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Bob Munley, candidate for state representattive in the 112th district, and Corbett

Apr 29, 2014|

Bob Munley, candidate for state representattive in the 112th district, talked to Corbett about degrees Bob Munley has from a non accredited college and how he is representing them.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bob -- way he is on line one and my -- -- thanks for a being punctual given your work. I don't feel real good real good now I've been I've been talking about your you're. Master's degree from the Clayton college and natural health. Where I'm where you also say you obtained a bachelor's degree and we're talking about how it's then on accredited school that no longer is in existence. And how I didn't even have a campus. During the time you were participating in whatever was you were getting there. Via correspondence reveal online work and how they're no longer an operation and that you had never visited the campus that didn't exist anyway. How do you respond to people Bob who say your master's degree and your bachelor's degree is worthless because it's already credited. A program gets in -- that's first and let me explain to a group above my entire education. -- undergraduate and graduate. Well I guess apart explode class of 1960 -- I'm a graduate of discredit -- -- general hospital schooler -- -- and he in 1971. That was important for a month course. That I participate in read a little bit from the air became our registered car. Extra technician. And yeah I took a very strong interest in natural health and put them in the health field in my life in the radiology department. I just took a real very strong interest and a passion. Very natural helped so that a bird road. I -- -- would tell him that this school that he's not even back in the mid nineties. And end up. Good proportion which will read a book and Sloan School but Goldberg that's when slash online correspondent. I can't sit there and ever -- and and let me read through it -- complete clear that the school would not -- that it. But political association. It looked at it. But in governmental agency each it was only accredited by some but that didn't seems that it credit. Then brought up I would you do. I'm probably just. Absolutely. Not blue the -- sad that this will not let the children that credit university area college. Tibetans -- student that it was not an and that so and then also mentioned the fact. And play until 2010. At different little bit elusive I don't move without. It doesn't scoreless from the 1980. It -- 2010 and ten and the -- are a lot slopes that would. It went -- institution. But I don't need a blood sport -- I don't think that there shouldn't reimbursed. Are the -- who -- of this online college best time. Let them sort Teemu. -- I didn't I did without. No different very different school of natural -- this should not to -- University College it's so natural transport I mentioned. I -- received two bit curriculum a Bachelor of Science degree. I would I would bet -- -- rule in 1998. And when I continued I continued -- studies. And the movie I work very very hardened very diligently. It took me me me. And I actually didn't actually degree in 1999. My good greens. In no actual help. Didn't what you know that is noted that I'm bio. -- established. Cabrera me out. No one expected that person I'd be out Scranton times yesterday I narrowed it -- that they -- Obama -- I could trust preferred color and perfectly clear that we stressed that. No institution that I attend that was not an up credit. Let me ask you this why would you wouldn't roll. In the non accredited college. For a bachelor's degree and a master's degree why not enroll in accredited college for your bachelor's in your master's degree in front. Bad bad you couldn't not a bad -- -- midnight and even the school didn't have that. Fiscal -- reputation. Quite. It wasn't credited then Bob -- But and then it would not it would do well but I would I would just couldn't let -- effort. And what -- attempt remember that you're -- -- December -- footage of. Yeah but why not involve yourself in a credited legitimate school. Why go to this school that many people call a diploma -- Well below the bad good bad just totally untrue I mean the war that this. No nobody's disputing that you didn't work what were -- hard -- about what we're concerned about. Is that you who went to this so called college. And that -- claiming to hold a Bachelor of Science degree and a master's degree when in the front end and you should know this. That college is not accredited by any agency recognized by the council on higher education accreditation. Or the US Department of Education toward degrees. You should be aware of the fact that it's not recognized. By the -- nor does it ever finding out at all on higher education or the US Department of Education end if you tried to use this degree indexes. It would be illegal did you know that. Yes yes I was aware that there is not. It would not only don't understand the state of Pennsylvania. Well it might not be a little while people are wondering why you're trying to pass yourself off this holding a master's and bachelor's degree. From an institution that these degrees are worthless. Steve I'm not that they're not here to share I think 100%. Transparent about everything that's the how we're trying to help you ask them. I have money and just going to be returning to defend. Your court when you decided to go to school where we work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely not it will -- militia whatsoever. You when you received your bus was or your masters degree did you get a salary increase because you've had -- higher education I'll know. Actually actually wrote that they would -- no no wasn't no affiliation. And that and my job. But just something that I do it and I won't I pursued. A portion of this nature Pratt the. I -- -- what is nobody's disagreeing with your interest and nobody's disagreeing with hard you worked what was shredding is. That when you see people applying for jobs are you see people running for public office and they say they have a master's degree. Most people believe you've got a legitimate master's degree because for example -- ball back