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Corbett talks with Katie McGinty & Robert F Kennedy Jr

Apr 17, 2014|

Corbett talks with Katie McGinty and Robert F. Kennedy Jr about her run for Governor, Mr. Kennedy's endorsement of her run, and other issues affecting the area.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

These two callers. On the line at the same time we've got Robert F Kennedy junior 011. And Katie McGinty on the other line and do I. Both true view ready willing and able to talk with me. I'm here I'm just -- a Kennedy. EB -- Katie -- back quickly again and current. I tell you why and I'm ready to fly trans continental jetliner. Because I have you both on at the same time so you to another big day in Scranton. And I imagine you're still have a big -- tell me a little bit about what went down today. Well maybe I'm very lucky person as an obvious candidate stumping for -- here and screamed and then endorse that you -- Canada keeper that governors -- -- had a great here you get the -- I am I'm starting the school and seeing that the -- may. Some Corbett. Had taken the life out of art for the men but I think. In the united -- it now three different schools really driving him appointed education you gotta be not. Once not did tell Bobby that I'm not related to Tom -- just -- and you're. Well let me let me just straighten you out -- Bobby Kennedy I'm not related to the bed Corbett he's not until my family tree you need to know that. From thank you -- that information go to any second thoughts about. Anywhere they attractive -- -- -- -- a little bit about your feelings zillions Scranton Bobby I know that this is. This is the town that you got great resonance in your family with regard to your own father. And now fifty years after he showed up in 1964 for a moment the speech. You're here looking for the continuation. Of progress and quality of life. In northeastern Pennsylvania as well as throughout the world. Myself -- long relationship. With finished its Eastern Pennsylvania and you know on the 1960 election my uncle odds Jack. I president Kennedy came through here I campaigning and he gets very strong support from. Northeastern Pennsylvania and fact -- No way at their convention in LA where I a actually attended that convention -- seven year old child and that's what I might. No one of my first memory is it was the first time idealize the -- come and stay up all night but we were out there and the entire convention and I'm governor Lawrence from Pennsylvania. Opposed. Jack initially. Because he believed that at a Catholic. Presidential candidate could not win in Pennsylvania. Even though he insulted the Catholic ready to Iran that are I guess that it's telescope would cost coal and people know that there was a -- generation and they assume that the chronicles and he had the match. I am trying to blame lies with Catholic and it was dumb luck for Lauren said. That he like and he didn't think the presidential candidate who is well known Catholic get elected it beside it was Stevenson initially but. -- Jack -- very very strong particular delegates from northeastern Pennsylvania who helped persuade -- to change sides during that convention. So I'll stand and anyways what is key for the Kennedys are in the sixty election and then. I try to of course came back here in 1964. He's been shattered by his brother's -- He was thinking I was cut -- gauging from public my -- and it came here and he got this picture ordinary reception -- -- -- Charley suddenly saint Patrick. Or 2000 people there are -- -- it was almost a tribal. It's celebration and the warmth that he shelter and -- hope and inspiration. In motivated him and get enter public life span too and shortly after that he decided to run -- Senate's New York State any re engaged and that was but that was made of very very key moment in the years transformation. And his. Decision to reenter. Public -- And you know I -- myself might come back here. All the time constantly that started this eight and you know I've been -- dozens of times I was here night's stage from my uncle. -- Teddy Kennedy during his election I was here for Kerry -- -- your support was your security Hillary. Come back through a lot of local elections and and then sent to speak at wilkes-barre as a college there on environmental issues and -- -- list this as these ultimately are assesses its real cross section. America as an -- gave it in other ships this series where the middle class. Flint, Michigan and these are the talented built our country that gave it on the war. World war -- and it gave us a great prosperity after the war sixty years of building a a strong middle class and that embodies the values that make our country and exemplary nation beat these the people wrote. Slots for Social Security for Medicaid. For good roads streets and highways are good infrastructure shirts for strong -- higher education and then they sent their kids to college in their kids went on and really built