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May 17, 2014|

Saturday May 17, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors -- It's time for -- and -- Distort your weekend. -- -- -- Until you lie okay. And good morning. Good morning how are you I'm great how are you so I'm just wonderful pianist who could. -- any particular reason. -- as well ahead a little incidents this morning and I thought it was really suit. And that was well I've had a nest of baby. Where. On the porch. -- 101 of the ENIC east again and I've been watching them very well and I -- yesterday. Can look to me like they were pretty big. Candidates know how the four of them. -- going to be able to stay in that little lesson you aren't because every time one moved they all had a movie career it is the not -- -- us. So last night when I go home. I went outside. And I was talking to someone. -- on the porch and all that commotion. I looked up and -- and I only saw one head. So I thought -- guess the other ones are already gone and so I watched that when I'm speaking to this person who's facing me all of a sudden I see this one. Dive out of the nest and take on go -- your mom was right behind him or her. And it was pretty as a DA that's really neat to see even had actually launched from the nest and did fine. So. I thought they were all gone and then this morning I noticed there was one little heads -- up there. Because wide open waiting for mom to -- better chance and I went up to get the newspaper and when I was walking back up steps to commend the house. I saw that bird. -- -- I look I went and looked and it just went to the ground. And it just kept walking around on the ground it wasn't flying. And mom of course is freaking out you know all around it and carrying on and I am just -- in his fourth saying and he kept coming back towards. The -- -- because he wanted to go back up into the nest. And I thought on this floor -- is going to be toast and a few minutes. If -- any bigger bird dog or cat in the neighborhood finds it because it obviously can't fly -- -- so then I went outside and went around the front porch off the porch. And tried to see if I could get the bird back up there but I couldn't pick up the bird and put him up there because I had to get a step -- something and I couldn't do Owens but luckily. My command shock. My friend and neighbor with a little dog's -- was walking down the street and I asked him to come over. And he and steamy with them and she came flying across the lawn didn't see the burden from me because it was down into the grass. And the poor thing just freaked out when you saw the dog that doesn't know what exactly -- good. -- -- -- Don't know so -- he called her back. And he's fun to see in the meantime had been skipping caller on the line now went out on the road how. Very nervous about that across the road still walking still hasn't flown. So I said no way you get that thing and bring a vacuum put in Nast. And I kept thinking of the stories everybody always says if you touch a bird via cinema but -- doesn't idea -- -- is that true though and I don't know could be -- myself. Yes he did fine he'd. He picks it up and put an -- his hands. And brought it back up and like him throw it in the nest because he couldn't really -- right frankly didn't get in there did. But will the mom go back to -- and came back because she was in the tree watching us. And I went up and a stuff still and stood up on the railings on the porch -- if he was kind -- was okay his little head was coming up over there. I hope by the time I get home tonight that he's gone. And flying. The Miami I'm has just -- so that they don't really know when their parents can fly than that I know that I -- saying -- to smell so have I saw crying and crying and I. My guys and their mother I -- the mother flap it around and -- and she tried like flying in front of him to let him know this is what you're supposed to. I wasn't getting it. So I don't know if it was may be. It is possible that maybe when he came out of the nest and fell down there you may have heard something. And around Philadelphia is not gone by today we have to call. -- Mary veterinarian for early emerge as she's in her and see we do that -- because one of the end when of this is the physicians one of the veterinarians is said is not an expert in various police then I think it's Lopez. OK I think Sino us and make sure you do so I would want to be up there and not the mom and I -- mess I think cam guests are they NASA mothers -- -- either I don't know they've been there before wellstone I don't know I have a nest above my door in my front porch it's like. Nestled in with the grapevine I have around my door and and still they -- and who. And it's been a big day of comeback before we didn't take down the -- this time stuff. And I don't know debate I don't think I don't know the same I don't know pitting and AM he's building. -- amazing -- watch them to go from little tiny peaks he. Yet -- girl from the handwritten making them nasty and fathered making the -- in general there's mud it's hard it's and it's done -- -- -- under 24 hours is unbelievable. It is amendment a little architects sailor. Builders and I know what they also built a second massed on the other corner of the park but she apparently didn't like that when she like so should go. She moved on up to the east