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Kevin Haggerty talks to Corbett

May 16, 2014|

Kevin Haggerty talks to Corbett and won't answer Corbett's direct question.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They representative -- analytic thanks for calling the show what did you think of low. On marine Brian stand. Trying to -- as if he. But it didn't really miss it either hear. -- on the grandstand but is it possible to move back in the area. And broaden my arena you want to run against me I invite him to do -- -- to bring somebody on -- show -- relative. As somebody who is in third place. You are that that's unacceptable. You can't you get the repugnant or relatives. -- at any sort. What's unacceptable looked at. It sure shows if this is how you control that you you just spoke up on your show. And I think integrity voting records or the bit -- and he -- 56 days of voting. -- he said that. She didn't say days he said votes with Brian stand Sarah. What part of my daughter. -- armor and wouldn't -- be -- watch. Like I can't think that if you -- showed deal. Well let me stop you you're a little run for office you are as far as I'm 48. Of course not I'm numbers say and then I am you say you are and that's what's the issue here. Coastal plan and bring him on the show he called -- without any kind of inducements from me I didn't know usually. Pretty well this I didn't yes I did and now we can keep you want. And you can answer some of the questions that Bryant. And aren't hit but the question I try to create at sending people do is what -- nor Clinton are easily. -- just it was just when you failed to call more. -- created had a debate topic pretty critical thinking well written too. Talk about you because you're the mystery marine and the mystery marine is a guy who will not answer questions. Even one posed by an American hero marine by the name of Brian -- Can you Brian stand is asking you a lot of people are asking you what exactly are the circumstances of your discharge from the Marine Corps. Global -- -- your -- opening night interview -- Honestly you know and you're you're -- you need only listen to people -- -- what what's your full complete interview with me. And you didn't like all the idiots are delusional and the other one interview with hate this question -- you know tell all talk people haven't come home just lol calm down a street. Okay area call -- -- you lie can't control of yourself. Eight we are completely relaxed when you're doing -- worst -- in -- and talk I got a pocket you didn't. You're making me. To do at least for not answering right now not answer to us that it I need to talk about your credibility -- how. Are your credit. You know -- -- what your credibility Roddick continued it. Because you endorsed can let you import the guy that was stealing hundreds of thousands of -- -- you're using -- Ultimately you're solo record you should know better than OK I don't know that -- -- after IP -- yes. He hired in Harrisburg. Any torque again. I ask that I'm I'm sure your leadership can't read -- and it's here. He's good documentation to support that claim you never gave it to me you know what you've got what are history. All these emails ever I can reduce -- -- that document requires constant hot air about it -- fashion. You and you -- -- why did you leave the Marine Corps -- and Kevin when little. Listen to Brian stand he said things like something went wrong if you don't have an honorable or dishonorable discharge what went wrong in your marine career. He disappeared. He's gone. Kevin charity is called back so Kevin Hagerty is on line three. During our conversation. Celebrity told me that I had previously. Viewed him a body here is -- Discharge from a core. And I asked him where that interview took place because she's he's mentioned this in the past. It's just not true I never interviewed Kevin and gritty about. The circumstances. Of his discharge from the Marine Corps and he's never answered my specific questions for a few years now. I've emailed him -- recent questions very specific questions that he has absolutely refuse to respond to. Also -- dirty -- and unfounded accusation that he's provided no corroboration of documentation. To support with regard to. Stay representative Ken Smith accusing him of stealing. No evidence existed that's the case. And when I asked Kevin Hagerty additional questions. He hung up the phone or we got disconnected something happened when anyway Kevin -- he's back on line three did you hang up bushel. I'm here with my family and there's there's older kids credit agreed to come here. I didn't ask -- it's OK so all this. It's not immediate control this -- I watch you operate -- clearly not in control things this way. The system you. Control what we need to fight or secede interpret. You know -- -- fighter. OK let's let's just answer questions here because. Right now are uninterested in as a Marine Corps discharge because that's your mystery marine service. And that people seemed to jerk clearly unnerved by this. You don't want answered obviously you don't want to answer your questions you don't want to answer I got why did you leave the Marine Corps haggard and why did you leave the Marine Corps fewer. -- -- Steve let's talk talk about you don't you watch it again what was your interview I I would hope -- -- -- whatever you like TJ doesn't want us. Beckett -- got a and we had a full interview particularly because you realize -- -- that's not true you see a counselor because it's never happened yeah. Oh yeah yes you know. You and I condone -- we didn't lie detector doesn't true. Flu serum that Google and you can't have -- pet. It would -- -- you wanna do nobody goes oh yeah we haven't relax. The important election and I'm here and call home. Kevin get control of yourself because you don't know what you -- about five years and you don't like -- answer your questions who along with the Marines who are not going to control. Quite situation clients and sent them a little leadership -- really discipline that's what I would ask when you're really help you ever disciplined. Plus we. -- In sports history to -- -- -- I taught I taught in seventy countries in the perhaps more and you say nothing -- sort of toward election. You're trying to at least I am a United States marine -- your family and please relax. Relax for control of yourself everybody understands yeah she's calling the British accounts -- Senator McCain now please have a -- This is my show well in Islamabad for. He wants -- this. We treat everybody knows I'm not -- I think I -- -- -- I think I don't need. You put a call on any a lot of local I don't town hall meeting underway right now and you refused to answer the question at -- team -- -- -- upon what I did a lot and told us all -- caught cheating. Accountable medium fly it did you ever get into. -- -- -- -- -- -- And then you are there any disciplinary action taken against you as you know this morning and continuing Berkeley and -- the United States. What is important and why do you leave the Marine Corps are. No you are you can come to wonder pay you endorse transferring it hurt your feelings are not coming do you do -- That's good appreciate each kid you not understand -- honestly plus -- -- and you realized you realize how old. Just joint did you sell and you know. Well Brian I'll -- you into. I'm here I'm talking to a manipulator. Talk -- guys who don't much care what -- unity and create such stories did you store you'll ask for Germany for his resignation as you said you're going to. That situation it got much more complicated that I -- your door -- involve the -- of they cannot endorse the order they mail -- city it postage. Pretty good -- and I'm looking around and I. Just -- for an awful rise by Pennsylvania democratic state committee Joseph you're great shows chairman -- -- did you know. Pretty. -- you can't seem to know that you need to get married yet -- detailed account American gay just like to get along I'm not a -- And you don't seem you don't seem in control of your emotions. Orbit let me play it didn't show you -- little -- schoolyard bully because people -- -- statement. Usually you're part of -- corruption this series your talking about people forget or they got -- -- but look -- pretty steep enough to keep. -- birdie coming here and -- the truth -- things are true to make strong. I'm I truly make you about a person on any pressure when his friends tell us what happened in the Marine Corps most of the noble thing quite risky when you when you create a perception of persevered and your wallet and today. -- -- -- -- So you've got to listen freshman that has some more up any freshman. And Romania. -- job aren't you sound like you're -- you're rattling about the whole thing you know on solid down or should be or should. Kevin you sound like you're pretty much finished with your ability to. Respond to any questions that. Oh my god it didn't look -- only northeast and -- -- -- -- -- what did you. Leave the Marine Corps this is there a sadness of your career this is the sadness in your life. The true to make you were stronger better person -- of people might respect you if you told the truth. But sadly you're not capable of this and I feel sorry for you. Mostly I feel sorry for your constituents. Of which I am more.