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May 10, 2014|

Saturday May 10, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims -- -- not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. Its time for Larry and -- -- don't you we do. Lottery you win. Until -- lie okay. And good morning good morning. How are you today I'm just delightful. Little lonely today it is it was rainy in yup I ain't no place and now is clearing up and getting sunny. It is because he you're listening to us on Thursday are your listing to a Saturday but. This particular hearing or saying anything as you -- now well mountains. So. What was going on your world and I. -- it's just there that's stuck Mae is a wild you know while -- now I know it is. Yes class all weekend lusty month Amanda they must -- well I'm yes always a month for May -- And hello Stephen and okay now that's OK okay Camelot it's -- again OK so I'm. Last Friday night you and Patrick -- in Napoli and the man who doesn't want to be mentioned any more ahead. Dinner at Alfredo is remembered. Yeah but not getting -- And it was very nice weather we had a wonderful time I don't really do when we got I anywhere ice and I am so glad that you remembered that places suggestion on -- Because I -- is somehow only think event in terms of a place we go to pick up pizza right and it's sonar and an end now as it was wonderful I really enjoyed the dinner we had their prey and what I like to the first about dining guide. She is just such a generous man I I love them and that did it they're open every day he can always count on them late into the evening. And you can get from pizza to -- to -- pasta dinner to see what ever you wind and it's delicious and they. And it's always consistent and to the -- people are very nice and there's always a good place to sit as comfortable you can get a drink it you know. The bars there if you don't want you don't it's it's a great family Alfredo assistant grade. Place to go I think. And he's one of my dear buddies who give the Chris how the Christmas holiday bureau -- bureau the -- donation of pizza two times right after Thanksgiving where he 50% of every pizza goes back to the holiday bear which is so near and dear to my -- he does it every year for yourself how am I just love it there. The waitresses -- great and he's a sweetheart and it works out. So it was a good you know good thought we were like I said Lynn mentioned to go somewhere and I said no because I am. Is cash is cash can be today I'm staying you know why so that's where we last left and we had a lot of fun and we did as usual with -- get him. And his antics. And his blind switch CEO we've heard a thousand times before and his emotions and all that but anyway we had fun it's that was Friday. And that word illegal after the match I mean things yeah. Likely it is never enough. So there we weren't -- on north main M Hanna CN and then the end I have known her and pulled and can narrow and was there to get -- scoop of ice cream. My uncle Jerry again I was taking home trip for him a -- So it was fun to be back in the neighborhood as a war time and -- I have to say had a little I called my sister Chad little a little crying saying that before he left here today I have. Well because I'm my uncle Jerry who I love dearly hope my uncle Jerry Sheridan who lives within Kandahar and it's her uncle he's my great uncle. And he called me this morning and he said them. I'm he said I picked up I picked cue up some eggs. I said eggs he was he had that kind you like I said EDT. And he said yes they run -- and I knew you liked him so I'm bringing them home for tea ice on culture that's so nice. And I was telling my sister and she I started to crank she's so he's just such the greatest guy says he has but that reminded me so much of my father. Because my father used to always call me for things that he knew I loved and would say. I picked this up pick it up at the house I got this we picked this what if my if my kids -- literally juicy juice in the different things they wanted to I picked this so I was on sale I got this and sent Foster over to pick it up pick it up. And that was it it was -- out those little things -- you know the smallest little things. Like a dozen of eggs and who doesn't make you -- when someone thinks about you in there and and they did and they say here it is if there's something so. Nice about this when that thought that is in no matter what it is this some I was thinking -- -- -- via cell. Anyway Gerald and -- and can narron got there I am. Ice cream taken home mine mine -- well what does C. Protocol and McCann family from mothers say. I'm. We are. Going to my sisters because my sister called me and said earlier I said. What -- you wanna go and stuck to my mom and I said personally and I wanna go anywhere I just wanna stay home. Hang out maybe go for a ride to something low key and then go over to my sister's. And had dinner in her house was just a few of us and that's a we're going to pass I don't know quite yet what we're having because I said I thought I can just do my candidacy has done some -- -- on the ground be thrilled with that yeah. But I'm playing -- happy and now Shawn could come the next day pick them up on Monday found. Taste -- timing is timing is and San Fran yes of course I spoke to both of them yesterday and see you do know Sunday you can remember Sunday and tallies like desk. He has some mine now. You remind me I said yes same food as he did. Oh yes and I know they're always good about