side could you imagine our -- -- being the web -- yes he's been saying all in all I don't like be filled me three houses and I'll pick one and LA yeah. As your fluttering around. It's very specific that. Yeah so anyway that's what was going on today this very hand me the program. Birdie gets you know I just don't teach us this little story folks can teach you that. Everybody tells you that you need to take time. And pay attention to your surroundings and and be in pop wonder and ninth because -- -- or or it because see there's so when you look out you think. I wonder how they do that I wonder what they do they I do. Wonder because it is so quickly if everything goes by so to have. Takes a look at that experience that is great it's just think it's such a neat thing I'm also watching all the trees blooming and I now which mine are. Nice -- well. Some are fast mighty big. Big oak tree in the front I'm not oak. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is taking forever. It's old old old. Now and it's it's got all the buds but they're not popped on the other 23 in my yard at the maple which is all out. And then the other 20 could fire. They have more than the -- on the front is. Every year I worry about that because -- some bank. I'm also looking at all the pastas and other things that are happening now everything in our -- thank god I mean since -- 9088 to ten inches -- -- that's because it's been so warm but remember the ground has been so cold because of the terrible winter we cash and might I be I don't know if anyone else is is that they might IV is really dark and hasn't. I only have spurts of greens somehow that's going to be okay consists. It was tough well. It's not so good to see all these kids is aspiring unlike -- -- like things happening in such a good. And goods and a hailing its as is renewal -- every growth and a sense of things are coming back. And I guess I love it to discuss so let me know about the border I -- but that's why am feeling pretty happy right now it just feels good. That you rescued temerity and now that's obvious tummies are good thanks. So what's going on your world have you been announced to -- Manning them. Last night I didn't have a spirited art so we did yes they do anticipate believe this or not when you ask. Okay -- -- now with free eggs honest guy that's exactly -- pages. You've got to be honest I'm -- that's a big show -- and the way we. Because they can bring -- minute left. Let them I put in the back of my cousin Sharon came with me OK and I left mine in the -- other was -- would have put it on the front -- if she was -- so I put it and I forgot it so I'll show -- is that something where you have to go by appointment or can you distrust and -- I don't. I think you couldn't -- -- I mean I called Katherine and told that we were coming. And there were three other ladies Sarah didn't get their names and their five bus. And the three of them -- the grandmother mom and a granddaughter and a granddaughter had bought the mom. And the grandma this for a Mother's Day and name and I'll go together so was very Israeli -- nice. I'm back I don't know about that I usually teller cassation you know you've gone mind she tells you -- shall send you emails. With the schedule I was really need is if you liked campaigning he don't do it if it's not your bag you wait until the next one I mean there's just so many. It EE it just to relax in jail but of course me I'm like missing impatient as you now. So as we're doing it and the woman is so sweet whose show you how to do it and I'm Mike Dunn -- And captain sits me as to how Long Will it take because I have really wanna get home took. Well no because I had to help I have to do something with someone last. And she says about it now and hatch was near a fast -- -- and I really am because what happens is my impatience doesn't allow me. To sit still that long I'm still way I want it painted get it done and move on to the next and now wait and I kept -- OK what's. Next what. And something that's but it's a lot of fun and while you're doing it it's therapeutic well let's let's give her -- and -- -- to yeah. So that her stores called spirited art and then is. And that's not paint by numbers by any means time. It's an opportunity. For people to go there and paint whenever the artist is showing you how to paint right. And you leave there with the finish I finish was so good about any you know anticipate it's never perfect in just viewers and that's the beauty of it. I am beyond your perfect imperfection son into -- fashion mall Santa. And Texas and yeah. -- -- and our mom Nancy Grace and go do it because we say that before there's nothing like it because you feel. It's easy in the sense that they show you step by step and then you put your own spin on it's it's really kind of instructional. But it's creative on your own and some missed its needs and of course last Friday don't know where you know week out now but last Friday we went to. C. An evening with Patti LuPone and and Mandy Patinkin and it was pac 1010. And it was great they were unbelievable. As -- so Henry we were just talking about sue and Jacki going to ask you were a couple rows behind us. And you know we were talking about says. These two Broadway legends are standing in front of a Simon -- my seats in the third row so. Standing on the stage from couple feet in front