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5-18-14 Paranormal Science

May 28, 2014|

Features the top 10 bizarre modern paranormal phenomena from around the world.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- normal life size and stuff. Okay. Me I. Okay. -- 12 and tradition of paranormal science I'm Joseph Hough and -- and stands there -- -- missing from the lab this week is not marked -- -- yeah hopefully should be back. Next week -- week -- and I'm sure. And I hung where permission markets on its course I was a loss of Omar from Jerusalem please it was thing I'm sure. Or anybody that's I should look at our our FaceBook core or -- -- -- no my understands time lines on FaceBook. We're talking about tonight the top and bizarre. -- most modern bizarre turn removed from mama. Com. I mean it. These just things that -- we were talking before the show us any other current agreement here on Fridays from around the world and -- local like United States their right right -- -- from everywhere right. I mean there are some you know -- in the United States but not not all. Com. -- yeah I guess you just start with. You know I didn't particularly stands there are -- and Lauren go to account sounds good. Number tens or do drama for the triple the number ten little creatures. Little creatures what would a little creature being. Well I guess I think we're human gnome is being home a ferry. You can't seafaring you don't hear them and -- an -- Bright enough considered little people. And there's a lot of countries a lot of people that actually believe they exist talent the Hobbits priests exactly I probably won't believe -- is such a thing they found in Hobbits that exist. I know I I I I pressure on the outcome I I can emerge after where right now. But I know that there was a scientific evidence that they did find an island in the South Pacific is overwhelmed a tiny little Skelton is maybe a foot tall. Of fully grown. Diesel because your first thought it was actually children -- know researcher EST the DM. Was the growth plates in the bone treasury -- and and so and so forth sort of sooner or very little people. But these little creatures there were touching both their only 69 inches tall so I don't think they're. A really falling into the -- category maybe a little smaller knowledge I was wondering how told you to do like what what defines I'm sure there is and I and I don't mean disrespect for a truly don't know. Like another sale actors Tom. Feel like the little people you see the mom I tie myself like that night. There's like there's there's there's millions there's a blizzard of us yet William I'm in the human in nowadays times like I don't know what -- -- -- I don't know what. Defines that differently cal hi you have to be -- or height difference. I don't know if there's anybody out -- and Collison let us know on that I feel that I know. There's a difference between the -- -- war funds -- platoon of torture and images I think you. One has a full site like. A larger body smaller hands. -- real shortly shortly Smart and sort of a larger body India others proportionally smile off okay how are the nationals and I'm sure you're not stand recruit the other numbers. It's five Simoneau 830098104. Through -- there's a mandate he'll many topics were talked about or. You know the answer to our question -- canceling you know courses -- science anything. Just make sure that you are you -- -- -- -- from perfect paper. The little creatures. In Mexico the Caribbean -- -- If I pronounce this right do -- these -- doing these. Do you the end DS -- don't decent on these small non white preachers and made the space of normal human beings. And 'cause some people think they steal their food away. Some people think there's a lot more sinister things going around with them. Then. Didn't basically they're worried about them because of their up the strangeness -- powers that they possessed. There I know on Mexico the Caribbean special hearings are the primary were sent predecessor one of the areas now. You know they've got to remember in doubt in the Caribbean they have. The dark magic the voodoo departing so there's a lot of different beliefs down there and they just shocked witness is they paralyze them they. Won't let them escape watching this weird things that happened with these little people. It's not only there it's an entire Iceland. Can they believe that they actually have pulses are Adobe's beneath the earth. And very stern. You mentioned like fashion years ago -- like out malls if you will just -- little Catholic homes throughout the the earth that's not that's intersect. Carlos with it says people -- constructed miles. And large buildings or something physically impeded from -- that disturbing areas. Peru where these little creatures are believed to live so some countries -- and is so strong that they won't even build. Where. A little person are my health might be why no. From off from Iceland. There's. Believe that the based on natural citing two people claim and actually seen these individuals so that's that in of itself loses is pretty I mean I would. Again just like any else internal Filo -- actually more of physically see something like that I think there's no reports in the series though really is just right around there correction I've never heard any reports in Syria he had never six inch -- nine inch. Person that would be a good reaction when. I'm definite interest in -- I have to say