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5-14-14 Karel on the Street Cell Phones 2

May 14, 2014|

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Hi this is -- on the street asking are you Smart phone addicts I have the Wyoming -- airport talking with the pilots that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- controls and I never -- himself to -- -- I have -- If you took photos from the phone outside the aircraft people want to see what I see when I'm flying now connections with the clouds and -- I never Celtic have let you know I've never never done that never -- cellphone -- to -- out to about have you been doing interviews it. -- -- That's good to know he has never had this desire to continuity and -- the plate so to be honest did you have a Texan drive yes they have. If you had a close call. Unfortunately I had. It was but it was sending a text message and I almost went directly. And -- because it only takes a second doesn't it that's -- -- second. As the police officer give us a warning tell us what advice you can give this to people who are listening today about Californians. Well you're driving put your cellphone don't put it on silent. Get a Bluetooth system to spend the extra money to save your way for somebody else's. Paint this as Carol I'll see you mistreat.