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Apr 26, 2014|

Saturday April 26, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims made or not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors. It's time for Larry and -- Does don't your weekend. -- -- -- don't -- okay. -- Good morning good morning how are you could have real. Tying up on the studious day escorted just piano -- feel like this when you're listening to us for us. Whenever. Little chilly in the little chill in the air dry windy is still very nice. My name's Glen abbey -- president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. We're fee only financial planning firm and clarks summit. And I'm Larry can I and the -- -- can enterprises such a fund rate which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And how easy during -- turn off my -- -- it was nice -- -- race. Well it. It was good we did something on Saturday night. That I thought was really a lot of fun and I know if you recall this place having been. Philadelphia. Person. For some years. The picture cafe. -- and is now planning and south Philly. But it's Italian restaurant and all of the waiters and waitresses are -- for students. So whenever they live. -- -- -- And the food was fabulous as is -- unbelievably good they ring a bell and then everybody would have to be quiet and they were all saying. And each of them saying individually they sang an aria or something that they really liked. And then they would be finished and everybody claps there you go back to their duties and then twenty minutes later the -- during again another person. And the -- what was so amazing about it is when you looked at these people he really he didn't have a sense of didn't see. The tone or the volume of their voices. These sort incredible voices then you just thank you especially good student -- -- -- from. Well they're students. -- -- school there but they're also trained and some of them I said to the guy who is our waiter. I -- how do you because you advance your careers if you're doing this I mean how do you get out and do sing opera. Okay so well the owner of the business is someone who really supports us a lot obviously. If we say in the summer we're going for three weeks to Europe. He says. People go you don't have a good time and come back -- name. Would go to Europe and sing in some of the opera houses in Europe and develop you know wonderful resonate. And that's what they do they're wonderful. And do people stopped talking I was happy because you know how bad hit and that's. People are very and -- and obviously yet they can be but when people go out to dinner and they want to be able to talk and socialize with the people there way it -- so I can understand people. Wanna keep like. So the interruption doesn't bother people obviously going you know it's gonna happen hey man I'm telling you go there you know but there's quiet time in between you know that was Jim cannon and he was eating his -- he would wanna be interrupted by how will they still summer day and they run around serve things and that and clearly still -- -- -- while they're saying that's how I think -- -- -- whether it's OK -- so it -- is that. It's it's really -- Syrians to be there it's not just that the food is really good. But it's an experience to be their lessons of the opera and unethical I know what they're not sure where is where in south Philly I industry number. -- -- eyes and I've never been there. But Henman about this really cool live picture cafe apparently. The guy who -- did not the same personnel but when it first opened and it was a long time ago. He had the only. They control life. In the neighborhood. And so does the speaker phone you know I would. Go from -- they play the records on hand there were all opera songs that he played. So it became the Victor cafe. And as a picture of the dog that was -- -- -- do with the controller thing. And that's how it's got its reputation and so it's it I guess I was -- the twenties -- thirties. It's still there it's a little tiny place three floors. Long narrow thank one of the row houses paint himself -- But it was still cold did you learn Diana west. It was my mother my sister my niece and my husband comment got cut package and Napoli -- ninths. So yes we all went there and had a wonderful evening and also happened to be. The evening of my nephews 21 -- -- nice so he was not with us because he was celebrating Penn State's style. Am going and so we my sister decided that she would since we're in the area drive die. The hospital where he was born and took a picture. On the active -- heads for -- That's very nice where was he born out of Philadelphia for this just ask them now -- -- So I had -- really different Easter it's yeah. It was more about the Saturday night -- -- -- SA RA taste it was great man's food was wonderful we had a good time. Worked out well -- and you have both of your boys home. You know just on just (%expletive) and just shine through. Tommy is. Vacationing in. Can your professor thanks so that was there in France for Easter and then Italy so that's where he'll be. And Sean was home and we took a home run back to Philadelphia on Tuesday. So. Plants and we had a luncheon nanny on on the way down which we might get a boost and that's where we've got Owen. So we're good time and it was nice to have them back and he'll be back soon because school will soon be over the end. Sounds because -- very quickly the