has a master's degree from Mary would. Kevin hired as a bachelor's degree from Villanova winner has a bachelor's degree from past drank a bachelor and a master's from -- did flunked. -- -- what's Melissa told. Then well I'd probably guess you're real you're saying it would when he can't bribe that first thirty years -- will not -- something and Nissan and here too with. Thousand and. Okay here's what here's what -- was I'm until just a man in Michigan team here in Michigan for example ever ever since this. This school appeared in Michigan degrees from this college will not be accepted by the department of civil service. -- satisfying. Educational requirements. Indicated on job specifications would you be able to use your degrees to apply for civil service jobs -- puzzled. No not that I know why now. But no I'm not about my preparation I know that's not what I'm asking you sure you would be prohibited. From applying for a civil service job Pennsylvania why. You're so mad that I am aware yeah I mean would you be prohibited Gemini I didn't. Well you know well I don't know what I what I appearing multiple why would not accept it. You -- degrees from this Clayton college. If you would apply for civil German service job Pennsylvania lieutenant general. Correct and that they're not then why is it not recognized because they're calling it a standard and fake that's what you're calling the. Because the governmental agencies. And the standards and an end. And blew up when the organization. Right that you know exactly what the lawyers across the board all over the United States of America. There are people even in Texas Bob they call a degree from a the Clayton college of natural health fraudulent or sub standard degree that's what is called Texas. Well yeah I mean I Mac I'm not I and that's saying that they're not so little. You'll understand why they call the fraudulent sub standard degree they depend -- -- because it can't they just wrote correspondent -- little wider range. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If someone applied for a teaching job and then. Had a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from the Clayton college of natural health would they be considered to be higher. Well another thing about it all in one and contributed nabbed a park bench so I'm not looking for that and I -- -- -- He opened up the good -- -- And -- Pennsylvania you mentioned -- and the central -- yes that is a different story you're already mentioned there except maybe. Assault so you're qualified to be a lot -- and you and it's helped control -- -- well you know that's the word you used. And that's about them so now you used another word bubble as they can try and I mean I mean they're interchangeable. And that's -- they now. So usually you have this expertise I don't whatsoever. -- left in -- and and then just telling you if you are going to match out. Know sheriff pat -- out there -- so you're you're with your greens you're you're qualified. To be certified and canceled. What I am and so certified -- bullet -- is bigger than they do not get certification blood there yes. Stroke and some of. Should you have to register her solid economy I'm the guy who actually run good there's OK so have you done that. Did not practicing well why did you bother with a degree if you weren't gonna practice. I I'm. I'm I'm with a better myself -- I mean I know god family friend I want to group. I don't do that went out a bachelor's and a master's from the Clayton college and natural Oakland. Not a propaganda. And I and fat and just put that there are. But I wouldn't change you do what you do what nutritional. I'll bet plume -- -- you're usually go you believe that by listing a Bachelor of Science degree in a master's degree that your trying to deceive voters. Absolute absolutely I would probably not I wished that. It's so good that it's only spoke to the report. -- and dare we don't know and then I ran. Hear a lot of right now checked and I can get on the look at the paper right now yesterday's paper. Master's degree not -- Clayton school natural well Birmingham Alabama might not enough and how does -- know what every other motor and a 112. Door and when -- and and without much question about OK how about my educational background. And that that's still -- said the first and banished them what my degree in not. Accredited well does it really does -- still play defense. That's exactly what they said he yeah and you -- -- Mary -- Hello I'm glad you know I'm glad that would have been Barbara flared up to you -- -- got two degrees that are worthless because. You couldn't get hired as a -- you couldn't take a civil service test and apply please bushels -- -- And indeed been -- the greens are only used the natural health and nutrition conduct. -- -- schools I was at. Spoon the RRR and B quarterback Trent and that should not spooked on you when you -- these schools prisons. It's not really -- school -- Bob it's not it's not an accredited college. You're you're put forward. And forward a classification. A bachelor's degree when you -- Bachelor of Science degree. People believe that to be a real Bachelor of Science degree you don't have to real Bachelor of Science degree Bob you don't have a relay. Really very cherished by -- no audio that nobody accepts as being real picks up people within your own circling you. No no no but. And settlement that story who writes -- -- know what can you must agree. You don't -- -- degrees if you have a what this place. Called bachelor degrees and masters degrees. An offer doctorates why did your doctor while you're around it. I don't. The school -- did that mean I did not. I've been a lot of school and Steve restrain -- sorry that -- -- natural helped us and that's why not true I know. That's why it a look I have all the respect in the world for people who engage in a variety of practices. That are natural health and homeopathic. I'm a great advocate of that I'm not a great advocate of people passing themselves off as subbing bachelor Sunday agrees the masters degrees -- -- So what can you open your permit me ask you this -- -- that statement when Scott. I'm telling you that the first thing that I accept every point -- to. -- think without reporter I've ever do would -- questions