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Maximize Your Health

Apr 26, 2014|

Saturday April 26, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Following is a paid program the views or claims -- you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar -- schemes just is a reminder of the -- -- on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SD. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now -- maximize your health with -- doctor Dan ghoulish S ski. Welcome northeastern PA to another episode of maximize your health radio. Today's program is all about the toxicity how to effectively detox your body your home. And your life allowing yourself to move closer to your full health potential so we're gonna talk all about detox. And we have a special guests Kelly Ford who will be with us. Here in just a few minutes. Here during the next hour here to help you empower you in and help empower you to become healthier and well all barriers mind body. And spirits so whether you're struggling with the disease or diagnosis or you're just looking to gather some advice. To put an action to build and restore your health from where is -- you have come to the right. -- I'm here to coach you guide you inspire you and lead youth to the abundant health and healthy life that you were created form so if you have health questions you can call me up told free during the next hour 5708830098. Or 180437. 0098. And he could just be as simple general question pertaining to nutrition or fitness. Or some waste overcome stress. Or receipts are going to be on the subject of toxicity in chemical exposure and and what that what what impact that can leave on our lives and our health. It can be a question related to that as well and I guess and I'll be having a special guests with us today her name's Kelly Ford. And down really really excited to have -- program she will be here. Answering and and giving you strategies and solutions to help effectively detox. And will be revealing various talks and some of which you may never heard before never known them before until today so that's why this show is important it's about our health. My health is my -- -- I'm sure it is for many of you listening right now. So stay tuned in again this is maximize your health radio if you're tuning in for the first time we're on every Saturday at 11 AM. 2:12 PM right here on W I LK news radio. And I wanted to kick off the show since this is all about toxicity today. Detox do we do may be some of you listening you need a detox right now -- some of your probably nodding your heads yes you do know. But I'm gonna break down. Three categories and maybe you fall into one or more of right now and if you do you definitely need to detox and we need to change your diet right away and now. Detox is a hot topic these days everybody's talking about it everybody's trying it from choosing to fasting to you all sorts of odd crazy diets are people walk. -- on one particular type of food in claimant has it gives them energy and things like that. I mean there there are so many different approaches to die aiding and Zito boxing out there today just call onyx is cleansing there's -- there's infomercial -- you see on TV. So. -- talk thing has existed since Aaron -- Madison you know ancient you know from the -- here -- times and each approach. Has pros and has cons. And our country here in the United States we need to approach detox from a whole entire frame of mind. And we need to first look at our diets look what were eating on while we're not mean the problem is that Americans consume. 146. Pounds of sugar and a 152 pounds of flour every single year. And sugar and flour have super addictive tendencies. It's hijacked our taste buds are brain chemistry in our metabolism. And a scientifically designed detox program is the only way to regain health for millions of people right now who are overloading and binging and -- some people don't even know it. Sugar and white flour. And nearly 70% of adults 40% of kids art classified as being overweight or obese. One of two Americans has pre diabetes -- type two diabetes in 90% who have type two diabetes. And really don't. Don't even know yet they haven't officially been diagnosed yet. Type two diabetes now what they're saying is due to the -- died doing due to folks being overweight obese and in that period where they're not officially diagnosed diabetes yet. This is one of the most single biggest causes of heart disease cancers dimensions depressions infertility is and skin disorders like -- And dude who are high sugar and high flower dies again sugar flour being hidden and Dick -- in many different forms and our foods. And this will raise our blood sugar and because an insulin response to eventually leading to insulin resistance. And it's also a major reason why there's so much a liver damage and and liver dysfunction liver disease present in our society today and fatty liver disease affects ninety million Americans including children. Right now who need liver transplants. By the time that they're teenagers. And due to our high sugar had flower hyper process hyper palatable hyper addictive and factory made industrial food's food products. Down not only disease cause us to become fat and overweight it will make -- sick in hundreds of ways so here's just a beginning a list so. If you fall into one of these three