end of his second year irony and then he goes to Washington he goes he comes home for a couple weeks and then he will be in turning. For ten weeks at the Brookings Institution in DC. And if you don't know if that is which many do in any doubts now is the largest think tank in the world's and it's. Located in DuPont Circle in DC and he's very excited. Very happy to be going and I'm proud of him. So is also working out well and of course I am and I told your friend mr. musk admits because of course the last. Week was his birthday when we were here. And someone told my called -- an old conjure. Said he was older than me which I did I had I not I did not hear it those are areas. Not a true statement given to him. On and so recent stop talking about me all together so because he told me to stop talking about a four year. Well I will talk about me because you do not it is not nice to -- mother nature that's. Yes. Good. But I said he in the loving -- about his birthday today and the song of when I'm 64 if you know. And just mentioned that I'm not the same may just him and that and the Delhi ruffled his. 64 year old feathers and he got mad at me and said don't talk about make. I -- it's funny because Patrick -- in Napoli does gets mad at -- if she doesn't talk about anything about them it's true when he was seven. You know it is what it is and appeared concerned about how old you -- -- now. You know kicking ghetto Rick I don't like when women Montel how they all are the old -- they are either -- just. Consider the alternative exactly. Gilder and higher so anyway that's and I -- myself I was kidding it's wonderful and I'm staring at Nancy came in. But brown because you know bud brown retired yesterday -- to show. And when you hear it will be few days before I did not hear because I was not around but I'm. And congratulations thome is a great guy in his voice is great -- the -- I wonder who's gonna be doing -- browns just now I'm Johnny Lucas. He's shaking his head no not net yet no message. I know it's IU Johnny. But anyway but he does so does Tony Lucas loves to do the weather from. Yes he does this time and yeah. OK and -- class of 53 was wonderful yes the other night last so we had a good time it's. And a cake. Now we decided to that we I decided that I would just let everyone get whenever they wanted because. I'm. It's reality that we get we won and now we are forced half sound and worked out well. Well when you're hearing this. On Saturday morning we'll be doing the last minute trapped for surely leads. To get her to the Radisson time time time for turns 85 birthdays are very nice seat surely doesn't care that you say that does yeah. Who and I'm I'm just not -- out of it. That's right and you know the day after which would be the 27 the next day. We will be having our evening of fine food minus the Scranton cultural center which is the fourteenth annual. So although reservations are required we do not turn people away so if you're thinking about going to a great event at 530. 127 Sunday. Feel free to step over the cultural center and 200 dollars -- it's five on Trace through the rooms appetizers desserts. Entertainment and lots of good fun friends and fun. And and it's one of the biggest fundraisers for the cultural center site a little silent auction with the items so it's nice. -- -- and -- I also have to say before I forget this that I wanted to acknowledge and congratulate my nephew. Tim Gilbert. Hope is was named as the editor of the Penn State. Whenever they call that thing in the newspaper for the entire. School. So it was a great opportunity for him and well he's very excited about it and and actually pays them to do it so he's so. Great yeah it's very -- associated Tim Gilbert. And you know -- -- another little birthday I was an A Scranton tomorrow board meeting this morning and I didn't realize that yesterday which would have been Wednesday to Wednesday the 23. That was our dear friend Leslie cons birthday and she listens to us. She even made note of telling the boards today so did Andrea mall nine. The bad we I've talked about the event that they had with the downtown merchants with Mary Claire Wright and his cabinet and City Council. And so they thanked me she and -- so I was listening to your show and thank you for doing match. So it's always good to talk about good stuff while piling on doesn't have a great -- be related to Leslie Collins yes yes. April babies. I can't think who else. I'm glad there's a -- my my landline. I -- going to. Now. So -- nothing out the rest of the week and you were harmed and nothing exciting. For this week come. And well yesterday we went to visit. The castle point. Veterans association. Veterans administration hospital with mr. Patrick -- place is doing well. Paula. Zahn and so that was an experience and I guess that's -- true some are dry and easy easy way. And it was just he says the may -- very upset to be there is that why he's as sick call thirty years later. At its army turn my guess when you're playing your sex you go to. Infirmary. I'm a bad idea so all he saw there were a lot of veterans guys his age -- -- Marines now I see so that's and they saying like being sick call her years later -- again emphasis will -- Thirty I think -- yeah. I'll tell you that I'm Matt Flynn god rest his soul used to say and a big congratulations to mark and Pete trick pony they just had their first baby. Little baby girl and mankind who -- -- Sony would