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4-27-14 Paranormal Science

Apr 30, 2014|

Features Dr. Steve Maness, Demonologist/Exorcist from the Institute of Spiritual Forensics.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal upside in this. And yeah. Okay. Well hello there everybody. We've been away for a few weeks so we're finally back I'm mark Chinese with Joseph -- him. -- -- -- I hope everybody's had the greats of passover and Easter for those who are celebrating. And yeah we we took her time off to be with the family and friends into funny a -- studio tonight. Absolutely lose there's a good Easter was good Easter but I already know -- and I want to thank all of you that that actually did -- Osama texting in the end and FaceBook messages also fourth those who don't know why I lost on my dad on April 7 this this month and none. It was just part of -- ever done life but I just know really he's no longer sufferings in -- place so much. I'm sure he's listening out there definitely sound a lot I want -- -- to show him and I can -- -- -- and she's listen so. -- I had known for a short time but well one of the greatest guys ever meant that -- was just a great guy thank you thank you just. Well our guest tonight is Steve means he's. The director of the institute of spiritual forensics. It's an educational and research center that deals with spiritual -- anomalies. Biblical revelations. Demonic manifestations. And he's also an ordained clergymen both as a minister and priests. And -- in addition to his regular counseling practice. He also counsels those terrorized by demonic Kennedy's manifestations. And their family members as well as clergy. He successfully completed sixteen personal exorcism is any location exorcism is. For people and places of different and -- -- nondenominational. Affiliations. And he's really got quite good -- to reverse background himself and now we're gonna get into all that point. Why he's extremely well educated in and in many theological. Circles and just a great guy we've had the pleasure of fun doing some work with them ourselves and our group that the PP Aso. I like to introduce the very reverend doctor Steve's main -- welcome to the show. Well actually how many this amount is -- that subject how you computer drugs should -- So. He I don't even know -- star you do you actually have. -- had some experiences I guess. Prior to getting in all this as a young child is that correct. You know. Around well. But I can't from a conservative Jewish home background. Are actually want to be around where one time and numb. My grandmother. Who had dumb bird did we hold circumcised shoot you can predict -- right on the money although we never ask her about Cameron things but. She's young and you predict who's gonna have a baby what color here -- things like that was just amazing -- but she's. She'll impugn practice. Certain of Judaism called cabala. And like like other things have a tendency has determined to allow. -- entities into a location moral life for a family. Com so what happened was the time removing -- house. I remembered for the first six firms are -- all I was in the basement. And -- around the corner home -- looking for something popular was at this point Hummer tours America. And there's no you understand -- hear from him than the first earth I thought it was someone dressed up because. There was wearing -- -- like a robe and -- more world bombardier had they had. Public county fair -- and there was about six foot tall now formally. Almost I think most people would panic. I just have a centerpiece over me and I really understood you know him Guardsmen be jarring and it disappears and these experiences happen -- all throughout my life. Especially with the childhood and it's I just inherited certain. You know the ability to directly from my grandmother and other family members but. But nonetheless I just feel like dark hole made that the area at that age. Your -- that I have been through a variety of theological circles. And and I've been able to help people on the -- denominations are very Christian denominations how did someone call our one time from him through. Increased him. Sort of its figures -- -- media ground searchers told them first experience. That no other carriers that appeared in the house it's a farmer there -- for for about three years. And and I just yards in the worst Nuremberg certain documents or must come from god. -- beyond earlier this place and they do it because they are just so calm and new -- uninteresting Charleston. Yeah mostly. I wanna -- -- -- and you know. Receivers almost into the show and I got -- I'm sorry to hear about the loss column there's should search out and our most folk art terms -- as an undergraduate student and rumors proved difficult so. Understand. Thank you thank you want -- -- some life but I thank you for that. Com now it. No I was -- very intrigues I think even that your age how you know you said in the lord's name like killing in the name of god be god that is just. Also something I didn't learn until I -- to save the recent of them than here. Syria futures -- in the recent past I mean you know -- -- -- had just learned as an adult content to know that that -- and things just