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Democrat candidate for governor Allyson Schwartz and Corbett

May 9, 2014|

Democrat candidate for governor Allyson Schwartz talks to Corbett.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Clock is ticking on that may twentieth primary but Allyson Schwartz is making no apologies. -- taking the campaign to the other candidates. And no apologies. For burial woman. -- pin caught -- -- women recently club -- and. Allyson Schwartz Schwartz are all about. It's about trying to do well yeah without getting things done from Pennsylvania families that's there. So and then I've played kids had not been for me it's been for all of us and it's certainly have been for children and they don't -- women men and you know from economic growth we we have worked really understated -- -- but it doesn't get done. When you called what she the first thing I thought was here they golf. These are the good little boys they're gonna come home run in any year they're either going to try to -- you warn your little or the -- usual being -- is a good old boys still. Well you know I've talked about data but yeah I'd well first let me say there are certainly moments I think for any. Any woman but no government -- what job she he had has -- -- Where we've been and sometimes can you write one or the other -- been dismissed just nod. The detectives tonight deal or are still being called -- to effective and that's been -- pushing. And you would never -- those -- about a man you just couldn't. You want and and that's what that's what I'd been arguing for decades and I do believe that more and more men and women are recognizing. That this is a strategy. To keep women in their place. And I. Don't think it. And -- decisions within their place what you're gonna me. Well you know it is. They get a recently you've heard. Who had a lot of conversation at different he myself I heard. They get -- could stop killing little girls it that they shouldn't be bossy. You know it's kind of a good point if you want women to be bought shares. They believe they shouldn't it discourage them from being policy unpredictability all -- channels. -- those kinds of things and a year it's it's important for us to recognize around the biases against. Put into language that then is either dismissive. And certainly not encouraging -- but even worse you know on the whole issue of women. Not being paid equally to men it's not just a women's issue it's a handling issue and I think the president says his second national. Economic issue of the economy need to limit during the campaign this -- could go to the dollar they -- that they spend on supporting their family. And don't drive the economy so it's -- very important issues but certainly 2014. -- -- Given moment in this campaign when I do feel that. -- had to do. Really -- proved myself yet again and even after all of these years. Having accomplished important work on behalf of Pennsylvania and I think families. On and there are people say relief did you did you -- can -- them like we should really ask a man and I think people. You're not you're absolutely right and and you're the only woman in the Pennsylvania congressional delegation you're you're a woman who if elected to the governor's job would be the first woman governor and Pennsylvania. I believe that you're scaring the Democrats and you're scaring the Republicans and rightfully -- all. The governor no relation to major Tom Corbett has even launched -- women for corporate coalition so I think that's the issue of gender. Absolutely needs to be dealt -- absolutely needs to be viewed in the in the sense of what what our issues important. Particularly to women as well as command education health care reproductive matters unemployment. And that's why I sense momentum on your part are you picking it up as well. Absolutely. And I can hear you from men as well who feels that it is time for a woman of mind. Experience and my accomplishments and I can use so that experience send and know how I did get to work for Pennsylvania family is and you know the fact is that I am telling him the wonderful sense of momentum back I was just just back from looks very myself I was in the apple so this morning and -- back in Philadelphia this afternoon. I was in Bethlehem and in Allentown 9 yesterday and this morning and so -- I've been -- -- northeast of Pennsylvania and ninth concert stage and I am seeing so many people who come up to -- change they're excited about. Unlike that think they know what can become harvest. On -- -- help me do that and most importantly they believe that I can be the -- governor who will fight for them. And funding -- education making sure kids to their -- be Affordable Care Act making sure that we key economic growth because we aren't talented. Stayed with great resources but we need to we need a political leadership we need that leadership the government the military gets things done and make it asks. Before you called. I had a caller who is a supporter of yours from this area one of my listeners. And -- was interested in talking a little bit and we don't have all that much time but pure sugar shouldn't talking a little bit about some of your proposals with regard to voting. The radical idea that maybe we should make voting easier for people. Absolutely. -- -- as we approach Election Day on May twenty yes. How many people preview elicit even know that it may -- any of still -- How do we