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Frank Farina declares victory

May 20, 2014|

Frank Farina declares victory on WILK with Nancy, Corbett, and LA Tarone.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You what is thought -- does he have any idea how about numbers coming in. I right now looks like we're gonna win by about 900 votes. I don't look at that number she got people out there are all over the district yeah and we had every poll covered and that guy. -- the numbers came and we put in my into the computers is that we put him into our computer system and not look like about a 900. -- Vote victory while that would be something here at 907 to have those numbers are because you're trying to get numbers and haven't seen them yet I'm so I'm guessing that you're feeling optimistic but you're not ready yet to declare victory or are you. I I think at this point it looks like we're ready to declare victory. But it it obviously very highly optimistic. All right well you're saying that you have enough votes of great Perino this was a pretty hard fought battle wasn't it. Yes it sure was and first and foremost I I just wanna will think all that the voters and everyone and had to trust me. The trust in me to -- to you know it's sacrificed their vote. And -- put in office but also like to take my hat off to -- Kevin Hagerty and he Rana. On campaign and he should be very proud of he can hold his head up high tomorrow my hat is off to him you sacrifice any integrity. And I just wanna say Geoff thanks you know I I always said. Then a good competitor always brings out the destiny and you definitely brought -- brought -- the best in me -- where you getting the numbers because -- just from the WNEP -- are quite different from yours that how many precincts do you have a percentage of the precincts -- what the approximate numbers are. Yeah we at every precinct in. And we have the our poll workers that they closed out the our readers at the end this time put a number ten. All right so we are hearing this possibly -- first where frank Farina as saying that he has the precincts are reporting and that he is one by about 900 votes and basically has said. Then he isn't declaring victory Corbett so front when you say that you have the precincts so. Watched that you're you're you're workers were checking the numbers you feel pretty confident. That what they brought back a number wise is sound. Yes he had on the poll watchers you know they collect their numbers they call -- given to us we write them down and then we enter them into the -- Into the computer system in time it came back we had all the Don -- numbers in all the -- numbers. We still had a 667. Vote lead. Without one there was actually one -- polling location one precinct there were waiting for in Blakely. And -- came in and that put a sad I -- right at 900 I believe frank where did you do best and where was your where were your weakest numbers. It's. And obviously in Don more we did well. -- IBC good enough to win. But -- Miley definitely took some votes for myself in the valley. She's just to make it close its -- -- those kind of numbers in the valley yeah I would say that we would Hannah. A lot larger lead how did door in the cities Scranton. Scranton who we didn't have high near you're gonna ask me that's here I'd ask -- that impact. And we share we did share offer for an area that you know I haven't represented on people really don't know me that well yet. I'm I'm satisfied with those numbers and not. I'm obviously gonna get to know them very well and next time around. I think food and we will bring in 8090% in that area. Yeah huddled for the people who don't know UN as you are declaring a victory we do not have our numbers in front of us you're going with the numbers that you -- reported. -- for the people that haven't had -- -- we got a situation here where two districts you know we're now going to overlap and that's why you're both fighting this one out. What would you tell those people who voted for one of your opponents as we move forward towards November 5. -- that they can have. Full faith and trust in me to move to a 112 district forward I just mentioned to the to my young supporters that are here tonight as it tomorrow I'm in it I'm gonna spend no well deserved day or my family. And then make it's back to work on Thursday and we have I still ask the -- present with with you know highest honors and stuff to represent the 115 district. -- I have to start building the inroads in start you know getting to know that the newly John 112 as well so I need to have double the amount of five. Works that I had in the last seventeen months -- I'm always up for a challenge and I look forward to it. The married so with said this election and youth that as you say again I wanna continue to say this because we don't have the official number three in the unofficial numbers in front of us that you're saying that. You have won this race in the 112 by about 900 votes frank Farina over Kevin Hagerty and Bob -- late. I went looking back at this campaign whether it was or anything you would have done differently. Absolutely not I always said that I'm you know I'm always gonna take the higher road and -- People were very very surprised they said you know you're taken a lot of shots they're really command yet. But you know my it in my eyes one is that there's never a defense to a liar and you know to commanders with the with who went to -- pharmacy and why is I just you know listen we're gonna take the high road I know who I am as an individual. The people that voted for me the first time knowing him as an individual my performance spoke for itself for the last seventeen months in office so. You can't you can't defend that and that's the reason why they came -- does. How how do you challenge that how do you check -- until they can tell me what I they could've done better. For. What I haven't done so -- nothing else -- to run on so that you share what you shows they had no platform actually flattering. Well I can say this frank Farina. Two words come to mind when it comes to your supporters you know what those two words are. I like to hear Sampras clock. Put the ball. Right freedom I think you just wanna leave it right there don't check a Democrat 112 districts frank Farina who says his numbers now show. That he and he has basically declared victory right now says he's up 900 votes thanks for being with us. -- thank you and and I just want to think Steve is well I mean you you're always brought out transparency. I never had a problem con in an answering your questions and yeah I just I really really appreciate that thank you I guess it's like your party time right Alison that. It's part allies for sure it sure is -- what I always said you're only as good as the people you surround yourself with so. I don't feel that I deserve to party tonight but my supporters that are here definitely deserve a lot of them there and sounded like before our ladies dished it sure is -- take care thank you. Thanks guys I have a good night in jail. And then I -- the primary Kindle legion where frank Farina is declaring victory in the 112 race and I wanted to.