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Apr 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- street we are getting ready for Trout season. You have to be a magician to eat fish and I'm there with dungeon if -- to host a Pennsylvania afterlife and did you any peace and tell me a little bit. About Trout fishing get some tips the easiest thing in the world and I'm not sure that the weather's gonna permit you to do this for you take a little pitch fork out the backyard you find yourself a couple of red worms called back to the basics. You buy yourself a number ten quote core. Couple of number ten hooks and put a bomb Iran. And -- -- out there it's back to the basics it's nice and you pay the water still cold into the late winner do you think the trial twelve skull why I do think the travel still -- but the key is is one fish even cold water officially Trout. When they get cold you have to fish everything slow. Don't expect him to go chasing fast moving spinners. Or don't expect him to come popping up out of the water for fly these kids who love fishing little boys little girls is that -- taken to a stream on the first day of -- around lake. Definitely a lake LA get offers a lot of short side fishing. Lack wanna state park Frances slocum Steve park you wanna make sure that you you go where you know these stock brook Trout brook Trout are very aggressive. Easy to catch as a kid can be ever fallen in all my gosh often. -- I have followed an -- for votes I've thought -- rocks I've locked into a stream that was only like eight inches. I'm high -- for some reason I did the old tap dance and boom right MI but in the ice cold water. If you haven't fallen in you haven't fished and that's the -- Hey this is Carol I'll see you on the street.