don't inform people about the Election Day. But but also critically important is we do not make it easy for pennsylvanians and vote. So many other states or removing -- same day registration to them. Vote by mail for two or three weeks before the election. Well we live busy lives and confronted safety don't show up on any particular due date in May or in November you can't cast their ballots. You've given her a couple of headlines we read we should be able to both buy it by now getting an absentee ballot is hardly miss the deadline -- You know you can't vote count on getting the right to vote is too important to make it so difficult. That conversation you will fight don't remind people that governor Corbett. Has been trying to make it harder to vote. Feel like creating a voter ID law that was completely unnecessary abstract ballots -- -- -- court recently and just for the just today that's. That they need to get a policy not gonna go through another repeal this law. Which it leases are spending our taxpayer dollars size and make it harder for both. That's a good thing that really how awful how unconscionable. How undemocratic. Dad Tom Corbett wanna make it more difficult not attack each yes for our citizens to vote. I'm more -- one -- watch people all over the globe. Fighting for the right to vote I watch people standing in line knowing full well that they might be jeopardizing the lives of their families. By doing that and you hear the leaders so called from the Republican Party in the Democratic Party commanding these people and they should come and these people. But there -- -- contrary. We'd make it difficult call for people. Not got a theory on that and I think that that's the way the party should control their numbers that's the way they control their money they don't want the wild cards -- shown up who might decide Allison Schwartz who. He's the best. Nominee for the Democrats and the best governor from Pennsylvania and I think it's all part of that the controls structure. They're both parties including Democrats ocean -- a Democrat I think that's the control that they all wanna hang onto an odd one that says this time the not the doors off their hinges. I will say that I think -- can -- many of these same more traditional laws are are set up for. You -- to protect incumbents feel both Democrats and Republicans. But until I -- different look at the Republican Party is taken on. Accessed -- through voting as a deliberate effort to reduce. The number of Democrats to reduced number of minorities to -- older citizens from medium to come out to vote. And that was part of the agenda slowly implemented on yields on corporate tried to push it here. And we can change that and we should. Until it is -- is to work we have to do not look I would. Make changes of course is well and and and campaign on singular terms of donations are making sure it's limited to waited on the federal level. On the field more level playing field of the candy I think that's important is it more disclosure. On -- Two days. And they were mean we're you know I would also reforms of the ethics rules around it can make sure that we can rebuild the trust that people haven't elected officials said. And make those rules are clear no different. On Gil and -- know -- know we can send and just didn't make sure it's actually clear what. Should be done -- in public not allowed to be done and to make sure is enforced but I would I would point eight achieved integrity officer at that makes it clear. About what our ethics rules are campaign ballpark. And make sure that every elected and hot everyone who works and it is very as the legislature or in -- -- executive branch militants -- rules are and that they will be enforced. You might -- one point that integrity officer up here in northeastern Pennsylvania and then appoint two or three elsewhere throughout the commonwealth. So well you have it luckily it stayed capital over the state of men -- western British agent have been a number of people even here -- -- Across the state this is not legal but you've -- good. It's a question you that Japan is special challenges including the judicial branch of course and in northeastern Pennsylvania. And that is. It's unacceptable where everything is and you need a governor who is willing to face so. Field. No particular blood this then tonight I can tell you I was in the states senate I was appalled. That other elected officials what can happen today well I know this guy did it. He's my friend -- they don't work with him he's done some good stuff so excuse since there's no excuse. See the issue of money is always. A huge issue when it comes to politics in Pennsylvania money can and does buy you love. And campaign finance reform absolutely needs to be be looked at but in the race in which you find yourself currently money plays a huge role. Particularly. As far as you use the term the last time we talked that I was great you referred to Tom wolf as this sell for four under which I like the way it sounded the self funder. Usually all in the don't you just. Admitted that he spent thirteen million dollars in the in the five weeks leading up to this point. And that you have not started. To take issues directly take him. With regard to his his story about his life story about his business of saving the company when in fact he wound up. Hurting people by those people losing their jobs have you received criticism from people within your own camp using