administer first. Grand daughter and Kathy -- congratulations to them the mag used to say that Dancing With The Stars was like until -- forty years later. Santana they ask you remember it as silly as you know yes Patrick and I went there with all -- people we worked well. Every time I don't do I know right now -- Iraqis -- SC in case you're wondering that's used to be Gaza until the case the end. What do I say Kansas am sorry she had Casey heat that's. I'm and yes yes while in recent play backgammon and then in the one room yes that's you and mom Nags Head and -- Yeah how. You know what I did it was a great play and wanted to mention last night we went to the chef's table at keystone which opponents. Then and you know -- Brenda bestow he has an instructor at keystone and John she loves it loves it and so on six of us -- bronco and dead Peterson. And Marlon Foley and Brendon -- Stowe ski and yours truly and Deb Dudley -- six of -- went up and had dinner and was wonderful night I never I never -- there. And then introduce mark Siebert brings the kids out may introduce themselves and where they're from what they made for the evening. And if you haven't banned gun because -- supporting the culinary arts here at in our own hometown a keystone. And it's a nice little time to go with a group of people names may be why don't -- the -- it was not there -- a great time -- So anyway hats off to keystone coronary students and we'll be right back this morning we're taking a little break -- listening to -- -- and shot. -- -- Good morning. Good morning. I'm Larry caddie and I am the owner of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising -- and special event business. And my name is Lynn Evans and I am the president and CEO. I'm northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit and we are back in -- listening this morning to -- -- -- shown. And we've been talking about all different things -- have gone on and where you should go what you should do and I'm good friends. Casey fox said she's a graduate -- keystone would pitch Casey of becoming a better next segment represented fidelity bank. And she said I have to go there because I graduated from keystone. -- -- That is a wonderful school -- -- I love the location. It's so pretty in all of the Victorian. How is the little. He'll buildings and houses it's really really a nice place it's really for campus yes it's really come a long way has an aunt and you know what I say that is credit show. Ned beam him because he this was just such a thinker in such an eight. What's the word -- -- an area a visionary thank you that is the -- I was looking for and Regina and they were so entrenched. -- and -- in this community everywhere you went. They were there. He -- keystone proudly on both his lapel and everywhere he went to south. That's Weaver talked about and the new. Doctor Coppola -- cola actually don't say Coppola because I was gonna say are you related to Francis Ford. And -- for Nicolas Cage but I said but do you pronounce it cup pole he's yes -- he didn't he just. Yeah I mean I think he's a really nice guy -- great guy really like come alive I was at cancels a couple weeks ago with my good friend Beverly -- again from the with the -- and she. And I met Charlotte ravioli west -- and she was there with. -- -- -- We talked again because I met him at peak. Common he was one of our escorts for the fashion show the confrontation Yemen and his wife was one of the models which was nice and -- I -- anyway. So what's up with you when you play here your papers paid yeah I rattling well we've she has something Dennis. Story today you know I don't have a salary and I have I wrote a blog this week. My website my NASA Evans dot com. And I was I was thinking about. The concept that I -- and I was talking about in the blog and I thought. You know it's something I should be talking about here because they -- reach more people that this month is financial literacy month of April. And it's really weird when you think about how many people know nothing about money and a -- -- men and women. This you know what -- -- -- nothing I now understand that they just get it it's just ignorance really thought about what money does and how works and how they can stuff. And it would come into adulthood. -- nothing more than an understanding. -- maybe how to save money for something we want and then we diet and that's what we're done. But the bigger picture was the stock what is a bond what is my 401K plan. How to -- and get a mortgage. Things like I was reading the other -- is something about. -- generation. -- your son's generations. That have never written a letter. I don't know how to do it because it's all done thanks Gmail accounts and so writing a letter actually. Training -- out putting him in an envelope may -- signing an and we have an -- is something they don't know how to do and she's just didn't think about because. For us it was something that we just normally death. But it's things like them about the basics of how to function in life and especially having to do with money. It has changed dramatically with from generation a generation. Because. Each succeeding generations. Now -- no more because there's more to know. And so when you go -- Mike -- your mother. My mother they never went to 401K plan didn't even exist. It just wasn't there and they've paid their checks I had to pay their bills irony check. And they balance their checkbook every month