categories it's time for detox freedoms. Can this whole program today once you bring Kelly on after the first break here we're gonna talk about ways you can detox various sources -- you may have been exposed to that. Today might be the first state that you discover that and we're gonna -- some action steps. To follow to begin to heal and detox from the inside out. -- number one category if you have what's called quote unquote feel lousy syndrome. If you feel sore sluggish tired and depressed. Anxious. On headaches insomnia. Canker sores TRE diagnosed with a chronic disease -- autoimmune disease. Then it's likely that you're in the category feel lousy -- and so therefore you need a detox. If you have digestive trouble if you're gaining weight. Brain fog allergies asthma. You fall under this category is. -- Blood sugar imbalances from the port diets that rain -- think it can range from mild pre diabetes up to full blown diabetes so it's important. Today to begin eliminating the sugar in the white flour from your guy right now so the second category is if you. Suspect. That you are overweight or obese and your borderline diabetic type two diabetic either in pre diabetes are type two diabetes. Doctor mark Hyman refer refers to this term as die and be sitting. So that's obesity with diabetes is usually the two go hand in hand. And down and if you answer yes I'm gonna rattle off a list of criteria here if you fall under one or more of these and you might be at risk. For diabetes city type two diabetes and overweight obesity which is linked to so many other chronic illnesses. If you have a family history of diabetes heart disease or obesity it's. If you're nonwhite in an ethnicity if you're African Asian native American Pacific islander Hispanic Indian or Middle Eastern then you're at a greater risk according to U. A statistical guidelines number three overall if you're overweight if you have a body mass index greater than 25. Impact. And if you wanna check that you can go to www. Ten day detox dot com to calculate that. Next if you have excess belly fat in your abdominal area. Women if you're waist circumference is greater than 35 inches man if you're waste your comments is greater than forty inches and you are at risk for diabetes city and chronic illness. Next if you always are craving sweets craving sugar craving salts and refined carbohydrates. Do you have trouble losing weight on a low fat diet and exercise program if you can't lose weight and your likely toxic and that's the main reason. If your doctor told you make your blood sugar is a little high eight which means greater than a hundred milligrams for gasoline -- Or if you've already been diagnosed with insulin resistance pre diabetes -- type two diabetes. If you have high levels of triglycerides. Typically over a hundred milligrams for deaths a -- or low HDL which is a good cholesterol. Under fifty milligrams of gasoline or you're arrests. If you have heart disease if you have high blood pressure on if you are in active. Less than thirty minutes of exercise four times a week. Is what that means if you don't exercise if -- sedentary decent at a desk all day. If you suffer women or men from infertility low sex drive or sexual dysfunction. And for women if you've had just stay national diabetes or peace deal last poly cystic. Ovarian syndrome this is a list of criteria for -- BC which is overweight obesity. Leading to pre diabetes and eventually type two diabetes that we know millions and millions and more being added to that every single day here in America but the bottom line and the result of that can cause that. Are the toxins are in the sugar in the flower in our diets and of the list of other criteria as well. So the third category so we -- number one is if you feel lousy you're probably toxic number two if you suspect that you're overweight. If you're obese and you can check your BMI go to ten day detox dot com if you're if you're -- BMI is greater than 25. Or -- you following in -- anyone in the criteria for having high blood pressure. Most sex drive heart disease if you sedentary. If feeds. You crave sugar. If you have trouble losing weight and then the third categories. If you're addicted to certain foods primarily sugar -- now doctor Kelly brown well formally come from Yale's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity has created a -- because food questionnaire. To help determine if you're a food addict. And if that means sugar flour processed foods snack food so if you consume certain foods even if you aren't hungry because your craving -- You worry about cutting down on certain foods you feel sluggish fatigued from overeating. You might have a food addiction can you have health or social problems instead of spending time in -- port activities such as time with family friends. Worker recreation. You spend time dealing with negative feelings from over eating certain foods. You have withdrawal symptoms such as agitation. Anxiety especially when you cut back on certain foods. Your behavior with respect for new meaning -- is he significant stress. Issues related to food and eating decrease your -- ability to function effectively. Type your job and -- in school teaching. Being a parent you need more and more the foods you -- to experience any pleasure or to reduce your negative emotions. And so if any of those apply do you wonder