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Apr 5, 2014|

Saturday April 5, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program -- the views or claims made or not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors. Its time for Larry and -- -- -- -- -- Lottery you win. -- don't -- okay. -- Good morning good morning. How are you today. Do you think MI -- on caffeine or I'm enjoying our I knew I was so wired I know and I didn't have won just one cup of coffee early today -- low or no ice -- no nothing. See it's my natural effervescent it's a now what I -- happen a verb -- come popping open a can of don't pairing young mirror and I mean come dot San Pellegrino and pretty say that this shift -- don't. Don't pairing your own Alcan is right you are right here they go anyway and I wish I had some of that but I did it took a save like cracking open about a frank well I cracked mares at the -- help teach. Is nuts snag so anyway it's a lovely day is gorgeous it is you know we are not -- as you know so we're recorded ms. sun. Thursday afternoon it's quite lovely you scored just so we we know that this weekend's gonna rain -- nicer now you have to do is just said that. Well I had it was tomorrow and that's it and whatever -- Saturday could be a shower and whenever but it's April showers bring may -- and I drink yeah out. Some on my may flowers are passing irony aren't paying a -- I love to see it. I'll look a little like little tiny on the tulips have popped an icon in my house and some of the and I. I'm. Antiviruses. That are coming on the Imus you know are coming online and yes -- -- -- -- -- It just makes it feels so good yes. Isolated snow is over -- I have to tell you that my sweet Doug Smith my good friend I don't fish he said I'm. That he said he called me just on -- listen to that shelves so one thing you can do -- I liked I I know you've talked about birds and one thing you can never do is enter the city of Sarah ever again for how you trashed just. -- -- -- I -- -- (%expletive) that's just thirty some years ago it's totally different I'm sure you know and it's you know we you know I was ghost town yeah. Was except for the hospital and was. Think so anyway no offense to anyone and share I didn't mean -- -- to -- well let's -- anyway well yeah there are times when. Thank you said the man there says in the context. Yes we're talking about thirty years ago so. And I don't know we saw the other night when we -- having dinner and we ran into -- and Bruce is zero and two of their beautiful children. And Bruce said to me as we relieving that he listens to us on Saturday morning when he goes to see his mom which I think is a wonderful. I love to hear a man say -- because them being the mother of two boys it makes me very happy yeah. Anyway it was awesome to see his mom and has city listen stressed he said I laugh if the stuff you sank -- south. We have to get a big shout out to attorney Bruce zero I'm listening to -- irate at the end. Can't we keep hearing all these people tell us they listen to our show and I'm very happy enough yes of course not the people we would expect to get. -- and I love that's even better guests can. So moved where you pleased with this new found place we went to Iowa and Indiana last say it again shall have. It's the market street grown on market street in west is it -- I'm sarcastic and what is -- colonel oh okay. It's. Whether it's on market street Guillen in north Sam. And used to be uncle my yes long time ago right corner. -- and it's it's a really nice place for food was really good yes. -- -- great it was very pretty and they I love to read the painting days as the walls are like a grayish blue. And then this tin ceilings which they noted in the Scranton times they had done a story on the few weeks ago. And they even ceiling is ten and beautiful and painted bright red -- -- it's really really pretty yes. Kerry -- is really great nice selection yes. I'm really happy so good for them because. Somebody said that that middle area is becoming -- -- for the lake restaurant morale over there and lots of good restaurants so that's yeah that's great school. Right up the street and through say from start us I have to tell you leaving the tourist club down at the very bottom you know. Of course just to be a member of -- -- with members have the best cheeseburgers in the world that Australia. So it's it's a whole street has a stern instance Mario's and what's that one of the displayed on ML bill that cut costs a bella. They and they almost they're doing and -- strap -- so that's good good for them. -- so -- there must do something about restaurants that command and that and someone was mentioned about what they loved about the area and how we have so many different types of restaurants. And I disposal. And that these restaurants are doing well so that to be what people do is go out he had dinner -- support these great. Establishments right I think that's -- yeah I don't think it's a really wonderful idea that we do that I do until don't end just -- shake your head yes yes yes yes. But yeah I mean it's it's it's great and people should supported an -- and it was very nice and very crowded. Very nice turnout Saturday night it was pouring -- barring getting -- and that's what I thought was amazing that even with inclement wow. People were jammed in there yes -- a says a lot about food and and someone asked me what was the -- what was the age group Blake and I said it's pretty mixed income. Yeah it was so that's good good for them. And the waitresses the wait staff was that they rom running around. I mean in the busy fashion the very organized so it it -- I'm very I was very pleased. Yeah where we don't -- -- -- -- -- some would love like with when you read these things about people who are food critics and they. Go to the establishments and everybody's nervous wreck that -- -- -- -- and -- sticking his face I'm thinking. Intel must be neat feeling to be a food critic and they have bad -- he does it I really need is if you -- food -- and they don't know oh yeah I think -- of everything you might have a radio show talking about the man -- diplomatically ask sassy. 