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5-7-14 KAREL DERBY 3

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay it's derby day at Mohegan Sun pocono dance to particular lesson I did it. I am going for. Medal count to win and also. So Soo line because I like names. Anybody can win you never know what's gonna happen. To celebrate derby day. Derby day at Mohegan -- pocono dance and nearly -- ran ran to him how did today turn out. 99% sure that we set a record handle today. We needed the final figures are so calculated move by all looks it's gonna be a record handle I have to ask did you bet on anything today and -- horse. And yeah. I'm not allowed -- -- -- but I was I was dreaming of California girl I I didn't play any gimmicks and just went straight up. Just the wind that I just thought he was much the best what do you think about all that happens in the fanfare and outlets today. You appreciate them more days like this this is our best -- every year notes that not only handle wise but it's everybody has a lot of fun and it is the fun atmosphere. And everybody has a good drive and 800 million. Hey this Carol I'll see you. --