Obama. So those are and that's why it you know if there's anything like I can. Stand and and use -- people affected there is a god because I didn't have that ability I didn't even know where those words came from originally and then. You're like a groove. If it enters you know starting. Very feminine growing in my face or not. Being rejected by a lot of our minds because I that I can do these things -- strength in my mind my faith in god and I and I knew his gift to me to do. A little. Tom Brokaw are annoyed viewer can do word from our -- boy promotions earth type of thing you just. You know I'm not remember. Almost holed up -- My grandmother was watching me in my younger brother tandem. And -- Europe. -- -- turns around and she's she died. And follow us and my brother -- are just so again a sense of patients are -- there are called the -- -- police department we're living at the time. And they came and just as usual thing I've become her brother down her body was planner for about fifteen minutes so police can is. I mean it's just semi gift from god and fan my whole walk through in my life now home. I'm 59 and there giving -- the gun is promised to do with me. That I felt emotional he's -- and my time I can only help people that can do is send. And you there and it is persons scripture trichet -- -- Roy your heart. You'll find him -- I guess she told them to turn things. But I don't know. Threw him submit to -- very professionally. Also what Stephen till I've always been I was called myself a job mama I'm very kind of silly religious person but I had a lot of -- I didn't realize how much I'm sure just what you explain the story to understand until it actually did pass. It was just a totally different feeling so I can kind of understand what you're saying column I didn't realize how much I believed in god if you will -- Until that point in time and just stuff. It just on the comes over you to something totally different and I thought I'll be the one that was totally hysterical -- -- And I'll tell you what -- -- -- to see him physically go Jesus this is emotional I know he's still with me so. I can understand what you're saying there's a set it's that weird calming peace in the. The jury's. Verdict comes over it and you don't know where it comes from and a lot of people. Don't. Well there's a lot of things are you going to -- it just doesn't acknowledge -- returns to my own experiences many others shouted. It's a basic -- she is always very comforting you turned around. And -- -- you know he's there you know and send you want you to continue to -- come -- and -- -- because one day you'll Stanford's defense. And I think that's great that you had that sense of comfort as we talked to so many people who claim they do see things in their home as very young children. And they're scared to death and they don't know what it is I'm kinda curious. In in the Jewish faith does. Is it something. Meaningful I guess where you would see. Like a human figure with an animal heads like a catfish had like that. Well -- at all as a matter of fact dumb. I remember Laura com. One -- determined Sheba which is school and that's the Jewish school like you have -- programs schools Catholic schools com. I had I had gone tomorrow Alomar and called him and he's kind of I was April ordered for pretty much solid -- -- -- -- -- not so I kept it to myself after that. It's been something my whole life you know I'm a merger or partnership are assured mark assure people weren't -- trouble on. Voters. It's not something that's only spoken about and Judaism there is. The first exorcism or you don't you don't buy -- Jewish people as a matter of fact the apostles themselves -- -- -- George are mixed up. -- flu was apostle aren't true world into jury isn't he was he really -- column position. And they and so is the first actresses who perform and they're all around large to very crude dude dude I'm -- this final mannerisms were different then and then the but the Catholic or Christian -- or. Or even though. Among the Muslim German carrier -- writer purchases -- sort of -- Hindus. Com. But for the most part. My dealings and. There's been injured -- for sharing very there're. I guess Norton you know you're the PGA and so and so forth. Other groups that people if you look at -- or you're not for a very very well. You know. He's he's totally you know fundamental foreign. They're all there's something happened to the first formerly called -- -- -- hopefully that answers that but I know I've I know that in Judaism. That's detergent different determination. As to whether an actress -- need reform -- or not. Thought its probably more scrutinized and even account reform which is which is very very. There's so many steps that have encountered before approval figure and I usually use something similar to that Christians in home mode because. My usual doing actually saloon just -- they feel. That is in -- -- they really don't look for a whole lot of hard evidence like -- most of us through. -- I would do you tell her remarks where there's -- joke or record goes through. -- -- Always more deep -- them account for church requires but. All known Judaism did some good moral view you're on the road to a Jewish people assume