this actually why am. We're talking about how people fashion putting up a stream on my -- on my FaceBook. In regards to bomb. The largest animal known to want fears did you see that. Did she just came up with Islam it's actually I'm more general people -- Muslim on the large for time of the small -- the largest medical and that they found. -- the world's biggest dinosaur discovered in Argentina. Mom and you just it was from all they believed to be ready for this 66 feet. From -- detail in stood 66 feet. Obama win more than a whore I'm sorry was longer of a 130 feet long and weighed 77 -- will. To put that in perspective. DT. Wrecks on the week about seven tons so often make you kind of like imagine that there and I mean. That is a massive. Massive animal 77 times. It was supposedly her before and also -- I couldn't travails walking. Everybody was clear for sure showed on a -- a breakthrough but I I have through and then Obama. Get paleontologists Argentina says the recent discovered fossils belong to that comes to Clements a large dinosaur. And they call the -- and a source itself I just I just thought it was awesome I had mentioned since we are animal science I think it's just it's imperfect we were talking about. -- -- so strange it's unusual -- and this leads us right into numbered and I. Giant raptors pretty you'll see that big birds which dinosaurs are believed to have been right birds right I don't think birds. These things are trying eagles' 121520. Foot across. Swooped around carry -- small children carry -- people often asked. Seen all over the country this country is a matter fact mostly Al west right if you can do under YouTube has a few of these things -- There's been reports of between what. Twelve and eighteen foot wingspan sometimes creatures and the pollen fight foot tunnel just stand it's a big bird that's -- -- and didn't. And they. They claim they looked up prehistoric and just looked like a tired act -- Coca. Because a Federalist wings like skin for the -- wing or just with Colin -- Print and they. So don't. Vessels had this tale with like you -- runner. On the person than the retail stores has some type like runner actual -- a fan out -- -- what they become only KM. -- an airplane like a runner there another company. Yeah I'm not through -- -- number on a -- you know what I mean these things so I can't think I just totally drew blank and sarge. People -- -- a big ferry -- all other turn it back there. -- spot in Kansas Oklahoma and the like wooded areas in canyons like it's a big bird like deadly -- canyon to swoop down and to stay high -- sure I don't know re swooping down and getting. Then that's on your post and cows offer one -- large burden alone. And they claim they smelled badly for a potential run at meek we know what that's some come with the elusive bigfoot if you if you heard people. Talk about you know sour squash bigfoot sightings that's one of the main. Things people say is they smell like rotting fluidity comes forward stinks something that's what it's an important and I can't think of -- -- hit. Distinct creatures stinks -- think maybe the but I think I mean I know we even do we have numb you -- bigfoot. Guys on here they said the on this one of the biggest things feel -- -- like that pungent odor joining. K let's see what else he got here. Move along to number eight number eight that would be this was an easy way. -- vendors anybody in order a double game here is I think you know that's FaceBook doesn't hold almost. Com I put -- -- Uncle Fester from -- -- looks like I was UW in your usual proposal aggressors Mya went off from here. -- -- -- -- Something out there that looks like another person do it in other words. A W angers me in Germany to be something identical to me -- -- exact double the exact doubles won the nearest. That I know they go back early times I mean tell it honestly I'm not even the -- times of their cultural problem get yourself. They're -- I don't know if it's just like to twin clerk at some type of spirit infinity. I that I don't know what they are. Tom I know lose some in Norse mythology there actually people us frozen perceiving those who are actually living in other words com. This is -- how -- -- it Hanks is reverse screen incarnation. Unlawful -- would be living. Prior to you. So it precedes the person that's wondering now if that makes any sense that knows how I understood it. Com or save. Okay say we whatever. We use -- -- at home their children saw some of them look like me. And also as I dropped to like oh my god I remember when I was a child Cecil looked just like you write that technically in. And and -- -- the nor -- apology would be toppled here. There's also other stories don't double -- Which show you arrive home you've talked to your wife protect your mother right. Come in I'll sit down do we do every day. She turnaround you're not there for hours later you stroll in the house say hello Brent pricing and exact same thing sit down and talked. And to be looking at you like where did you go and sit and didn't work right they don't. I haven't been home. -- -- that's another type of double game here. That's that's when the bomb was actually kind of goes to number seven to be counsel to. Not just doubled angers and in time slips kind of go hand in hand all right. But I -- those reports of like people saying and I knew I could do was at the mall to and I was kind of com. I said is like a foreshadowing. -- walks through