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Karel On The Street: Farewell to Bud Brown

Apr 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi this -- -- -- from Eyewitness News can Gary and do well you wishing blood around the greatest. In his future life wherever that might be but you went a few guys I can say I do a lot. Listening to you on the radio back in the seventies and in all seriousness but you're an inspiration to me a class guy -- journalist. And it only hope that god didn't break the mold or some other good radio journalist having done so by wishing well admissions and -- just. I really a future fashion they learned a lot from. Yeah as Iraqi mornings -- ninety point five scarcity and what more can I say about the legendary broadcaster but brown. If ever there was a voice of guys. But Brad exists we're gonna make you vibe -- but this is Tom cure president CO WB day I just wanted to congratulate you on your retirement and thank you for your service to the region. Your news icon and -- we have you're gonna be missed we thank you for a for. He -- well. Hi this is Joseph Thomas from the -- -- -- 2.3. -- long time with W -- -- news radio hand I've known but now for twenty or 25 years -- I have worked with him. And -- -- I'll always remember about bud. Is that. That he's so funny is totally different from its. On air news reading. No nonsense personality. Once the microphone is off. He can crack a one liner with the best of them and it's a he had me in stitches and we spent many early mornings laughing about. All kinds of things in the newsroom I know that he wants to. Get out of the cold didn't -- the desert he is always loved the desert and -- I'm jealous that he's going. I'm sad that he's going but I am very happy for him that. -- he gets to fulfill his dream of moving mountains southwest. And spending some years there written down by a bit of this but don't -- and it's just not going to be the save in the morning coming in without. Talking to what route WI. LK. He's he's just the best -- some blood. I haven't been great life and I know a heck of a back -- The last time I'll probably see you is that right now. So was just enjoy yourself and have a great life without. Hands. Pavel -- for me or two or three. I'll have a whole six pack much. And.