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Kevin Haggerty and Sue Henry

May 19, 2014|

Kevin Haggerty talks to Sue about his interview with Corbett.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So we welcome. -- Good morning so affect revenue source saying how would you talk about an interview on Friday. Also -- consider an interview. You know unfortunately. Did it already. And I don't warm up to him. And so that's -- until I'm you know actually -- to do something procedure actually before the election and get through loud and he has no effects. And then we oftentimes you know you don't need this is just one -- stand up to complete ban and that's what really didn't unfortunately. -- Situation -- -- situation and the United States privacy act of 1974. Protects all of our military. And he is seen a lot of information about -- But but he doesn't not required to do anything. OK okay but that being said though Kevin you have to admit this has become an issue in the campaign. You are allowed to speak about the circumstances. Of what happened -- regarding your Marine Corps discharge. Is there a reason why you choose not to look and use you use that this act as. As of of course you don't have to look but voters want to know. But what can you tell them. Or nobody kkk came to meet our -- -- and and we believe we had conversations all year. And when our political opponents. And 2009. -- couple rumor and then -- -- to anyone who ordered the media or whatnot. And commuters and so -- -- props Richard outreach to try it truly is the members didn't have -- split my military career. Again in 2012 and one. And infant -- in this family members didn't discuss our military career. -- -- fourteenth when frank Farina a ball to resist job all of the sudden. Understanding burst. Going after me and -- and that's not a dirty politics. Is what it this well. I can't but tip in that being said. If you could take this opportunity to set the record straight and dispel the rumors put them aside. Tell all the people what happened and why would -- No -- can -- it -- -- know that it will now be talking point this look at the topics I don't. I am not speaking well military Chris. It says he can read more about being Marine Corps that couldn't be further from the truth I'm very proud that it became he has essentially. But that's ordinance where we -- -- I don't like that. Or less than 1% of the country -- the military. And it left and a fraction of those memories I think it means they really. I'm not going to swamp on what's which state -- -- Alice just -- just keep saying you know what. Europe only and bully people -- August and up front and that and that's what I do my job. And we talk about Arianna aren't getting endorsement. I don't watch any endorsement because I don't have special interest endorsements I get -- -- election that because of people -- to try to show them. I am talking about the rumor -- Edit an -- you could set that record straight by saying what's false. I understand what you're saying but what can -- when you do something. When you were able license some wire and and -- -- -- so I want and knew you -- important -- and you'll become something. Under an hour that you just completed. I'm not going to get there I yell and scream should be most culture people culture other district doesn't -- only. So many military that turns to what what she and -- and you're required. And told that this whole -- -- it it's it's gone too far I think it is they actually. Strong performers -- -- these things because. -- -- -- Everybody knows that. And we stood up all the all -- old cronies. Have people feeling fresh and well all right just for ideas that -- smoke and extensively with fuel and last year -- but but this but just. Argument we had been superb political frustration there was an argument and I hope more people total market -- their not a bully like camp. Well again these these points seem to have some legitimacy if you wanna address them head that that's up to the voters to decide whether it has a motor ever ask you directly what happened in GG ever tell all of motor. They don't they don't have to end and you know it's ironic. They of course quarterly. Beat is important because not -- Apollo and 2000. Can -- that's a vital stake. What -- and Democratic Caucus in it working right now try to micro an opponent. ST you -- it's -- to her base that basically means Harrisburg it's typical the next represented at the arm problems are there as well. I would let -- Democratic Caucus did they ever work on your behalf and all. A -- so you guy do you consider yourself an outsider here. -- totally -- design. Don't opt out of freshman legislator I truly metric adult. That you build and any fresh and mr. Pennsylvania. -- the people like me tonight. I will become the first state represented in the history Pennsylvania. To have beaten two incumbents in two years it's unheard of it's happened. Everything is controlled -- -- we stood tall. Court ordered -- be victorious tomorrow. Tech what what kind of fun -- message I'll give me this opportunity now because I want -- to be able to speak to the voters about. The issues that you find to be the most important. Speech to the motorist you're actually now about three key points that you'd like to get across. Number one issue and connect Kerry voted in regard specifically. To our -- -- also to the people living in the city district. Your your text based as has been depleted. And you know be required to show the bulk of broken government -- we have written pieces of tax reform legislation. I won't get all of these people the ability to have more money in the pockets and not losing almost and that's not defaulting on our homes this is all happening. We're writing these critical legislation to block out. We. Company in by the law. Well this series -- Tex is right up to find no you can't 2006. Our court system here. All of -- to change -- wrong. The people here cannot afford. -- to detect. Every issue. And the and it's going up and up and people don't know what to do walking the street they looked at me and you know. You know public finally -- the kite. That's going to change sort vortex. Clark County it is slow so critically important and -- under I heard the governor street didn't look like I respect everybody republics are truly truly go. When the governor has hurt our. Our public education system. And it -- -- on our our public school district funded by about 75%. Came from the state and the -- Iraq 40% conscious state. We supposed to pick -- that extra money in cities such great -- Clark County. Only protecting the people and we can't stop people like that's our congress person. Access is -- Always cost hike unemployment -- -- so important well not just hate. It's won't talk about actual form. Protecting the people this area and stay rep Tim Maggie thanks. Brooke thank you -- --