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Karel On The Street: Farewell to Bud Brown 3

Apr 25, 2014|

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    Mon, 11 May 2015



Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi this is -- super. For me as much sixteen and I just wanna congratulate you on your retirement and wish -- the -- -- block. As you begin a whole new chapter of your life I -- you. But I just want to mention that I have admired do you over the years or your professionalism. On the air. And your commitment. To your listeners every single day and let them know what's happening. In northeastern Pennsylvania as well as the rest of the country and around the world so. Once again my friends good luck with everything and we're really gonna miss you. Until coming and sometimes I do WAOK news I've known bunt for a long time. May be at least ten years since I've been here and other oil and before that my reputation because viewed as -- need -- -- upgrade in. News across northeastern Pennsylvania radio news anyway I don't know whether you want him on television he has faced more -- I don't want guys but. He's about the best I've ever heard. Voice that comes way down room you know where and he's one of the top grade writers that has ever existed I think in that news right actually he added to a comedy -- reflective but. If that it can't be the star and wish you the best in Arizona. And say when you get out there you have beer or me. I say on meet that than anything if Arafat. All right good luck good everything and come down everything work I. Economist at hi this is David you can't let political letter but brown and I worked together when it was an intern kinks out. But what is the morning news anchor at WB RE a M which at that time was when -- -- at -- it. And I am just glad what is real anyone thinks it is called but. Well anyway like streaming expert back in the day needs to have your FC license well. And I found that the -- real name was. Any so anyway. Being that person King's College with the president -- -- buddies. Whenever but would come on -- We wouldn't acknowledge him as but scrambled and just basically say that's Eugene -- can't. So about twenty years later we had a reunion of all these Kings College buddies. And of course but was doing anything and W while okay. All of us and somebody says is that but brown and we said yes and then of course everybody kind in that that's Eugene I can't. That's my biggest memory of background -- and semi professional. And we wish him well in his retirement. However with the skydiving. Be careful.