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5-4-14 Paranormal Science

May 7, 2014|

We welcome back Dr. Steve Maness, Exorcist and Demonologist from the Institute of Spiritual Forensics to continue our discussion on demons, the church and exorcisms. Dr. Maness breaks incredible news about a meeting this May in New Jersey of such great importance between Jews and gentiles of faith that it will ring in something huge.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello there everybody this is mark -- you're listening to terror normal science on WYLK. And I'm here tonight with Joan -- And stands -- And unfortunately we have talked a little bit sad news that we have to pass along to everybody. If you've been following us on. FaceBook or though the -- of Pennsylvania paranormal association. FaceBook page. Unfortunately. Our dog Ben -- who more specifically is is. Joe's dog ban passed away on Friday night and it's so little tough especially for for Joseph. You know he just lost your your -- couple weeks ago and now Brandon. He was just such a huge huge part of our team in our lives and just it literally changed our group found it you know on and on -- nationwide. People worldwide level like we never even thought possible and but no -- man just our you have to go. Through -- back thank you thank you why did I want to thank all the -- -- supporting him on FaceBook and nine million subprime mr. Mueller got him. Comedy piece website and it's just -- -- -- Austria Austria Williams -- second -- reverend Tom thumb the good thing is is -- Just like my dad he down there -- front of our family and friends and just kind of happens suddenly and not. So yeah I guess that's that's the -- containing good out of it that is it and also a lot. Also it is not so I'm proud to be my father son and I know of course our minds some also is -- -- to be new -- owner the dog made me proud new response times and he's got. First came anchor goes he had -- to bank robbers Joan Guzman drug arrests and I mean he. He'll sound missing children and you know and help people out not only in this signed of course holocaust -- market paranormal field so -- Accused the other pioneer can force their way through and I'm very proud and very promising as Montana of course heard -- since part of this group. -- it when we first sat down and talked about using him for paranormal investigations that came out of the way that. That you work with him he was trained to. Indicate I'm very specific things in and we can easily adapt and over to paranormal investigations and key off of certain things and monitor certain changes in him. At the time may be no offense was happening and -- you know when we started talking about using him I don't think any of us really hadn't anticipated the direction the group would go just by. Having you know our proverbial dog come -- -- -- -- -- -- when I say you know had he had a world why did it affect she literally did we were getting. Emails literally from all over the world from. Paranormal investigative teams and other receiver and a and a few people in veterinary hospital who wanted to know how we were using him to investigate him. They were creating their own Investigative Group to. Investigate locations that were animal research facilities yes you know overseas again we help get them together and end. Gave them our advice on how we use our dog and and what to look force -- You know animals evidence if you will. And you know -- he was on our panel plants the haunted him that was a key reason that they kept asking us to come back was because of his involvement with our team. In the and you know what he humane it's so easy to -- -- -- -- the most I mean I had a -- -- -- -- -- -- Australia and then -- -- -- family. Com -- for small -- has a new chip on album because you know he was my partner he he he also would save my life at one point. And numb as far as the general Stanley says he made easy that was almost human like I mean. I and I say that Wear with pride of course and I mean even you know what to one investigation run -- that we've talked about on the show was -- can you wanna come out of the room we just kept coming over me like you know like you like a personal role -- -- take on Joseph let's go to candy knows all of those things stand on policy Hughes who's so human -- cannot. Definitely lost some -- -- -- point. And it was very bizarre to me after -- with them for a little while and make -- most pet owners may be able to pick the cell -- especially dogs but. You can tell the emotions just by the look on his face when there was curious angry protective. I can't remember where this was but I I do remember rewrote the case and he actually got between. You win night in and whatever was ahead of us in do you like almost in a protective stance and didn't want us going forward that obsolete samples from calling it off. And even -- -- home health is up one dollar chip from there to protect my mom and that of course. And I won't point come from our knock on the door and he Bennett never know on this individual before. So my mantra let Amanda and he just not would not a memo to downstairs it was on his Terrell -- he just for whatever reason didn't like -- -- in the door. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- cyclists and elementary and I don't know what he was gonna do you know he just so that's that's six cents and then again like I said firfer dog and then firm partner. You know my my heart please everything you know since -- have possibly and I it's. It is tremendous process to myself there was it was a tough loss for the whole team and I know it's a just a super loss for you wouldn't you know we're gonna miss some women. This well you know well thank you. -- -- -- it's -- one really quick story though about actually don't know from the the night he died here I mean we're gonna get into our our guests. Right after that if it's actually. From last week -- returning guest on the reverend doctor. Thought Steve man is so we just had so much to talk about last week we didn't get it all in we want to get vacuums are gonna get to him in just a minute but. -- Friday night I was out investigation with Virginia and another gentleman who comes -- to help our team Jackie and so Virginia of course is that the psychic medium that works for team. Yes and we had been at the house for a little while and Virginia was talking to the family and giving them some impressions of what was going on in them that kinda led into. Some personal information from their family. And she turns and looks and says -- -- -- got a dog your schools it's a big dog and chose -- to German shepherd. And she's involved he's Donna ready and when -- with her information afterwards talking about it she was saying. That this dog reminded -- Ben. And we always turns out that this was from literally probably minutes after he had passed friend just you know you might discuss the -- and let us and he probably past me in and around 730. I think I'll sort of tell -- point I don't know it was a turnaround time and he said Virginia was doing -- -- Virginia was saying later that it it reminded her Ben -- you know having no idea that he had had passed away. Didn't think her wildest dreams and that would have been banned but you know after she heard the news the next morning you know she called up considerably cal -- that was Ben you know and put it altogether so I'm Sharapova wasn't. Someone who does she feels he's tell your dad's side and put a beautiful place to be and so why I'm in the actually loved each other sort of that's fantastic for me here. All right well delegates and two tonight's guest is we do have an awful lot to talk about. It's our returning guests from last week the reverend doctor Steve McManus got your man -- welcome back. More sorry I'm doing great how Ryo welcome back welcome back Pakistan. Actually I'm -- I'm very sorry I'm gonna unless we -- bury your dead or not. Thumb now of your daughter I'm in them and -- its compound a junior chamber just. Thought we spoke last time we shall we awards and -- do you go comfort you learn to restore you just trust them -- And this this is just horrible cycle that he. He's put together is living in notifying them as you know. And all that before and they have to let -- know. So did just some hang in there till Helio -- -- -- -- you know your core arm him because she's got things from the time. Troll thank you sir appreciate that you'll you won't. Doc as a man of faith do you believe that -- all of God's animals do find out -- place in heaven. That's a really your question I've been asked at least 400 times by people around. And that's without actually being there are no that's it's a hard -- percent to I don't you know or anybody else saw. There's -- very clear about -- heaven you know and who goes there and who doesn't. It's not real clear about marital situation. You have an -- created you know. Through to be company to us through Detroit -- first two broad variety of things for people. People that you -- my Dorgan have been well. Hope to go to -- you have to meet certain standards that I don't know animals -- me let alone but you also home. You also have to have through twelve year relationship with the lord. -- -- he created the animals and then he wouldn't destroyer creation of his or anything of the sort I don't know what that. Feel that affect -- life cycle is for animals. Umpire I know that god doesn't punish Larry King orders you create something just to destroy him and turn his back comment. So -- -- real good question. For me. I deal mostly with -- -- people to understand award because that's showing where they do get -- animals don't really have. Veto power. Our -- make up our consciousness. Our ability our ability to -- -- people from darkness sort. For the word of -- -- that's sort of it's a tough question to say -- mean to -- expert -- -- and having you have probably do I mean. This is scripture and decided that no it doesn't. Yet I can't imagine really while the scriptures are being written that was the important thing to focus on her just so passion for important information to get out there. You know I you know I'm gonna see my dog heaven probably wasn't at the top list of -- could push our. But I tell you know as as part of you know a living being living energy you know I think there's there's some place in the universe and animals go to. You know so I guess three -- -- -- -- and -- you know. Don't put understand there's so that they don't go out there there's cycle is just -- in this world. Bomb that the lord promise is that if you don't trust -- him and you don't have and be with them. That until remove Walton Sorrell