of DO and they are and it was unbelievable. And she sang of course don't cry for me Argentina and it took. And tin and anyone that's an ambulance from Scranton there but I live and time to get on their feet. And -- -- standing now for these people another -- and they did -- DN gladly but. I mean who the -- gets an opportunity. Say you know. Often to sit there and hear her. Sing that song which was unveiled I mean it was she's there -- there unreal. So it was great really great time and then we went to -- -- smoke afterwards which was. Great save jazz down there on Friday night. And Pam my cinco junior was fair and then jazz assassins and we feel that we and nice say it was a very very nice night good so. And the mother's day of course. Did you ever have fun with -- we may not we -- -- wonderful place I don't know how familiar people are with the Philadelphia area but you know -- parks system again and throughout Philadelphia. There is. An area that's called valley grain. It says is its incessant hill and that's where my sister and my brother line niece nephew and mom all live. And so we went there. And it was an incredible. But thankfully this is second time we've done it. And it was just the most beautiful setting the day was absolutely gorgeous announced. And the food was outstanding. And we had a good time and my sister in law and my brother -- -- for that weekend. Thanks I was crying I can't believe -- -- -- your paper boy here if you deliver my paper only deny that he could anytime you I know I told them. Let them but no he that's just the two of them girls my nieces were both gainfully employed otherwise. And so they had they couldn't come in for the weekend thank. It was nice to spend some time with them sent a full hours dam damage you know -- with this memo was so thrilled to see in all three or can't -- You for a fairly good shape okay we're gonna take a really quick break you're listening to fill our human chapel. Your jewelry and -- Well good morning good morning how are you. And great. Well that's good if my name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm clarks summit then I -- and the owner flurry can enterprises. Which is a fundraising PR and special events business. I wasn't thinking I was just watching them -- the has -- otherwise yeah -- that's what you -- preoccupied -- And so. It's going to and then the end of the world and event planning. To do anything exciting and make great events come into Roanoke. Because I just ended a couple of them so. I have a little bit of a break thank thank the good lord how well we had Dancing With The Stars last week which of course while we taped here. On Thursday in an air and on Saturday so Thursday last Thursday night was the grand finale. Ten years that we've been doing things its actions in ninety that we did Dancing With The Stars for ten years. Since I've been at the cultural center and we brought these type of party type things to the center first year we did what was called cocktails in the city and we had. You know Jack Marin and some stuff inside and -- cultural center and then the next year we decided to add that. Dance element to a 'cause we wanted to do -- Dancing With The Stars -- that will add them and make it back so worked out so nine years but ten all together. Come. Ford jacket and for me our collaboration Jack Martin's a dance craze DJ's. And dental patients Keith Urban who is the owner of us step by step. Dancing neon ballroom. And so we had a great night and a doctor Russell stall was the ultimate winner last year last week and he did a great job. And a lot of money was raised and it was so. I'm truly truly a wonderful evening and a great way to go outside this media was. Wonderfully attended and the dance was great Jeff DeAngelo. Who has Jeff De'Angelo designed stint on the set design and he helps us every year with us. Last few years and Mary Nicklaus from Constantin -- catering we did food which was wonderful as always. And so we just had a terrific night -- called the cultural -- in all its glory was grade and the -- staff and the staff in general was just really a perfect night for me really happy it was actually at their word. Teams are really competed against one another well the there -- the stars in the and they dance with professional series okay. So how many people where there is that it's a fine I'm not a 100% sure because tomorrow we have are the wrap up for that so I don't know. But there -- -- Probably he. -- 32025. People there are so it was a nice amount and we had a lot of fun but how many dancers perform that so there -- two couples says -- At the end results now farewell for couples reform and what we used to do was we would have to couples dance in June. And whoever won that would go to August and then two couples dance in July and whoever won that would go to August and then we would ScanSoft until. One would win and one would come and second. This time because we were only doing it one. Time and to do within the fiscal year of the cultural center's fiscal year to get all of the fund -- in the fact that I'm no longer. Contract did as of the end of may. Because I wanted to move on to do something else. After ten years I think it's time -- have that we we wanted to get an Ali in the in the same fiscal year so well and class. The summit was getting a little bit if it was it was hard for people