more than you might have a food addiction and because of who the cause of that food addiction may be. Levels of toxicity within your body OK so we need to figure out how to start. Detox and effectively now if you visit my website at www. Need by doctored and dot com that's an EPA. DR DAN dot com for those of you who haven't visited the site performance. I have a nutrition plan on their CU log on and you see at the top nutrition and then when you drop drag the mouse over that you'll see. Healing foods diet click on that and that will explain it's basically an anti inflammatory diet can now localize and diet all whole food whole fresh organic diet and catch. It's -- I don't wanna use toward diet let me let me substitute the word food plan nutrition planning instead of diet because when we think of that -- or diet or we hear the word diet we think OK this is a diet our program that I have to begin and I have to complete. In a period of time. This is something we want to may become a habit for you listening right now this hole lead to better health. Positive change less pain. The ability and an ability to burn fat and lose weight. And then as we start to tailor your lifestyle. Closer to that and healthy ones and we can begin to show you how to properly exercise how to approach life from a from a mental and emotional perspective. Physically instructional how to get your body's functioning -- connected better once we start applying everything from a comprehensive perspective. You're health ghost coast to to levels that you may never have imagined. So for those you've heard some of our our past testimonials of practice members -- power chiropractic health center. And I clinic and looks very these are folks who took responsibility -- ready to change for the best. So I mean if -- already to change yet that's okay calm everybody's different points in life I guy I truly understand that. But if you are ready. Today's the day OK if you feel something speaking inside something churning on the inside. That's the voice -- it's time it's time to make something in the -- it's really time to start stealing bettering yourself. And taking your health to new heights but with detox -- a great place again is healing foods I need the doctrine and I can't keep it eliminates Franken foods mr. fake foods to GMO foods than non organic foods at the pesticides and herbicides. -- know what doctor mark Hyman suggests she wrote a book called the blood sugar solution ten day detox diets. And basically she says it's a goof proof step by step plan to end food addiction reversed I'd be -- and let him heal the feeling lousy cinema facts. Found the body has extraordinary. Healing and repair to systems with Bennett and these systems just need to be activated. By taking out the bad stuff and putting in the good stuff which is what the healing foods diet offers -- Again it removes all the chemicals the artificial sweeteners. Think indeed the chemical compounds. It's not about deprivations about abundance of pleasure and recognizing that the giving a body a break from junk food cravings chronic symptoms -- -- blood sugar imbalances. The body will repair and body will begin to -- So whole fresh organic food that includes vegetables that should be the majority of your calories because they don't create the -- semen -- Two to elevate or -- again next doesn't cause -- blood sugar rice fruit you once is still ease improve because there there are some final nutrients and half since enzymes vitamins and minerals and fruit. But you have to be cautious err on the side of caution to not over -- and over and also through due to the sugar. Cane sugar in the form of fructose. So we wanna be careful with sugar because that will create a blood sugar response and insulin response and that. That happening over long periods of time is what leads to pre diabetes and type two diabetes. So. The other the other thing wanna do is we will help to enhance our gut function. 66%. Of our immune systems found in our guts folks so maybe if we have allergies and asthma and we always feel like there's we have a scratchy throat or science is full of his demeanor and mucus. The only way for those heels to get -- and got healthy again for constantly putting sugar and white flour in there that's going to act is glue in our -- -- track. And that all behind -- up so we wanna switch over to the fresh organic vegetables fruits. Also -- nuts and seeds seeds especially like hemp seeds flax seeds Chia seeds. These have high levels of fiber. In cash and they're great source ten -- are great so a complete protein plant based protein great for post work out. Also rock on men's Brazil not sit macadamia nuts are are great source of vitamin. And other minerals as well. So hydration is a very important as well to flush toxins through your body wanna make sure that you're -- half of your body weight in ounces of filtered water every single day and you wanna make sure that you're getting at least seven hours of sleep at night because that is -- our body repairs. And heals itself what our sleeping -- or inactive. And down that's just the tip the iceberg folks but when we get back we're going to be bringing Kelly Ford under the program here. And Kelly is going to be sharing about an upcoming seminar that will be -- Taking place a power power practice -- -- that it's free to all of you right now we