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Lackawanna County D.A. Andrew Jarbola and L.A. Tarone

May 27, 2014|

Lackawanna County D.A. Andrew Jarbola talks to L.A. Tarone about the 16 year old who was charged in the shooting of a cab driver.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Candy jar ball the lack -- wanna county district attorney is on the smallest this afternoon mister Jamal I appreciate your call thank you very much you're welcome. What's I -- is this kid is gonna be charged as an adult. As we charged into Friday as an adult OK Tom the charge first degree murder. Personally murdered a second degree murder certain degree murder and some mugged unrelated charges. Picked powerlessness that he displayed a lot of people myself included when I saw that on television I mean I wind cold he didn't seem to give a damn -- all. Clinton and that was my feeling as well in the. You're charging him as an adult he is sixteen years of age is there any. He will miss -- -- foul or even have a problem with that recent Supreme Court decision that. Said down. Life without parole for a juvenile was unconstitutional. -- -- issues built in the next question that you just asked the first -- -- -- -- under the age of eighteen. I cannot pursue the death penalty even though there is an aggravating factor present in the case that being a murder committed during the course of a robbery that was my next question whether or not there was an aggravating circumstance -- we got so and because of that the recent decision. I can -- proceed with the death penalty in the case. Second. The question would be. And that's recent Supreme Court case and ironically the name of the cases Richardson disable this. The -- is this. Defendant. And George can still hunt and this sentence of life without full. As long is that just -- she had documents the reasons why on the record. Machine but to suggest it also will give life but with polls so that would just be this. To the judge's discretion -- over this case is going to be assigned to. Ted can I assume that you will be looking for life and a possible life without pearl I think it's a good assumption at this point in time. Barring some undersea circumstances yes. There was talk over the week and and isn't directly related to the case but it is kind of interest thing that he may have been a witness or participant in another murder in New Jersey. Show me alone as you witness I had to triple homicide in New Jersey. I had spoken to somebody in the prosecutor's office so early Saturday morning. -- formed -- of the facts and that particular case and that. There's star witness they wanna have to go look her own because Nubian dialect wanna county jail he is the star witness. That's the terminology that is so prosecute used. Of course yesterday a cooperative witness I do and -- -- that didn't just buy what I saw on television it makes me kinda doubt that he would be. Don't know that but I do know that that the three individuals that were killed were friends of his. Yeah. All around since age 14156. Seniors old rather. God when you hear that Andy 141516. Years old you're talking about a triple murder does your skin crawl. It's it's concerning. It absolutely is and -- You know -- the only time that we had a murder of this -- Of -- distance sure yet -- all the way back to Joey -- -- back all boy that's very early -- yeah absolutely. Com. Whit -- went this. Particular case with -- Richardson. Tom. Town boy I don't know I mean I I do I don't know what else I I was just so struck by how cold and callous and this is -- -- remember all of my the blogs. That's that's that's a matter that we're still trying to determine we do disinformation -- right to be following up by and so I don't think it's you know. Ethical or safe for me to say at this point -- -- any conviction. Let me ask you a more general question about street gangs. We know older even that there are reported members in northeastern Pennsylvania Scranton Wilkes-Barre and hazel ten. How concerning is that TU is a law enforcement official and how concerning should he should -- be to the average person on the street. And we do have a presence here but I don't think it is as bad as some of the major metropolitan areas such as new Yorker LA -- the complacent like that we do see. Number two on the rise in northeastern Pennsylvania fortunately here in the black wanna county were trying to state go two steps ahead by having no starter gain net task force years ago. Men you know we're doing their best to try to stay you know a step ahead of people. But his presence here there's no denying that and obviously if there is a president of gangs. There is C. It is -- it is -- matter to be concerned about. But not overly concerned at this point. Is it fairness and I had someone in law enforcement tell -- -- and a television program one time he said if you don't deal with mom you know you don't. I heroin from the -- inning like that that. You're probably not running the risk. Getting on the wrong side. And that's just been consumption on my part but it's. And that there in the either dealing drugs I'm assuming you're going to assume that they're gonna force the other people out of their territory. Because there's fear in numbers and the numbers are there then that's we have to deal. I lack a lot of county district attorney Andy -- -- thank you very much since we don't know why everybody is a great -- -- thank you don't you welcome.