to commit to vacation times and a lot of different things on everybody's and including Debbie who choreographed and she answered her dancers and the time it takes to train them was a lot of work. Everybody's -- and moving in scheduling vacation so we decide to do it all on one night and that was on May eighth. And that's how we did so in fact there was one winner and three other people did not win but. They came in. And everyone did a wonderful job both from the fund raising and vote getting aspect to the dance itself so we -- on the track go. From. And Villa Maria he's the owner Villa Maria big quest cited what he did. He was wonderful. Then we had dipped actor -- DP and Charlie. And she did a wonderful job including adding sticks that would dancing with sticks that they do in the like in an Indian dance and it was beautiful and she she she did a beautiful job with that. And then Julie Jordan. Who actually got the high is boats that night. From the judges I should -- Did what and she's got you know a lot of ballet. Experienced issues of ballet dancer and that that really makes a difference I think in how you perform if you have some -- even though it's not the same. And they'll tell you even on the DS with the stars on ABC. You can be the -- -- that would -- Olympian aura dance Sarah whenever it's a different type of movement so. We had a great time -- style was wonderful his wife Rouse who was a sweetheart they -- incorporated rise into the dance with. -- patient -- it was really really need really piano was great today both which just is intuit and just as. I'm happy to participate and and -- they all said all this money goes back to the Scranton cultural center. And I I say this all the time and I'll continue to say and instead it takes a roughly 171000. Dollars a week to operate that play wow. Yes I had no idea so it is huge. And so it's always good. Before. People to help when they can't. So it was great so thank you to anyone out there who came who participated. The sponsors. We just we had a great time and damn thing when they cassettes and did and then know what's wonderful. Jack and Debbie and I are very happy. Could and then get out two weeks before that was the I told to the evening of fine for the wind so was. They're a little crazy so guess what now I get to shines off next week he's here next week. I picked him up on Monday night. And he's here before. He's gone to Canada for a few days and then he'll be in all of next week so I'm sort of taking having an easy week next week -- -- Doing some sort of taken alone. Okay downtime Catholic Charities for the Mets let us know let's say desired. You know brewing. And things are happening I just can't talk about I mean I am seeing. -- -- -- Okay should be you know it's funny we went when we picked up -- By which I think is really neat -- my can't my uncle Jerry Sheridan who's going to be 91 they share it looks like he's 75. Heat. My sister Barbara my mom and I drove to Philadelphia two different cars this course we had to get all of the stuff out for that year that he's been there. And it's so neat to have that kind of be known not only did he have his cram on there his his his and his mom but he also has great great uncle. And when the economy went to college my -- I was still living so his great grandmother and his grandmother and his mom and is -- can't. We all did that and -- such a neat intergenerational experience so uncle Jerry sort of serves and my grandmother's capacity and so neat to have that because. Like someone said one of his friends like cool cool cool pass these all these people here you know I was just so neat. And so we went to -- -- restaurant around the corner that I used to go to -- back in the eighties with the end of the eighties when I was married and living in Philadelphia. And was right around the corner from our apartment it was called -- -- -- And they had a is sort of like a Tex -- sort of plays well they still have two of them the one on fifteenth street isn't there but there's still one on south street. And this one on on fortieth and I think. -- And it's really que no place but it was really humid and hot that day in Philly and they had no air so all the windows and doors were open people are sitting outside. But it's so neat because. When I when it before I even looked at the menu I said they if they had this and nests and that's exactly what I had twenty some years ago and they had the exact same stuff. Good they have these French Fries that are called Spanish Friday's. -- I think what makes Saturday and to date fry up Blake grill up. How Pena Ellis cut in little slices and onions. Big grill those separately and then they throw them in with different tracks and you get them and it's wonderful and then they do this -- burger. Which was delicious and on top once a chili pepper. On the burger. And I can feel that pain meaning I had when he saw -- when he had 29 years ago or so he. And I have not been back since I left Philadelphia and the same exact steps and it's. If it was like you know it's funny because it's almost like he never take your right back to those times and you never even now. But to have the same sets when we had fun in it was a neat place to go on. We get home till midnight you know because we went late in the day so when it what the -- We had a good time now those of the kind days when yeah