things are slowing. Com but don't that you know don't show us that so milk so once possessed them. I gears up to the route was going to decide that -- But I think it was also great -- way that's -- the rabbis sort of embraced you. As a child having these experiences where there are other faiths who would we chastise people for even keep going there -- talking about it. On it for you right on the money is not fact. Are -- and I -- we are very good very very close friend so. We will return true American want consulate moved out polio I'm just a country. -- -- routed them regularly in their own. There -- for governor was considered the -- That fit here -- you mentioned it's from Jordan Goodman in -- -- -- won't when I was out there. Oh my I was talking very very neighbor's property or in our own. How many folks -- -- lower our mission and and they had a friend who is mastermind who. March armor should serve very you know where -- housing in the house. But they were the largest software and and -- -- one of them was was kicked out of their -- was strictly a deterrent because they weren't to their pastor. And says. That we have a problem we are clearly demonic issue can you contact your -- can you help us and they are pretty much on them for just didn't coming up in and saying to them go ahead area. The problem and dumb saw you I followed with and I try to give him some help. Oh on the modem is severe multiple whatever people kicked out of they you know especially. Very deep chill. Religious systems shut familiar or something of that nature where you have. Basically something. Extra biblical going armored demonic or whatever or some -- anomaly. All of a sudden you're -- -- -- and -- happens a whole lot of religious communities do. The folks that word performed harm on. I couldn't believe that there were like job. It was almost like shown -- Charles I mean there were shown so terribly by their own family -- -- first. Stand up and. It does it does and I really wish you know from all face when they sure of something like that. That they would take the time to sit down with these people right there and having a knee jerk reaction in in just you know throwing them out in in. Chastising the people for free even dabbling in anything like that. But unfortunately Sosa Hampton from the -- does us yes Steven and ask you to hang on we have to take a commercial break but when we come back we're gonna. Talk about or or continue our conversation. With. -- Sensor systems and a demon Knology a little bit we're gonna get into that so stick with this will be right back. Older -- talk from animal science I'm here to tell you about some of the best pizza I've ever had. It's a -- experience itself so those pizza that's right so those pizza and the restaurants since 1964 open seven days a week. Okay irrelevant it's a bypass of the posting comments they have pizza wings hope he's dinner you name it they have had. You sort of settles by calling 5706550001. Some of pizza dot com then perhaps fearful Michael on FaceBook if you mention the sentiments when he also prefer. Welcome back to normal songs were talking to doctor Steve. Madness. Plus the disorder is still -- is simple we have four broke you're talking about the sound the all missions beyond. Many thanks so there are basically being exercised from their church because. Unconscious on the police and then and things they've done. Just started I mean -- -- equipped -- fairways look you know during my career. -- are sort out there and in counseling and mounds in it shows them. I mean there's enough pressure and any other group for domination but we're down particular group. I mean. Think not not just single them out and then I'll make a general statement here for the most part. And I can back to -- -- the clergy person want to call in palm I spent a lot of years. Ministering true. People and their cameras for people who -- -- we're done from HR variation him come. And there are a lot of clergy they're just -- entered the room hospital -- For every -- was it was ridiculous because you're not. The show anybody who is with them trojans -- the ministering to them -- can't -- -- thumb. But I know a lot of clergy who just wouldn't go so I would go for people call him mr. chairman members and it -- and this is pretty much same thing with just a -- you bring it up. Thumb in any church or synagogue or how to worship. Total readership. Move the key to the whole thing is not that. Fifty not a factor they're afraid equipment that -- movement toward certain seminars -- don't teach -- -- Com. -- afraid to admit the fact that. That that those things exist. Can they really don't have to deal with them so they're trying to improve only important from under the rug. Tell the people -- share knowledge psychological is medical even though they may have clearances on those errors. Com they don't want to deal -- -- takes -- time from. A charged time. And then their resources and most of them are afraid I'll be very very straightforward I'll say that the general. I'm not trying to and they don't understand that they're afraid to ask about -- around just help people -- you don't like your go to another church or synagogue Chris. They don't believe in that once he wants