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Frank Farina talks to Corbett

May 12, 2014|

Frank Farina talks to Corbett and responds to an "attack" ad being run by Bob Munley's campaign (friends of Bob Munley).

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So front Maria is online want and it'll be interesting to hear. How frank -- responds to this advertisement that the tax impact and if he has heard this. Commercial at all -- representative -- -- thanks for call on the show. Arnold prominent. Steve -- your right I have been -- already started I was brought up differently. I'm my mom's time if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all but I guess this is that it is it's an example of the field and farm. You know some but it stands in a platform to run and I guess you might as -- attacked the other opponents. The question people have put to me today after hearing a commercial party accusations true journey subsystem of. No substance there -- and I played a true. Actually be the -- incident that. I would assume you're referring to because there's no Bill Ayers. Given any exact. Situation split. They work -- I would assume that ain't saying that I know a -- a 100000 dollars or locked away it's ironic because I was actually -- to promote something. That the attorney general's office said they've never seen anything orchestrated it like that. In it in the -- -- current life and I was. I was younger gentleman. I -- I just started my business. And someone approach me. I would actually name was Peter mills approach may instead -- -- to think about getting into real estate. And I says I haven't. Territory about -- property she had in theory could. You just these properties ran the -- make a little extra income. It's something rarely get stopped too. -- like a great idea. And that's -- get so we went. I'd sign that Hud statement all the financial statements. That was purchasing a property for seventy I believe over 72 without 174000. Dollars and the -- treat that like to try to forget about it because. It's one of the worst things for me in my life and -- -- changed the paperwork changed sides statements. Who is actually. -- but some form -- identity fraud as well. These setup costs. The reason any colleagues or not -- one that supplied me with arm. Which so many of creation it's hard work with when he looked into their. Account setup. About a year in advance before I even. Sign this deal. With me in the least come by agreement. Inch Turkey and keep paying for like 121 dollars a month toward the purchase this property and released by agreement. And but what they'd it would change the Hud statement -- my signatures. After. I'm. People -- clean air they original agreement. Saying it purchased the property for a 1141000. Dollars. So. ER -- obviously I'm receive some legal counseling. And -- said sea -- payments towards the car. Towards the property is making now the attorney general took took over eight. -- put charges against Pete mills keep notes. -- fled the state he moved to. Wants -- yes. And I now have on record. Eighty. Com. A -- suit against people knows but they can't do anything until he comes back in Pristina and early. So you're describing yourself in this case is of -- actually. And I would I would I had 40000 dollar store and actually. And you believe this is the incident that mum please use saying. To say you stuck a bank for a hundred grand and just couple walked the length. You have to be because Steve when we. Once were and were elected visit this state represented and we take offense we do some press statement of financial interest we decided that we this site ethics forms. And it's quote any debt or whatnot that we have do I had. Absolutely. -- and I'm glad because I can relate to every insured 99% of my eight constituents and debt as well to right came they both absolutely. So I have got a mortgage. I have car payments I its student loans all of my bills are paid and we disclose that information. If I didn't disclose that information I wouldn't be on the ballot in the first place. So as far as the accusation that people had to shoot you and some had to settle for less what's not all about. I would be I took office. -- -- the owner and operator freelance keeping incorporated. And do this -- It's it's it's. On screen away it's keeping incorporated which I'm sure your your websites and I'd say 99% of businesses. Out but some kind of legal issues. I either way. Doing I am at the time it wouldn't stop. What's obliquely ballpark. And we did I it was over a thousand yards tumultuous probably one of the largest job this time. In the area. And I was. I had a contract price. For honest I don't remember these -- actually your purchasing it was 26 dollars you are. So I don't work at the end after the -- after a thousand yards we had to purchase like another 200 yards of mulch. So not. So we were purchasing the most trump and I don't. I can state the name I don't want to think you know we we know everything so I don't want to give any negativity towards that individual. -- -- the thousand yard result Rob -- -- -- another 200 yards of mulch or what on top of that. So he decided he said well now we're gonna actually you know you'd have to pay more for the track. And I don't think that's what -- -- we it was agreed upon it at 26 dollars you are now you're up with a 32 dollars yard. I can't afford to do it at -- great tightly we we stick with -- agreement that we have to interrupt giving me the bill. Former. The tight get 32 yard yard right -- would a lot you know quite a bit of money and I can say I think you are you have to. -- have to turn this over to my attorney I can't afford to pay. You know -- will pay you. The amount that was originally agreed upon erratically who is my attorney for -- none other than -- nephew -- -- -- here. The president judge block or. It will -- it's on his son his son crept -- -- and got. We went to court and I -- Well I he would can illegally we will go to court can illegally recreate it and so we're rate we end up paying the original amount. That was -- at Detroit six RJR runner a 32 Garcia arts. So so what you're saying is if you take a look at these specific. Instances. And put them in the context. You're satisfied with the explanation a year providing. And it appears that you're saying -- is taking these out of context to make you look bad one in effect. You're not supposed to look bands that was his own. Absolutely. And it I know there and I'm sure you know. It is the word gets out there quickly. That you know there's then there's Ben polling done hot -- numbers are. Extremely extremely low. And I think it's who you know desperate desperate times -- to call for desperate measures. And I think that's well you don't even have a platform of resultant Iraq just and I heard nothing to offer so. You don't teach gonna do -- every kid that can make me look bad. Well what was interesting and and you do good here expression taken out of context use regularly. And then sometimes people are really clear what that means what it means there's got to take a look at the big picture you have to draw our conclusions based on a lot of information. Not just based on what I would record might say in in a court document I know that by virtue of doing the work I've done in journalism for years what I find interesting Obama -- commercial. Your voice is used and they you use saying. IG is -- for the first six months in the good that I want you all of that Kim Reynolds LaMont shell when we were talking about abating. We were talking about how you short though. Watched and learned and listened to and they -- sound like you send a do you sit back and do not -- and the and that's taken out of context. And that's deceptive. And that goes to what I believe his money's history of deception coming out. States exactly you know what when someone asked about it this morning as well. I sit deception. Keystone cops trying to deceive the voters right from the get go with kids is. I master's degree -- master's degree -- an alleged master's degree. So that's I'm glad you said that I'm glad that. You know it was brought to the forefront as far as -- My white -- here at the commercials and say they should why would stay patient played -- that saying you step back do you observed -- -- -- and you know he didn't hit the ground running until you knew what when and how you're gonna get get things done. Well I thought I thought it was disingenuous. On it on his part and on the part of the people who made that commercial. Because they're really truly. Trying to mislead voters with what she should and I know that because -- here. I was participating in the conversation. With you and that's not what we were talking about and that's not what you work conveying. They make it sound like you're saying something completely different. They're clearly misleading voters are trying to joke and clearly that's that's low ball politics no doubt about it. I think I -- to -- -- mentioned some -- sure. -- -- You know I told everyone that would ever get -- my campaign that we would take the higher road and net. We would run a positive campaign is about Iraq small we had copper. What the other guys don't. And what can meet its very disheartening right now that all this is -- that people who want to talk about deception. -- Campaign slogan. The -- you know which 200 people represented in the holiest. Place in the name you trust. -- Did the exact opposite message of what I keep my children because I look for everything I have in my life I've never been into any. I teach my children. -- -- -- person and -- -- -- school they seem to yourself you know why children because everyone else is taking. So -- put that message out 1099%. Of the people around here don't have a name of entitlement. So you're telling me -- -- -- -- might condition that I worked very hard for and they continue crimp in. Want some elected I'm gonna continue to work hard for these people you're entitled to my position because of your team and you know what speed. It's ironic because I grew up with history keeps. I watch them. Which favoritism. They were detained you know what I had to work for everything so I was watching them -- and -- -- while I was working for everything I have to but guess what. It would that we -- and I'm thrilled because. I think when you have earned something you appreciate it that much more that's why I appreciate this position. Trying to fight hard and keep working hard to make -- -- back -- should continue this position. And that's why I believe it's important that you responded to this that a lot of people talk and a mom and I think it's important that people take I'll look at the whole picture. And then take a look at what it is exactly that Bob Marley is not saying in his commercial. That the voters absolutely should know about frank Marino -- -- what's the last week cold for you when your campaign. Including look at the last week of the campaign we got a week and today what what's gonna happen in this last week for you when your campaign. This very -- keep working hard right so we end. Spend more time to -- and I'm lucky I will be air tonight hopefully I'll see and in my traveled up here bright and the rest of the week and so a lot. Until Election -- OK stay represented friend bring a good to talk -- we'll talk to you again. And I know I've done it before but I wanna continue to thank you for your transparency that's that's what we need in north east Pennsylvania that's what's gonna move forward. What you see is what you get -- mayor frank. Thank you thank you heard there is -- Farouk.