this country and we've seen that infrastructure being dismantled now. Since the 1980s. Then you know ultimately during that it did bush White House are being torn apart and we're losing the middle class now in this country. And the burden of those policies as to which corporate embodied sparks falling. On the people. Scranton and I just give you one example. Sounds fractures and and not charge an extract it's actually only state except protections that it stops that policy. And where did he get that billion dollars he got it from the State's education budget so. Well those oil and gas companies gained five million dollars -- his campaign. He's given them a billion dollar reward in return and taken that billion dollar reward from the middle class McCain in communities like Scranton and that's achieve again TE is fighting against and that's why I'm down here to supporters she understands the -- between good environmental policy and good economic policy and we can't let. The photographs of corporate clipped clipped scratched. Run our country we've got to take it back some men and give -- activity. And then -- middle class salt dearest people. Did you find it in Scranton Pennsylvania. Speaking of the political rats and speaking of the history in northeastern Pennsylvania five generations in Scranton. My grandfather came from Ireland mined -- for 45 years. And what we think back to you're. Commitment to the environment Kennedy's commitment to the environment the work that you've both done what's what's ironic is that. All those so much has changed in northeastern Pennsylvania. Some of what has not changed must change I'm talking about. The robber barons in their legacy with the cold I'm not talking about a new breed of robber barons and their legacy with the Marcellus Shale particularly. And the oil and gas industry. About fifty years ago when -- doubt bush speaking at the dinner and then re jewel limiting his own commitment to social change. The coal mines underground we're starting to burn. As we speak there are currently eight. Don't underground coal mine fires burning in northeastern Pennsylvania should viewing who knows what poisons and toxins into the air. I'd like -- most of briefly address that kind of change. Hasn't changed. People aren't really you know how can speak. Paris. Air and then they did beat the message that Katie has embodied. During Katie McGinty during the 25 years I've known her when I well worked with here -- side by side I don't know Al Gore and bush and Al Gore's huge source NASA management had. Fly to Dallas and then they adds theirs as and that's how I can outrun our local station is this I is this idea that it's hurt. And the notion that's you know that's good environmental policy a 100% of the time is identical to put economic policy if we want a measure of the economy based upon. And that's how we ought to measure. Based on how it produces jobs and the dignity of jobs over the generation over the long term and how it preserves the salary you'll -- assets Argentina niche if we wanted to know. What governor Corbett. And you know -- who is an indentured servant to live a colon and oil and gas companies and the -- and the robber barons and may get out of their corporate oligarchs usually wanna do what they've been urging us to do. Which is the -- Pennsylvania as and so we're a business and liquidation. Convert our natural resource to cash as quickly as -- -- a few years -- pollution based prosperity. We can generate an instantaneous cash flow and the illusion and others are prosperous economy and we can create a few billionaires. I am publishing the rest of us and our children aren't gonna pay for our joy to fight the case forward denuded landscapes or help. And huge cleanup costs that are not they're not -- bit -- sort of -- -- that is all on the backs of the people of scrapped while the millionaires. Run a way to they're gated community is sent there you know and very expensive vacations. Can -- -- -- -- distance from here. But these people are gonna stay here -- there no limit those legacies and that's why. We need to elect Qaeda began -- because she's gonna protect their future and she's gonna protect its scary interest in this area. -- or her own movement toward the news you've got some final thoughts please let us know what they are. Well listen I it hit it great to be back I'm happy that it we're about moving forward investing in the middle class. -- not minimum wage restoring education dollars enabling the middle class -- that makes -- -- talent that's where opt for. Our dollars and that -- our future and not people everything we can't see I'm Corbin often enough. Would you do me a favor and stop calling him -- written just call on the governor from -- -- I can just -- breaking out the rash I'm telling you know it's good to talk to you both continue -- to have a good day is Scranton. And hopefully we'll have a chance to talk again Robert F Kennedy junior Katie -- thank you for your time. Here.