not to people saying that at some leadership. Some clergy who don't have a clue. Com blue ones work but if you maybe five -- 670 truly dedicated and always got to do this but. I'll most of them if you bring -- up and they're gonna tell you that genome that film. There's something wrong with you when he works on the most simple all of -- groups like PP very. Or call people like me and we're trying to get them some information from wage you know free from the theological and you from the technical on science and -- to see what what may be -- arm more ignore him but most clergy don't deal with this well at all. -- worried about other things like. Radio stations and financing their church says Susan. This is only distraction if anything your would treat people the way when they really should be responding to certain people are hurting. So -- funny you bring this up because this is something that who we were actually in and hopefully jump in tonight and in disgust. We've had this happen many many times where. And we talked about on the show where I I've actually gone to the point. We're -- had so many people say that they've contacted who would ever church that they work with and they just can't get anybody to come out it didn't help them. And I'd put a challenge out there to. But you know pastors and priests and and just people from all different faiths who kinda step up in in here with us come on out and -- we can do to help in in. So many people just won't end and I think you hit it on the head -- I think. There's a lack of education of what to do these circumstances and because of that. I think a lot of people are afraid to get involved than that not knowing is a dangerous or is it going against my face -- -- they really think you hit the nail on the head with a. You mean it's good. I'll be very honest -- -- -- limit marred by clergy can't actually because some. I'll -- churches where are used to go to worship -- court we -- people who don't vote like strafing practice from. From the minute they found -- who -- was supposed sudden there was you know. I think I guess you could drag me down stone maybe but does that -- But I'm sorry you know there's not a -- comfortable place to be but my concern argued comforted by god by the polish very hard. Pom fit when that happens far too often. -- in the time and a place where aid the technology that you folks have been growing by -- some downs. That we can see your defenders. Mark increases citizens scriptures. As we approach the last phase for the return of the lord a marked increase in demonic activity. And dumb think and and they just they just know -- -- equipped to do -- they don't know how to do it most of time they just don't wanna deal with it. -- which is a terrible terrible thing for any clergy. You know rich people are I mean are counseled. Can only just. From both opposed to clergy experienced where they tried to tell their pastor or rabbi. For their -- should they have an issue or you know -- and they were they were doing there are being broken down and that was terrible -- but they're not. There's an area com where it's most clergy and adventure just like they won't you know. A lot of them won't do or -- -- PH people or her family's home just as good as shared statement. It's true. It -- -- and we even got a comment on our FaceBook page volumes about the church was there to help and I mean that's what we're -- were going up through CCD class is also what as far as could also some goes. There's just a shame I mean I would respect. Them more for them can't say listen. We're not sure we're doing here let's look at this further rather than just turning a blind -- the cold shoulder and making it look like your fault you know. It's always a projection on you wolf if they're there to help they should be comforting you taking UN. Even if it's it's -- don't believe I just you don't tell them to say more prayers -- -- -- like you know what how real a look at it. But it's just it's a shame that there just turning a blind eye and basically making you feel ridicule and UB. Belittled because somebody may may have seen her daughter will remain -- this is that a solution. There's an arm. You know arm church leaders. And elders and our counseling to help the church and sore and so forth. On the -- that they really they really don't follow the scriptural or understand God's word cruise. Com he held his very clearly. But to turn a blind side of that thing. I hope those were hurting and whatever capacity we can and we're not all gifted and everything not I'm not a great time to -- you guys aren't in your film and and but. The world we're told that you don't come when you don't middle east of the issue doesn't may end. -- they just don't you always there are certain I just. I'm tournament another blanket statement. There is very very selectively cherry picked scriptures -- and state what they feel it means hmmm I think I don't use. I abuse you can call one -- summer using a new American standard Bible are also used the government numerical model which album version. Which. We worked very proper permanent -- Vote for the most part for the past. Ten years or views some. They are measured by what most of all the new government told me because