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Karel On The Street: Farewell to Bud Brown 4

Apr 25, 2014|

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    Mon, 11 May 2015



Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And his fast Freddie at the pleasure of working with you missed -- -- brown knew what funniest by the hello some your stories are hilarious -- me laugh and follow up. Seat when they hear you your Kennedy story is probably one of the funniest things I've ever heard in my life. I'm -- Kelly from WP Carey an Eyewitness News but it we're gonna miss you -- really enjoy hearing your voice during all the news cut -- what mr. golden voice on the air here at. Home they've got it's rocket just well wishing a happy retirement also the only thing I really ever talking about what you tell me how to get too far down the road. Thanks a lot and good luck -- retirement. I remember. Mentioning bud brown when he was at a radio station in wildwood New Jersey together remembered that this was many years ago. Before all the today's modern digital to. Technology and Von Braun head to his left into his right stacked on top of each other reel to reel tape recorders. This is in the middle of the summer. When a station. At the shore has. 101000 commercials so he's got to play a commercial on one of these real real recorders. Wind damage he starts and other recorder he -- winds of the first when. What's another real on there meantime the second one is and that he started the third and rewind in the second one nowadays. But can simply push a button and get the run record. This spring starting and it's funny I was just thinking the other day how long I can remember bought well. Ever since I'm a little kid probably 1879 or 1980 I remember that voice on the radio and my first dinner come back in 1998 actually Sinclair. I remember when I heard that voice it brought back all the memories of the senate budget -- so good luck no more delays I guess when you're in Arizona and that's where you're going. I wish -- well -- enjoy retirement home. Brown retiring oh my gosh what are they gonna do for my morning fix of news it's Markoff that I had such a pleasure. Working 313. Decades ago with bud brown and all news radio WB RE AM and have them. I don't know anybody who writes a more interest in news story you can take. Something that's just average and make its -- -- I'm gonna miss him so much the -- if anybody deserves to be able to retire. And tell me how you're doing it has been followed in the footsteps that we can. The good lucky deserve it. And we're gonna miss -- I'm Tom woods I don't know what else to say about -- there isn't much else to say about it and what can you say about a guy -- does not. And then he's gonna retire. -- is doing nothing. All I know what he likes my local watched races. Cars go round and around and around and around that exactly. But. I love yet. I really think your great news man I've always admired you itemize your delivery at my boys. You are one of the best. Answers them. That. --