'cause I say any free press. Is it good -- you know as long as it's good. Now as they -- say any publicity is good publicity -- Is. VMware Mary Berra I'm Colleen on any -- woman and turn -- -- desist well -- you know there's there's blame to be. Pass all around supposedly she knew about this when she took over and the end of at the end of January the report came out about this and this is now Mumbai April and nothing was done. For ourselves and to some degree she's involved. -- but it did not happen on her -- right and time and then that's when people say well you know give her some slack and I don't know. But the folks out there yes it does as always sad -- Well and. I attended a Scranton tomorrow meeting with the mayor and his cat current. Marrying his cabinet and the city council on third Tuesday night at. Posh at the Scranton -- And -- posted by Josh. Masked and -- black pledge and was wonderful but it was a Scranton tomorrow event. And invited the local merchants to common need to -- and heat every single person except one of his cabinet members showed up. And where there and the only reason why is he was in the middle of doing something for the city -- could not be there. And it was after hours it was it's 530. And all of City Council but one showed up at this meeting. -- the mayor spoke very nicely and very honestly and he asked if we could do it more often so that people who got to know them and asked to things could be done that they can follow often follow through. And it was very I have never seen everybody together like that in a social event where they were invited to speak to the merchants. And to show up the beach. Held accountable going forward for what -- merchants are calling. On them to do to make the downtown a better place to stay and be in business anything come out of it. Well I mean it was the first one so yeah everybody was very very happy. I east was its position like there are people that had a chance to speak in front of a group -- no no pleasant it was to cut a meet and greet really how. But they did in the mayor had introduced his cabinet and done. Lori -- from OECD introduced City Council and everybody was there and just -- the mayor spoke for a little bit. And it was it was lovely Andrea mall and I -- AEA has just got an -- new president of Scranton tomorrow and she is a little. Whirlwind of world and window of and energy and everything else she's just great gap. Anyway she's an end Leslie town's disease active directory and and pulled -- pulled it out together with Josh Apollo and it was. It was so we'll see what comes out of because people talk to people spoke about what their -- Issues where Andy's wearing nice probably about fifty to sixty people who. Yeah it was very very nice very nice. Well I hope there is more of that I never ever seen anything like them and I thought it was great and good for -- tomorrow to don't of course full disclosure and on the board. And damn it but I just thought it works so well in and Leslie is the next city employee he's. And -- knows everybody there are so it it was so it was truly a nice evening and I think people really got. I'm the feel of who these people are because he can meet up close and personal was great for -- first couldn't get help. If you want to corner I do so high holy well he says every three months every formats and I think that's -- you can't ask for more than math yeah. And then of course last night I was at the -- -- country club because it was ladies' night for the chamber of commerce and that was very very nice. So lots of people that I always says it could lose a great beautiful day again. Nice debut country club and everybody was there doing their thing and -- -- who organizes and does an -- for the chamber. I did a wonderful job and it was a nice evening I can only stay for a little while. But it was great. -- so good. Get good stuff. Going on here. And again the reason I mention both of those because they're both. You know lazy -- is about vendors and store owners and people who commandN and promote their businesses and Chris. That's at chambers -- about. And they're small businesses there and women come and men but mostly women and and make it a night out you did -- of course everybody just stagnant. I think it's CM but he was so of course during. You music use the -- I -- I I figure -- and he Myers say should he graduated with my air heats and yes some time now he's Myers say chalk. I think I'm almost positive piece I was scrambling when you hear what you Europeans. Think it's okay Larry you're younger maybe he wants maybe I thought he says he finished with ten from Sonoma. -- -- -- -- Yeah he had to -- he was born in the hill you were born in west Scranton. That's true but I and I guess machine with different Fastenal infected today -- -- in north Scranton central's did you put in north. You know all depend on the west has some info for -- hook Iowa just two days some -- break. Problems he's he's. Yeah. Yes so. All right and then I graduated from central high school -- glad I did. And the story I -- -- now yes women -- men are right. -- When Elaine with a young girls she thought she would grow up. To be a career woman who had a fancy house an expensive car and a boyfriend who would always be around. She never thought a career would allow our to have -- -- -- and children so she believed this fantasy would give her the best of all worlds. Unfortunately for her her fantasy -- met Alan when she was in college fell madly in love with him. Got engaged -- week after her college graduation and moved with him to Austin, Texas. Where he found a fabulous job with the young company called to GDP. Soon after they have three children a big house in the suburbs a mortgage and a lifestyle many people what -- This all worked out just fine until Allen decided his future. Was with the woman humanity DP and divorce Elaine. LA thought about a childhood fantasy and realized she now I had the chance to make that dream come true. She moved back to her hometown New Jersey went back to school get an MBA and found yourself a single mom with three teenage kids and a home with a mortgage. The only things was missing was the boyfriend who is -- around forever. She got a job at tech firm in New Jersey and soon began dating a guy who was also divorce and work for competitor. Now she needed was an expensive car and fancy -- complete. Until she lost her job. Being low woman on the totem poles it was one of the first to be like go when the recession has. Jobless with a mortgage and three kids was a different deals in the fantasies she imagined. She came to see me when she found she had a package she was to consider from her previous employer. At termination package of sorts. -- could take a lump sum equal to three months of pay for a fully paid one year engagement. With a career counselor. And she had -- 401K plan to do something well. She shared a fantasy with -- how ironic it seemed that she is fulfilled most of that from her childhood but not on the terms she expects its. After a conversation about how much are those fantasy really appeal to hers and adults she reasons she would take the three months pay. Hired her own career counselor and consider more permanent relationship for the boyfriend. She rolled over her 401K plan into an IRA and realize it was money earmarked for retirement. As tempting as it was taken payoff for mortgage she did expect to be re employed the near future could easily handle the mortgage. She recognized her fear of commitment to Allen was calling her back from having a great relationship. With someone who would always supported her and her three children. She never believed that quote man as a financial plan on -- and told me she probably would not marry again. She really liked the part of having a boyfriend was always around but not husbands. Elaine was highly living a life she loved. With a sense of financial independence and a new sense of self confidence. That she could have -- all of her own terms. The end. We'll be right back you're listening. To -- -- show. -- -- Good morning good morning how are you good how are you. I just find my name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. For a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit and and Larry can the owner Larry can enterprises which is a fund raising PR and special event business. And we just talk about Elaine and her childhood fan things. Yeah now. That wasn't me don't need a bad idea pretty soon. I like the boyfriend -- and I thought you were saying she was I had a husband and a boyfriend no no. Sierra did you ever an error just the hairs AMP hang out better. And then there she was so. You know complete good card is. I was thinking when I wrote down the book which is finally. A complete added it is ready to go to be. Put together in book formats so it can be printed so -- hey. Plus. There was of a particular chapter I talked about the end of with the divorce chapter about a study that was done that found that some. Percentage I don't have a refinery that some percentage greater than 50%. Of women who are divorced and there are. After twenty or more years of marriage. Both were re married within two years. Because they -- and it's just I guess finding. The guts to get out -- something you know is not gonna work. They just had a new sense of self confidence and but doesn't -- -- -- -- -- second marriages is and then even higher rated them more technically it is yeah I think the point was that it's not. The life sentence of loneliness that most women think which is why they stay in marriages are. So the point was there are others out there that are looking for -- maybe you find the -- one of the wrong one but at least there are men. Looking for women women looking for men men looking for men and women looking for women so the point is. It's out there and available and that's not adorned its close and your gun from him. Another is steady I think sometimes -- people who are not in relationships. And who really really really want to be hand and I always think if you really want to be you really will be so what is the issue especially when you look at these people and there. You know from a woman stamping their beautiful on the success on the age you know -- -- mounds and they do you know they look good they take care of themselves and they're financially secure what is state what is the issue that the issue is that they don't believe that there -- -- now I know Santo is that's well you can't what to. -- and -- there's a live for every putt -- began but I don't think if if they don't believe that it's possible. And they will not find that person because. They fulfilled