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Apr 10, 2014|

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Hey it's -- mystery we are talking about Trout fishing April 12 are you guys getting ready to go fishing. Yeah what are your favorite memory of the first stage of transition. Probably all the people -- Giving you senator to vote for additional kids employment would let you. For -- the first week how what was the first things that theater -- to -- -- -- with a big small small what's your favorite fishing hole. Right that curriculum. Stroke or two members the first day officially as a kid. Yes they did my father we have river piggyback from across the river the government. Sweep you -- what you caught study -- I've been patients are over thirty years Trout the -- bull headed stuff like that -- you go on the first day of fishing. And first they know it's too crowded I'll wait about another week -- shown an elderly. Lakewood Nolan. -- the -- on the news channels till late like that what is your favorite memory of the first day of Trout fishing. Thursday Trout. Five allows friends both were done and we wanna put six guys and one vote. In the just about sank it. She does have life preservers on that and now I know every man for himself. Hey this is Carol I'll see you on the street.