4-14-14 AM I LYIN?

Apr 14, 2014|

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Drop any object on a radio -- nostalgic look back at last week's no there's not like it there we go. The White House as they kind of that the folks at Samsung last week that there Tony RT I doubt that guy's name is in the Red Sox. Took -- salvia in -- Obama and Twitter at Twitter. Sandbags at the onset of an advance that trip that they pulled to get the picture -- like an endorsement deal Ortiz says that's those -- -- -- -- -- Sandburg had a deal with the president. Once upon a time we know what I would not be possible. Once upon a time. They came -- actually get -- -- -- -- just take a briefcase and a microphone in it every court conversations he had with gangsters for the FBI. Chart and said he did because he was -- and the FBI investigate corruption in the music industry. The smoking gun that comes as he did it because the FBI agree that the rest Sharpton after they nailed it formerly ample dairy air into cocaine sting -- Believe what you want sharp -- -- playbook that event last week. I don't know what wires at them right now with a cap is a bad thing -- admitted he helped the cops and then wait to hear from gimme three fingered for believing. And Gallup did appalled about 89 places in the US they've found out that the worst place to live. Now bottom of the misery index latter is Huntington, West Virginia bad. Northeast PA comes in at number 17777. And I about a 189. Now I get and that there but somehow. It feels right when it comes to being number one we can't even cracked the top ten and that. What am I lying I didn't have kicked us. Loose lips to remain see why don't you live here and we'll be right back after a -- of our public sponsors.