our yes herself a film prophecy right now announced that it yes it's sad because I think everybody should have somebody. Well it's. If you want to and they are still I mean and then I know there are people who don't but I'm Tony Blair people who truly say snakes I really want to be in relation. Then I say can really be NY -- -- I don't know I don't know they say it's hard it's hard to find somebody it's hard to. I don't know we need to do would stay a dating show or something I don't know what do you think I don't know how. -- you know when life gives you lemons you squeeze them into people's I think. It. Can tell you about your computer ever may not -- separate computer this is. Has the wildest when life gives you -- Johnny Lucas loses it. OS I didn't hear that they get the western Webb says -- Webster's -- when life gives you -- it's in like eight lit up Markey with you know you put the letters and. When life gives you lemons squeeze them into people's. It's terrible. Contrary to what I say being nice you know writings so don't read them funny -- repeat his -- good. So lynch -- last week we were talking a little bit about. I'm and before we we do that I just have to say that come. I just wanna say the -- now my one of my dear dear dear dear friends I'm. Candy. -- -- -- -- wife just passed away Amazon are now on Monday June and down. She I know I issues dear friend for thirty some years we -- manage their national bank. I absolutely loved and adored her and she lost her only child who in a car accident. Flu fears of about ten years ago and then she. Time passed away this past Monday the 31 and her family who took such good care of her and she was take she was the caregiver for her dad was in the ninety's. And then she -- got sick and and I just have to send me should I absolutely love her and adore and I said what I I will remember a friend rice are two weeks ago and she squeezed my hand so tight. Then I will always remember that feeling in ninety grant. And I am. It's always so good when you can look looking your life and looking your friendship with someone and think. How loved you Felton. From they'll love you felt from these people alleys. No matter if I I didn't -- -- for a long time I couldn't when I was -- I always felt very loved and I and that's such a wonderful thing to. I remember her so I just wanted to. Let everybody out there who knows candy she worked at their national bank she was that branch manager at the Abington office and she. Then worked for Nancy Jackson as -- employment recruiter for many years yes and then she retired and early retirement. And she was a wonderful wonderful woman so I love you candy and her family. -- my heart goes out she is so please think of them -- our candy god bless her. So I'm. And then known as well because she was a strong strong woman and raising a daughter on her own time. They -- she will be Lisa went to undergrad at Mary went and got her masters and Mary went. And so speaking of bad and the strength of women and what we can go. We talked last. Week about you we didn't finish everything about you and I think it's important that people now because although we I stink we -- big advocates of changing if you don't like something in doing something different in how. You sort of have -- So as you get -- you can make those choices and doing -- really love you on the other hand to have been doing although it's -- what you train for went to school for I should say -- year you -- a teacher and French and French teacher and and all the things you did gearing yourself try to a career in teaching. And here you why you still really are teaching but here you are thirty years of of this being in the financial -- Yeah and and and loving on staying in it and trying to do different things to encourage people to. But you know understand what they should do with the money how they should do it. What we do including writing a book I mean how do you keep. That's going to help well I think the thing but that is underneath all of this is the fact that I recognize something about myself. When I was probably in my twenties and that was that I loved. Challenges I love something new and different it's kinda -- that made me keep. Get enough in the morning. And once I got to whatever it was I was expanding my energy on to a certain point of self sustaining. Then that I was kind of done with that and I kind of the next thing. So the teaching thing. I think I got burned so badly by -- experience. That I thought I did everything I was supposed to do I got my degree I pass the test I did all that. And now where was his teaching job for the world wasn't giving meet back what I thought I had given. So I was kind of really. This centrists and at some point and said okay I'd -- board with us once snacks and that's when I -- Took the card. That was on the kitchen counter and called the guy metropolitan life. And and I did that because I thought well this is something else I don't know maybe elders do it until I do something else I don't know but I found that I really enjoy -- -- the learning curve I think it was fascinating to me to be end. A position. Where your income was not defined by somebody else and you could make as much money or as little money because you -- so. Depending on the air for you push forest. So it looked like it was something that I was fascinated by -- added intrigue me is a big challenge. And I got through then found this was not really the path to get me where I wanted to go. I went to several other insurance companies that offer me different opportunities. And knowledge and deeper learning and certain