that they're wonderful with that so it's just got a card from my oldest feed my youngest said oh he's just trying to show us I -- I -- -- guess that that works you know and I even -- -- and can RNC TM card in the -- she -- yesterday she charity received of which is a good -- so. Yes and that's mothers and then lastly we also had Barbara was there. V Kentucky Derby party app menu Waverly country is and I hate and I -- -- the picture that was posted a deal with your hat yes and I love you -- currently -- yeah. Guess I love tonight that was sinking it like that I thought of something different when you were describing how Lowell. Yeah I love that has a -- this Katie Sunday when my dear friends and she always every year we take a photo together and this was the first you're actually Hannah had and she had her hand and so. Yes she was all -- FaceBook I'm like oh my god what I got it looked looked okay much is still looks -- yet he's so but we had a lot of fun we didn't stay we'd. Stay that long Donna by Betty and I went together she was my -- And we stay for about two hours we'd left right actually before dinner was served as well I was going out day to dinner. React Daon and it really helps me outside it was a great race yeah I don't see -- raise my kids. Exciting and then stay through to the auction content. It was a great night that goes that's always and that benefits the voluntary action center another. Of course that is what we talked about earlier with the Christmas holiday bureau is underneath the voluntary action center. And Barbara you on the boards stem outbreaks I was back on I'm this is a year then I'm off but I ban on for about nine years to try to coordination great organization and led by one and I say one of the greatest. Executive directors that this town has and then his dad Brandon Petersen has been there. Twenty years the other day yes and she started this is -- institute. Hasn't all such skill and nonprofit and runs a tight ship and there's so many organizations underneath -- and daily in the black and they do very very very well haven with funding cuts and all the changes and if they had created this wonderful I'm -- changes a week. Doing yes she's still cap so it's it's terrific board it was a terrific -- and before that I was -- the cultural center because Julie Jordan who was one of the stars dancing tonight as we speak I'm had to aim -- am a little fund raiser brunch that she had called. The backstage brunch and done. We've been there earlier for that and then went to -- So. That was. Well -- I -- on my Pelz on Saturday morning last week. And Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia and we went to a place called the Paris be stroked them. And it was wonderful because everything in there was true -- the shaft was from France and even the waiters had French accents enough that was contrived cannot put. It was fun to be there and to have that type of thing but I just was thinking of you because I want even now. They did not have. Iced -- I know that anyways I really didn't -- and enough you just dig deep down what. Because you can MIT. Yes you can have they had -- on ET on the menu it was many English T. And you could order hot. So after we had our meals -- chef came out and ask us now how are things did you enjoy those same problems I said. How is it possible. That you don't have fresh brewed iced -- are any -- He says won't why did you say that I said because I asked the waiter he says we don't have that. What what I find him my guns you can see red marks around his neck. 'cause I let me Ivorians he said they had a son that was third behind you because that's an -- well okay cool and I I was in Ukraine where it's taking time to -- Making -- -- only getting what I think that's what I do anymore if someone doesn't have fresh fruit I ask for TNT big glass of ice. Because it's so easy again we go back to -- why people have that stupid. Tapped iced -- I know it's -- disgusting passion and there's no reason for because it takes so little time to make fresh paradise take. But despite all that was the latest data is there is a French thing where they don't have iced tea. I don't know -- never I don't recall entertainment France even though I am I quarter frank in we would transcend. They don't do iced -- That's -- lives then I won't be going to France anytime well now and us not on eagle Idaho con yes it is okay for me it is. He came home like when your when your veins or inject him with ice team. He did exist if it made important I get asked Tommy he just got back so I asked him did you have any. And I is there -- same way whether -- He was in pairs and I'll ask them -- -- in Paris for a week in September he. And I -- get -- -- out and you iron nine years and that's obviously ASEAN women and I are good self proclaimed. No I don't think tank and a source he can't get. I know what you gotta make it happen. Also I wanna say and a sad note. Just want every member -- my theory dear friend I am -- -- -- how hair -- get -- iron leaned down morale are O'Hara. Who was on the board of the black on historical society with me and she passed away this couple days ago her funeral was Tuesday morning. And then of course Al -- so. Whose funeral was yesterday who. I am just from the eulogies and the way people spoke of him -- did not know personally but his wife Judy I love and adore. And am I did go to the funeral. And it was beautiful as could be in the sense that the eulogies -- so. Profound about. Dean -- this -- -- his life