from your heart and your spirit that says and -- Croatian troops. So. So I mean -- -- Obama have lost in the past I -- -- there are I like to see him. They're -- you know I don't. I'm not going to be in pain or hurting over this gonna be removed from my my soul though that's the type stuff to be no more tears but remember. Then you don't I just wanna say two with. It's. Conversation that we started last week we we have actually had done a lot of questions acumen in him. We asked you to come back in this is something we can go on for literally weeks talking about I'm sure but die I want to throw out there before we do get into. Some deeper conversation here that. We have us something called Tex talk. Where. We -- this before but it's been down for while its backup just to let our listeners know. And if you like to ask a question for you wanna make a comment what you don't wanna get on the air make a phone call you can text us. And just text us at 99404. -- 99404. If you put the word talk in front of it you know go directly to -- and how filtering down but don't. You know put talk him wherever your messages or just a Texas at 994. 04 and I give us your questions or comments so all people have excuses so don't human voice on the -- you have no longer excuse no excuse -- -- really funny -- what happens. You know we have a lot of good conversation during the show and I think a lot of people are hesitant to call in -- with a lot of the topics we discussed what. As soon as the show is over restart getting hit on the on FaceBook with private messages or text him personally and everybody's got a comment or -- question that they wanna ask them. Did mention last week -- the FaceBook was gone pretty. -- -- Well -- trying to give us some people a little bit of background about yourself again I know we've we've briefly talked about it. Last week and you have such. A real combination of -- behind you actually you were born into -- Jewish family correcting them. You learn your way through several schools and in the -- you know you know affiliated with several different religions correct. So did denominations. I. How old are you are helped. -- -- -- Christian group so I told you were Jewish groups around my issues are yards. All right I got older and I told him once -- Muslim imam. And also Hindu priest so. Are trying to guard him is not like Paramount what I am or what I sense. And I yards so it as far as being a member of although no but it how do I do know about them. And I understand one of the places that I did see you had dug deep and had some training I was Baptist Bible colleges are correct. Is that in Pennsylvania held near a script. -- I see there you go my -- must solve itself and a great little town. -- clarks summit. Yeah that's so literally right in our backyard you're pretty much. They're great regulation -- Rule of you know and just thumb if I could have don't want our young verified that weren't there -- -- Jeff Sherwood but it's soft. Com I was one through support group my school my scoring writer works from without through. You're online there but it's a very good college and some American home -- They need our took a lot of talk theology classes in college and I found a really fascinating I would sort of opened my if my mind. As compared to just limited to teachings that I got from from the other faith I grew up in body and it's really neat to see. The core elements that are the same and then there are some some differences and and there are some stuff that's. Really just each particular groups put her own morals on on how they feel you should live for tough. You know there are a lot of common core beliefs again a lot of different religions. I mean -- the moral and ethical standard is pretty much. Are essentially the same armed a lot of them how -- I mean certain things from one religion or one young group hopefully -- your -- -- -- incorporated that into their belief system. So all know are hosting a barbecue commonality between his -- system brought certain differences through home. Which Hinduism. There's always figures that. Hum hum how many guns they outgrow Moorestown foot arm do you know who Chris sharing your views are mourned our unified in fact there's there's. One -- you know christianity into the Pentagon says it's three -- is one person was trinity. Com Judaism just spears and god. Has control act both. That also can be shown to be. Not a security about purely Genesis chapter members 26. Why would one person or one entity or one -- say let us make them hear our image. The Germans one point -- as -- -- -- about. There's there's duck our -- it has to be more than one as some sort of started by those trust trust. No lets -- completely fine we actually I take a break believe it or not if but we have a whole pile of questions for you from -- our listeners from last week and if you move around. So we're gonna ask you to stand by what we take a break in -- ask everybody else so hang in with this we'll be right back. All right welcome back to an animal signs and -- we're talking again. Doctor Steve McMahon Aspen institute of spiritual forensic stock solution. -- I don't quick question here on the order we're talking in the break in. Why the questions account was did you tell us the difference between the demon all just an exercise because I mission you're both correct. You