turns because as most -- translation. Chargers won't. Even tell you that there was one before. The -- king James the king gender -- yardage. Hey if I I go by the original mayor translation no both human persons because it's so much clearer. There hasn't been perverted into some type -- -- -- type of funeral. Territorial enough exactly -- wasn't tainted fireworks -- think a lot of people understand this I don't know generally people think there's a Bible. But there's not there're so many different translations and -- really look at them. A lot of them especially a lot of -- what they called the so called modern bibles. The meaning is actually been changed in in there's a lot of wording that has been taken out. If you actually look at up on the Internet they'll show you three or four different versions of how. We've altered or changed even taken a word out you know substitute -- right as I usually changes the whole meaning you when you take one more mountain literally changes all meaning sometimes well it's changed many people interpret something different that one person writes -- this win of the person sees it that -- there's. A priest from -- mind -- we kind of discussion I said I believe that we're living in the days and John turnabout for the -- into the conversation at that point I don't. So you please tell me enough. And -- in some. It's a very difficult area but I've done I've spoken and they're complacent about it and there -- it was a -- Full name -- the nomination but I was asked to speak. Holmes about Jewish people win and -- Jesus and and about halfway through my presentation. Home and gentleman who was. -- or five great years old tried to attack me. Almost. As -- as well as mellow and very serious has turned to other people other share on fossils physically it's up to get beyond. It took offense -- Baghdad on. So I was I was talking about the short term players -- to them. Just straight to forward from the conversation but a lot of the modern -- that's why you hear our mayor Patricia which is Syrian churches -- -- -- -- -- used. But you -- exact original translation. From around great -- There are -- -- -- Jews are you sure as Lieberman. So I want Greeks OK there were Jews who spoke paramedics that have developed a version which has been suppressed -- it exists. There's an anime version. Of the Bible and -- an exact translation. What happened is over the years all the translations not just to make money. But to distance. Christianity from its Jewish -- -- -- roots. For example or some other -- do I have systematic movement. And then the church itself that's why don't run away from what they've gotten now as Apollo garbage we've got seventeen -- eighteen different versions of the Bible. We wanted to even the com. Once I heard is so there's some. What sort of market for a new mineral revised standard version is done shaking your Shannon. Right -- -- and it's unisex version. -- right so what is so easy you don't have -- -- -- from Marshall are talking about. Saying John Crist is the home run power and your humble while much relentless some -- -- killing him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because we -- ballistic because mark -- -- What a great guy to start working opened up his church is true. Jewish people to kind of see Sherman and let them have a political movement kicked him persecutor all over the place. And then and the end here actually died of vicious -- some might come more removed from Mars only about that this -- jumped -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some of those guys that some garbage people are restrained but. Some fitness it's the version here that that YouTube you know you're understood or your listeners -- interest and and are -- and -- there are measured it's called the pressure so PS. HR ET TUK. Com and that you're doing translation but then -- came from the you know oral Tombouctou. The first apostles were duration and they wrote what things down paramedics. They are arriving -- -- you know aren't sure English or whatever so. RL doctor Steve I'd like to get into demon Knology a little bit. And -- front I don't know that's OK let me let me first ask you this -- from your. And personal beliefs and your personal experiences. Farther demons that can interact with the physical world and actually affect people and -- -- -- Differences I guess -- -- Garth Kim Kim a demon possessed a person as well as a location like say house. They are found only. It reminds experiences. And there are no hard feelings and our engineers that are specific tasks so carrier. Very I don't subscribe to all the series but but. I do believe there's a certain demons are really good at certain things. This course and her camera division north. -- Immature husband -- wife Christine union. You know as garden laid down. How many things of that nature there are being mentioned that. Just like -- normally you know has we have an army -- is different officers are leveled in specialist. -- organization has different specialists some type of people all sort of straight he's got he's got formations that specialize in certain things. It's important. -- your question about -- possessions I think whose stuff is certain locations are