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PA state treasurer and candidate for governor Rob McCord talks to Corbett

Apr 10, 2014|

PA state treasurer and candidate for governor Rob McCord talks to Corbett.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And low ball holder rob McCord on line one pressure pony show. -- back and you're absolutely right about the importance of northeastern Pennsylvania by the way. The -- troops who are large parts of Western Pennsylvania. And I can't and eastern Ohio again and again in presidential race to go to the dark. Areas that tempered -- to the next country garden State's wealthy and I sure hope they did their -- democratic primary and in the general. My love for northeastern Pennsylvania it's march 3 to end up I get plenty of support and it's what drives me today at the governor's residence -- I can help working people. Yeah you're a season and then. Elected official you're you're the state treasurer you've you've been in that position for some time. You're you're a guy who brings. A business background that even though I got a little scared sometimes when I see anybody described as a venture capitalists. -- reassured me that that's okay. Well first I think -- fear is appropriate I have routinely talked about all church capitalists -- ride decade. And I think you you're appropriate op -- sort of highlight my -- and experience. I am very out of that I think that'll serve the people well I'm. I'm not that much -- -- hundred brittle fracture and then somebody who at least says she may use Europe. And Harrisburg for six years. Likely not not long enough -- I think there are integrated state problem. I'm a career politician I'm -- not to be. Enough for me too I see a lot of the problem. Good idea is -- -- -- how to address those problems and I would have some good constructive relationships. And you know relationship open round the -- I'll be actually get work done and not just talk about it. And how with regard -- my business career. I I would an entrepreneur for about twice -- -- -- I'd you know I've -- -- one in my current -- -- -- Did not take over the family company I I've worked in more than one firm -- work it. -- doesn't adopt a dozen -- so different business contacts over the years. I yeah I'd I would be able to what. Getting in and out with very famous company the times safeguard scientific. I have good adapted and a lot of our medical Ide device it's an and other kinds -- companies are I think that in real good works for people can -- -- parkers and others that it's been operating I into technology innovation in I would sort of entrepreneur -- -- -- involving eastern technology council but again and again. What really got to do. Would embrace the dreams of others concerned and are helpful raise capital well. For entrepreneurs to chase streams recruit executives the companies and on the boards -- the chairman of the confederate. And that kind of -- -- and other people's dreams and job creation and and really uniform education. It exactly the kind of work I think a great governor. Need to be doing should say so I I'm very proud to be a self made business leader to. -- to create thousands of jobs in Pennsylvania right here in Pennsylvania get a lot of different industry. Didn't do a bit the only one running. Food -- statewide elected official who's been battled out that. I hadn't already been near Reno fighting Tom Corbett successfully. Serving and protecting seniors -- defender picked up another pension serving -- you're saving for higher education and we we totally worked aired. The 852 not a program but frankly if we're going to we're worse. Are the earth orbit it's bad adopt policies and then that -- job creation and of course education. Education education. I need to defeat and a bit. Tom Corbett and put in court administration. -- won't help working people in the beloved northeastern Pennsylvania. By the way for the record. I'm not related to the guy I referred to regularly as the bad Corbett I think you you know pat pat pat -- -- there was a there was a moment when he and I came face to face and Scranton on -- Patrick stand and it was in the chamber of commerce gathering and I was part of the protest outside. And I figured if you come in to Scranton where I have five generations -- my grandfather came. From Ireland the mined -- for 45 years. I figured if you're coming here once Saint Patrick's Day with the name Corbett you really ought to know something about your background and sent him. Where your people from he said I'm like other expression anonymous know what I'm asking you. And in Ireland and I let the old so that's what people talk about here. And it dawned on me I had no idea so I told -- -- help them with his family trade I didn't tell him I was hope and that he had nothing to do and my family -- And to the best of my -- doesn't but I always have to make that clear. Yeah absolutely right and let the -- I mean I don't know what time -- tons of people up there. I would jump around is that the -- these are my -- got I got I've got and so friendly option. With -- empty up there when I need to like just adopt kids spam lately. It's sad that you know I say -- dry cleaning company you know. What do you think that I love -- about people out there. I you don't you can disagree without being disagreeable. But what people want you're -- gate and then what is attempting humor and they want -- to care. If you knew you couldn't be anymore right but. I would distance myself just a little bit from the -- she's until the elections over 'cause you don't want to Republicans accusing you of trying to take anybody to the cleaners. Okay well let's start -- member in the room I would say I got to distance myself from the deadbeat because I don't know how to love and my brain just. Not agree with you about vulture capitalism I I come up with a term recently. That's not my -- not original Chris Hedges is a seasoned war correspondent. Com badge combat journalist and hit coined the term. Did he talked about totalitarian. Capitalism and it's got a very ominous. A very ominous sound to it from what I think. About what in many cases we as taxpayers win Pennsylvania. Are up against when it comes to the to the natural gas and oil industry and the fact that it seems like they're getting more out of us and we're getting