and from the business to the way his children to his grandchildren. And it was and great grandchildren it was done. Buried very heartwarming to hear and so. This town has lost a great man I know his memory will live on and I may shifts a shopper so I. I'm. You know hey it's just unbelievable these things and also. Two another friend of fires on fire from the door who just passed yesterday so what I'm. Wonderful person yes. It can't find a finer person out she was terrific speed guns and god bless her and her famous south. Anyway that's Imus said no but we always have to do that because these people need. The recognition of their lives. I I had. Horrible now. Every story this hour nineteen minute -- into tennis I can connect. Martha was approaching her normal retirement age and had really begun to feel a level of anxiety she never felt before. Her 401K plan advisor was having a class. -- all the participants in the plan and our company's annual retreat in a few weeks. She really wanted to hear what he had to say about those who are near or at retirement. But then she really didn't want to hear about it. She has successfully put her head in the sand on this one I was so afraid issue fines she could not retire or worse the money would last very long. She was frozen in fear and just want the whole thing to go away. She reached out to me in a state of near panic my initial conversation -- her on the phone. Made me feel like I was watching a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth across the table. I can hardly get her to calm down so I can ask some questions. Eventually after she expressed her worries I was able to convince -- to gather some paperwork can schedule an appointment to talk about it. When she came into the office she was visibly nervous and agitated we kept a box of tissues nearby and I was glad we did. The terror of this for her was so overwhelming. She needed more sedatives and a tissue but that's not what we are willing to give them. As we spoke about the S says she accumulated the value of her house. The Social Security payments she was entitled to her husband's social security and his 401K plan I realized. This fear was not based on the facts. So export a little deeper. Seems Martha was child who was adopted by some middle class folks and she and her siblings had been forced out of their homes through bankruptcy. They all lived in a small house some money was very tight. After she got through college with the help student loans an repay all of them she was left with very little to get started in life. Fearing another time where she might be homeless she was convinced that no amount of money would make her feel secure now we were getting somewhere. I ask you tell me how much they were bringing home with her two paychecks after their retirement contributions. And I asked him to help me distinguish although living expenses they did have a surplus so that was good. I didn't -- condition of the assets they had plus some Social Security assumptions and I explained her. -- lifestyle if it continues would be more than adequately covers for more than twenty years in retirement. She breezed issues aside huge sigh of relief and then the tears started neither of us realize what a huge burden she'd been carrying. And once the issue was addressed and put out -- help end the nightmare became unpleasant reality it does pay to talk it out and series stand. The end. You're listening to. Florian Glenn's show and we'll be right back after a quick break. -- -- -- Good morning good morning how are you I'm great you're listening to Lori and leaned -- I'm -- Camden I'm the owner of Larry -- enterprises which is a fundraising PR. And special events business and I am Lyn Evans and I am the president and CEO. A northeastern financial consultants where -- only. Financial planning firm in clarks summit you know I listen last week Taurus show has been less than much I mean not that they don't but you know with an -- -- actually listened to all of that. Which respond. To don't there was blasting in my house could hit the -- the and I was on my way Phillips looks at that point did you did you say in here and I heard yeah power at some of the as far as we could -- we lost. No but again I think we got till about quarter of ten so it was good. Yeah so what's up I'm here and welcome. Has some interesting articles here. And let's talk about this in the context of people saying that we're doing male bashing but I have to do. Footnote this by saying the author of this article is a man. And time he was very impressed by what he saw here. And it was a study that was done. I can't think it was Columbia Cornell I'm sorry Cornell University. Women are better entrepreneurs. Board members and managers. And. This guy is a blogger who says bad things he found in a study that was called business survival 101. Put a woman in charge. And he came up with a a bunch of different reasons why eight women seem to do better. And management positions within companies. And and he said many businesses survive longer under female ownership. Because. Women female owned businesses consistently out survive. Male owned businesses and many in many industries an -- -- and -- out of my mouth and areas. The researchers also concluded that in cities with populations of more than 500000. Female owned businesses lasted longer. Elsewhere -- owned businesses survive longer so apparently in the cities. Women do better. Some women -- more thoughtful decision -- and leaders. There was