individuals. Yes thumb OK. What happened very is from an individual -- for the doors usually open dot com. And I can -- anything from menus from and you -- your questions or heard about this phenomena can be anything from. They assure you -- have a -- from what sacrifices to. -- -- credit for you sir or before violence. Two to put and we we boards euros. -- Taro cards sorrows and you know coming your crayons. Are you can open up the door there are my door there was an elementary -- guard clearly states probably about eight times in the old in the past. So. -- can you let that second open the door to a person they could also put up a door to the location. And I've had situations where. There wasn't an individual possessed. But the place whether it was a stolen or shared or whatever things were going on in there that we're just go crazy and him. Things flying around in a poltergeist activity one when normally you you were classified that follow him. For whatever reason. For me. Those type -- location positions are meant to distract people. From each other from caring for each other abdomen through -- chaos. Throw them away from god. By saying well you know guards silent on this look when we can get. Com and you'll find that in most street demonic activity deeply. It's just a big -- show. Not necessarily to get people come and join their side so to speak first to be a distraction. You've gone silent and gun -- saying anybody actually years but. -- they want people to believe your friends and you know then then make -- come out of book. Adjusted draws and know everyone's become so fever you know yeah. But much cheer yourself to people can believe in certain -- losing ground and you have to believe in god because god created say you know Lucifer. As one of his most beautiful. Angels. And his pride caused -- to rebel against god without descriptions of them -- there were about 13 of the angels and haven't. So 13 of those angels and moves forward -- Com and they know the end is coming to them awake -- far. Those quotes and look revelation both -- But they've also they're they're just gonna. There you go on doing thing I would do until there is so we're really going to finish and that I remind them whoever is there -- their reserves. That. That their -- concealed by Jesus Christ they're -- And right away they get tomorrow about some things there I attempt to get them a little off. I don't provoked both how much you guys -- -- -- first thing -- do is remind them as a reporter trying to throw me off my game Marmara member of their faith. That's us there we we don't we don't provoke but we do so than say you know was something that demolished and you see him lord Jesus Christ and that that's that's provoking them regardless enough. Actually feel. All right well we're gonna ask you to hang on for just another few minutes here we got to take another short commercial break and everybody else we're gonna ask you to hang on as well. -- -- This controversy. As some listeners. Spontaneous enlightenment may have -- Blow -- -- under normal signs we're talking when doctor Steven menace -- to Willis. I'll -- a during the break when she got a couple line a couple of questions in here beyond our FaceBook page ugly market you have much. I do. Let's see we'll star with -- It into one of the questions -- came in if someone thinks that it is they might have a family member who is is going through possession or. That they might just have a demon in their house is there anything that they can do themselves as a family prior to calling in clergy. The world are present not recommended. I mean. Sometimes what we're talking about four dimensional wars where morale of the Bible starlight and channel -- like -- -- increasing problem or -- make -- more severe. Umpire I was suggestion that the suspect that -- -- -- -- a member of the -- if they have. Tom if they have no want or they're afraid to go deserved they're outsourced the mansion that you feel freely give remind my number -- email from. Thank you would hear him in my office slumber in my you know I have no problem -- -- palm trees with people about it but some. Palm has this something that I don't drink that they should be doing with on their own because. Once you start the fight -- you have the most -- And most people don't know how to do that on their own are -- people. You know doing everything from. Know it's malware and millions from arguing them -- -- more or stop that just fit it. It -- just doesn't work gym and that some it's something where someone in the clergy -- trained in this area and understands people area. I should be demolished them from -- one before they do something that may cause the problem again more severe. Slightly by probably this justice and fight it's almost like a war because you have to know your fighting for your soul you find yourself in your life. But so yeah exactly so the battle needs to be to be fought 31 and then sealed afterwards and most people and so we have that education and experience to do so. It is it is a war becomes a war very quickly and also live. And and like any other war. Increased and then demons. Door trying to win by attrition they want people -- you give up surrender. That we need somebody who's