well we left the Philadelphia last Sunday and I think court after eight. Because we were just you know have a good time visiting an almost -- sharing all right good stuff fun. -- Elian home at 1030 whatever time that was insane well. Thank you for getting you know because it's a it's a drive to get there and back but I do it so often. I don't even think about it. -- is an easy easy drives but it's still you know tomorrow and throw it. What because you have to it's snotty and just driving but the mental. The taxing on your mental ability because -- pay you have to pay attention family to what you're doing but what who's around -- So it's it is it's it's it's tough and we went down like we left dead. 430. In the in the afternoon. So that's why we get home -- -- as we get all of that and then came back into our so it's not as bad if you had a big separation. That was acquitee pretty quick turnaround yes. So I'm trying. So but for the -- it was I just -- Philadelphia at this time a year it's beautiful. Beautiful and they graduate next. -- -- graduates next. Monday and I ran into while we were seated waiting for -- I'm one of the park bench as I ran into Maggie McDonald. Who is an attorney Mike McDonald and doctor Marianne McDonald's daughter who's a senior at Penn and she's graduating. Next Monday and I was thinking about her on the way down to think kind I never I haven't run -- -- on Cesar every now and then. And does she graduated two years I had a shot from crap and she's just a sweetheart and -- also comes knocking down that. Walkway but Maggie and ended two of her girlfriends so we were talking and she said I'm -- -- just so proud of and I didn't. Think it's a great accomplishment and next Monday day. Well graduate itself yes that's kind of need. From my nephew Timothy. Will end with five minutes to spare time Sunday because take control from Penn State. And then dropped two of his buddies off before you go home we're waiting for him so we can all go -- -- green. Room. And he's just so funny because he. It isn't just finished his sophomore year and that he's the same major assurance from them. And he. Is he just amazes me what I think of what he's accomplished. In this timeframe that he's the editor of the for the newspaper. And so as a sophomore. Yes scraped. And he says so matter of fact about it. You know sort yeah it was fun it was sunny -- compete for a I'm glad I got to admit stand OK good and it gets paid yea yeah that's the best part. -- -- So I think can sit here thanks. He has on his own -- and then my niece also. Shared with us that the starting June 1 she's moving in with two of her friends. Into an apartment near Penn's landing in -- This is going to be a huge change for her. Because she's pretty much spend at home all of her life she went to college success and no college. And so now she's teaching and enjoying loves to kids as she teaches there quite a challenge. But this is a big departure. And I think it's also something meant my mom is having a hard time -- because she was used to having. Maher next summer. You know so. -- was -- happens with them but it's fascinating to see how they're growing up and becoming. People in their own rights you know insist it's a really neat thing to watch it you know I'm happy. It sounds. CE ice was telling ran into Victoria's Sylvester the other day and I used to center yesterday and I said. I feel like thirty years ago when I knew -- it feels like it was yesterday is so bizarre statistic goes by so quickly but it seems like it was yesterday south. Now anyway everybody I guess feels the same way but we're going to take a very quick break you're listening this morning to the Marion and shopping season. WI LOK powered by Sherwood Chevrolet into uncanny PA stop by Sherwood the view full lines -- Buick GMC and Chevrolet. Hi everybody good morning you're listening to the Marion -- -- I'm married. Cat. And I am the owner blank had an enterprise is which is safe fundraising PR and special events business. And my name is Flynn an enzyme the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants -- fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. And usually at this time we introduce -- we introduce our guest expert but because we have five Saturdays in the month of may we are. Free this week to just -- and I will be talking because we moved one of fire. Experts to be last week so. That's what's happening this week. So. We have over there in your bag of tricks and I -- tricks I have a couple things and I I thought -- fascinating and then I looked at this week. You know we've talked before many times about. The people that prey on the elderly for all these scams and these goofy things they do. And how old willing they are to engage with people. Call them our mandate. That they just don't have the village to distinguish. This is somebody its earlier scammer or not. But they found out something interesting it's not just. Somebody who's. Suffering from dementia or somebody. Who made not being that savvy in the first place. That would getting -- so something like this. This is the researcher. This guy. A man named Bruce Martin. Former chairman of the chemistry department the University of Virginia. The author of more than 200 scientific papers and a textbook. On the bio physical chemistry. He's also. A wealthy man with several million dollars in