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5-19-14 What? Am I Lyin'?

May 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Any magic -- -- -- play a week how he IE IAE IO and that's a problem today. Baghdad trying to get the bottom no pun intended a -- some parts are rooted in order form an apartment. Some area that somebody pot -- it look like they were hit by enemy mortar fire assault. I went out last week dugout core samples to find out when the rotten pavement when -- can't and won't put it there. They're gonna find out that they do find something out who's gonna pay to make it right on right now is they're trying to fix the problem -- holes -- rooted in one. My bacon Karbala aggravating Juan. At a -- got arrested last week you might remember Alec Baldwin from 150 pounds a company with The Hunt for Red October. Anyway he went right to invite the wrong direction of Fifth Avenue in New York in a -- stop them. He was fine. I -- until they act of right tee and then he flipped out because evidently everybody's about to be set their GPS that Alec Baldwin's are rock and heavy don't know Alec -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mark's very short they cover them to command units and wisecracks about tap -- young to know who we he better find them down. I want a light was right or wrong direction on Fifth Avenue maybe trying to get away from beyoncé says there. And they're voting tomorrow about whether to ditch the commissioners and go back county council -- -- on accounting. Quirky O'Brien who you may recall is the commissioners ads. They got to keep the commissioners that they don't keep the commissioners when the new system kicks and it'll be harder to raise taxes and detectives might even have -- gone down. And that's their best argument. But in my mind. Body objects. News clips to remain CEO WYOP. We will be right back after -- work -- -- always sponsors.