who's training and that -- -- important family. For bringing more ammunition sort of speak -- to fight to fight the dark. -- -- Well this question I actually like to our children more susceptible than adults for possession. Follow me. In my experience. No okay. However I will say that children tend to be more sensitive. A book ordinary innocent so remember one in demonic attack or or before. You want to were curious to. Upset the fairway Buscemi structures is something her car created so he wants to do everything because we kind of pervert that. -- So children are far no more sense of not special or more possessed at all now. Com that we could learn from some more sensitive the things so. Start dark traders dark issues our people our friendship will appear command. And they may not understand that they make common reformist. Another little child porn it's really you you know the demon and it's and it's becoming more on the map around. But it. Me and money you thumb years in this. The desertions are dealt with -- with adults. Com -- and I am to a child I -- -- Everybody pushing their service which is blown out of proportion -- some. Hum but even that -- movies. From Reagan funeral home under Blair we should you should play -- -- report and and also knowing noises and happened in the house -- can sort of spoke for itself. Now our children may be more sensitive to picking up on -- go unpunished manifestations but as far as possession. Felt really doing anything that -- once that -- for something -- took some. I know there's a lot of parents out there that that's always there are concerned that something dark is going to be attached to their child. Yeah and. So that's part of the very attack you have to you know third that's pyramids down I mean. Once you show fear than they know they've got your hands once you show anger and division and family there they know that they're working men and women. -- so yeah it's always good to. The truth so let them you know not about show fear not sure there are pictures from home right away. Arms somebody who was all part of understands and we'll hopefully get through it and and and deal with issues with the -- because that camera can take part in. And an actress is -- always had family members. Take part. Bomb as all of you -- usually I -- paramedic there -- tomorrow we'll move bottles onto the person but. All but finished your question rarely. Children uses. Everything is a distraction to the family. Banned the sale what's wrong with Tammy you know he's. He's certainly showing things really go to fifteen psychiatrist from psychiatrists can help make him medicate them film parliament or -- but they can't -- from. -- that's one of the questions that comes up to our group quite often is. No I think there's going you know something going on with my husband and I don't know whether to go to epidemiologist -- answers his first store to. A psychiatrist first deserve one. Preferred way over the other. -- I mean I believe they they both have to be considered -- before an exercise would take place anyway correct. I'm sure those awkward question armed. Think the answer is do you were -- and I always encourage people before we start on the road together to argue your -- fall below the known science okay. -- well that's paranormal investigation. Came from such as those few very or. Com. You are always very short get a psychiatric psychological clearances as well as medical clearance before we even talk to people you know are very common down I won't. -- Omar investigation -- no -- clear. And I'll be turnaround should you also I've had. Couples can't -- for counsel. One of sent warning saying your own and possess. And normally through a series of diagnostic questions are usually find out that they warned divorce in this movie where you -- -- so. Are. You know where as far as. That you're exhaust all of them own. Remedies for for situations that could develop because you know I mean someone can now -- tumor remembering her. Tell them what what there are some things are just won't happen -- -- -- -- brain -- you know the America. Immaterial to better Romano of the peace who pushing memorial yeah. You know that's that's some of them don't regret and assure. You know still has speed but just. -- -- -- today we know nothing no brain tumors and and then elevation often best to be anywhere connectors. We just sent another message coming through our our FaceBook page do you get a lot of people who report. Being possessed but it it turns out that is something totally different or. Are the the reports again do you find that they they tend to be what the people reporting. Okay let your great questions well on. Whoever has started to burn -- -- individual because. Statistically for me. Bomb anywhere from 87 to 90%. Of -- phone call like you have or being against. Usually don't you -- calm and -- more of them counselor Jeremy counselor or. Stronger than nature I usually. Your turn to 13% of the of the holes that I get it. How some basis and some some factor -- that you know we may have to look at. Fortunately both. A lot of the all the -- -- a lot of people just have a lot of issues and they're looking for an answer. I can't do I can't begin to tell you a number