know. Wolf I think I'll just. Did not newly ordained OK I am these studies. First -- I've spoken dynamics. This history of these -- theological background the crew via. These -- inception of demonic activity has Satan. And they they pretty much study than pretty much have we done on their own some university anthropology department have. -- sort them out is known -- great. Com to be someone who's an actress is -- you have to be you're doing harm or at least. That's what it seems to be hesitant -- they -- most nominations won't have come. The layperson ordained because in on the theological background. Our northern familiar with the dynamics that take place when you're dealing with -- -- Com so the -- refuses entities. You're -- all you really know about -- I don't know how do Matt -- spoke a little bit last week we talked about they don't know you don't. The start on doing what they -- more current conversation we give into what not a conversation given to -- them to think. -- what to do what not to do they just know about them. They can identify them manage their winter -- certain type of activity but they can't perform actually is and as they try and com they're probably gonna get them so from a lot of trouble. They don't quit what they're doing so. Now on the way to thank you work if someone wanted to. An exorcism with what would be media like to standardize. Procedures that you would go through the steps you go through before getting to that point. -- Thank you mentioned my history shows that about 87% the inquiry is like yet. So close to learn from them there's such as the -- are concerned are usually the barn door you know don't require that palm. When -- when I'm asked to get involved -- -- that you -- -- member -- some church leader priest pastor minister. Rabbi. I'm amazed that something they can do about it -- bishop homered twice -- covered this call me. -- though there was something you weren't sure they want to know about and they weren't they've been everybody that deals so what I do is our response to these things -- Fit is not a fast process so carried and MIR line along sometimes some information gathered by. Groups like PGA thumb as as some framework for some basis for me was sloping pops up under there thumb you know. Well I have there's further questions but I look I was a series of diagnostic questions that I ask proved to be. Individual who make claims. Obama also require medical clearance and the psychological slash psychiatric clearance. Com and awards that during both. -- those areas are in good health and are stable. Also conduct a second series of diagnostic questions. And occasionally will make a site visit. But usually pretty much ripped the second or third series of questions I know what's going on to talk to family members friends. I get as much -- as possible of course I talked to their clergy are involved in the church -- I get all the pieces together and things fit. So we move on. What that they're -- they don't fit them on your -- won't -- remember whose social last week. When I've done it there have been other clergy there are there other family members serve and I also paramedic to monitor vital moments -- doesn't come off. There's a lot of cases that we actually get called how to and a lot of people say that I had my -- my priest to my pastor or whoever -- can do blessing. They won't be the core reason why he thought you know blessing on its own just wouldn't work. Crude -- just simply blustering our astronauts have to vote for house from first person whenever I come I don't do a lot of bump. Strands of forced to avoid saying OK because anybody can -- anybody else serve god was a year ago was this house serve. Don't feel very deferential they want. I'm -- doesn't really do much because. Whatever is there when there was affecting individuals within that person or their location. The blessings just kind of -- -- it's kind of flushed out the most clergy. Especially priest. Will do -- -- -- your first -- was quite frankly they're not. They have no idea how to deal with -- -- and I don't know much about actual flu and last time we talk has not toward brilliant and these seminars. Okay the Vatican has managed to review and Jim Rome always trying to train. Appreciative to do this and to understand and identified but. That's not working out real well we either simply because -- in catholicism. Found a lot of men don't want don't commit to the large file -- you know. Coach sacrificing folder human needs so newspaper you know so this thing and so on and so forth self. But. You know we it's it's it's not something that's -- so its first thing everyone does and I are very COLT threw just like you know from from people are. I'm pretty sure of morality here and did blushing. And Paris flow problem well. I believe them there were problems but house spokesman Rory you know. Plus you know what holy water or whatever it felt that you and that doesn't know what I was gonna actually some of the entries are here when you have -- -- dealing with. You know how fortunate she is the general flushing a person's general. Stephen I'm going to go partial with the oil -- 36. That's coming on the power -- but when. You have before you can texas'. That's totally different procedure and it's totally different sort of rules and it's something that. And authorities so just