another study done at McMaster University I don't know where that is called women make better decisions than men. -- conclusion to man. The said that that. Women's abilities to make fair decisions when competing interests are at stake. Make them better corporate leaders this was based on their survey of more than 600 board directors. Their answers showed women are more likely to consider the rights of others and to take cooperative approach to decision making. This approach translates into better performance for their companies. Anyone on the conclude that having a woman on the board is Smart business decision. We've known for some time that companies. That have more women on their boards had better results we talked about this awhile ago that that statistics are very interest thing. They went on to say our findings show that having women on the board is no longer just the right thing to do but also the Smart thing -- Companies with few female directors may actually be shortchanging their investors. Female corporate directors are significantly more inclined to make decisions by taking the interest of multiple stakeholder. Stakeholders. Into account. To a rise an affair and moral decision. They also tend to use cooperation. Collaboration. And consensus building more often and more effectively. To make sound decisions. The researchers know that women also seemed to be -- supposed to be more inquisitive. And to see more possible solutions. Globally women make up approximately 9% of corporate board memberships. New evidence shows that their presence has been linked to better organizational performance. Higher rates of return. More effective risk management and even lower rates of bankruptcy. That's in front of -- women who start new businesses on the entrepreneurial side. Come and with men have limited opportunities to move in the leadership roles. The research also found that when women co founded. A business with their husbands. They have even fewer chances to be and can charge. The study comes on the heels of her recent debate about businesses with all male boards of directors. And as -- growing body of knowledge that documents women's limited access to leadership roles. In the business world the researchers use a nationally representative sample of 362. Mixed sex startup teams. With 880. Entrepreneurs. Aldridge said the example includes small everyday businesses that we're still on the start of stages. Such as bakeries gift shops and building contractors. 70%. Of the mixed sex teams study -- husband wife teams. Our explanation for more profound gender inequality -- teams is that when the husband and wife worked together. They carry with them the cultural expectations. For the male breadwinner and the female home maker rolls into the business sending food and the more children learn home. The more it amplifies the expectation. That the women -- also take on the role of leader of the households. Just to recap some other research women are one point seven times more likely to create social ventures. There one point 23 times more likely to pursue environmental. Ventures. And having a woman how women corporate boards is shown. Have better organizational performance earlier adoption of new governance. -- game playing more effective risk management and a higher return on equity invested capital. And return on sale and they reduced risk. I'm bankruptcy. By 20%. That's impressive home. It really is and you know what's and a that is I know that we've done this. Story couple times where we have found a number of women there aren't corporate boards and their names and during one of a handful. And in the last ten years even though that number has increase. It's still only 9%. Publicly traded companies. 9%. Of women serving on corporate boards. If they read this stuff they get more women time because they get better results this. And -- if bottom line is the answer you and your corporate performance says something your stock price goes higher he better have more women on the board. Yes hey Alan soapbox there we don't camp. So -- do you know many women who serve on boards. Let me paid -- -- I know. Now actually paid I don't know because I don't know if when I'm thinking well if there's only I think. Five to six companies. In northeastern pennant and it paid people to be other groundstrokes and remain so that would be Denise Cesar. Wasn't okay but she's -- current patient on the board yeah actually on the board. -- she gets paid because she's if she's any -- -- -- an issue but there are women that are on the board. There aren't from bank boards. And about a guy singer. I don't -- I don't know I guess they do but I don't know and I do more I know one person. But again that's the point it's hard -- come up with something. He's now. You don't think him but dance dance very was when I'm here fades and Suzanne reported third nationalist -- She know she was no Judy grants Rihanna was on the board as our national. The G and it was in a commercial lender and -- vice president senior vice president at -- They're national she was someone she was the only. Woman that I knew when I started and I admired her and still don't. And then Judy was I think at that point think she was the only female on the board. Judy that's down on net -- her father was -- O'Malley but she did not take mercy because I talked to her afterwards and told -- we were talking about this and she said. That that I didn't just take his seat -- that was my own appointment which is good to -- -- that's