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5-14-14 Karel on the Street Cell Phones 1

May 14, 2014|

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    Mon, 11 May 2015



Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Highlight this is -- on street talking about Smartphone addiction how do you feel when you encounter Smartphone addicts makes me feel invisible like -- -- generic. Yes I do wish that it was less of important. Seemed to just sit especially to the teenagers I mean you can't blame them that's what they've cut that they're accustomed to an -- but it seems like it takes over everything else that's going on around them did you ever get corrected for using your cell phone. And like to restricting area I was told by way a supervisor at work 1 time yes -- -- Today -- quake which day he totally and here are buying now. I swung by B 44 police department and the officer Adam Michael's wish cell phones were a -- a presence that social events what you think about that. I do wish they were less prevalent. There's less social interaction between people anymore it's usually just texting or. Snapped chatting FaceBook mean tweeting and things like that it's less social interaction between people. FaceBook Twitter in the past week what's the longest you've gone without checking your FaceBook or Twitter. I would probably -- media have power. Wouldn't screw it I'm pretty to have kids. I usually am too good during work hours I try not to check FaceBook as much I have to ask you use yourself online your driving. Unfortunately I don't guilty as charged your surgery take me away built his church. Paint this is Carol I'll think yeah. Streets and. -- -- -- It. From them.