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Karel On The Street: Farewell to Bud Brown 2

Apr 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And. Hey it's here on the street and they're having it distributes them but now I'm -- To partner with this choice spot on the 8 o'clock -- if you work say about our -- music radio reporter but brown. We'll -- of course I do -- within a budget about every morning every day. And home certainly always remember him for his distinctive and distinguished boys but well most remember him -- is. The funny jokes that you would throw -- -- after -- east news broadcaster after each segment. And I thought I had the clip you -- willow a bit to get the joke in the end that you got to go to UCL clever he really was. I'm Scott Schaffer from news like sixteen and I'm just saying to bud brown wow losing but in northeastern Pennsylvania is going to be a tremendous loss of it's not only -- but these are real parole and I. I've always admired. -- -- it could really paint pictures with -- words it's difficult thing to do especially. When you're just strictly limited to doing news. But I'm gonna miss you very much and even though I know Webster talks bad about you behind your back at this point you know assert that I will feel a loss when your golf. Is -- mayor Tom Leighton wishing bud brown looked best on his retirement your best years are any advice. I wish nothing but the best. And you retire. Jason -- and general manager of the twelve sports -- -- park I had the opportunity to work -- -- a little bit when I worked for -- -- -- and he's a consummate professional he always treated -- with dignity and with respect and really as a as a public relations person that's all you can really. Hope to accomplish when -- members in this soil I wish him well I know he's got a great reputation he's a great guy and good for him. Good for -- job welcome. -- televised steeler city like telling AKA doctor Robert televise it as I was patrolling the downtown metropolitan area just been. Informed that bud brown will be retiring I'd like to wish him -- happy retirement. And do the fact that he's not a convicted felon. He can't get a job with me but anytime -- wanna stop -- -- well.