have space so it will be this Thursday may in the first at 6 PM but she will be on immediately after the break and we're gonna take this topic of detox and toxicity chemicals in our lives a little bit deeper so stay tuned. You're listening to maximize your health with doctor Dan relish asking if power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading -- Natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your -- owned and operated by myself doctor -- -- just -- host of maximize your -- our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages -- Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin -- -- we -- top of the line and -- synthetic cold -- They started life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium -- by onyx can co Q ten this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and -- -- for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were put all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit -- need. 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Welcome back to maximize your health radio again I'm here help coach doctor Bengal -- ski and before the break we were talking about. Food -- -- to levels of toxicity we primarily said sugar and flour can lead to feeling lousy syndrome which means if you're. Have fibromyalgia. Achy joints headaches can't sleep can't think can't function. You -- that category you may be toxic the second one is diabetes city and that's a term that doctor mark Hyman. Medical doctor -- has confirmed her put together. This in the link between being overweight and obese. But not officially being in full blown type two diabetic more or less into a phase of pre diabetes early onset diabetes. If you. Are overweight if you have a BMI greater 25 waist circumference for ladies greater than 35 -- inches and forty inches from and then year in that category -- third one was food addictions. Cravings for sugar cravings for salty foods that just store in our bodies and make it's extremely toxic overtime. Sonoma to bring into onto the programming Kelly Ford and Kelly welcome to the show. I got to Dan thank you for having me I'm glad you could be here so it's to want to share with the -- is a little bit in your your credentials your background is why you're clearly right here today in new. Okay well and my background is I think. I've been a physical therapist for many years at the masters degree in physical they're. And two most recent me I have and I and my certification in functional diagnostic nutrition. I'm silly -- -- various. I credentials together to created kind of a well rounded program and help people get my -- they -- Awesome awesome and that's why I was so excited to learn of the UN and you end. We have here because we're gonna going to talk a little bit more in -- today about toxins where they come from two sources. Do exposures to. -- that it affects is they have on the body and then we're gonna give a quick overview of the week you will be with us this coming Thursday may first at 6 o'clock at my office in wilkes-barre power chiropractic. And you wanna share a little bit with the listeners kind of what the effect to learn should they sign up for that free workshop. He has to actually going to be tough teen and teen market solutions to begin me kissing toxins and maintaining your health. I'm I'll go to everything from when a toxic needs function only when a toxin and and how we kind of exposed to the toxins on -- Levy says a lot of people don't realize that we're exposed to many many toxins with everything we deal from waking up -- getting in the -- -- To cooking I'm -- six Sadr asked. You know -- and then we're going to some solutions for how we can kind of we do this well we have control over. Come and I think that's that's the key you know there are certain things we don't have control over its. And we could never be in a toxin free throw around sure -- to reducing while we have control over is -- That is a key and that it will make the difference from any of you listening right now who may be. Just managing your symptoms you don't really have a true proactive health plan. So this coming Thursday is going to be a blockbuster event and I'm excited to become a student in this workshop and learn from myself voice that I can take my health to new heights. This is free folks we have a few openings laughed. If you like to register for these solutions to begin reducing toxins and chemicals and help and -- are regaining your health today it's free doesn't cost anything but you're gonna get information you'd be able to meet myself Timmy Kelly ask us questions. -- I -- -- take your health to new -- so if you like to register call 570. 8293580. Right now that's 570. 8293. To five. 80 and may be right now you're diagnosed with a condition like fibromyalgia. Or an autoimmune disease or maybe you have chronic allergies. You've tried medicine and it just clue dries you out and then -- to the effects of the medicine are off it comes back. And UN maybe no. And figure out maybe a little bit more what could be causing these different conditions give us a call right now 5708830098. Or 180437. 