curry yes. Good I didn't know that yeah okay. So she was probably. And I don't know why no line and I know fidelity. Bank and Mary Mack is unemployed I think and and and one of the Dempsey Carlson I think only two female. And as far as anyone else I don't know like I was and security which is now -- people's security I don't know. Head off. But I think that's typical Obama talking about that even in any well in our area collect. Completely more than 500000 people if you consider northeastern Pennsylvania which looks -- in Scranton. So -- -- and all that area. I don't know of too many women that serve on boards where they get paid. -- -- -- Some had to strive for we talked also about. Many times in the past about what happens when she earns more than he doesn't -- And there's -- -- it just came out a woman named Farnoosh -- Just wrote a book and when she makes more ten rules for bread winning women. And she said that in the researching just for the book for the first time in my career I found myself dumbfounded and disappointment. I was coming across statistics like bread winning women have a 50% higher chance of divorce. Manuel 50%. She says and she recently got married though she didn't necessarily feel her relationship with threatened by her. -- winning status she did have some insecurities. Media and our culture has been very vocal about women on the rise but no -- discussing. How we can continue to thrive especially in our relationships. And I still think it's it's a generational thing I think -- eventually. May be your son's generation. My step son's generation that's not going to be as much of an issue as it is now with. Women tall older clients think it's going to be going to kill me I agree you know we don't have to look at that say oh well. Any man worth his salt isn't gonna marry a woman who makes more than him you know -- that that's tremendous have to look it is. Is that it's that there -- their daughters are the ones. Our granddaughters and great granddaughters are the ones now who will be put there and would you want them to be held back I don't think -- now. -- Now she also says something funny -- I think it's it's actually -- very telling. That the women who make more money to actually do more housework hey I don't care housecleaning etc. they do that because at least that they feel like in some way. It might be due to the gender identity considerations that lead. Higher income earning women to subconsciously. Think they're threatening their husbands so they resort to traditional houses why Harry rolls. To make them feel good while. So they're rare and amazing to see what we do we women know their -- -- had Larry we're gonna take a really quick break. -- are next up we have attorney Barbara. Hi this is Nancy came in from W while case morning news with Webster and he would say and I know Lari cannon a lot of people know -- -- And more importantly. Lari cat knows a lot of people. Might hadn't enterprises specializes in fundraising public relations and special events. Your jewelry and win. Good morning everyone you're listening to -- lynch unlike -- and done. I'm the owner of my cabinet to prices which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And I am -- and slammed the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. For a fee only financial planning firm Clark something and we're here with our guest expert inspired me is attorney I should say Barbara. Who has been practicing law for 33. Years. And his foundation and a right I've got it got it right very truly -- that -- Family law and fiber is a partner. With Hughes Nickels and O'Hare in Denmark on the. Way up at the top -- drinkers straight. And why I was here hello -- hi how are you. I'm good how are you. College goods and a lot's a stuff happening how to use glasses stuff happen again somewhere where there's currently on the latest coming in with that come custody in vacation -- vacations. -- Summer schedules. And I act against those thing I wanted to leave with today was. To set up your vacation now I get it sounds kind of try even good but you would not imagine that the number of calls again and my practices. Almost exclusively divorced -- support. And I'll get calls from people saying. Oh I plan my vacation for July whenever. And now my spouse won't let me take my -- my ex bounced my divorce she's bounced well let me take the kids. And what I'm suggesting to people nowadays many. That most -- orders say thirty days advance notice so yeah it was a good time to be sending out. The letter or is -- -- to lay the email that says I plan to take the kids from this time to this time. And we're going to be. He and wherever Ocean City, Maryland and California wherever. If you needed to get I'm permission from the other spouse. To go out of the out of the country I know with Canada he needs to have they can send any other. Of the other parent or else they think that it's a kidnapping situation. It is now. -- your night having a problem if you need a passport or visa for a child you need to consent of the other parents. To get a passport or visa -- pat now is that it takes a long time to being processed these things you both have to go to the post office. Or wherever you're getting getting the passport. Do that now do it ahead of time. And so that you don't have a problem later if you're going to have a problem expect it vacations are expensive. Find out if you're gonna have a problem now if you need to run into court says that you get -- the time. Because your your