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Apr 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's out on the street in I'm getting ready for Trout. Fishing grandstands in the twelfth I step by -- is sporting goods in Wilkes-Barre township I'm finding fishermen. And tucked into an angle here you planned to fish industry -- an opening day. It used to. The preferred stream over the -- do you fish with like eight or others. -- -- late great period known throw -- on this when -- got -- have you ever fallen in the cold water couple times it's not fun it's called. You have a story about the one that got away who. Yeah it was probably around three feel -- And probably the leader when he found us. That what select few -- first day's excitement character plot holes it's tiring their lines together one off time when some of them there on ones from foods where he usually go on the first day. -- actually -- -- and -- -- don't mom found across from the very thorough from entering a salute. We think about young kids fishing you think it's cute to find them annoying the it's been pretty young was to you know learn like that. Even when -- you know three years older so -- she Renner and assure which -- experience it's good day out. Paint this -- Carol I'll see you on the street.