when they got their statement they know how to do that. But the young men and sit well today we don't even have to balance a checkbook because this is done online. You know I mean you trust the balance online before you trust what's in your checkbook. So there's not a need anymore to do some of those things that -- parents did. But there's a greater need to understand bigger things like. How do you pick a mortgage. Didn't even have mortgages -- other than 20% down and a thirty year mortgage that's what people did when they bought their homes. Well now you've got they are in Zion guts you know everything they don't even know what they -- a lot of people don't have any clue. Great start with honest. So my point was. I was just making sure that I was talking about women. What I wrote this blog but I senate I often wonder how many lives. Would have been changed for the better. If mothers talk to their daughters about money. Even if they only caution them about how their own ignorance made him dependent on their husbands. And how they would love and -- the stock. April being financial literacy month and makes me wonder how many divorces. Would have been avoided. How many marriages. Would have been for reasons other than financial security. How many widows and would not have had to move and with their kids. How many women would have opted to finish their college educations before they got married. How many careers would have been fulfilled. If only we had some basic skills and money management. Maybe we can break that cycle of ignorance I started talk about money to talk about how we say that how we spend it probably protective. And most of all -- traded it for how good reason. Let's break the silence if you don't know where to start consider money circle. Check out my web page and click on money conversations. And let's start talking. -- -- I just think we need them. Raise the level of conversation about money I can -- especially this month because there's a lot of stuff out there everybody's. Bombarding. The web when things -- Go to this site learn the basics and my -- about learn fast. Demos that I can do it. I just got another twenty some million dollars of venture capital while. Because she's done so well with us and she wants to expand and can't begin to learn best learn best dot -- -- And it's it's really great. It's a great. -- place to get started -- she's focusing on women and young women had that are around her age. 30s2830. Something like that who've never been exposed some money before he understands. And there are five steps that she has to go through which talks about budgeting and life insurance and everything all that stuff is there is very. Educationally base so you start with a and you move to be and you moved to see you move today. And then you have available TU certified financial planners. We couldn't contract contract wins. That will allow you to have. Thirty minute sessions an hour sessions whatever it is you need to personalize the relationship with what you just finished. So it's a great place to start and I -- I'm not sure I know what she. To raise this new line of capitol floor but I don't know but it's I'm sure it's all about this and educating people about money. So it's a great place I love it learn fast dot com she's done a great job. So that's my story I'm -- And I think I'm. -- When you're talking this year specifically looking gearing this towards women because of -- That's the ones who are sort of the under educated yeah India in many years prior to now and still you feel as much south. Yeah but I in other thing that's interesting is. It when we were alive I don't know if you remember this conversation only talked about money circles one Saturday out. And I can't remember his name right now you'll know it claims her role as husband and dance samba dance around. Called in and said that I would love to participate in a money circles for men cast. We don't know that much about it either you're assuming we do external and it is true and I play specifically said act geared towards women and you think Britney under. Well can I still think fundamentally women who -- I really matters now is true. Because we've never. We've never had the experience of having to do stuff like this are husband's handled it and I think to. There's often some misunderstanding. Because I think. And that. Women -- have to do it all because there in a position that they have to miss a single parent or even them they don't say everything sometimes just writing your bills and making sure you. Tired -- some new spending what you have to spend doesn't mean you know enough about money because it means. What are the other things you can you should be trying to aim for. It or White House can be used to help you get further know where you are. Because most of the most women in that circumstance single moms divorced women single women who've never been married many times it's about. Paycheck to paycheck right. And if there there's no perception of beyond that. So you wouldn't know what to do with money it exactly pay yourself first idea whoa what am I doing a floor for the next and then placed at or something else because that's the only thing they know is -- money comes and my money goes out and what's left if Fannie. So and I was too hard today illiteracy. Imani it's just understanding the bigger picture. Yeah so EMS plan saying that I'm keying in on that group because that's what the book