time your vacation time might interfere humane and because children that provides for vacation time. Straight -- out now on Manny don't wait until the hour in the day before you're going on vacation and comment. Up an attorney and say old I didn't know. You know we're going up to Canada for Fuller. Embodied in the country I didn't know and I'm gonna need some kind of consent from. From the child's father or mother. And now I find out that I'm going to you don't want a problem the border. So find out where you're going what what you're going to need to have. And the better to have that because a lot of times when you're going into another jurisdiction. Still look at this and say -- how do we know this isn't kidnapping it's they had and they kids. Halloween and it there's no consent of monthly kids home. So we'll find out would you need -- because this staff half and during that time the agreement are are all of these things. The the last minute because people aren't doing their homework they're not thinking about it it does a lot of this vacation stuff I guess I'm asking is is it routine. Legalese. When you first get divorced to say vacations -- desk. And then the urgency becomes when they're doing something different than what they had or is it not even thought about because they're not thinking about it and and then they want and it becomes surgeon at the time -- -- how -- some cases you already have a provision and what's very typical. Is that apparently get two weeks a lot of times nine to nine consecutive weeks. And that you'd need to let the other parent has thirty days in advance. I always tell people let them know thirty days in writing in advance so that he can. Prove that they got it so either certified mail or are now with it with emails and tax you on the record I'm sad to see if that's. You know I just said it's not in your phone and I sent out in April and now might might -- got deleted or whenever. Good save Matt or send it by email we're going to have a record at that and the other parent comes back I just had that this group this morning. A guy elected to take vacation and it's trade over when mom elected -- vacation -- conflict. And so when happens what haven't really went to someone have to do then I mean obviously night time set. They either compromise that. The words they run into court. Over who's gonna take what week and to be honest who did it gets to be very expensive yeah so it if you need to compromise. It really should be the person who elected it first gets that. Sometimes. I mean I've seen where the any other parent is compromised because he's gonna be so expensive to to find it and it's just and ridiculous saying. Do not. Think buy things are going well with my -- bounced therefore I'm not gonna say anything -- That's not the right tactic to take send down and writing and flush out if there's any problem. And if the judges looking at this and you said after noticing may -- vacation the end of July you never heard anything from him. Then you know you go ahead you book those flights and hotels and rental car whenever. And then he comes in mid July and say you're not going. How and you need to run into into -- on an emergency relief and usually the judges will allow them if it's reasonable. I had one where it was going to a country where there are some some dangerous stuff going on in a judge didn't allow it. And it was to go to Israel during somewhat of a difficult time -- In Israel's past. And the judge didn't allow it but every other case I can think of the judge -- -- so realistically speaking. Number one to send out -- notice -- number two don't oppose just for the sake of being nasty. Three the courts will usually agree to it and for your kids who want to know -- vacation. I mean to tell a kid well you're gonna stay here and it ended in your backyard instead of going to wherever with mom. Doesn't seem like a good idea either. You know because in the town feels like they've missed out on -- -- asked this question as you said before going to say they're going out of the country or wherever and and and they may. You look at that is kidnapping if it isn't known. How many people would -- would and you -- IBC you're gonna say a lot but. I can't imagine that the spouse the ex spouse or the parents of those children the other parent. Doesn't know all that disguised or won't she is trying to take these kids. To another country right. Yeah he's but it does get that it it it's done and people will call me and say. But -- I didn't. The you know I didn't even now yes they know they're going somewhere and they just didn't know that they were going but if there's already a passport. And it doesn't matter and at that. A case of the problems using half hour when the passport needs to be applied to -- you need to have joint content and then usually people fighting over who's gonna hold it -- -- And then they sell for each trip. You better check to make sure is it that is manic or control. Check and see is the woman in a car and the child's mother or is that your girlfriend. And is there any consent from -- asked to look -- to allow the child to go out of the country. And we still aren't thinking now we are looking and that isn't something that you didn't he take as the norm. They're packing everything and if you could stop for the Canadian border and -- and they say Thornton can lead to ending my EI -- whether or not your kidnapping and is there a consent from the other. From the other parent you've got to make sure you need