexual battery want a drunken teenager I think that the people are more concerned about his presence had reason to be concerned. Yeah. Their opinions and that they're concerned. I can't tell them all from that but. Aren't you know and I hadn't conserve conserve my own personal safety and well we'll look. We're really talking about that right now -- we're talking about him and you and leadership. Of the organization he stepped away he must have thought that this was important. For him to tell you about it during your first meeting. He must've thought that this was significant and it is significant it absolutely insignificant I don't know whether he had security clearances or not I'd have to see them. I don't know what kind of a record or lack of record he has I'd have to check it. But I do know what he's admitted to I do know that he's on Megan's list. I do know that she says she's got no cheering ahead of him he's got. No -- understanding of how long he's gonna be on the list he could be on that list for the rest of his life. And -- people are concerned because your organization does -- public funds. The organization has a police chief on the board of directors a former police chief Dan Duffy was on the board of directors. And people are wondering whether they can trust your organization anymore. He backed out from the numbers it. Then with what they've had served. The data to be put pressure and continue attacks or or something -- away and a likable -- the group the money my intentions are for the betterment of the community. There was some talk of my resignation and quite frankly -- -- nothing. To do with me and the work that I'm doing. There was talk -- no resignation because of Mike's situation. And who had that conversation. -- I really don't wanna get into that right now. Well you brought it up if somebody -- you resign because your husband was on Megan's list I think that's. -- -- -- Well the first thing. You on the trial listened -- but if you go until I get help from your representation. With the government they don't want to get anywhere near you because they don't wanna be associated with the money Obama -- -- you can gamble for about ten. The final curtain and and has great. People -- effects are being violated that -- and there are jobs should try to help -- but that. Happened. So as far as as you're concerned are you downplaying. His behavior in the past are you saying that there was just something that happened in the you move him. And and the time that I've known him there's -- no other action situation. -- -- This is the reason that -- bring -- Karen is you have a reputation of being sort of hardcore. When it comes to crime when it comes to taking a position on crime and criminals. And this seems to be a little bit out of character for you because. You've always been quick to meet and make statements like. You don't know necessarily who's living next door some people might say do you you don't necessarily know who you're the maritime. I can't actually -- know who unmarried at this point you've been a very hard at work so older guess -- -- metals. -- also panic at that. I believed that it get people at a certain time and they have not committed any other crimes they have the right debris and search. Unity and be. I -- that different. Absolutely but like you saw on this list he's he's different from a lot of people who have served their time I'm all for supporting ex offenders as long as they work. According to move the long and the responsibility in the ethics trickle into -- you're creating. A new persona. But I also recognize them. You're watching right and I -- I also recognize. That there are a lot of people. Put a lot of faith in Megan's law to protect children because children have. And harmed children have been killed. And I don't know any crime watch -- president. Who would downplay the significance of Megan's law. Well can there be any applicant to put a little bit further than they attacked the while not perfect. Candidate and there may need to change something half. Basically what happened is that what are the way to change things but really really good people that should be all right let's just going to be under the framework of people that. Found himself that unfortunate situation and they are not intelligent under it or not. Maybe I can maybe we can have a community meeting about Megan's law because knowledge say in the forefront the people in west side not park particularly. While where this you're in the process of putting money together to build a huge senators that wrote. -- Yes so I mean when the crime watches a ball and you -- and this issue deals with children. This is something that needs to be talked about I appreciate you taking the time Kara Foster to talk with Dawson and I wish you well with this. All right so I think what I wanna say is that I have been served thirty years the military. Many of those jeered as baby seal -- decorated. Your husband was a navy -- He was if you can do. And until he can corroborate gotten doctor Maria and it. At least thirty years OK okay broke no one else you enclosing her. She spends most years he popped -- and the the competition in the United States and some of the way we look at it now. Those same rights are being violated so. I'd probably have to take this -- the clear his name. OK Kara Foster president of the west Scranton the Hyde Park. Neighborhood watch.