is about that's what a lot of what I have been doing is about. And so I think there's a little bit of a different mix there in that generation and the generation that follows a time where we your books be available. Do you know -- you know because right now I'm looking ahead to whether or not I wanna do it through Amazon or whether what I'm doing through. One of the Barnes and nobles on the physical bookstores and -- because they're all kinds of restrictions when you do that you know how many books you have to. France and if they don't sell you have to take them back and a self publishing is I think and an easier option. Because you can print books on demand so if I was going to speak to a group of people and I knew that there would be. Fifty people there I could order fifty books and have them drop shipped to have -- And then I would hand them out. So I'm not stuck with a thousand number in my garage my. And that's part of the problem in publishing the book is to understand the games you have to play in that respect. But it's getting near its -- it is it's all done physicist it is complete I now have to take it to the next step. Places to get accomplished. And that could be done in thirty days. He's key. So it's -- good. And I -- Bennett fidelity bank also aids in many ways. Women. Especially women who want to. Delta summer -- entrepreneur wires and and that's what they're working until which week you can't necessarily say bad things are happening there and it just is helping people in general when you walk through the -- we have lots of stuff that we're going to be discussing with our friend. This Casey later had a couple minutes when we when we break back. I'm it's important to know that there are. Banks that can help you with some of those things as well. And children and getting into a friend of children and everything. Think it's no you know the old to come put the money in your piggy bank isn't as much isn't enough anymore I think I need. To have a little bit more of that conversation. With with people but you know -- there's also metal rules com. You know next week I tell you about that book which you said you read that died broke book yeah I'm open you know. How do you like those people -- -- much time to talk about this but when you have this money saved in your. If you think it's mostly fear that people won't spend some of the cash they have could they don't know if they're gonna need it can't Wear or they just think they need didn't. They have all this money accumulated there's a certain that especially depends on where they came from if they or their parents work. Poor and now he's tantamount to kind of stuff having it available where they can see it. Just in and of itself makes them feel makes them happy kind of the other side of the two is if they start spending hit the fear is they're gonna run out. So there's it's two sides of the same coin. So Wendy's stars that that's been -- you have to look at it -- a look at what are your expenses and take out that much right. And they can still see the -- -- there. Kinda makes him happy every now. Highlighting we are going to take another very quick break and we'll be right back with our good friend mr. Casey facts and you're listening this morning to. So Larry Allen shot. Here is -- inland. Good morning good morning. My name's Linda -- -- and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants -- the only. Financial planning firm clarks summit when I'm Larry can do. The -- of my cabinet enterprises which is safe fundraising PR and special events business. And our guest expert this morning. Is I'm representative of fidelity bank her name is Casey Cox. And time. It's a funny name. I have to tell you I love it because. This is is you want to say Cassie. I know guys are way way -- -- -- found yet but I have to think of your name as soon as the letters K and C. And that I know that that's how you're supposed to pronounce your name -- -- -- my mother told that was Terry I'm missing content idea -- lovely name. But anyway Casey is a business banking relationship manager with fidelity bank and done more. And she works with business owners and -- that I think is she really wants to get to -- the business owner and the business. Listen how they operate and come up with business solutions to suit their needs so welcome Casey think camp. US talk today about them. Some of the things that fidelity bank is doing in the community can do and how would they participate we were just talking before about. I'm in doctor -- team and Virginia being -- how much states who are part of the community and everybody just knew they were there and they were keystone. So how does. Fidelity. Go about doing that. Name recognition in the community what is some of the events and things we've got. -- I think if you know fidelity you know that we always have a ton of different things going on. I'm with spring coming right around the corner and I'm asking the right to summer it I'm usually. We have a lot of a lot of fun projects were working hand. Most recent probably today by the time you listen to this the 22 or 26 and April. And -- park -- rock climbing county commissioners hold their annual bike safety fair. And fidelity is a sponsor in there that starts at 11 AM and goes until one. And just like every year they pass out there free -- comments they do feed containing may have safety lessons. I'm snacks. Little bit of everything. And fidelity will be