4-28-14 Am I Lyin'?

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I find many tragic air join me at least aren't at that last week's highlights in the news. No idea about gave up but. The problem what -- was -- -- -- county commissioner Corky O'Brien's live last week. Do you remember that our athletic -- made 500 grant to help finance a move. O'Brien says we're never gonna see a dime of that money back and not only that if there was -- greatly he can't find it. He thinks they side winds but it's out of -- way to get through. I've ever seen the movie so far with a picture of bonds are being though Wear lipstick and eye shadow so I can't imagine why this was not a runaway hit. Give -- any candidate that cattle rancher out there in Nevada Monday he's great they've heard on federal land. Target go to believe the feds say doesn't -- -- -- have been for years. The richter says his family -- cap on there since the eighteen hundreds and the big picture is about that house threatening the turtles that live there. The latest are the president appointed a desert tortoise to be the new ambassador to Libya and now there's another bank got the attack the US will send armed forces. And that Joba fanatics is still going strong pound lottery three and a grant to build a new joke by -- statue in downtown state college. They like -- -- to raise the money and be able donating voluntarily -- public -- Penn State money going into it I say knock yourself out. But this that you supposedly going to be joke was that kind of injury in the bark. I think a better one would be Joseph president events that that was shower look at the other way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- News -- to remain CEO WYOP. On the right back ever worked -- sponsors.