to get them. And do they have to have that consent not yet on their person an assistant -- to do that I'll ask okay. So sure you know it if if you need to consent you don't have it. So this -- is -- really aiming now the next a couple of months crazy days element -- I need a vacation months and today and and that everything goes wild because people now -- You know they're rushing to get ready and inaction and if they're gonna have a problem and I would understand I can definitely understand the the I'm -- planned hers on this date and -- planned his and they stayed. And they are the same because those people usually aren't talking about what their lives on when their vacation times and they think and they can just do it you. Right so that overlap must be a yeah and I -- sometimes it's those cool. Actually you -- Dancing in Wyoming county used to say OK and the -- months dad could choose first few even months mom could choose first half and then it was it it would ever. And I know it sounds kind of silly that you had to get into -- as the only line you have to deal. I think a lot of times and if you had a company close English we always closes the weekend of July 4. Then you know maybe and they both work for the same company and becomes a problem but sometimes one parent will pick it justice Caribbean. And are you know seeing divorce as common as it stands. In younger families verses when witnesses seem to be going for your practice to see more. Or people don't have that the small children custody issues there that child custody. Where are they older or -- -- -- Witasick got now I'm seeing everything and clearly so you have this the younger ones. That have confident -- the pressures of young family life and again and they have some older ones in and some people that are retired now looking at each other sand. I wanted to be was she trying to hours -- and it's actually and you know yes that's a tough thing and it's not good people necessarily get more pleasant as a general an old dirt on Flickr and they're dealing with each other and and some people that say you know I don't. He's nasty now I -- one -- care for him as he gets older and sicker. While the word -- -- people do actually bail. Can't imagine as sick as they do in the statistics on bailing and it and it sounds really gruesome but they were. They were. And they -- on gender lines. And there are statistics for if -- if the other spouse anti cancer something what percentage of men will bail. And a percentage of women and a percentage UN was very very -- and finish a man was surprisingly high. And I'm not male bashing now I just read -- morning I insisting things and as you look at and you think how could even happen. But. -- give a lot of things going on in people's saying hey I don't know where I'm not up to where I didn't sign up for a lawyer. -- -- And then how -- in their nanny did his sickness and in health and I now think again began -- -- as part of the announcement does. Optional it was I don't want all of their all optional really and it can't have it it sitcoms and today and -- and take and it's. Really I mean -- my son -- -- is now which are under way you -- -- and is now only if it wasn't for the fact that people thought it was optional Barbara would be my husband yeah you know my barn I. Yeah business is never a problem now I have always been yeah. I don't go out to seek business like yesterday's though how did you decide to get it to work -- we -- thrust into this or did you really. Wanna do family life. To be honest with you I was doing other types -- And then as -- went down my own it was what -- found me sometimes and act at first I didn't wanna do it and then. The more you get a -- -- -- I have I have to say for -- When I may you of course I that you just she's how tall are you Barbara -- -- even she's -- what she wears nice -- -- she's the most adorable beautifully dressed if you don't NASCAR right now she's the Q I don't care who she's adorable and it's Smart as a whip. Okay you just free I'm standing now. Like some sort of fund real pretty brownish karma only hair and blue eyes and very Irish looking okay. And she always looks perfect doesn't she -- when everything is perfect the closest to this so it's -- -- primary and said. I dared to -- Because but she's so adorable and then you see her and she's tiny and then when I know plenty of people who have said. That Barrera -- yes she is a barracuda to defend her clients she is and that speaks volumes. To the fact that you are this beautiful lady. And my son and wife and yet you can act in the capacity to -- to defend and beat. Female by any -- because I know we're doing right defend and we're supposed well. The advocating a position. Exactly. So if they wanted to reach if anyone wants to reach you wonder how they get in touch with him I can be reached at 570344. 7171. My offices at 1421 street to street don't want to -- And you'll hear you next couple months anyway yes. This year that's -- micro -- -- hair in a nutshell thank you very much -- you're welcome so everybody we're gonna leave you for the week we'll see you next week every week. Please everyone out there. Happy Mother's Day happy happy happy Mother's Day it's gonna be one -- and don't get into -- played every minute mom. And they. If you give any -- -- day we got to say I now live without my mother's anti I'll mothers and to my money and can marry and I thank you for everything. And I love you -- certainly -- And we'll see -- soon. Be safe and be nice guy.