there as well I don't know if you remember I think last time I was here may -- talked about the Playhouse in the park again. I think telling me what the kids the fidelity bank vault and they won't analog Campanelli felt. And so today we will be planting flowers there and taking camera little -- helps. Plus the White House but. Closed down for the wintertime that they physically shut it up for some fingers and I don't know I'm I'm just wondering if there was a time when you would say okay the Playhouse is open again DNA have a grand reopening years. I don't know if they have to do to close that I mean who would want them to play and their crab in and out -- luncheon plus a few fairways and Mary. Thank you hang -- I'll be there anything. Again a ready made. We'll check you're following now and then clearly an accident almost looks okay. -- house. -- part of community banking mountain fidelity bank is to reaching out to it. Children in local schools and we have all different fidelity -- is going out and speaking to children. About seemingly just something we love to -- I love that I guess by said that before when I was reading the notes. And then you've been in front of 800 kids are ready to -- and that is great because did we ever have those things. I I think that's a wonderful things start young bringing this stuff Tom let the kids know what's down there. It's great we even have it's our dream team it's. Banking for children and I think -- -- and a prairie town some little monsters something who's so yes dancing has a lot stance and see I don't I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm so we encourage them to come and you know bring your own kids and sign up for their first savings account. And teach them thank you are saying when Israeli environment. And I mean she doesn't start and then right. -- so what do they do besides. I know I had everytime I go into one of these the lobbies of fidelity bank and see. Parents and kids -- and her. Prevents pain so coined the yeah -- fast can't they just loved the company NYC come back out it's really cool and what kid doesn't want our cookies. And and kids I think everybody and I would imagine about the media if you don't want them yeah. And if you go win the -- -- just you just automatically are relaxed every morning on an -- what you have to do in the bank capital is stressful snapping you smell those cookies and it. It just gives a piece of a little bit of home yeah you know -- is a good smell so. Some my newer branches we have home a little play areas for the kids you really do encourage kids to come into the bank and I doubt about national. That's good and then you're doing you're also the top 25. From sponsor right from women in business you arrows on top 25. Move -- because you do really. Q Casey take an active role in helping women in our community I think you take the lead and then the bank and and banking industry and that's a great thing because. We don't need to support the poll also listen there's still an existing relationship with us VA. For longs for women. I'm not sure yeah I think. I'm not sure who says that I think it was JoAnne fan says once in the paktia. Fidelity bank was some approved as a okay SC BS -- we are so we are preferred lender so listen we we can improve our SBA loans in house which is great idiot carries up the process you know we have backstretch there. I mean I have the answers all the questions. But we do a really great team infidelity. There's always somebody to turn to -- and -- -- -- Yes good and also speaking of branches Casey you have your new. Branching out to be a break ground or whenever is a breaking grounder when we have to look at ground there you go and sank again come. It's going to be our newest branch and pets and -- I don't want out of water and can be I'm. Elian with -- 10 PM Diana. -- -- -- and we just have groundbreaking ceremony of the players is supposed to be completed. Whenever they finish just takes it. -- -- -- And Atlanta and he really got coming -- with construction you never given. I know April you know it's pretty good times start break ground yes. Generally so we -- excited -- I guess here yeah I'm sure there was a lot of work sound bridge site and we finally mean if that's fine. Soon enough. And how about -- also I am. That Triborough banner. And recently voted. Fidelity bank the best bank how about fast compound that's not there for you guys time trees and then sit on the disagree on and and I happen to him shout out to mr. Santana. I president have fidelity. He is always the first one to congratulate us and talk about her team how well we like together and thank us far. Every everything we do every team man Macedonia whether they are a teller of the EP. Anybody and we are really do work well together Aaron it's been my parents and and I think -- DNA EU acknowledging that now Casey I think that's so important. When you could just take for instance dance center now because he's the president the bank should have that. You'd get recognition or the pat on the back goes a long way doesn't it does that help your morale of the land and feel like K what I'm doing doesn't go unrecognized as a team we did this only get that thank you so many people do that -- -- Maybe don't. Can get that it does it takes everybody to make him work to an end and it it's so important foreign leaders. To let people know how they feel about them and how good they've been doing so that they