assets. Last year however -- home at age. Hired by Martin's allegedly began forging checks with. And using his credit card ultimately felt -- approximately 50000 dollars according to the professor's attorney. While the case is still under investigation and most of Martin's money has since been recovered. According to the attorney and a police department spokesman. Martin says says he still feels burned by the incident I gave access to my private affairs willingly because I trust a very sad. Even sophisticated investors like Martin can end of victims of financial predators and new findings. In psychological. And neuroscientist increase searches are helping to explain why. As people age they become more focused. On maximizing positive emotions and social interactions. And more determined. To block out negative experiences. This process which experts call. The mouth full. So she -- emotional slow activity. Leads older people including the affluent. To pay more attention to those -- make them feel content and comfortable. At the same time they're more likely cement plant warning signs that might have been obvious. At a younger age. For his part Martin says he doesn't think cognitive impairment any kind played a role in his situation. Some recent research shows that highly intelligent retirees find it harder to distinguish. Safe investments from rescue -- Compared with younger investors goes over the ages 65. Showed strike cling striking and costly inconsistencies. In their financial behavior. For example older investors tend to make simple errors that younger investors avoid. Those individuals or elderly maintain a healthy sense of caution when confronted with a complex a risky investments. But someone who has long made sensible financial decisions and is now declining cognitively. Is likely to remain self confidence even if he's lost his reasoning capacity. What's more new research says. People in their forties and fifties. Have little insight into the trajectory of their future decline in other races when they're the most capable of planning ahead. For a time when -- judge of my failed investors are you an age where they're unlikely to believe they actually need to plan ahead. That's very sad time. So there's something physiological. Going now with our brains. That makes us more prayed that and I think the people. Who are the ones that call I'm thinking about this there was something I think I talked about this before with my mom. There was a scam that was going on where. -- they would look I'm profiles FaceBook. And they could tell by the pictures so they could tell by the information on the page -- -- how old they weren't guess how old they -- ranked. And they would see who they were also connect until. And then call them. And pretend they were one of their friends or relatives raise. And there was -- this guy who called and talk to my mom. And Calder and Shirley. And she thought it was her nephew. And they had this entire conversation. And he went on -- about how he was a little bit short on something. And needed some money to tide him over and we see new -- to give them alone. And she said that well I don't I don't understand why you should ask your mother or something like this. -- she started the sense in the way this guy I was speaking said he didn't know her well enough. In in other aspects of her life and and the that big. The thing that tipped it off it was that my cousin her nephew always called her and surety. Just because she was so little little and he says senator Shirley color and shortage. And this guy never did. I pretended he was that person. And thankfully she said just wait a minute I have to go against the cards. So in the meantime she had a month hold. Arab does put the phone down and went over and says something in my sister who came back over and said who is this some glove on the guy hung up. But you see that's what they're saying I didn't without saying surety she still kept it -- -- conversations -- kept it going 'cause she wasn't sure I. I know as a historic but serious thing and saying is that. That person. Kept her feeling good enough income and a mobile at all as saying that that this person's -- and the research. And she doesn't hear from him that often so she was delighted to hear -- -- -- was her nephew. And they know -- so they -- on that and that's their planet people who would have gone and got on the credit card and give them the information. Well I hope it's funny because it got -- from west my grandmother so my grandma. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My mother's man whom I just love dearly but she never works when people call she one day we were driving and she said to me. Married in guess who called me today I said cool she said governor Rendell that's that you come Rendell. And I said he didn't she said yes and she said he was telling me about this anyone -- to vote forum and I Sydney and a they're not that's their robo calls are automatic cause he takes them. Well absolutely. Not -- asked me how I and why this. And I said I'm fine and he'd listen to any response he was on the phone he called to make. No matter what I said she would now believe. That that it really wasn't him and I know and anybody most other people would say okay you know yea you're right she just. Believe by the way they had the timing of that phone call. That I think