out of them. -- goes right back to your platform you positioned as part of your gubernatorial campaign tell us a little bit about that. Yeah act yet you're on and off off pick up on two points you just -- first. With regard to our -- governor's approach to the energy industry and particularly Marcellus Shale. -- my description of it is that it's an expression of what I think up its -- capitalist but I bet that he would break. Rick is that building great communities need good government. You know you're going to be leery of too much government think government way we all understand that you need good governor ordered to protect. But our clean water perhaps defense systems or book or of course education system in the -- of the energy interest here is what's right. Many people -- appropriately. A -- if we are under regulating -- under protecting against environmental problems. Particularly as it relates to water quality and a plaque is dark save weight did you crack it but guess what are also one thing or is it do it. An -- and that it's something that even more always. It's becoming increasingly clear that this governor. Failed to get a up they're deal for the people of Pennsylvania and I really. I like -- or your arm it's governor. Sold people don't look good and I think there's a big difference between me and my fellow Democrat mark forehand. We have some position thing common Williams we all upload Corbin in certain ways. I am the only one calling for 10% thrillers act out my opponents are calling for march march last. I'm the only one calling for -- percent drillers act that will allow us both to protect him Margaret. End to fully fund Pennsylvania indication that the early childhood education pre K. Kindergarten -- church well summer programs tutoring programs music programs. That -- accept the -- instead of higher education. State school state related schools and go for middle class counsel. They aren't getting adequate help I can -- go to places. Like the university -- split and other other private institution. So there's a lot of investment that can be done that you'll see huge return. The commonwealth of Pennsylvania the -- failing to do. And the reason for that is that all all of the other people running for governor. Especially Tom orbit. Proposal out there are policy doubt there -- definitely hundreds of millions of dollars. Every year every year in the pockets of the -- -- drilling company. That's a bad deal from Pennsylvania and it's walk animal court administration. We will revert. You're actually talking about a 10% extracting gas extraction tax one natural gas that's higher than anybody else is that right. Yeah let me walk through and why it makes sense for the people Pennsylvania I call it -- drillers act. Are some call it that went back and you look at people -- floor rover but not quite sure what they're talking about. The last thing you look at the -- into the man in the mirror the woman in the mirror the -- That's driller extracted could -- you do not bad for -- The revenue flows into the coffers of the people Pennsylvania. Right now that revenue is going out to companies based in Oklahoma and chapter. The arguments that we were sold were to all the Pennsylvania attacked -- -- was so much worse than that act are made in other states. What do you energy resource is still -- -- spared to impose any kind of an extraction or drillers attack that was in line with those other state. And second. That if we did shall we would be driving jobs out of purple baby let me take that second point -- and -- -- -- comments that I hit a businessperson. Say let's look at our real negotiating power and -- fact did. These jobs cannot beat -- He's taken out of Tampa Bay get that in big difference when it comes to a natural resource you mop on the one hand be attractive women are renal damage and on -- consequently it. But you know what -- -- you can do you can rely on the fact. You can't extract the resource you in this case the resource underneath -- oil unless you are all on our side this sort of definition. Why did they get around to extracting that natural resource it won't be true jobs in Pennsylvania. I'd like to see more -- -- from that more of the revenue from that stay in Central -- And then typically your I can sit back and think the primary thing driving activity is the difference trying to -- and cost its proper. The price of natural gas at any given time it's more important than a marginal factory in post on the drilling companies fight -- Temple in terms of total cost with our transportation caught a much slower because we're so close to the market. And we have a lot of geological convenient. For those doing the track is doing the extract it. So what we've done it didn't give away this story in a -- let's talk. The people Pennsylvania. You have been running television ads that. Mix up some of your own biography the son of a single mother. Who overcame a learning disability you talked about not eating meat when you were a child not for health reasons but because you couldn't afford it. Those issues are very human issues there there are very personal issues. And those are very real issues. Particularly to people who were struggling in a variety of ways and we've got more than our share here. Why is it that you're willing to come forward with that kind of personal touch. He's got real. Organized through a marketing campaign -- tell us what that's all about. No I put business -- -- to -- and fairly painful stuff or me or is it just sit by the way. It I I -- out. I mean what is somebody would -- me a hamburger because I want to like I had any kind of real discipline has a vegetarian or anything ought to do that I just remember. You know we had powdered milk. And my mom didn't buy -- first few years. And I think once -- -- that unnerved by the way you know I mean just. She she would all right and and that extra Sheen went up by -- and I. I would embarrass her a lot a -- I didn't -- about that stopped what I was raising money for his message people want to know. You know how to make the money -- -- raising money for business hasn't been in doubt in your business is. You know I would talk about having gone are murdered more or get all the money I've made for people. And ended it chalk up -- -- -- -- to get comfortable talking about that stuff than I. Wasn't