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"All American" Brian Stann and Corbett

May 16, 2014|

"All American" Brian Stann talks to Corbett about Marine discharges and Brian's brother-in-law Frank Farina.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I wanna I wanna talk a little bit of Bob -- about who Brian stand is another we know. That Brian on the line isn't fact Brian stand Brian thanks again for your patience. -- my 12100 no problem at all and you know I consider part of our. Duty meant -- and impose greater good marine. Okay Bryant scandal also -- is is frank three and his brother in law but Brian stand in Arizona has. Distinguished himself in in many many many ways Brian stand born and then raise -- and partially not born in Scranton new word you were actually born in Japan if I'm not mistaken. I was born guy because they're based Japan -- and we moved back to our country before would you want your goal and that and that. And I kind of school what the Charles -- and left side and went in the nickel slot and outside the opener immediate early two out and -- -- And then after that you wound up playing football for United States Naval Academy. Wound up in the I -- As a as a combat leader. Give us a little bit about your background our -- Sure I get it did did did to. Very difficult combat toward Barack and unfortunately had has several my and then there were killed in action and you know really. And yeah I moved on from. My job as an officer in the Marine Corps and and electric piggybacked the same time you know there the way I cope with my time in combat. Could be committing -- and I started in martial arts and all are aware -- -- -- are not much -- -- -- in special mixed martial art eat and eat your approach prior won one world title. One point per year could rank in the top ten middleweight fighter in the world what do you treat. And in Myanmar also became CEO. We're sure if they which is the -- creek near employment assistance organization. -- and we currently -- over eighteen a week. What's our system itself and -- job for Fy 23 nonprofit organization. That gets kicked off nationwide forty employees nationwide and on the week and now like all college football TPC and and I call you if he tried go to fox sports -- -- there have done to stop it you know Fox News CNN a couple of places -- just strictly talking about banner initiated and wanted to call and shell because I heard from the things that they you guys are speaking about the week and I'll like it was my obligation -- My entire family still lives in the area -- and I keep an awful awful lot and one on the show that you have. Well and I'm glad you did and and I and I think it's important that that we'd have a chance -- to talk with you knowing full well. Cool and why you are I also think you you know full well the northeastern Pennsylvania has always been a likely always will be. A place where military veterans. Are are easily found and a place where we're all too often sometimes men and women that get lost in the in the shuffle. We here have talked regularly I've written extensively about veterans' issues talk about veterans issues were always here. To help when we can -- -- -- heroes USA hopefully we'll be able to to do more -- learn more about that down the line Bryant. I really true except now as far as as you being a marine and that. Kevin Hagerty stay represented Kevin agony identifying himself as a -- for years. I have to ask Kevin Hagerty because I've heard many many storage and I'm somebody who tries to get corroboration. Who tries to do the responsible investigation. Who should get to the truth. For many many years we've heard stories about Kevin haggard as to what the circumstances. Although he is. Departure from the Marine Corps what what were the circumstances. Of his discharge what what. Happened at that -- Kevin -- to leave the Marine Corps Kevin Hagerty absolutely refuses to answer my questions. And with your background with your knowledge what kind of discharges. Are available for someone who after relatively short period of time. Blue -- the Marine Corps. Well I mean they they obviously did not complete their four year term of enlistment. If you do not hit an honorable discharge. It means that something went wrong you do something wrong when you called and you'd wanna be very more you can't get -- He can you can't just come by no longer want to serve you're gonna have to provide some kind of metal -- mental. Case. That make you aren't capable of -- to that point in the Middle East -- -- charge you. What an administrative discharge. Or you can get an spotted an honorable discharge should look for disciplinary treatment and under honorable discharge or not fairly folly pro life you'll have the court -- I -- federal job application like you do. If you're receiving a felony level discharge which it ain't bad conduct discharge. Or worse you can get a dishonorable discharge if someone you can -- honorable discharge -- can't -- atrocious. Come along -- a great. They were dealing drugs. It would come thinker on robbery. If you get a bad comic dish dirt and you've committed a felony and goat to discharge -- follow you like an -- and honorable discharge which you can get or something like. Hopping on a drug test for marijuana. Repetitive bad -- where you receive nonjudicial punishment more than three times and