things. Estate planning which was a -- they know anything about. Business planning. It was really a way to develop more skill sets and then I found out about this thing called financial planning. And and that was Brando and again it intrigues me -- so here's another new thing I and it can take some pieces from here or wherever. I started that and then realized nobody in this area knew what that was. I I first had to sell the concept and then sell myself because nobody knew what if -- It's -- New Orleans where you one of the first female is a endured it just in general fight a war really I didn't I was the second person in northeastern DeAndre. -- -- to be as certified financial planner one hour when I was in 1984 and was the first one man yes. And was a guy who was in a bank okay and he beat me guy may be and couple months for the last time the test was. But I'll -- but if I was the first one to do those so nobody really know what it was so it was again starting from scratch. And saying well I can go back to the people I knew in the insurance business and see if I can. Develop this kind of a business and the first time I ask somebody to pay me a fee to do a financial -- -- nearly child yeah Kenny -- just have. Wall -- I actually put that out the hard. And no problem OK -- at the -- to and I thought I don't know -- -- No anyway I did I got that first check I think the first year I had the business I had to clients. And thank god I was able live with mom and dad and that if I just -- from there and got to a point where I was. Finally people are starting to understand what a financial planner was. And I started getting calls from people who saw it in the yellow pages and that's what I did. Yellow and you really and just a couple opportunities there's opened up some really wonderful things and then. I started working at. The allocations panel for the united way like orange county and ran into some really. Heavy duty movers and shakers in that arena but I got to work with them so they know me and they got to know who I was and then from that. I'm John Randolph from her any Randolph approached me one -- and says. Clearly what's it gonna take to get to come down here work with us. And I says I'm Jimmy and number I'm guilty to offer her some. That opened up that door and I became the financial planning department for for any Randolph for three years. Can I learn so much and then experience. Especially about. How do you charge fees how do you figure out what fees are and when I left there in 1993. I decided to go back and I'm my own I started the business all over again. And I did it on the basis of having feast. And managing money. For people my first year I had a million dollars. Million point three dollars to manage and I charged defeat. Put their perspective. We now have 52 million. So that's a significant -- growth. In all that there were times when I was getting bored again because you know I had done it -- -- put our hands and it's. Common along and everything's fine. So then I said what else can I do well I could write a book. I could do a radio show these were all things I've never done before. So that got me charged up and got me. You've got the -- is on again him and so that's where we are we're still moving along and for bring him that's up today. And doesn't seem to know that when you have still have that passion for what you do. The other things that come along that you can say hey I can do this it's still. Doing what I've done yeah but now I can take on this -- I can do this to put my interest. I spend the time to do this because writing that book was not an easy -- I remember I used to cause you won Monday's ones and you and I say what do you do it. Did I tell you did not comment on my I'm doing my work. Switch yes she did. -- say you know have nasty but she didn't she was home trying to get if that was a lot of -- But again that's you have to do you have to. -- it into your schedule to take that time and set it aside because otherwise life takes over -- so it is it's so so thirty years later. -- -- -- -- -- -- Northeastern financial console yet and having been the first to second person in the state to be. A licensed as a certified financial planner I think we weekend. Be sure and Atlanta is the next very much she does something different -- -- We're gonna take a real quick break you're listening this morning to Miami and show. -- -- -- Good morning. You're listening to the Marion when shell I'm -- cat man and the owner of -- can enterprises which is a fundraising appearance special event business and I am Lynn -- and and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm. He clarks summit yes and we have at least I guess February yeah. He's in it in the seats. -- banning person need and how well he led to miss -- -- and get out. I and fluidity and director. Of marketing for ERA one source realty -- seven offices in ten counties. And and it is it wearing ten different counties so processes I have been always sounds weird when I say that -- -- yet right okay well. So anyway Jeff is here because I was -- is vacationing so she's yet and we love went and I tell Sunni -- the time. If you don't wanna come have no fear underdog is here so we always designated hitter that's over I tell you I. Video is he's the DH on the DL perseverance -- you guys are crazy yesterday I'm -- break. -- and you -- hits I love the new specs you know. Well they aren't getting bigger by phone calls me when -- land reminds. Are you or I like connect twelve of Finland and your hands and email and make a plug for where you bought them. But -- pro business -- OK