0098. So Kelly will toxins I know that's kind of a loaded what are toxins is a loaded question but it. Sources what do you say there's internal sources whose external sources let's start with internal sources. That made sense some of the sources that we get toxins from -- actually internalize their body. Good minutemen throughout the game we haven't I'm metabolism burning I -- calories things like found their by products the does metabolic type products in towns and toxins. Other internal sources of toxins would be things like bacteria Paris saint Sabina since pop funk is east and and things like -- Now I'm glad he does have a wonderful detoxification. System in place that saw my ex retreat -- news. But a lot of times PO I. I'm Barry years to -- -- working properly right now such as deliver exactly that -- we know army are major number one organ for detox. And the promise of so many people do their toxic lifestyles are poured diets or lifestyles. Delivers a functioning often -- and that's something we might talk about a little bit later in the program today is. What are some of the best supplements since some of the best foods that we can begin adding in to activate the -- -- delivered to open up those pathways for -- healthy detoxification. So with external sources. What we have for that. Now let me look at external -- we think more -- -- comes from our environment and that can be the outside the inside the environment relating long. I am the and we agreed to food we eat and drink -- consumed and the products we use. I'm many people don't realize that in their shampoo their can be ten to fifteen different chemicals. And you know they're using that name companies -- make sure their product. Sure I know this -- people listening right now they're running their bathrooms to pull out the shampoos serene and you know. What chemicals and -- 88 you're gonna you're gonna need to come to the seminar on Thursday if you really wanna find that out in you could even bring your shampoo into show one of us if that's a concern or other hygiene products such as deodorant and toothpaste send. How lotions and make ups and things like that -- there are natural brands out there which don't contain all the toxic substances. Now bomb. Let's talk a little bit a mountain and I'm looking here at the water you know people who we know we a lot of people may now want to choose to invest and inequality filter but fell sick with tap water. I'm -- would you say to them for somebody who is a tap water drinker. You know -- mainly drink water eating. Affleck had bottled water send tens. We really have to consider well are consuming a long -- and the a great web site and I like to take a look at -- -- and then this Environmental Working Group he dot org. And he had and then there's over 300 pollutants in US tap water. Email that was Teddy -- in 2009. Yes -- on these include chemicals such as chlorine fluoride. Come other scenes like heavy metals. There's my -- working -- sends other chemicals plastics. And to a lot of people don't realize that sometimes there's pharmaceuticals. Short in water especially when they're -- -- we -- me so. You know there can be many many things in -- and manly -- no no. Right so with the water we know to. Go with bottled water because I'm I'm trying to think of questions that I get commonly asked so we can address the people listening right now. Bottled water is safer choice than tap water but what about filters. Come typically there are filters down filter out -- -- -- -- -- he just have to look for and then -- and they do you have standalone models thank you would fail. Or something Allentown ten games seem to come in and. Bright house militarily or just plain sharks and shore and I know I love my my one that attaches to my -- and I am living a small apartment right now and I I debts that works for me and gets a gets most of the contaminants out of the water supply. It's -- back to mom we are talking about shampoos and and personal care products what are some common ones for men and women. If you wanna maybe distinguish between the two that may be they're using right now that they may have no idea or might not feel any thing wrong. But then they go we start educating them to read that he ingredient cents -- -- to make that. -- decades since especially like deodorant Suu Kyi are under are under arms in into our lymphatic chain which is in the vicinity. And if that that process is happening gain in day out over time what could that lead to -- solo into but he kind of other options can you give to our listeners. I'm glad to send men and women because a lot of times when we bring up the topic of personal care and then -- magically think and yet I mean winning and because Kentucky now make up -- -- -- And then use deodorant peace toothpaste fees after she and send her. Sonny's condition and email -- shaving cream all of those things can really contain a lot of chemicals. Yeah. Again from winning alien makeup perfume Cologne. I -- act and shampoo conditioner. -- -- -- And I know I know like I get to feel it I can feel the people listen I have so what are we supposed to use somewhere we supposed to get this stuff if that's all that they sell in the pharmacies. In the supermarkets so we're gonna talk about that. Come most of that information is going to be saved for Thursday. For the workshop we're gonna -- talk -- touch a little bit on some action steps and solutions at the conclusion of today's program. But we -- meet some -- -- we want you to come out to our seminar on Thursday. Solutions to begin reducing toxins and regaining your health today and LB may first 6 PM. That power chiropractic health Sarah wilkes-barre if he'd like to register for that workshop. Call 5708293580. That's 570829. 