can feel better about the job. They are doing getting paid to do -- and keep that. You know Morales there because it's a big thing when people start feeling like the what they're doing doesn't matter pray -- and you are saying about you know president beaming keystone. Being keystone alignment and working in the community bank in having Dan and I side. He really does make a difference in just like president -- and you know I'm Dan is always taking part in the community. He's always around making himself available for people in the bank. We just went through a series. And either finish -- just wrapping up. Meet the president when every other Friday -- and made himself available every branch. So that the customers can come and meet and we can all get together or not any questions I have heard just anything they want to say today and he was there. And I think that's a huge part of being community bank in -- are cool ER because he really goes out of his why. -- And it's important I think company. -- -- that things are. Going on in the -- Fidelity is an apartment burned. Isn't part of I know every year that. Somebody from. Fidelity bank participates. In the luncheon for the top 25 women. And in some capacity to welcome everyone. And -- I'm glad that they do this obviously because investors and pension Oakland -- I have to you know it's called a slow this year. But I also think that infidelities sit in bonds and other programs in the community and now it it seems. Everytime I go to an event like some of the ones you're talking about. -- -- There's there's the name fairness. -- Leon. We try agency and incurred and involved in as many community events as they can and it's encourage as an employee infidelity. Com where are encouraged to get out there and volunteer we take part in them. Also different commands come. The united -- day of caring I mean fidelity gives us the opportunity. To take a work day. And make ourselves available for the community so if there's any kind of project going on -- mission we did last year. We really. What we're told took a -- and and really do our part in the community because without the community and without the small businesses. And without those women business owners. Who are -- So we have to play each other well and in other thing about. The that changes that I've seen in banks have always been very involved in their community obviously because they have to be to a large extent because of the community reinvestment act that they've got to give back so that's there which I love that that that they have to anyway but then don't take it another step a step further. To be out and to do those things and to get your employees and -- not just here's our money we get a sponsorship we're happy. But to make the employees feel like they have invested vested interest in what it is that's happened more and more and more through the years. And that's the importance I was. People giving back to their community and paying for word any of those kind of turns your money used which makes sense is so it's so important and I know fidelity. Is always fair and it in and -- -- great number with with your employees getting. You know getting out there and helping hand and I think as a young girl that you are Casey -- must be a neat feeling for you know. To know that your bank is behind -- an end by giving you that time off. Because so many people wouldn't even think of doing that capsule and so it's important did you feel differently have you learned anything from that process as a as a young woman what it means to be involved in the community -- to be part of your community yeah I'm not just I mean even as a banker. You get out there and -- you get to meet people you get to learn different businesses and things like that but even as a person. Seeing what other people's lives are like when I -- -- volunteering he always said. What I and in a bubble in the idea they really encourage you to get out there. And learn see -- out there and it isn't helpful being a young woman and business being a banker it's nice seeing out there and can see both sides about him. We'll keep it up because it's so important. I think. To be part of that and just. I can win year I remember when I was say a young -- -- much younger and that I am and how. When I started working at. LA bank when I moved back from Philadelphia and I always say that John Martins as president the bank is the one who like sort of thrust me into that. The public eye even the line to this in Milan to -- do this to -- And I look I was like really I can do all this in here in managing the sprint yeah we want that we want -- we want to be out there and eat that is what really. I began my I mean I did a little bit upset but not to the extent that they did as and that France I think and I know DN worked with John served for years sounds. And maybe it's that mentality that trickle down you learn from men knew that's what you do when it becomes your turn sound. Keep up the good work -- five cents fidelity bank and thank you fidelity as one of fire -- experts this week. Man how can we get a hold -- we need to do. You can send me now to my. -- did you call my name a crazy name maybe top boxes all ask I eat top box and ask him TD bank dot com. Or you can call our customer care center and ask for me it's 1803884380. Why everybody have a great week and we'll see you next week same bat time same bat channel have. He'd be saves and being nice I.