I know he's been very nice looking very and I think they do they do so what are we talking about in the world of really stayed. We're talking about the fact that April 1 then the apart from the fact since April Fool's Day in this is not a joke -- I said to Jeff I noticed that in our developments in clarks summit. Five. New sign went up yet as -- CNN. It's nice that I said let's talk about what that what's going on as the first of all that's just my little corner of the world but how about everything in northeastern Pennsylvania. So that's -- needs and -- let's talk about -- because I N as a -- myself self Jeff I tell people all the time and there's always says spring. And fall market when people think should I should night. To me this spring is the very very best time number one everything is blooming and everything is in no and people just have a better sense of we are we going. And yeah. -- from children if you're switching school districts or states or wherever getting your kids organized before the summer and the stretch of time you have from -- the house goes on the markets say April 1. Throw the very. And say December 1 the senate gets you know people still buy band but it's now Christmas even with Thanksgiving. You have a big stretch of time. At that house is people are very active in the market whereas once the holiday comes little but it did and then -- the sun the wind Terry can. Do you agree with that Jeff yeah that's the largest sand. And and which -- saying is perfect because you're also cutting summer -- -- crazy and that's when everyone's on vacation absolutely really have to get in early hands and like you said factor him into the fall. There are people still buying in the summer weather there vacationing or not it doesn't slow down in the sense that people still wanna do wish for because a lot of them are working on the fact is they said maybe switching school districts and have to get to -- registered -- and and that's your TS genocide that makes the decision for a lot of -- -- will be moving in and out. I'm just so we do we have a lot of new listings this spring. What you know what I I think I'm and I kind of -- It's polluted the slow both come to him when we are trying to China unicom is what I'm on the winter factor. And then when I was saying how these all these signs popped up at one time and now we're starting to see. Calm down across the board com good a lot of because these people who were stuck inside all winter yet and he still couldn't even prepare your house I now have. How do you want to do anything outside you know well being able to right just like he keep you in the -- exactly but Tom so. So we started I start looking at the numbers when when apple announced spivak and I was starting to look at Tom. Locally and nationally wants what's happening and just like -- and now we're starting to see this burst of activity. Palm but I was curious to see what the numbers were lies before us does arm because of this winter. And -- and I looked across the when you looked at the arm across the country. And you know we got hit the north got hit the midwest really got hit -- and were down Tom were down about 4% from -- row last year. Tom and south and of course the west there you know 22%. To -- double digits are. So. You start looking at those numbers and and you see how far we're down we're down about 4% but when you think about how bad it was. Tom -- and you actually look at all of them the numbers that are attached to sales numbers depending etc. It's its bid looks like we could are gonna rebound really fast from us that we're gonna permanent. -- furiously fast and furious on a couple of months here. The second affect the end the sales price and music going to be become more like a buyers. A seller's market and the well I mean if you look at if you look at its armed. The numbers did -- -- Tories down a little bit -- and the prices are up our our price last year and the average sales price was about. 140. Mom and were up 2149 are now -- when they can be skewed those numbers are a little bit skewed because of the one market that really did not take a big hit. In the past several months is that luxury market now. I don't think I don't think it does have that district and appreciate it -- healthy healthy are a couple of months are quarter I'm high end properties harmless himself. Com. So -- but again sales prices generally across the border probably about 2%. This quarter. Tom -- attendees are up 9% so once again we look at those negative on the negative numbers that we had how this could probably balance the Sao. In our new listings are going up I'm about 3% so that's gonna kind of cut into this whole buyers sellers market it's a funny to see how a see -- us. Just when you think that it's totally gonna turn into days seller's market and you start getting Tom Moore are more more -- inventory out there. Tom and. And then all mine and it's true but it's only buyers American people are buying it's only a seller's market and people are selling and that's kind of I I would say it's more neutral now than anything any thanks so we'll see who ends up because it is prices are much. Better are you getting past the bubble yeah and that whole philosophy that you kidding me 20%. In two years and equity in your house in two years. Trend toward that you can -- 20% below the asking price because they think the sellers are desperate exactly so there's actually you know it's it's it's funny to see here because you're starting to see armed these agents who. Are being a little bit more assertive whereas. Both fans for the buyers and sellers to