saying. Oh lord protect his personal protect this -- you're actually going to battle with god behind -- -- pushing into the into real and his power. And your finger -- this thing down and confronting us. You know and and that is far different than -- -- watching -- future of our people -- cars we will thermal who's just. And then nothing -- demonic -- I don't wanna discourage anybody from having that -- -- they should continue to have their church come -- by all means you know I I think you should do it. -- -- this -- yeah I always told him the only -- -- -- or you when you B plus player priest -- -- we're gonna. It can't work there. Yeah especially if you buy a new house I mean that's that's great you know have somebody come out right from the beginning while it's -- -- clean them into -- blessing right up front I like that. Still some places now. I know some states I think require. -- closing on a house forest certification to be issued I don't think much about it but I heard it. Spoken of that. That thousands and isn't sort of quote wanted as part of the closing documents since when -- -- I don't know properties. Tennis or not although we acquiesce bait women are more common in front of you seen the real state as yet there. -- might my wife was a real surge and bush hasn't done that work in in a few years now but remember her telling me she went to the training seminar. And that's one of the things they brought up it wasn't. Be a law in Pennsylvania that they had to disclose that flight. Should does someone have some -- issue going on in the house and it was known by the former occupants of the car and they didn't disclose that they can be sued. Threw him a lead simply wasn't an issue. Go on the I heard those things are going on and as part of what we touched on last week -- -- horizon activity of this nature. -- it's become. I mean even regulate people who don't are showing a property we're going to -- property it's affecting them even on their big men have this virtual person at all. But the rise in this type of activity is happening. And it's it's getting close to him don't Jordan -- You know no two ways about it. Now what are we ask you this question it -- are there different kinds of demons and we try to explain that a little bit to. You say is say demons that may be. In -- home and our our very subtle let's say that that sort of just -- there and don't really. A fact of the family that they even realize it you know. All the way up to full blown and gotten scratched and things flying across my house are there different levels of of you demonic presence. Absolute -- emergency. Come I guess to best the best thing astrologers like if you're in the major league baseball players as some guys are good -- some guys are good hitters. Some -- -- good feel there's. There are around. Did this book they're all different dangers like are all different kinds of people and there are people who claim you know that there's virtual mirror and really don't walk that way and -- move that way and com some people claim their engineers and I'm not so it's been demonic issues we're doing with market and the issue -- Do you find. That. Fifth Ers aren't and I I don't claim to know how to respond by a series non don't think anyone does. Com -- if they're there were armed they're allowed him or someone actually. Phil has cemented their lives -- their home of their families. Armstrong could you be -- Just took courses harmonies from could be there field where word -- -- like just barely above one of feeling that was present there. Maybe they're just scores this harmony. Scores. Items like -- could be put somewhere also you know fairly innocuous things -- I got a call came -- just this past week. Where. You know she says this just something this is open this quote is. She's in pharmacy it's also not hard for when it. When you talk about other demons they're more -- assignments are they Karen possessive they're allowed through there are invited him. -- knowingly either by omission of culmination. Com and and they can cause problems they can cause someone to daughter who the first of them favor straight faces -- And so there are there are variety demons. The variety you vote vote vote. The monitor activities are going on there and -- -- -- some last week a little bit fat how they give -- lives of properties com. It's it's. -- is for the most part. Most of this virtual people I know we're deeply you know god fearing people -- and try to walk fairway crews were not appropriate for all sinners but. They they never usually no problem -- com -- boy I talked to after the first round of diagnostic questions friends. Your local -- -- -- -- -- this ouija board are participated in. Since then and -- social experimentation or aware or whatever how do you know long par reserve crackberry in my worships Satan or whatever whatever so. There are those types of things that's just opened the door for some of the worst creatures and their -- so yes there are different. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The friendly. You know the family man woman and children news. There's guards origination and therefore statement that and you want to destroy them and -- anonymity because just. And aero for disharmony in the home. Spent part of possession but but there's something here and it's it's meant so upset. God's creation and her more -- -- is because you know as a family man woman and children. So we have very different types of them are different varying degrees of involvement of those different -- team. For Steve and correct me if I'm wrong but I mean it which I -- I won't mention their names but found there's a belief in the -- in the compulsive immoral that there's actually hum. Possessions such as people that have mom let's say it committed suicide -- there's a specific spirit by a specific name actually. Becomes these people and actually -- -- their bodies to make them commit suicide correct. You know there are -- our own on the nominations. Both. Fulbright is different religious affiliation because some of them believe that they can actually. You know. They it's specific -- to agreement and that that's that's feasible we thought we 'cause but I don't want harm but thumb. Vote. I'm sorry I've got exactly what you did it because it's always got just beyond. I'm sort of Marmara duration as some. There is very very definite thumb. Group of people who prescribes certain activities start starting sinful activities through monetary right. Just specific demons now is that true. It probably is can I prove it's you know. But. But I can articulate some web sites that I don't normally frequent I Don because people told me they were involved -- -- -- with a gun involved with. But our web sites that actually have pictures statement certain demons with certain sexual organ -- and say you know let's say you know I -- -- man -- -- made no bones about it you look at the site know who. Was running. Right a little marlin a question about a -- Melissa look this way you know if you future on the white side so to speak you know we have our saints in the -- and then you know on the compulsive side we have -- -- -- -- We pray to just a much as they have those. Other things that they pre -- for herself there's like you know there's there's a whole demon part of it in and I guess it would be their I'm such a resort sings but it would be there. Demagogues that they that they -- so they're for the call on them on the big guy you know. Step exactly I'm -- you know I mean. Since world you know part of creation is making choices and -- three well and vanguard gives us that sometimes you make better choices words and borrow your car or. Activities -- involved. And you're probably doesn't love us we should listen if you want -- trying to put here's my morning and there are at least 25 warnings right in the -- has. I'm still with certain things so. Palm board such as those for free world about social creation from -- about do you make choices in your favorite consequence. All right well we have to take another commercial break we're talking with the reverend doctor Steve McManus from the institute though spiritual forensics. And we're gonna. Get to a few more questions continue our conversation and doctor man this has. From the announcement come up about a big meeting this month so we're gonna talk about that a little bit stay tuned and. -- -- Today's controversy. As some listeners. Spontaneous enlightenment may in turn. Are you welcome back we are on the air with doctor Steve menace from the institute of special friends ex. I'm dot com -- -- -- squishy honestly mark we are calling for us. Yeah we do we -- Joseph from Berwick calling with a question I guess that relates to on the evil Felton Vietnam. Julia never. Yeah I don't know welcome what was on the show drop. Bring -- sure all very good solution. Why you have mom the first personalizing your children I was with a virtual rivers -- you know sort of signal caller com but I. And the first person pushing utility will push up position. Am. This is a 1966. Then you can purely evil mirror he could actually feel it and we had to. It was actually Burge says I don't wanna get into -- because it is virtually all that TC open -- like Satan insult. And -- control things. -- You can actually see all the evil of wickedness and beer. And you could see in the eyes of the economy. Which are we -- -- captivity. I was with the once every third or worm produced. Which was sort -- for unit which -- really. And none are sitting -- And when one order for very Jewish coalition for people for us. I don't know. Fear of course you go to almost up faster -- -- just a church although I don't. Think sort of proper worry well founded. But you can feel the evil in the year you could actually feel that you could you give -- you don't arms it is it is hard to describe. -- am the first sign that I shouldn't shuffle uses and you killed aria from. Emerging street children themselves. -- -- over your small embankment. And efficient Michigan for a wish sweeping. And and immigration in my -- -- grabbing me informative facts. All but two time British person I didn't really sort of make I was Roman -- with a thumb problems -- -- but no drama trafficker took time push and I made -- sign of the cross and ask what that was all about I explain it to him briefly. -- -- -- Always very you can children here was like very early. Jill first I wanna say thank you thank you for your service to our country I cannot think goes but another time where. You you have so much fear and death in hatred and killing going on. Where it's just -- volatile negative mix. A huge emotional impact. On everybody everybody