crazy about those pictures look like big heart in collapses and particularly apart. Last crossed I didn't have my dyslexia but bit by bit I ID came to realize that -- was the public educating -- in conversation with real people. People wanna know that you understand what it's like just struggle they would prefer business leaders not on third base she's been around the block it's been at the bottom of the barrel. And not just the top of the barrel. But also really like it's dead -- you know yes I've made it and arbor. But what -- -- and -- me and nobody when I was in the second third or sixth grade would pick me out of -- back. To get into a top tier college or university I jumped what John you eject a child and -- the last. What harbor director of the second best college in the world's second and state yeah. But it's emblematic of that ability to apply yourself and get things done. But it also reminds people I'm the candidate who can truthfully stand up and states Pennsylvania public education. Rescue me after my mom went through a really out divorce. You wanted to move back what I what I would be eight years old city heat coach. You -- like to New York. And then go check out Pennsylvania we have a good job at a rate public education system for years and at that point I had undiagnosed dyslexic. It was in the -- -- group. And guess what happened is they they help but there and I have higher bad debt of gratitude -- moral mandate. Can turn around it and it is that again it is education and you get to know me a lot of people black Waterloo very -- you know they they know me pretty darn well they know are a lot of passion about their. We in northeastern Pennsylvania deal with all these issues that you and I have been discussing about your campaign the economy and jobs and natural gas taxes and the you name it we are in the midst of that but one of the biggest obstacles northeastern Pennsylvania. As. With regard to progress with regard to quality of life. Is blatant criminal political corruption. Where in the midst of what United States attorney's office calls an ongoing. Federal public corruption probe over the past several years we've had more than thirty elected and appointed public officials from Bob -- on down who have been indicted most of whom have pleaded guilty. Many of whom have brought to federal prisons. And to the best of my knowledge we have not made a dent in the culture of corruption. What I'm looking for and what a lot of other people who have lost faith in the system -- looking for. Is a real champion someone who will face off with members of his or her own party and stand with us in the restoration of the public trust you took a job. I absolutely am and I think that was the remarkably. Of course I can't defend summary of what people are looking for somebody who won't stand up for them even if it means fighting. Couple people in their own party who are in the public trust again and again and yeah. And I. Absolutely -- for that job I also people actually look at my track record and say well you know what's interesting -- what -- -- culture Capital One he -- did -- he didn't make any money and all of anybody -- you know -- -- -- somebody else -- pension you need money when he entrepreneurs made but it didn't make money by by reducing -- sizable war sports you know -- these days it doesn't like Leveraged Buyouts. I went to war are critical to work a mall street. I didn't go to work or street and I will. Represented mainstream working and actually went chapter in Montgomery County look at what small five to 21 things -- But he. Went into government what a way to -- state government I worked on a bipartisan basis to reduce speeds off -- Wall Street managers tried to charge too much money. I think regularly reads simply -- I -- as somebody who was an old fight I would been friendly with them. I eventually got him to retire as chair assert this state employee retirement system got the PC IO which you've been about an officer to retire. -- they were intentionally I believe -- leading the rest of the board. Out for the actual vote. A formidable -- edge on the spot another complicated. But the packet back ball would find exactly your point out with friends again what I gave few other -- what that limited besides the debt issue and I at the end of the Rendell administration and went -- sued the gaming board to get into executive session. And you know what that's caught me politically. I'm proud I did it. And one of the great things that people can look at what may think and say you know what sport the independent business leader. He doesn't need these jobs they anticipated in college tuition -- -- mortgage you took a pay cut for this job. Any proven time and again. -- -- people ought to be champion fought and he chipped beef bowl and yeah and I know I'd really. -- passionate about that. That is the you know one of the things that I think the people what Pennsylvania walked most and it's one of the reasons. Why didn't willing to step forward in any day why don't -- it off. I do walk so that's sort about finding a northeastern Pennsylvania. Put my arm around the good Tom Corbett app and others up there and think you know why I think. I think there's a lot it's going -- In your quarter of this state to example. June state senator. I really think that when you you talk about. I got -- -- Jack per -- at all. Or as senator John Blake in both cases they are enormously. Ethical people working hard to do the right thing. I -- tribes fighting with people you know party fighting senior leadership when they need to do I think that as a good sign that wouldn't step in the right. Direct OK. I don't then I don't mean to cut you off but were running out of time here and I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with us we've we've got what's -- is six weeks before the may twentieth primary approximately. Exactly right make one if I hope people come out and -- from a court. We have we have always said that we like more than one conversation in northeastern DN hopefully. He'll accommodate us an I in my show every night by telling people. Don't let them scarier don't let him by -- and if we can get somebody in New York governor's office who's like down. We're well on our -- state treasurer and gubernatorial candidate -- -- nice to talk with your. Thank you so much.