35. 80. No. With the when it comes to the environment obviously that's where we can't avoid because her breathing in error -- an oxygen we're exchanging with carbon dioxide end. If we live and an older home there is certain there's -- you know. Chances are maybe more -- were breathing in Moliere. Or would you say to someone who lives in their old home mom. -- a damp basements and maybe older than twenty years. Yeah there's Aladdin yeah service is now they can take care -- those kinds of things especially if they're finding that is he going to there -- -- -- -- can Chad stand Nowak. -- -- you know go out in their bedroom men and there experiencing congestion night's sleep and. Pastime but that's a very common symptom and someone who either you're listening right now you're always congested your your sinuses you can't -- effectively. And that's leading to other immune imbalances that's mall has an effect on the body OK it's a bio toxins -- Absolutely and you know we don't even think about things and sent to sixteenths new -- fifteen. You know it's it's very important that we do something simple like vacuum very regularly -- you know on a daily basis just to get all mad dusty and -- -- Sure because song that can get -- in him and Kyra how glad. How about the unplugging air freshener strain our hot commodity. For many people went out. You know -- don't -- food chemicals no I typically don't -- nice people windows -- like he knew that. There are some cleaner ways again and better sense and more candles amateur also popular movies and pretend. You may -- green very ashamed of all of its fifteen Selanne and certainly look at Harrison. And and looking -- you're getting the cleanest type of chemical -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unfortunately a lot of people make a mistake if if they're breathing end and they can see is this human doesn't have any effect on the body -- and don't make that mistake. Because a lot of the problems and symptoms. That are undiagnosed your doctor hasn't figured out. What to diagnose you with a what's wrong with -- yet might be due to toxicity so if you begin the makes a few simple changes that we're discussing here on today's program. And if you attend our workshop on Thursday and this'll take your health to new heights you're not you're not at a point where did you year -- year beyond being healthy it's not just the way things are. He need to seek out the information to take the appropriate action and then your health begins to improve and change so few left health questions from myself for for Kelly right now cause of the 570. 8830098. Or 180437. 0098. So basically. On average what would you say that the average person toxic exposure per day -- what do -- -- outside crashed in and TM guest I don't know. OK well some experts saying it's in the thousands OK really depends I mean did you while. I am Sam that it really watch it may be independent news I'm -- do not logically mean he had an occupation that exposes and you know I think of the factory where collecting an excellent chemical loses. Come being exposed to a lot of different things that can be Wellington. Yes Alison and these affects your health folks even though do we can avoid the -- leave the average person is exposed to thousands -- day. Someone who's really doing your job a couple hundred day. This is our health we can't just write it off and say oh well just forget about that and -- doing things is something that you wanna educate yourself on further learn more about. So we are you talking about environmental toxins -- air freshener his personal care products. Tap water OK we talked about food from on the sugar the artificial sweeteners. -- -- touch a little bit on that even though I kind of -- and most of that. And intense if true and also my name -- I think we also need to consider them processed foods had been chemicals and it -- come preserve it ends. The pesticides -- a lot of commercial foods -- so than non organic and then the GM goes so yes CMOs I had -- eighteen. There's not a lot of research long -- mind CMOs because you know they can't just begun to release your facts. The thing I'm thinking and to some pretty significant pain so. That's kind of up and coming back Enola we Ellison need to continue and that. Conventional. I. Animals to me as any conventional terms if -- -- mediator out there right do you mainly. If me if CME -- A hundred other cattle and a hundred other payments then they have been injected most times with antibiotics. And -- hormones for growth and health. Straight Israeli it's important to consider voluntary insane says things with -- missed the packaging you -- -- your packaging plastics that's complaints he can sit there. I'm and a lot of times when I go over with people in -- cooking match and you. If we overheat and only all. That's. Shouldn't be -- and passed this year and clean we are competing online -- right closed and toxic anger -- and wing eating them and you. Right up so many points so we're gonna continue our discussion with your after the break but. You're listening to maximize your health radio with doctor gosh just DM with our special guest -- Ford today. And the seminar that Kelly will be leading at power chiropractic health center will be this Thursday may in the first at 6 PM if you haven't signed up yet we still have a few seats open. So called power chiropractic right now to register for this free seminar. 