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Kent Jackson Interview

May 15, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone speaks with Kent Jackson from the Standard Speaker.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I 733. Is Thursday night let's go to the news regular lineup on -- is -- and Jackson can't do is wanna be finest reporters who has ever worked. In this market he is -- here for a very long time if there's a big story in this area can probably wrote about I'm also happy to say. But he's an old friend and I can't tell all thank you for being here -- -- -- here premier. Tell us not this story I I remember when this story happened. I had just moved from the standard speaker to W while land may be about seven great months before. And this was our first really significant story. That happened I remember this was late in the afternoon may be about 315330. There had been questions of whether or not they had anything to do with schools are -- getting down to. Somebody looking for money from her. And if I remember correctly they found 58 year old Kathryn Moore at the bottom of this gaps. And they weren't sure if the blunt force injuries -- Ryder brought out more because she was hit at the top of the steps to. Birthday were from falling down missteps is that. Pretty accurate. You know memories very good no way. And I didn't go back into the autopsy report but I think that it's clear. There was no homicide rather than an accidental fall and I think that she had multiple blows to the head which. Those who rather than just one call. -- slip in the house can -- religious sentiment in the afternoon a grandson coming home from school at the -- he raised. Founder but. That puts a time of death sometime. Early afternoon. From the reports that we had at the time and things have police say -- name's Catherine Miller she would sit here at the time and who is there. My husband will also and they were raising further grandchildren. As her own children. I can't -- worked as a waitress at a diner called the blue common intent and there has been worked at the Italian -- specialty plant and -- -- called superior us. -- -- -- -- From talking to investigators. I got the impression that they sort of new -- Which way they were going -- but apparently they ran into a lot of blind alleys because when this happened this wasn't something I thought that would be talking about five years later. As an unsolved murder. Yes I mean it's it's hard to predict what things. Are gonna wrap themselves up almost Serb police and what things really. Stretching there resources. I didn't try to police this time in the end get into why but. Big reason is there just is busy now as they were five years ago one of the detectives on the case who is just finishing up a rape trial. Yesterday and that trial. Would -- man was convicted. It's suitcase -- it took them six months to solve in itself so these things. Are often hard fought and even after five years entry -- the please -- give up hope. That that's something that a lot of people don't realize is the police departments in all cities -- not just haseltine wilkes-barre is the same way that the police departments are stretched because there's just. Such a number of cases they're busy all the time and everybody forgets about the follow up work. -- has to be done to didn't it done in a encased. -- you spoke to her her husband. And you some new information in this story that I wasn't aware of you write the killer Wilson thinks. No Kathryn and the house well enough to separate her from their afford dogs. Including the 150. -- Saint Bernard mix and then you quoted him as saying. Whoever committed this was able to take my dogs out of my house and dropped the doors. So the dogs could not get back announced -- defender. As I remember again that's new information I remember seeing that. And that's how he put it. That you can tell by the size of one dog bit reserved. Very large animals and there are mountains it was she's at shepherd mix in the seventy pound range and then produce some puppies which he -- would move I've done a -- Mubarak. But and did you know they're different ways of handling a dog and some people have. Butch Harmon might have just to coax some dogs but this could very well have been -- Tim Wilson. -- opinion somebody who knew the godsend to us why difference. Managed it now that endlessly. That that would be sort of the first thing I would think of them they did somebody must have known these dogs to -- the lead them outside like that break. God they you say then you right that Katherine is brutal injuries. Suggested that the killer. Might have tried to gain information. From her such as -- saves combination that's no information until I don't remember that being discussed -- -- Wilson said they had a safe and capture and didn't even want to know the combination so I. Even if somebody had tried to get that information from Hershey didn't know what to give it to. He was the only one in this -- combination and then the safe was not touched. Police brought in an expert on bloodstream of the lead detective in the first two years in the investigation had left the case and the case went cold. There's -- and. I don't wanna say -- I turn over by a sizable. Turn over. In the hazel Sindh police department of course we've we've changed changed since -- Bobby Ferdinand was the chief now -- frank. Has that do you think that is played a role and why the case is still couldn. Well I think. Didn't that didn't change in the first two years they had the regular team I mean -- the initial came on it and that's so long enough time that if there is going to be something he's -- would have come up and it just shows that this is a difficult case to work. Easy aside from the outset that there was some information that police thought they had some reason and they probably do but. You find that there are. Cases where you think you know who's. Guilty and what you think you know personally can prove -- becomes the yes sticking point. Moon no downforce -- happens in a number cases that this five years now this is a fairly long one -- -- as you mentioned had been a yacht. Waitress at the blue comment. Do you which she has closed says that the time was popular today it closed it was Padre earlier go by air anytime in the parking lot was always -- Did they look at the possibility -- maybe she said a little bit -- minds to what -- her anything like that. But that I don't have any information on that one way or the other but I don't know if she was working at the time of her. Murder because she had filed accountability claim that went back to 2007. And -- Tragically or ironically the plane came in. It a day or two after her death serve as an open now so that you would have been awarded 16100 dollars a month for life. As it turned -- she didn't. See any of that money is the. The whole hole is getting that now is anyone getting that now is it going to our grand children. I believe that those payments -- -- stopped with a desk there was because the injury happened in 2007. And then settlement was made in. 2008 at the time every desk. There was some. Cut a period from 07 to 08 said. She would have been able to collect four and they would have a -- orders to a -- retroactively should analyze how there was a lump sum -- it came into her -- Her husband said that that. Very very in -- did help he said cumbersome moving expenses because. That and the years after her death and two nephews and 2011 he moved to Florida where. They had met and that's where he's living -- He's originally from Florida was -- It was from New York State but they met in Florida Keys -- killed him it would grow up and it'll send. And -- she worked as a waitress and sort of for most of her life and they came back here and I think it was 2003. -- -- nothing cents. And that's right. -- he calls periodically just to find out if there's anything new but there hasn't been any thing to report to him. Send. I think if it just shows. The -- one tragedy affects others in the family and he's still from talking with them these cities so where is his wedding ring he remembers. The things they did together and then Mississippi things that they. Would have been able to do like spending time with the grandchildren who he's now. Helping to raise an act and the grandchildren there. Into their late teens and 29 but they also are having some children themselves so there would have been more little ones for them to enjoy together. And I remember when this happened. There were just a few as the first. All I was there build varies from channel thirteen. Kelly Mon it's from the standard speaker I think Steve McCarthy cement in from the times leader and then little by little it's -- -- building up building up. And now one point Wilson was outside and I did talk to him but he wouldn't talk to -- on camera. Although I believe he did talk to Kelly. But at that. Juncture you know it's mostly shock and disbelief my god how could this happen how could this happen he didn't tell me anyway anything that. You know would would trigger. An investigation one way or another but I suppose he told police more. Great day and I'm sure they would and issues that may be some what was in the story today is new. There are few things he told me that I didn't put in the paper because I -- had a chance to speak with the police this week. -- what they needed to have kept out. To safeguard being in this negation. But. Then are you get into another piece on the list. I I don't think so let's hope that if I do it isn't. Five years from now on -- really anniversary. Now. I can't Jackson the reporter from these standards speakers thank you for Iran -- -- and I get my pleasure always fighter -- guarantee.