he and you're pushing a record for bad conduct. So if if you're not willing to admit. What's under your dish charger work that meet cute did not appear are a lot I can. In mold Casey did not get an honorable discharge there's nothing. Could be ashamed big discharged early. If you still received an honorable discharge which you may need some are. It would -- they're no longer -- to Serbia they got injured during operation -- Are you think still received an honorable discharge a -- injured or something happened. That you get something other -- an honorable discharge. If something went wrong -- did something wrong if you had to be -- out early you could not go kill your commitment your contract. And their armed force. I think I would never have raised this issue. How and Kevin Hagerty not raised the issue of his Marine Corps service when he campaigned the first time. When he campaigned the first time Kevin tiger he was posting photographs of himself. -- Paris island and since Kevin Hagerty opened that Marine Corps door. I figured I had an obligation to walk forward and ask him some questions now she can't attend -- A forum. In just up back. In December. Where someone in the audience did. Ask about his Marine Corps service the times Tribune. Didn't report on the story and what what the story says is there as well as mr. Hagerty status as a veteran. Mr. Hagerty told the woman in the crowd that he served in the Marines for three years. Got hurt and was administratively. Discharged. He stressed that this was not an honorable discharge or a dishonorable discharge. But rather a different category. And he does not consider himself a veteran. I am a United States marine that's something they can't be taken away does that make any sense. Make sense and in which -- and it makes sense -- you run your campaign. -- being hammering. And hearing you get to sway voters because they are gonna then identify you. We go to intangible values of our occurred -- commitment and 92 Marines -- general problem. If you do -- work. And you be next week discharge -- court better deal on honorable discharge if you got it diminished greatly discharge. Mean can't they more -- office. Here he refused serving more there was something that went wrong if there are still not an honorable. OK so so if he says -- she's quoted in the paper saying that his discharge. Was not an honorable discharge or a dishonorable discharge that means according to -- you know as a marine that's something more wrong. Take note go to -- you don't support end of the spectrum a charity you have an honorable discharge. Given administrative discharge an other than honorable discharge it bad conduct discharge. Then you pick to double Peter we call the military it dishonorable discharge it indicated. That this horrible discharge. You know you've spent in the democratic district he spent time in jail you went into the break and -- Years before you're a lot of our military and not getting a felony that followed you around. So you easily know he would not feel Oval Office with water would keep it short just. What -- under honorable discharge order administrative discharge that means something went wrong it's seeing. I have seen Marines -- separate from the military and administrative discharge. Failed a drug test for marijuana they were administratively discharged as an example. Of how you can get accepted discharged. OK that's it confuses me is why it. Kevin Hannity won't just settle this matter and lay his cards on the table she creates more mystery every time he refuses to answer the question. Exactly he would be awkward for some reason he got injured and you no longer wanted to serve and he talked among going to act entered the portable unit. And they administrative discharge and he -- -- -- thank you know he can at least say hey look out beyond -- and I didn't realize duke and ultimate sir. I think people can understand that you know what but it hiding from it it's gonna make people speculate on the bank it and. And that creates problems Brian stand it's good to talk to you won't look forward to talk with you again for your final words. In support of my find free you know what what would you leave us with. Two of the biggest saying it is the only reason I -- not compromise my integrity or anything the only thing that comes before my integrity is my wife my three children. I would serve frank well last year as a family member who married into the same way. And I was extremely proud of how we conduct himself regardless of how we can't -- come off by known person. And he cares an awful awful lot about theory he lives in the each user -- is -- and the people that live there so much self. Bet bet he gave up his current career capped another opportunity he had to run for office in its most proud accomplishment. Other than -- Sunday he -- Have been very proud of bipartisan he's been -- relationships he's built and how we actually to disagree with people down here. And yet maintain their respect. And I'm proud that he could just go forward in -- -- with his party. If you want to stay in their favor but he's voted -- police and park it right for the people of northeast Pennsylvania -- and -- at the same district and my entire Stanley -- of my mother. Still -- been in that mattered enough to meet call. -- then it's good to talk to we'll talk with you again. Thank you take care.