5708293580. Again that's 5708293580. When we get back there's so much more to talk about on the topic go toxicity in the -- get more into detox and ways to begin activate your liver detox pathways in and improve our gut health in our. It's our circulation and and and so forth so stay tune you listen to maximize your health with doctor Dan polish Escude. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor -- knowledge just -- host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in -- chiropractic care for all ages -- else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching -- Attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and not synthetic -- -- Based startup life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium -- by onyx can co Q ten. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. 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Back to maximize your health with your health coach. Doctor -- -- SD yeah. Welcome back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor -- ST so this entire program today instead it. Hated to toxicity. Being women who -- seem different symptoms like brain fog tired this pain. Autoimmune illness stress. Constant blocked sinuses you name it could all go back to toxicity is being the cause of factors so. We talked about food sources artificial foods the chemicals and foods the pesticides in foods the GM most. Sugar flour we talked about. Water. How you want to invest in -- quality filter or or or use natural bottle spring water. We talked about personal care products without imminent and we're not gonna get too deep here because up most of the material and if you're if you're writing taking notes and writing down questions. And -- frustrated because you run out of time on today's program we -- answer your questions. Come to Thursday seminar. Solutions to begin reducing toxins are regaining your health today with Kelly Ford. That'll be beaten flat on Thursday may first 6 PM at power chiropractic it's free to -- you just show up. Let us know you're coming because our seating is limited -- wanna make sure that we have enough seats. How we have brand to proms and -- passer we had we couldn't fit everybody and we had to turn people away so don't wait until last minute. Call now 57082935. 80. That's 5708293580. So we talked already -- and numerous anonymous sources here. It's an hour as we begin to wrap that up and we were also could talking about the constant inflammation which he said he could -- a -- seminars on inflammation alone. Machine but let's talk about heavy metals. I think -- -- are some things that don't lend people don't realize they're being exposed to more and and they and I. I am -- -- common mean anything I environment include Mercury arsenic lead to catch me among men and and a lot more. Mercury is actually found in the killings in nineteenth many times. It is Tanzania area standing water fish it. I safely eat a lot of fish trying to get as Omega threes for how we just have to watch -- Certain this piece he says fish that I typically -- and -- answer in my entire American -- So it's important to be aware that. And American he sounds so caustic meeting in the processing of high fructose clients here as quick to -- if people aren't aware of does he think about the processed foods that contain Haifa just clients can now some may have smacking me. And that that's a strong point I know I was so we we did our annual shopping -- yesterday afternoon -- wegmans and Wilkes-Barre in as I was taking the participants around the store we came to the -- section. And I pull off the shelf this a package of stroman the whole week. Heart healthy how was advertise on the -- his heart healthy in vitamins and minerals. Only about three or four grams of sugar per serving for slice said most. But when you turn around package. In there wasn't sugar was high fructose corn syrup that was being enhanced into the spread. That goes back to if eating sugar reading -- eating things like high fructose corn syrup can make this. Dangerously toxic and causes to gain weight over time and then we can't lose a way in insist our function gradually deteriorates over. Over the course of time self. Com and now when you make the point on Mercury being links to high fructose corn syrup it's just it's mr. -- that much more reason to avoid all products containing high fructose corn syrup. And the only way for you to tell us to become an expert. Acts reading ingredient lists on food I'm on food packages. So that's something now are we are clinic can help you with seeing guys who had that. But when it comes to toxins or various specific name toxins which were not going to get into on today's program. They'll all be covered on third and during Thursday's seminar -- the first half power power practically. So now we're going to shift gears and there -- inning giving the listeners a couple of solutions what can they do now knowing what we discussed on today's program. If they fall on one of those categories -- they can't lose weight the -- they're -- third. -- -- -- -- mucus and a half food addictions to a limb and an old home. We obviously know that there's alternatives