that as a strategy that I think is a good strategy. Well I do think it. Security never Buchanan can and can't thank you told me I didn't know that. Unimpressed they didn't and Donna -- has had very nice ads on their middle of -- look at their very calming and reassuring and they tell a story. How effective they don't tell the whole story. And again this is not a cute thing I -- wolf isn't doing anything or any other successful package deal might do which is. Feel you make money and you could you have your country trying to make your company's potential -- In particular I have to raise the issue content very appropriately could be -- out there when he and that the buyout from a company idealist twenty million dollars to him -- -- that's sixteen million imminent cousins. And I he walked away with three million dollars impairment he really got that agreement. But the fact is the company navigate to borrow a lot of money. And they found it difficult maybe not expected that they found it difficult impossible to repay that debt and -- and that in. And a double -- himself. On put the company into serious difficulty they restructure it which is the term for laying off a lot of people. And closing down a little love for your playing most people couple under people lost their jobs. And he didn't help that part of this story and I think it's not voters have a right to know all the whole story and we know so little about -- -- except what is this thing. Tom and GOP is that he needed different kind of that this event the -- Isn't -- experience as a businessman is. Really what he brings what you running on so we we really should know more about. About that I wanted to show the voters does. We -- it's fascinating because what I tried to reach out to him through his Press Secretary. I didn't get a return phone call and I thought well might just be a fluke so I tried again and again. And the in the decades that up and comer to politics. I have never had a gubernatorial candidate or even sitting -- for that matter not respond to my worries at all period shot me dumb. This -- I have not been able to get a response. From the Tom -- campaign so I actually called the business down in York. And I talked to a woman who answered the phone and I was -- -- -- -- -- I put Tom wolf because if you watch the TV commercials console you drivers your back and forth the work every day. So she put real to a voicemail and it was Tom -- on the left is very polite professional voicemail. Didn't hear from a July pulled the company back -- should you know. This is the second time trying to get in touch with this guy says this she checked his messages -- said. He doesn't come in here to work so it doesn't commend the work she -- well -- only the business but because of the campaign. And here should don't hear any more basically yeah shaken my -- think and if I'm just watches TV commercials. I thought surely he'd be back and forth may even make cabinets himself but then I found out they don't really make them there anyway don't they make him an Indiana. Right all right I just thought I'd share that story with you Allison. Yet there is I gotta figure into your leftist CEO in January. So he doesn't have day to day operational responsibility. Is to get -- -- know. Anybody -- -- an owner had a did you get his voice -- lost because then you get the impression that he does some Hamas was there. Anyway and that is an unintended thing that I've already tried campaign office but I can tell you wanted to ask you questions of him. I directly I've done it during debate he's not mansion -- not much or fully either. -- Press Secretary doesn't give back to me either but that's beside the point. You're you're you're -- as the as the clock to make sure you're very very busy what do you have planned for the next week week and a -- into the may twentieth primary. Want to be all this data that they expect to be in northeastern Pennsylvania so maybe we'll have a chance to talk again. Time and reaching out to voters just kind of voted engaging voted encouraging voters to -- I cannot vote and make finance. And certainly encourage him to vote for me happy and I do believe that we have great opportunities. Forum for Pennsylvania after the worked began to grow this economy that's working kind of racially educator kids. Honda would take dementia. And met an option for health coverage and that we need. We don't we. Build -- state. Back up again until I think you know the great state that we know can they I mean -- got to do we need new political leadership and we need someone who is going to milling site. For Pennsylvania -- is set the record of knowing how to get things done. And will go to -- with that. So recent closure to get things done that -- to continue analysts. Well if I if I can offer just a little bit of advice and you can take it or leave it this shouldn't Scranton is the kind of town where. We appreciate CNN political candidates particularly those who might not. The first choice according to the good old boys so all I encourage you to come to Scranton. Spend time in Scranton and let people know that they can't scary and they can -- at. And I think do -- do just fine I'll look forward to talking with you if you can the feel free to stop by the stationary Daniel like Allison. I thank you keyed -- thanks so much endorsement really appreciated your -- to working together -- -- got -- -- -- -- he got in the -- thank god my god is Allison Schwartz.