answered right now I don't know. And here's our consent -- -- because if you're trying to use those degrees in Texas -- -- -- because they call them fraudulent and sub standard. You admit -- you couldn't even apply for teaching job at the school district where you shut as a school -- you know why I had early June. The annual piper. And teaching -- Like no matter where -- second what I'm saying is in in a school where you would. I'll fly by virtue of having a bachelor's degree or master's degree I didn't say that it wasn't NTT and I said that it wasn't credited that's what I said. Bed and and Abraham believed that was immediately -- so continue to tell people you've got a bachelor's degree -- a master's degree. Well they -- know I mean I mean guy that you're trying to save it shouldn't you don't. And so but I don't sorry of fraud from the -- -- the -- until we actually helped. I would have been removed from the actually went to erect a nice but -- this -- went public in -- Let the Nigerian government agencies and us. I -- -- that and that flight from the well on -- don't go to taxes because they arrest. I know but maybe I noted that they -- they wouldn't -- wouldn't even in front of me just let me stress that he didn't do not only retain. -- -- I'm sure sure -- knowledge is not always what I. You know I'm trying to follow you what did you just say knowledge I'm not always where you want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was a little larger all of the go to school to learn the world -- -- the better how -- sandwich and so -- and Mary well immersed. And not -- that -- and then well versed than that. I saw it -- Are so much time up there with the passion of mine and you're trying to -- that. Are you know that I could slip I was transferred and something they didn't tell us. That's what I'm certainly not true does this mean I -- you're not have a master's degree but any academic standard you do not have a bachelor's degree by any academic standard. So much so that people consider people with those degrees you're trying to use them to get jobs and promotions and run for political office. Thabeet he engaged in same. -- -- get -- and yes there actually -- well -- what I won't know what we're doing my body off. And by me saying and by me saying in the media -- that might -- greens from -- half the distance well and school drew. In the affiliated -- within government know -- what portrayed as not being the board Guillen made my you can't make it MM and many think the I wish it would -- and up that it. Doesn't. How bad milk -- like Katrina some. -- -- -- -- Andrea let me I had no enemy and I -- tournament and I answer your car picked up the paper yesterday morning and I read this. And immediately. And rang a bell in my mind did you shoot the story in the paper yesterday. Did Gary show you read what I read and did it ever Donald knew that there was no mention of this non accredited status. Did it ever dawn on -- maybe you should pick up the telephone said the time mr. duke. You know you made a mistake I rob a master's degree from an all accredited college did you call. I -- certain -- I would -- a big big big -- then yesterday. Yes well yeah I'm an -- -- they would have been flexible. This was yesterday how did you call -- the day before. I'm rob but bad side and that's when restoring the -- that's what they actually about my -- and then they should give me a chance this. February the -- -- and I explained the extend the natural its group net net net I -- out. So -- -- -- Conrad and it in the newspaper today. A major step that would have been fine but I mean because like did you talk to -- -- time junior and -- I thought the best person you can you can sort who are so you're so you called horse club junior of the day before story appeared to tell me made a mistake. We all know I try well when I expect him I spent and then we would have been -- -- he can't -- -- I know are unknown but I'm talking -- yesterday. Just saw this was on this in the newspaper. We -- it and I -- so I don't look okay -- getting caught everybody is saying there was a mistake -- so by not calling not having a mistake corrected. You'll -- leaving people under the impression that you have a master's degree. And not from. On the credited bogus school but you know should you better not better not totally out of Bob -- Believe me I mean you could you feel it's true would you believe. And at what I am still I know exactly what happened it would go to school. And as and I mean in the sprint I am respecting him this morning because drop. You know why I brought up about the fact you know better display probably super. Are sold so you you found more academic qualifications. Then frank Farina and I agree with low bachelor's degrees from Villanova opened stunt -- I'm not saying that I might. Have a master's degree I admire your education group didn't actually -- and -- neurology I only. That was more educated than anyone -- You have a master's degree in those two guys have nothing but these bachelor's degrees. Smiling in the -- and natural help the list does not forget good. Different -- The biggest difference in the curriculum is Penn State and Villanova. Our real colleges you didn't go to a real college. Well I mean what I -- -- -- prompting me and you're trying to pop in the district trying to better myself I'm. I think you for trying to deceive voters allowed you don't have that general opinion that is totally untrue that's the sick people decide. That is just totally untrue and I'm the best amateur and grand per cent and the Leon this person my interest in it all for a doctor -- at the masters. You know but but. But he's -- No actually -- to meet new -- -- a distraction might Alter it depression number I'm. I would never never never trying to extend a hand and only true for many -- -- here. And then every time we see reference to your master's degree it's gonna say from an on accredited now defunct college. Well I know I know -- -- amid crystal ball. And I want this more rare moment it would not be found I explained to congress and -- wasn't defunct then it's these long enough but it. Other accredited then and -- -- and not exist and there have been four and thirty years OK Bob Molly good to talk to you thanks much.