involved from all sides. Well did -- see -- -- -- And there are some marbles. Well let me ask -- doctor -- -- so -- if -- period like that I mean there there literally is. He evil -- and I can imagine hum. So would you agree that would usher in a lot of negative beings at that time. Well off you don't -- for yourself speed and I wish I truly don't if you will an -- people wickedness. Was it was. Prominent. Okay. Snyder and I usually concerned either. -- -- -- I'm -- good EL Doctorow poses kind of asking know with everything that Joe's love describing their and he can literally feel. The evil in the air he's saying I mean I don't know another you know another event. With like war that that would I think opened the gates -- before -- will come in would you agree. Yeah on the matter of fact. This. There are a variety of things course -- from and an award. Shows. Numerous times and all the new covenant -- new testament that. Com that these things -- gonna happen and they're gonna intensify then and who who pauses well. Who -- -- -- creations of god. And and so and is not a factor Matthew 24 or -- -- tell you remind my kids series. Job than that Jews actually says before our return certain things are gonna happen. Bomb if anybody read anything in their life freeze Matthew board -- Jewish Matisyahu chapter 24. The prison there the first thing he says there's OB wars and rumors of wars. Any talks about all the things that would happen that that he's not doing. Okay is being done by demonic forces that's part of our lives we've we've talked throughout earlier him and activities bombard yeah and awards own. That's good because why would -- amount amount turnovers and all for no reason they think -- challenge before. Good coming hours I was I didn't go to Vietnam because Q you mentioned was. For the elected when I was question why do more I finished off the dreaded east southeast our troop reductions by. I was ready to go I didn't agree with the war but I don't sound that. And who wore on even now with something Ukraine or or around the world in Rwanda the genocide so. Those things groups of statements. There always war there always will be and Romero who's in politics. People sermon stop this I'm gonna stop down I'm demand this from the man that. There won't end here -- -- -- -- these things are gonna increase before the lord's return reads -- -- -- forests and explained there he explained that I. Because they're the apostles were asking him regularly. Still when you're gonna come back -- you sign your return what's this army returned and he says only the father knows. Okay what do you do you give them a little bit of an inkling then if you remember -- up to 24 probably. They're probably you cannot believe there are probably give you -- to start thinking about what you do believe. Definitely puts things in perspective beyond. Since Joe's over there you know in 66 I -- that's what they were just saw -- quote unquote sending advisors. Dogs. Little respect zero arguably one -- you duplicate talk about it. Maintain and we -- how much you grow up. Decease and -- -- in. We've had a little well. And no one wish you all for bulk. I'm not a person. Good -- -- Lou will work closely wanted to do -- -- -- -- Later intervened. And sit do -- there's water. And Vietnamese or not. The prosecutor insecurity fear -- Warsaw I was not this. -- -- session wore I wish there involved in Oakland Raiders but I features of man's inhumanity to man. And vigorously -- -- who who don't wanna I wanna -- everybody walked off to war. That's that's a severe character. I don't know -- talk from unless it's your character and then you're good man for something that com. These are sub mariner mission the first person received utility Jacques -- something like and certain scripture. And there's not always good to flourish. Further explore and sometimes -- -- -- first. Bishop whose -- was the first wanna get killed. Joseph with the experiences you went through there or did you find out that. It helped to increase your faith or did it. 020 increased trade my brother and my grandmother prayed for me either went on her knees constantly when I was over there are always human -- -- -- report -- -- one -- we want to -- -- -- water. And not I've heard on TV briefly. And I'm not sure when I mean I was -- I would sort full month and a platoon cultivate. So trust me I got to see more combat them I wanted to eighteen years old lady I'm. Creation have to go through Nevada yeah well Jill thanks thanks for Conan and some things for sharing your story this year sure what -- Thank you Europeans are -- -- era. Think if you're servicing on the Matthew 59 sesno -- are the peacekeepers from their loans the so called the sons and console on the template at that -- I think you. -- director of the night. Doc I want to love before we run out of time here get to. This is so big meeting that's coming up up between the people of Jewish faith in in gentiles can -- Tell -- little bit about that. Few are out to be very cautious in doing up what. Like when when Jews told hostile urine in about your tort reform certain things are gonna happen but he could reveal the exact -- congress father knew that. I'll tell you some things. I have spend. Good numbered years my life between ten and twelve. Pretty much doing a full time job on the side. Which is trying to