make deals happen. And I think you know you go back to bomb when there was a boom and if you were there were order takers configure it's really bearing a progression to see. How they've learned that. -- real estate is not just sitting there and writing a contract you really have to work. Both sides of the deals and including the financing and it and I think it's really anyone who came into real estate during this time. It hasn't made because they already know the stuff. He's the veterans who were out there who weren't used to it it's really cool to see -- come around and now start getting into. A whole new dynamics of what real -- does now and just understanding how to stay. And I think people and I say this house keeps saying it is and I think people when you. -- -- -- In work with an agent and you put your house on the market and prior to that. It's when they are giving you a price that they are not just pulling out of -- there. They -- either -- getting it from an appraisal that you've had done which I always recommend. -- -- you've done for them a CMA which is a comparative market analysis that. Is going to be with some appraisers who will use I'm houses that are on and off the market that they -- real estate agent has to at their disposal. But sometimes there's stuff that doesn't go on the -- like the feel as though that isn't gonna show up. That if you have the knowledge of bad it's another story sell some people have that skill and that ability and the knowledge to get that done. So weak as agents are not unless were appraisers are not. Certify we're doing as a comparative. When you go to an appraiser and they actually have this certification and I that's why -- say that not that real estate agents can't. But it's its in its pulled from the same stuff but they have different twist and they're certified they're. So. If you look at that and you're looking at the number. The in the inflated number is not going to work you have to listen to the agent. Telling you that this is why I'm based on what I found what's out there what your house is basically worked and patting it's slightly firm. You know commission Jeff which so many people do okay. But really listened to those people that's what you're paying them. To do not just sell your house getting them ready to -- -- so many people think I'm not -- I'm not do you will put this on and a lot of agencies doing. Right but it's it's not priced right it's not gonna sell even if you get that number may not a crime. Well and that's that's that's perfect because that's that was a thing that Leno I kind of work chatting about a little bit was it is. If you if you have a house that you think is worth a 170000 dollars and there's a foreclosure next -- -- sells for 90000 dollars do you think that's gonna affect the price of her yes yes and how do Lilly yes absolutely and we still have that we didn't in our marker right now we're still. In the throws soft distrust property I know Tom and the one the one promising Tom. Aspect of is that. They're new to new listings have to new inventory there we're getting is this is subsiding there's actually there's actually -- agree we have 20% less new listings coming and Tom just this first quarter from short sales and you know just coming out and all I'm all of -- any distressed property foreclosures and are short sales. And it seems as -- short sales are actually growing over foreclosures right now. Because I think people are starting to become more educated and had -- -- and how it can kill your credit less I -- certain that in. That the -- minors without. Com so -- seeing that inventory leave. And can now -- the process is gonna help of course grow our property values and and when I remember seeing our property values go up but we're not having the double digit increases its 2%. 1% 2%. Com a year and that's and that's you know that's not bad in a healthy at this if my receiver. Eight and then the other thing is Jeff I think number I mean I have my nice about 28 years. I don't remember. I mean I've I've never been as busy with that so but maybe that's reason he's here march but I don't ever remember those kind. Just foreclosures. Insurance and that's stuff just it was next to never happen. -- we didn't have the end I know I know but I'm just in English financial markets before I brought my -- or circumstantial but still I mean. -- Talked about that stuff because it just wasn't right and I -- a lot of people even knew that there was a choice either -- -- -- -- -- accident. I never heard her short sale I did and isn't going to -- -- people tell the difference between regulation and I mean it's still -- and in -- it what's the other one. I can't think and I mean I think afterwards. -- -- but that all the things he you have to understand. About the market that you can do to work with these places to get. Your house off the market and not necessarily have to be in a foreclosure Reinemund as I think pseudo freedom. But it's all promising. The -- are promising good economy is looking up so we don't have so we have -- Less chance of the foreclosures afternoon. -- at all. The bubble is is basically. Com flattened out and restarting your cure that and we're not seeing the property prices Tom -- -- any kind of way that. -- that's nonsense again. And Jeff beyond the words coming up and stuff yeah Thailand India and Ireland messy and you wanted to -- that come Monday it karma Radisson. Com. -- some really cool things about it is that we're starting to see is that -- 70% of our. Full time agents hit a million or more 125% of our part time agents kick -- a million or more. So on.