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Andy Ostrowski, 11th Congressional District Candidate, with Corbett

Apr 23, 2014|

Andy Ostrowski, 11th Congressional District Candidate, talks to Corbett about the lawsuit Andy filed against Hazleton regarding his nominating petitions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- actual call -- He had no problem Stephen hey I'm real sorry for that little miscommunication there on Don Bailey he's he's -- in his fight I'm fighting my fights and we are. But I am an outsider candidates stand you know I think that one fell through the cracks and I would never not returned only bad -- I'm sure what you want to talk about an extra -- it might be did. Well I -- talk about it I mean we have candidates shall we talk about everything while it was still shell Houston -- losses when dom don't. I'm you know -- -- -- to -- -- -- -- a lot lately come but you know -- we're still friends and colleagues send -- you know our talk term quite frequently and then you know -- -- communication about this case. Crazy -- is -- star representing you in that federal lawsuit against you. On the bond fire and didn't I didn't his name and he you know I talked about how to handle this saying -- media relations standpoint and I you know I'm I'm completely comfortable being the one being an appointment on this thing -- my case since my campaign itself. My petition to end it's my credibility -- says that cheap one form alliance so I'm more than happy to jump ball. Oh yeah absolutely big time in fact that I thought the chief of police was out of line by making a public appearance and and making these accusations. When a bonafide federal lawsuit that. Filed and I think year in the suit rent. Well absolutely -- You know there's a little British story that led up to that press conference you know there I've file this lawsuit and people need to understand. I did not want him and then didn't read that expires -- residents of the city a patent and with another lawsuit. -- they would not that they had to deal -- there's still -- -- what I understand that big new update a couple of million dollars in the turn each seat from this. Immigration lawsuit -- -- -- they got them involved in men and -- civil rights were would have never tried to attitude to get behind a policy like that choke. You know I -- very sensitive that are in this westernized very cautious about it this is not a knee jerk reaction saying. I have the time I've filed their lawsuit. I did not know if I was gonna need -- 67 signatures and if you're gonna go in the federal court. And and from an injunction you know you need to do at the earliest possible opportunity to hopefully. You'll -- called irreparable harm under the law. -- -- -- -- I'll let you with being here at 36 hours of finding out about the incident and I stand behind my decision did do that. So now what I was going to do away and this -- -- -- this story played out it is. Yeah I have reflected on and thought you know these people they don't need to be involved in another federal civil rights lawsuit. I don't wanna know get off on the bad we've got a bad over these RB -- president of the city and Hejduk and thinking that I wanna fight with them over an issue like this. They're they're very important matter and I get a lot of reflection on that. And what I had done he's on Monday that attend the march. I tried to call with a bit cheap personally I have three telephone numbers for him a strong number. And you know I guess due to not -- at the police station eating get back to me I came across an email address form. And in India I sent him an email and I get -- -- you know we've all we have something new there was a mistake here may along the way. I have a lot of respect for police officers are represented police officers. I admire and appreciate the work that they do they do a heck of a lot of hard work and in protecting us. And then need to be honored and respected. But I told and I explained to him a panic situation come up or had -- -- We need the way it played out it sounded like I discounted the possibility that somebody had just made a mistake kearsarge get a cheap why don't you do best. Why don't you just fine now. Dude got the signatures. How it happened just get them back to me. You and I will go out we'll do a joint press release or apologize to everybody firm well what happened. Put it behind this in just move forward and address the serious issues that need to be addressed. And down and -- I hadn't heard back from him for a couple days. -- and I got it all from a fellow from the this standard observer or whatever that -- since. Standards speaker and now my got a call on him -- Monday morning actually I think I got an email from them. Any generated -- is having a press conference and at 1 o'clock and I calling for combat. And I thought sure how are you are responded to immediately say about me and then down. You know I can really breathed a sigh of relief because I want you all the manpower remind you my -- The president cheap ones that give -- the signature acts and I don't wanna burn the people I don't want any I certainly don't want money damages out of this aren't saying I want my signature is I wanted to make a point about. Feel protecting the integrity and that they've been they've the First Amendment activities and getting on the ballot in the political process here and wanted to make that point I think it's about what to make it my consent I still stand behind filing a lawsuit. -- in any event. I you know am I you know I I breathed a sigh of relief and I thought oh good -- cheap -- -- get out there he can