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5-12-14 What? Am I Lyin?

May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He ran kick here and other -- don't know legally in the history books here at a clip notes. Don't carry so far at all last week they seriously put logging on the table as a way to raise money logging they think they got some trees down at mount park and solemn. The -- at the idea not a parking itself is that they might hire marketing consultant to figure out of -- work wild. They might spend money to hire somebody who best case scenario what -- -- Canada trees that cover is bill. And lugging what the that's the idea for additional revenue and it came out of that meeting it narrowly defeated hoping the county of up in somebody's well and diving resort -- treasure. A couple of pounds in the paper last week with an Angel might throw her hat in the ring but -- executive job if black county get the vote yes returning council. And the big -- yet there is a real luminaries on that rocked their. Dreaming about it from previous regime tool we have an even get the job black urban can be resumed the inmates cut my grass reported that MI out program. When they went back over delivering Johnny right Bob. Comments at an annual dinner where -- got to bring decorations. And one guy who used to be a commissioner and I get -- ten -- that weakens our commissioner. Monica Lewinsky's back in the knows he did an interview get a book -- -- whatever. Do you think Bill Clinton found her attractive I say it was better -- get right to give birth parent tight rope walkers whatever you know don't look down. I'm right or am I object. News went to remain CEO WY. We will be right back everywhere aren't always --