understand why every. Church and every group says where the first church or where the first believers -- where the first special -- original that. And when apple wants for these years. I contacted third through denominations. Of probably more than that but 32 were actually conversation went. Com and I was old rejected -- -- placement theology which is rampant throughout. Most of those churches and systems of churches. Given that now on people -- fuel only or Rory or trek through my email and like ransom but the bottom line is. After all these years of implode trying to make my point and submitting briefs for people to review and meeting and talking and I'm just getting. Totally employs some great. Responses. There is. There wasn't a very large eastern church that. Was very close to Jewish people -- matter of fact they worshipped as one of them the first century. Where. The first original. Porsche -- you sure Jews took place and so regarding Jerusalem. I was doing Gentile there they remembered the nomination that in -- first -- there appear on the program manager and that's the worship. And so what happened on their toll here is. And all my experiences with all these denominations with -- fondly we've -- -- to the point now where there are a lot of Jewish believers. And this -- -- stern thought people who are your worship church barrio called a charge really there's no real short towards voodoo ritual -- How do it because as assembly okay the assembly of believers but. Churches and -- with the word but nonetheless. We're we're about to have a meeting. Where. We're gonna have for seeking to have a real unified fellowship -- Jew and Gentile toward called for originally. As it was from the very beginning the first time in years both. Toxic to charge for those -- Merkel as somebody. But -- Jews and gentiles believed together and they worship together and they didn't have these are made him have Christmas and maybe in your -- for marketing roaring right back. They're just working toward -- as soon as he -- -- and took communion with each other. And speculated might. Felt I mean there was 630 mosaic -- I think you know under the old testament. And I was ultimate abolished surgeries is closer look at -- -- -- Over 15100 -- kind of lost so what really happened nothing -- -- work himself. So where we're going to be meeting next week. In northern New Jersey. This could be a very historic meeting because. They will be the first time where the two bodies actually unified. Put out a statement a doctrine of faith of Terry that -- original group of believers -- Jews and gentiles in the synagogue in Jerusalem. Forced to share that with -- as many people as possible. Which would eliminate replacement theology would all help to eliminate anti semitism although that's part of signals to. But it would give people place to come just to worship. Up to the where friends -- close or you know or straight or you can't have this picture of communion because you didn't do that all broken people and and the sooner we realize that we're you know were people who were one denomination really weren't going out. 700 terrific. To be better for everyone and I think the -- would be smarter about that but that's gonna take place. Next week. As we speak I mean I'm I'm writing up some paperwork for this meeting but -- very large eastern church. I can't say more than that. But there are there the oldest. They worship with the Jews and teachers -- with them. In the first seven years 200 years of -- believers. The first kimbo. -- voters are making charts. The original gospels weren't paramedics but no charge we'll tell you that. Fumbles but -- want to distance themselves from the intraday routes over confusion is never so -- -- Christian and he never says. Everything would argue is -- came for the Jews first -- -- felt so I'm not trying to be offensive board of trying to do is let people know. Thank god is moving and there are a lot of people fed up with their charges because they've really become -- -- we talked about the slash -- you've become social Summers. Empires from and to spread his books. Or you know or just nonsensical rules and that's how warships about not all of award expected and so this meeting is. Probably from -- culmination of twelve years of frustration and -- because. I never ever expected this group's sir you are you -- back together and there are very large body. Oh boy you are so -- so they're released from church. Which we're toward their original church is there enough. And and a lot of Jewish measuring Jews or Jewish believers then -- sure for Jesus. And not a -- server is over liturgy would be totally Aramaic but there would be some things you know that. Still we're not trying to get invited to speak you've repeated punches right you know we're just trying to get people to work together and anguish whatever they're Communist. And -- and their native tongue and understand that this is how it originally went down so this is. Very big bomb there are a bunch of newspapers and TVs that have already contacted me I don't know how but they did. While the -- god I hate to say is the word we're out of time already you know -- -- we wish you the best to law thank you so much and he's ninety. Thank you got bush -- just that's it for paranormal science have a great night. Thanks to listen to easily tonight.