do everything I wish he would call me that's fine I'll let him handle it. And loudest and saying you know about 130 in enacting their turn my phone started ringing off the option saying you won't believe dish but it's cliche you've got up and made that whole lawsuit now. And my jaw hit the ground I mean you know -- indicated figuratively speaking of course but -- I wish I was astonished -- what it with what I was cheering. And between -- not between your -- -- twenty years -- video director and the rest of the well now Microsoft want. She could just what to just I needed blew his career. I mean I -- activity of that man. Calling a press conference. Being a public event and I think you -- important that I think you're saying that you were quite surprised that it's still a -- I don't want to go out and I'm -- storage -- I thought I thought it was not a lot of I thought was inappropriate I thought that when you're named in the lawsuit and the you have this coming into a federal court along. You're going to -- beyond your best behavior and call now lawsuit and calling her a call in the press conference. And call you a liar I thought was pretty astonishing committee. The other thing I thought I was just thing is need the press coverage the standard speaker's story. In talked with the idea Andrea then the reporter. Quote she. Then did Andrea actually got a telephone call. Telling him the police were stopping people from collecting signatures for a candidate. And he said that he told the caller now the woman's circulate the petition circulating petitions contact him directly. He says no woman called there's no record of any non 11 calls. But I thought it was telling that he said yeah is somebody little hurt him here to someone interfering with someone collecting nominating petitions so I think the centrist thing but. I think the bottom line on this Andy is. If this works its way through court. Disney he woman who you claim was circulating the petitions that were taken by police allegedly is she willing to testify to that. There has been an ongoing you know I think that that was part of the problem here and I got my you know there's a woman who. It was concerned about coming forward at that time and I made a judgment call cannot identify her in the complaint. Says. Understand and address your concerns. -- -- you know it's a little bit of a sensitive issue right now Steve just very -- you know I'm not be trying to die they just. So in reaction I did not just I think I know I reacted to the people they called me about the cheap when you call that the press conference. But it is very important issue that is normal and here. And there are other enforcement authorities that are taken a look at this situation. The woman's identity has been disclosed. It had been disclosed to the proper authorities I am not going to comment plunged -- radio show. On Iran and it hurt me and I don't panic and I didn't ask you do that I know I I don't know. While I'm all I'm more respect. For the system I sat in the federal courtroom in Scranton. During the time that immigration case was taken place and I completely totally agreed with not naming the defend dance. In the lawsuit so I'm recovering in a run and corruption. For decades -- -- then there's so I'm asking you to name our country is so do you when push comes to shop you got. -- have somebody willing to testify to the claim your militant or you're a lawsuit falls flat and our ability does still. These are -- I understand that and I'll show you the truth is -- -- here -- you guys. -- you -- comment about this cheapening of the -- would've been knocking out a line specifically about this -- making the comment about the lawsuit. He was telling the truth. But that Maine did not tell the truth -- he had told in the lawsuit happened and it has been. The woman told me she told other people and the truth will come out here. You know you'll -- doing these civil rights saying to make an order on the bench that you just have to be patient and the pursuit of justice. And I'm gonna you know I'm being a little bit patient without him in this -- I am not. Dropping the matter I didn't wanna go forward doesn't know what the lawsuit I will it by active because there aren't very important point to be made here about this. Okay so little -- right now and he's still in federal court. Okay been drawn -- -- Bible lawsuit OK and and you're in a new -- also says the that the proper law enforcement agency or agencies. Have been made aware that you may these law enforcement agencies -- agents. Aware of this woman's identity and that those law enforcement agents are are looking into this story as well. That's correctional managed correctly and let's. You being noticed just respect him. Launched that right now you. Slowly but listen let us know because the clocks -- and won this campaign and let us know how your campaign -- don't -- -- stranger and I got -- -- break off -- say -- Derek keeping in touch with us. Well we're human and we got an event April 22 -- wanna county courthouse schedule people out there we're gonna talk about reported issues so. Solid common and another 11 o'clock at the lack of one county court house. Oh you know some family project this rally then I'm behind this project -- system operates a national civil rights hero. Understand least begin and we wanna get some people -- the data and you can do and you -- this Saturday April 26 at 11 AM. And we're going to be talking a lot about these issues very my campaign. Let's get people out there and I am ES -- -- dot com impacted me in thanks so much for having -- don't need any more talk and good luck.