4-21-14 Am I Lyin'?

Apr 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Man these there aren't any object invite you every now coming out -- story Arabic and had my last weekend black lab rides on -- off work. I want -- Sunday news shows a week ago a Democrat big -- Steve Israel from the -- declared that out now are Republicans are racist. I didn't ever say that Steve and I hope you'll allow me to take this opportunity to declare that our Democrat big job they're idiots. A ball game out last week found out that most Americans think federal taxes are too high. They're gonna out of that they came out last week when he found out that people who smoke pot there brains change in a way that could make -- -- easier. And a journal of neuroscience that people under the age of -- should not partake in marijuana. Her not so sure about addiction where we -- concerned collecting it over ashore this study was not sponsored by the national cool ranch flavored Doritos -- And a couple of hundred letters poured in after they got to go -- kids protected that that -- miracle they say that judge should take into account on this Philanthropic work. And I think it home confinement is a real possibility well. I'm opposed that for safety reasons. Save lives of whatever the miracle gets home confinement and I still get quality of pro active club out of his luggage helicopter and we have got to Marlins in the marvel at top right. But I am I'm ready projects. Loose -- to -- -- why don't you live here we'll be right back after a word from our public sponsors.