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Allyson Schwartz, Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania governor, with Corbett

Apr 24, 2014|

Allyson Schwartz, Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania governor, talks to Corbett about her views and what she is doing to get elected.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Allyson Schwartz thanks for call on the show. Contemplated that you. Yeah. I know what they call northeastern Pennsylvania the good Corbett. I haven't shown -- no relationship. With family or otherwise. With a guy I referred to as the bad Corbett. Amanda had an that you wanna make sure it didn't know. And we why do Corbett I. Does scare because one of my cousin said there might be I should stop please stop. So I'm volunteering for DNA testing no problem at all and I met with Tom Corbett -- Saint Patrick's Day a couple of years ago. And being proud Irish American and I am I said to him governor. Where are your people from and he said well your Pittsburgh I said no no no let's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about in the old country and I realized he didn't know and I realize -- -- the governor and needless to say he is not spoken with me since. But that's OK I just wanted to put your mind a little bit he's during this election cycle. Now I want to thank you they will fail all of us had either immediately -- can tell people who disagree without politically. I think -- will more open to that possibility either way I do believe -- Come you come into this race with some pretty heavy credentials. You come you come into this race in the eyes of many people up there many Democrats as maybe he most qualified. By virtue of your congressional serviced by virtue of your service in the state senate. By virtue of your your interest and involvement in health care -- How do you capitalize who exactly you are for people in northeastern Pennsylvania Democrats who might not be as familiar with you. Well -- -- great question thank you very much nerves are happy about that and blue well I can be done to talk to tell I believe is is -- one of the key given players and it got geeky into different in the primary which is that I bring it I've experienced. A record of accomplishments. And the willingness and determination and the and you can take aren't they get -- -- to are important to Pennsylvania Amish apparently in the future which means education and healthcare. And economic growth. And I can get things done fundamentally been going to take a challengers and have fun doing the record of getting things turned and Amanda does -- -- mean taking on -- But instead of the quote -- a little boy content saying you know what Ed that this matters it's important to. You couldn't get it to -- -- complicated get it done -- that's kind of the way had done middle America. Public architecture but also on indicate potential fourteen years and now. I can you can comment on these are not even think you can get things done so -- -- what I bring it during. Physical peak during the conference but -- -- most importantly a commitment I have a commitment to public service and commitment to. I think a Pennsylvania family of and that's why am I think the governor kind of thing and they don't ever got there like that so. What it comes to dealing with. The other side when it comes to dealing with Republicans whether -- being congress or whether wars during your your tenure in the state senate. You were known as as getting the job done being able to negotiate being able to deal with the other side how do you do not effectively. Well you know I think it's going to -- thing because -- he. Did you -- it a whole different story every. I'm every accomplishment but it started with a willingness certainly cap on the commitment to work with anyone and everyone who's willing to get things done. And my experiences that aren't funny you should have taken up. He is being in confined to that Republican you find all those other Democrats -- gonna get invited stayed arrogant part of the country. And you work with them and that -- start and cap on it has been greatly -- that I work with Republicans in the I'm in congress that I may disagree with time. Pat I think that we talk about a minute that one on air but. Can that we actually agree on my personal regulation -- god doesn't incumbent looked whipped. Another run -- -- -- decades of the Republican a Republican. From rural Michigan and surveillance -- sort of and that kind of -- Talk about buddy whether he can double the letter that I do what he was making me wanna. -- Of the French public attractive match. It's the decade and I want it is coming from veterans and I. Oppose the idea that we would it is different -- credit to hire veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. And work together -- -- -- together and actually didn't end -- staying in congress I got a cannon. I think after he left and still still under that relationship he had and look at great way to work proposed Republicans to get things done. I've done and I didn't work you offenders were without members of wouldn't be able convoluted done. The divided might have rectified my age but finding really -- way to get things done so happy to talk about the work I didn't governor K okay. I'm -- different very important work together to -- parliament on them enormously proud of and -- feel happy about it but. I'm -- it differently for kids I want you to do something on. How can the kids -- Clarke Duncan conditional plan to confiscate. And -- -- about it in the -- and it and we got it -- and kind of cute and -- in July and hundreds and literally hundreds of thousands of children. Code -- twenty years I have benefited from. Should be able to have the parents buy insurance for them. And obviously these health care issues across the country are are crucial. At this stage particularly in Pennsylvania where the governor. Has remained. -- unflinching. In his opposition. To helping more people with regard to expanding Medicaid. He's he's he's cut back a number of programs that would would normally benefit people. We're all soul in this in the realm of the Affordable Care Act it's under attack in many quarters. And that you're unflinching in your willingness to not only defending Affordable Care Act but but to stand up on the principle of affordable healthcare for all is a good thing for Republicans and Democrats and everybody else. Well affordable acceptable legal help Catholic healthcare is important -- And every ideology is going to be good when you get taken -- -- he had. I don't -- -- -- if you are not a Republican or Democrat Republican independent. You are I -- the person -- just need help and need it need dedicated to serve and you're right I have to fly to -- more. How affordable health coverage. Entire professional life I -- to work has done starting but the worked -- didn't communicate cannot can't. I worked with President Obama I worked with my leadership in America and in congress. I worked to get that Affordable Care Act done and -- you need to do on an it was a major. Accomplishment we should be proud of it and Democrats which. And at least we get recognized and the enormous benefit it is having across the country each including here in Pennsylvania -- Eight million Americans have gotten health coverage of funds under the Affordable Care Act and you know the three million -- on the parent probably isn't. They know the work I get on pre existing condition exclusions and making sure insurance companies