of holes I guess. Of people who. You don't want divorce from her look you know for they do something terrible and very. They have to blame it on -- demon when you know god there was free -- free choice and -- December we truth you know. You have to go for gum without American help them do that but they stopped through repellent during go for conference so it's -- Like assert that anywhere from ten to 13% in mind. Line of of activity that I do. I'll Balladur Merck and warrant further investigation. On the calm as markets cutters through filter a couple of times -- some things do matter of fact. On the record you later in the week Smartphone to sidetrack well number I just got -- idea. Venturesome sort of photos and uninteresting bio. From. A person in the Philadelphia area. That I think is fairly valid situations but all are good -- later in the week. Yeah I'm very will be happy -- help -- -- has -- I have a question for you -- earlier you talked about the things ramping up in this day like the entire -- Do you think you've -- quite a few extra systems do you notice lately that there there's more or is it just a steady pace this thing's actually wrapping up two million times. Phone I'm sergeant -- a 100% that there are more phone calls are ms. America true. -- lord truly organizations are belong to one -- which is the second largest oral. We've noticed statistically. Or ten year period that things -- growing suddenly people again more crazy. Home we we control that the valid cases are part growing -- And for me that just tells me. I can extract -- award because I'm always come back and sort of saying so he's really I cannot afford his minions and -- didn't definitely it's it's it's growing plus. I think one thing that you know at least from my experience and I think -- stand would probably agree with me that's. People. More and exorcism as a quick fix they want somebody else to fix the problem. What they don't understand that there were a huge huge part of what has to happen there they need to be on board a 100% and really want whatever's connected to them. Out came in we had one very very. I use an in your face example of that where this gentleman. Outwardly was saying this has got to stop this thing going on too long and being attacked you know I mean physically attacked sexually attacked him and I don't want it. But is this guy just absolutely love to talk about he loves the attention from it and he really didn't want to let it go or go through the steps. That's so we required which is much like yours -- looked on the road to an exorcism -- would you agree with with that your experience. Absolutely to also let such a number one that's on them try hard. I get so many calls with people who you know I don't disregard that totally fair re nothing crying did you tell that I really don't need to know about serve. Sexual you know. I was sought to reassure them give us attacking me I'm having sex with a under a demon every night it's fortunate our. OK maybe they did is we have to find out about it from what you do are you prepared to go be here tomorrow. Toward put it together is gone and usually -- you -- -- -- producers -- beautiful back another one hand the ball carrier. And hope you want to return stomach to watch them crash. Even if they go through the motions they have to believe and appreciate what they're doing I think that's the biggest thing to a lot of these things don't work her come back whether beat. Hillary is actually it was a sometimes even more active because these people just go through the motions thinking this is the right thing to do but they don't believe and what they're doing. And I think that's what part of the biggest problems. -- grieving parent. They. You don't want I've worked -- -- family or person. Home. Some of them followed the most. And -- work as his post. Actually is more or post you know our situation where we're in the -- we come back together what do restarted garments out of the house. And and then they wanna return back to certain lifestyle or more return back to practicing certain things. I'll let them look don't you do that you just opened the screen Oregon alone shoot back into -- and so since we you have to. I'm gonna deliver. That person whether trim -- or their location. Okay that's -- -- Scott activity. Embargo activity in the region expect something in return you really -- -- ask a lot of what he did all the work so I. But yes that. You know if we do we do we defeat is war for us. That you move out to -- wears a creation want to protect us. I'll make your approach we can't go back to what I find a lot of people back to a large crowd that. Abhorrent to god and they are just trying to almost fifty safari -- I wouldn't do that. I'll tell you I -- couldn't agree more Steve Austria and say we're Iraq's Shia on time unfortunately doctor I appreciate you calling you -- great well thank you for everything you do from this side and the other. Yeah we doesn't blow we have so much more talk about we're gonna get you back on this show soon I think we shot yet they keep. You're back curry -- you have a great night everybody else saw until next week I'm Mark Titus Joseph hawks and sends her thanks for us and keep the faith. Sleep tight. I.