that's why they do and in many -- chorus is the only time I never hang up by many of those is when they say I'm. This is Bill Clinton and then I listened to anything he. I'm calling for a while walls -- forward. Yeah as -- otherwise I cannot BS. Well sit up that I think that gives credence in what they're saying that when older people and yeah this thing they're -- they want to feel. Important yeah it's I think it's part of when you get older I'm assuming that you may feel it in if -- -- -- you knew I hit it but you know all those things like -- what they feel so. Driven to do the job and then they retire and some people some some people relish and in others wish they were back doing what they used to doing so if -- sense of importance and fulfillment and all those things happen. Or I haven't talked to anybody I'm lonely and many engage in this conversation regardless of who it is. And then once they start getting you to feel differently you forget that your initial. The response of being -- was sort of Leary is over because now they've made you feel that way. And so it is it's sad that people do have to be very careful cause that's what happened is -- scary thing because. I can imagine that you know if she. If it wasn't for that one thing about it calling her and sure he curses and Shirley. I think she might have gone the distance. While so. That's -- -- -- miss those years she was she willing to give them the money there. I don't know I don't know I think at that point when she realized that something doesn't sound right here and she's a -- get the credit card. It was just chance for her -- -- the -- -- and -- and talk to somebody says she was aware that she clearly knew this was not quite right to. But I just wonder how many other people film from that we could call and even go online and look -- somebody's. FaceBook account and get information and do the same thing if they're not with family they don't live with family. They would have nobody to run the -- So they would probably say yeah okay haven't seen so and so in years I was thrilled that he call enough surely help them out. And imagine if there was even dementia involved I'm. All donations can be. That's why you probably think they're willing to help people out who had been in touch with them for years and years and years and years and years depends on how lonely there can now. Or how generous I guess soon he had -- Kansas. Wow so that but that's an interesting concept I never thought about that and I think this guy's got a point. It's you make people feel good PSA elderly people. From doing well that's and that's just generally make people feel good. Yeah you know I I said speaking of that I say dear friend -- the other day he's painting that we finished the we know the floors painting my one in my arms and my second floor. Actually it's my spare bedroom and I was walking by the other day and I said my you -- you -- a wonderful painter said this it's beautiful -- -- Quit work in May. I'm I'm -- I'm telling you I'm giving you a compliment I need beautiful hug when he is so I but I can you. Yes just sticks and -- didn't what I said I'm not. Working knew. He just can't thank you compliment. Working here. Now look at it and say did you ever hear some things that's called a bridge job. No I can't imagine -- probably would have liked to have what about this and I asked. Well this woman -- can say that in the one minute I can't and christened domain -- a woman who wrote this for daily worth. She said she decided it was time to quit there full time job as she just graduated from some training course and decided that she was gonna go forward. But she had also had was her savings and stuff like that and realized. -- have a job. So what she thought she would do and I love this term is she needs a bridge job. That job that you do that you know is only twenty -- thirty hours a week and pays the bills and gives you a chance to build your own business. And that's what she did and she says that she was really thankful that someone brought that to her attention. And his -- -- counsels people that they should look for something like that before they just. Passion always handy and then induce something so it's a part time -- -- job for a -- pay bills night while you're building your. You run your business yeah -- so she said. It's the -- job isn't a career and it isn't full time. It provides predictably consistent hours it provides a consistent and predictable paycheck. It should allow you ownership be your mind and your time when you leave. And it isn't and other side business that requires you to find clients have to keep that to -- I love it hiring us. Well we're leaving you for today so I think may have played great now we have a little bit of my time. No no because I thought it was 33%. Have to watch the numbers you know I mean this number lady over there and again that's kinda neat maybe you can do. I think it's great ideas really develops concepts and so that's something that would probably make more women consider going in the business if they thought about. This MS NB a career system now times yeah dances through. It's a great idea. Soriano -- solid nothing. Absolutely not that's a good idea so it's called the -- Bridge John bridge show -- do we know are right we'll talk to you next week everybody had a great weekend enjoy it be safe and be nice. I.