could not exclude a totally different divisions. I'll -- that matters to people across America are looking across our country and yet I would Pat Buchanan got up and -- help. I don't think going -- and -- and I'm dumb -- to do that and I am also very very concerned about the fact that Tom Corbett. Is -- not kicking to Medicaid expansion money these federal dollars. Capitalism. Pennsylvanians stay until he's not you think they -- -- a million people in Pennsylvania getting health coverage of that's really come. Incomprehensible. Katzmaier from an economic point of view would agree don't always millions of dollars into the escape and you would help a 500000. People are working people in Pennsylvania afford. Fun coverage for their -- company kids and governor I will take said -- that Medicaid money and -- -- On it make you the people aren't get the coverage they know about it. And that we make sure that you're healthier we can came costume contest and they're -- global -- -- -- cuts in health care. -- and he is completely in a way that none of the other. People running in this primary on had any experience in health care health care policy and understanding how. How important. On the Affordable Care Act is now only because of Medicaid expansion. But the -- all the benefits people. Insurance congresswoman Schwartz in northeastern Pennsylvania and and as far as I'm concerned I'm one of the few democratic left wing militant news radio talk show you're gonna encounter may be in America. And are not like you found a way to may be reached -- the other side by finding common ground. The common ground in northeastern Pennsylvania unfortunately. Is based in our fight against political corruption. We've got an ongoing federal public corruption investigation. That in the past five or so years has netted more than 32. Public officials who have mostly pleading guilty to public corruption charges. Including people with whom you served in the senate Bob -- was was one of them who. Pleaded guilty where in the midst of this ongoing fight Republicans Democrats are good people have united in not common cause to fight corruption. But sometimes people lose hope they feel powerless they feel abandoned and one of the biggest issues in northeastern Pennsylvania. Is asking a gubernatorial candidate will you help us and how. -- as a broad -- important question I have been amply clear about it that I put added an ethnic apology I feel strongly -- this. -- -- -- -- -- Why occasional my colleagues in the states and it. To defend those who had been indicted on why can't find a way to make sure to protect their pensions. They can't get -- you can afford -- I would have pulled. At that is. Another competitor -- somebody violates the public trust but intact even if they're -- -- you have to be willing. Incidentally it was wrong and they need to be punished. And we need to make sure that we have a strong -- possible that would. Make it actually cleared the people cannot finally go public company cannot use. I'm public taxpayer dollars for campaign purposes Andre have to I would I would limit campaign campaign getting -- -- I would. Put -- integrity -- someone who knows all the rules and would. Train and educate every elected official appointed official in my administration -- what -- -- -- And I would put cat person -- -- he usually. I'm in a very visible place with a capital I attended both the executive branch and you admitted that they're trying to walk by and he reminded. That there -- somebody watching how and that's going to be held accountable for the highest -- standards of behavior and that we can expect in the next governor. We -- northeastern Pennsylvania also have some difficulties dealing with -- gender related matters. You're the only woman serving in Pennsylvania's twenty member congressional delegation. And you've used the term old boys network which if you wanna find the Bastille noble boys. Northeastern Pennsylvania seems to be the place how do you deal with that. Basically -- as well -- and yes thank you for acknowledging the fact and I am the only woman in the twenty member congressional delegation. And you can change things. Aren't they have a woman in the -- -- fake fake and to be a woman member of congress from Pennsylvania I have been outspoken on -- I hit another two women access to a television is off on pay equity time -- challenging in the game it doesn't exist as quick as we all know it. I only seen it we should make sure that it doesn't think Clinton in my administration I would make sure that there's not a differential in pay equity. On -- pay for women and men in unpaid. Do you administrative branch. And the poor contractors and subcontractors. On and that will be important I think it matters and and for women manage our family incomes. -- 90% of manager of the national economy to pay women fairly but I think women. Gil who have been killed and I believe we didn't have to killed and the experience of these leaders. Ought to be leaders and we ought to be honored to be everywhere. And the that if but I'm running. He can't beat the very best governor accused I don't take care they referred to to fight for funding for education and implement a health care law on the way we shouldn't. Building economic growth of the fact that I'm also a woman. Also means that the women of my generation for young women how to -- import changed things a little -- an example. You know when they'll make it different countries I think our business community and -- and in our future. Do you believe it's more difficult for four women candidates to raise the money necessary. Good to buy into the campaign do you think it's wonderful call for women than for men. Little historically have -- difficulty in reading money. And and I keep saving money. I know considered that it's seriously but happening in this run for governor of course there is himself under. Significant means who had. Given his campaign money pantheon he's borrowed and that he teach. Gave himself and important ten million dollars -- won money tomorrow I can imagine. Having access to do -- and of course that is enabled him to go -- to engage. But I hope he gets kind of scrutiny that every. Top candidate kicking in the and it's great. I -- waste money on on trade get a million dollars so far. That's pretty substantial. But it -- -- is an -- comes from ten. Found when people come across Pennsylvania and come around the country who want to be Pennsylvania has. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He became very small contributions online page content they'd get and I and I'm proud of them but they're willing to dig deep into the pockets. I can help support my candidacy but hopefully we can tie up -- -- as well I can make sure that -- It is up there we should put limits on campaign contributions we should make sure that this full disclosure. Com and I would raise some questions about loans to a a candidate as well as to whether that it would really caps on. On those -- that would help make sure that people are not blending a candidate's money. How -- could help and Israel until the -- part of the rules Supreme Court instead as good -- I certainly hope it is experience. And commitment and determination to get things done preventing economic diplomat in the collections. May twentieth will be here before you know and I don't know if you have any plans make -- up this way but if you do please don't be a stranger call us again. Allyson Schwartz director -- the talk -- you very much. I don't think much about talking again.