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Chuck Volpe

May 21, 2014|

Chuck Volpe with Nancy Kman, Corbett and LA Tarone on the "NO' vote to change the Lackawanna County form of Government

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Big decisions so folks had to make with the lack -- one accounting and changing the form of government. And -- -- one of those sub behind and supporting that change good evening chuck thanks for checking in with us. -- guy he's very happy being here okay we know under better circumstances but there. I'm near normal rational case to tell us what those circumstances are how we're waiting for numbers to see where what about the vote -- -- now on this change what are you hearing. -- well he's pretty accurate numbers at this point at all stranger and but it looks like yeah. 191000 in changing voted no. 141000. And change. A key to elicit Intel they're not. It Cody yet so there's about 84. I -- it soared 4500. No but I margin which means it all work. Wow that's as is I thought that would be a lock closed is that side of the slugger might even be a recount called hair it. Actually. Apparently. You know he had the opposition. The commissioners and dead air Packers we're able to look brave enough issues about. Are bigger government problem which we believe what you got it they'd. They presented -- argument. More expensive government. And they adapt pretty darn it we yet. But -- aren't -- we -- pretty -- about you know actually lack of economic opportunity corruption. Are solo but you know. Air -- their message here. Through our. Our report to people that voted -- you're not in -- in their unity Judy Egyptian situation that this data score usually prevails and that was the -- here. Chuck let me ask you do you what happens in Lucerne county obviously gets a lot of coverage it's all one media market in which is changed to a the charter reform of government has written not even three years -- golf. And it is safe to say that the transition has not being completely smooth. Larry did that influence the vote do you think. I didn't -- you're actually whole number of strengths. I think absolutely yet I think there were people up I can't block people out there you know as we did today. But did don't know what to some of the -- has ever even he are even numbers there's no overwhelming number but they are all they were all part and number thirty article was. Well he's earned -- you know we've gotten word appear -- we -- the same media market that same they're being growing -- -- and stop and start camera. You know and destroyed it which often happened in order to government so that's an issue. And then again I mean -- -- -- issued if they were able to -- portraying it -- you know that they're there are more elected official in our form. Even though technically we have left so I'm. Elected officials are -- they they -- the map the map what because we have a seven member council along with the executive. Of course is only three commissioners -- Are people clearly want smaller government and that was issued its -- -- they were able to present then he had. So again we're EM -- apparently just did not do a good enough job that you are getting our message out. I'm sorry to interrupt you you decided not to release the report. That you commissioned a former FBI investigator to put together into some claims of concerning. Possible corruption in county government you make a decision not to release that if you had released that report. Prior to today's election do you believe that would have made a difference. A great question. We can share data and obviously he had some of the findings in that report. A member of the type of notoriety did that could have controlled the election and I made it very tragic decision along with being green and have the rest of the commission wasn't judging me. Not to do what we wanted to report did not yet a political document. We think it would have been curious all beat up political propaganda in -- collection. And got it is important enough. -- -- raised in every court are important enough. That. I should cheer FBI agent of -- three now -- in tremendous respect in credentials. Believe it was a matter for law enforcement does pop in number theory that county government. I haven't said that despite drop -- a week ago it he would probably act get attention it deserves it would be treated as political propaganda. And my integrity matters to me even at the cost -- the election I did not want that the the issue the issue what our argument. Of course eat your argument given the political question I'm government changed any kind of web. We'll be demagoguery can -- they have done that now it the election is over go up did you -- had been turned over to law enforcement at the official. In fact it kinda running headline tomorrow that the government commission has turned over finding out to launch source went. And down now with the all the -- counted and we have a lot in fact that -- -- That comment. At a party and now we we expired decommissioned were actually able to -- out what happened that -- tonight I got the government commission. -- it's almost shouting mr. -- is are you are looking at possible criminal charges as a result of that report. Our -- it would need belief again. Mr. -- -- you've found enough. -- is all about criminal allegations across certain risk not one isolated but -- -- -- number myriad and county government. And -- felt it warned that law enforcement. And again I think I would hurry his judgment. I have been -- balance is recommendation take commission which they unanimously adopted again not just make. Indicating again the law enforcement we speak they have. OK so for people are just tuning in now we're talking with chuck Colby who is telling us after looking at the numbers that Knoll was the winner that theory you're out position in what you're fighting for the change -- -- -- accounting will not come. I'm chuck multi what does this mean for you in the future you know some people thought that I'm perhaps she might have political aspirations of Euronet inning. I think to that or. Well I'm glad these extreme back to your question and you remember I made a solemn -- doll and how much many many times down the record against Yasser one. Any form of government -- and county executive in that county council that I would not work -- any condition that new government or do business to a -- wanna county my bed next. Right now that I eat only happen at dollar remained intact let me try to add a guy who selected business looking with black -- county. I want that my motives the media -- apology it's like we did it -- money off the table that got a pretty good. Barometer of -- issue -- now -- the matter I mean I think Crawford and Terrell. We -- I think -- there will be no new government. All that draw I don't know what my future I'm not just -- -- not interpret any help is anything but I'm just saying yeah. I'll take a look. -- -- think it's dead. The chomping -- era where I can make it different sort of need to I don't yet -- candidate emerging next -- in this cycle when we won't get elected county commissioners when the traditional -- Good candidates emerge at -- OP would not need to run trap but. -- -- -- I think if you did end up running for position that you are pushing to illuminate. Yeah I think there there are certain amount of I gotta tell you can just -- -- in my in my inclination at this point in -- apps to run. Commissioner and that -- just in them in a moment where are. Whereas you know be defeated still trying to -- what -- -- the bolts are coming and but I think even after I really been -- I don't think county commissioners where you're gonna find me a run for public office stuff. It kinda. LB and a lot of described my little did a nice Italian bank and the record many time. I -- -- 1 morning a year and a half to -- my Cheerios and went cold January morning -- -- paper and -- commissioners or deputy consolidate the role opposite. I thought that would be attempted dictatorship and a power grab other source the -- sport. That's exactly what the motivation behind it nothing more so. I would never predicted that that was gonna be chase. And he went through eighteen months to election cycle. Course he had a great victory lap today. My vote -- -- -- they personally abide late -- I got more -- personally of the candidate that 38 person's deal. And the commissioner got in their noble have been sold. So I might. You'll have your Cheerios tomorrow and who knows what moment I started then re really happy that the new reality Internet. Oh yeah did he tell you know I need chuck thank you for a checking it with us and -- your -- are nice and we'll be talked into it -- Where all of your congregate India and why don't drink I hear Steve parent. I don't always agree with Steve but I respect -- is that it journalistic integrity -- he got there are valuable Japanese community. Even more out corruption. Odds even McGovern commissioner Don and its report that you all the time -- years do you console. -- normally we may disagree on public matters like -- little question not politics -- Like great to be an American -- Our -- like you chuck and I and I agree with you as well Emanuel and I'll talk again. Thank you apple -- take care thank you. All right so let's check Maltby who has said that know how wins the day and he wasn't happy to have to report says he obviously was leading the charge to change county government.