everything. Basically out there right now so give give the listeners a couple tips here of what this action they can take moving forward. I think you if you hit the nail on the head so to speak in your introduction in my niece and piano and general health. Well -- and seriously when you remove the bad things and we wondering hands the great things. Steffi she can and that's an internist and toxins we want to remove while we have control over for a short. We also want to enhance our bodies calling detoxification. Systems and how do we do that. We can do that in giving -- -- the nutrients kind of resource is it needs to function properly and I'm silly don't you know by removing and that things were also not overloading. Our board games. Went out went out warnings are overloaded many times we have I really keen Imation and went to actually embody storing toxic in subpoena fat cells. To detox tear the kind of neutralize them. So you know we -- regions as much as possible. One in -- teens I -- -- suggested people is that they eat good healthy nutritious foods come you need those nutrients for. As he mentioned before and deliver is a primary detoxification. -- again. On the river has two seasons and detoxification. And in order from both of those two run smoothly and -- to completion and to get the toxins out. We need certain nutrients -- -- that trauma center eating a wide variety of -- and thanks to close to getting the anti oxidant. Getting -- I don't nutrients are so critical all. I'm TU -- -- -- activating -- -- pathways known for a lot of he's a senior livers are dormant right now there it's just basically tissue that isn't fully functioning and eliminating toxins and and grade point under the include bio accumulation laws the more fat in the more process and on and on identifiable. And bomb was lack of nutrients vitamins and minerals that you keep accumulating in your body. These gets stored in your cells and your fat tissue. And that right there is why you're gaining weight and can't lose weight so we have to start approaching it from a comprehensive perspective and that's the only sane. Commonsensical. Approach to this. It's not just going on I like a quick a supplement pill. A weight loss pill or programs so what would you say that folks who were maybe -- upon us a particular. In commercial brands -- products may. Well I have to feed that I think it's important to first starlink could be sexy man. And that is -- your body functioning I mean certainly. You can take all the pills in the round but if you're not going to the bathroom you're not detoxify you say you need to start with the basics and really. I'm focused I'm giving you -- -- means. I'm personally in my programs we only start and detoxification. Program with -- good healthy foods and many people into very loud just on that. I don't typically punish any kind of pills persons -- products T lab -- detox. I think any can be done online at times and good clean diet can write some separate. And that again is always the best place to begin and our approaches are very similar you know in that and in that respect. As you wrap up the program again if you have our listening or maybe just tune in a few minutes ago Kelly Ford is she will be talking all about toxins in wasted nationally detox your body. I don't mean this Thursday may the first 6 o'clock PM at power tire package health center in wilkes-barre. If you like more information you can visit my website at www. Neat but doctor -- dot com. Click on under our upcoming events is more information there. The location where our office is located but if he'd like to call -- register is there's no admission fee but our seating is limited. Com now if you like to register 5708293580. Opinion that's 570. 8293580. That's for our toxicity in detox workshop and will be giving you the answer is Kelly will be shall we shall answer every any question you have pertaining to the subject. I'm sure shall remain around at the conclusion of the presentation to answer private questions as well. But Kelli if somebody wishes to you may be work with -- moving forward. You can review kind of year you're licensing your credentials things like that here as we wrap up to today's program but what is the best two way that people can get in touch with the. I'm the best we can touch it means to you can visit my website as well apparently tuned symmetry within dot com so that's SY MM MET I lie down below Ice-T HI and dot com. Or you can email me questions I can eat at -- she went in dot com. Concord where you can call me and my business -- only two sides and then 0392. And 19 cent in morning. That's great so Leo as as we wrap it up here what what what last words can you leave with our listeners today. Well I think the most important thing to deal the first step is just reading what is in the -- machines teen. I'm -- that's what's about tonight I mean homeland becoming aware and that's a whole purpose of the shows to help you become aware so again this is the final call Thursday. May first 6 PM. Power chiropractic health center -- Ford who uses -- will be leading the toxicity in detox seminar. 6 PM call 5708293580. Or register for free right now don't wait -- last mannequins are probably going to be -- 5708293. -- -- I'll see you all next week 11 AM twelfth I'm maximize your health be well be safe. And begin detox -- cleaning your body today.