mall. For anywhere says she's a mall or par through every walk you through your Atlantic Assange only look at the facts are my engineer -- -- totally complete right to -- a two or three times all the sudden I pop up. Billion what you don't hear area in religious site before right -- happens to me more times monopoly for not offering him an old classmate or. So I'm seeing a while my cousin whatever may be. Walk -- mall look like a -- -- mechanism look like tomorrow I think that felt a sudden and then it's not even a few minutes later boom and they are consultants like a foreshadowing -- what it is time slip I'm not sure grew and we felt that. Kitty Joseph mentioned cutting slips and I think Joseph can relate to that -- yeah yeah -- -- For sure later on foreclosed -- a lot of I can definitely I'm really to that. Beyond. I sure events or listen to our our shows heard me say this can numb not tell the story briefly again. -- was grossing at the time her name is April just pitcher or from work come down by Dionte plus more used to be anyway and it's the next some of the stuff signed. And that's the last I remember back I woke up feeling -- exhausted I look over she's a pastel laying on my shoulder like. In time just win now it's been so many years earlier this tilted parked in the same spot absolutely never moved foot on the -- I mean would seem like. To me was time like forever lost you know com. I vaguely remember a time frame for some reason seventeen minutes is popping in my head for must go to the clock. I know what pitch -- data on roughly eleven she counsell -- -- -- clever 1130 let's say. But the clock in my truck I looked at like five after 12% and he knows where our picture up that has occurred where the stop sign was. This time about not even a five minute drive and Traficant is a -- you know 12 o'clock at night. Tom that time has escaped me slip away from me I couldn't tell you what happened. And down that was very hard for me to even wake her up at atomic Andrew has shaken point -- like her body was as -- -- -- back and forth are actually. You -- rounds to wake up so that was interstate. Definitely interest things just you know it's it's a good journey that I took command in northern winds. For a lot of people love believe the feelings you have -- they pull people up. They have time slips they. Return and the people have no remembrance -- where they were out where they went to. And -- when they came back they thought they just did really was like the same time they left it. I'm -- there's now for you parked in the -- Mercury you like on the road to stop there. Not a slush fund -- literally just picked her up. We left we're gonna offer and -- came down around two of us were -- was a village -- -- knows -- were that is. I think there are there we came around I drove down and interest Chechen whenever. Can -- stop sign and and and it was like I was an entire wasn't working and you know she was tired -- -- falsely. She's in the sale could -- monoxide in the truck I'm on -- pressure off animals more truck but I mean that's. That's up for debate that's right I stop the stop sign in and Nestle literally lesser members woke up I couldn't tell you. What happened and we're talking just like you are now basically and we lost those seventy minutes opinion that's the I mean it's been a long time about seventy years old -- -- -- for some reason I remember seventeen sticking in my head so. You know I mean -- could cost more to lossless but it just seemed like I was so tired like. I woke up I was tired then of course why I feel scared like Americans like we're back up and bomb that of course you know through my. He's no adrenaline to -- advice until -- -- was something. Also on Panama and even if we just both dozed -- then I mean I've literally had a few violently physically shaker wake her up so. None assaults our recently this dog shows on TV about reviewing and Bermuda Triangle yes and has been warned. Particularly coming intention. Clearly there's a plane that left. Somewhere in the Bahamas flying back to Miami and every telling -- end the guy -- half hour early. When should learn from what he showed -- and there's no physical way the plane he was then. Could've done that speed Sacramento when I knew he claims that he was playing and he's seeing a dark cloud -- a hole and any actually flew into the -- symbols like a tunnel and they think he knows he's in Miami. Enhance there doesn't mean that's one of the north -- studio. That they found most you'll become unsettled because they find themselves -- the destination. -- sometimes earlier don't they could event from. How calm I was posturing one time there is he's up for four guys best friends are there when hiking camping. Tom -- went to collect some one. They could find arsenide in the from the -- left you know passionate a search party Coleman won the whole nine yards. -- he came out. And talk to this couple looser with their children. They call mile once it's just I can't find my friends he too was looking for -- can -- this campsite. And actually use it a week later and this kid until I'm in the doctor reports I -- -- the stave off what now for next time. But the doctor reports that the -- actually got a week and he -- if you -- -- friends. Please realize he was guy and he right here and everybody -- lives a little slower is it exactly and his friends have been looking for him you know on the surge pars so and so forth. Here he came out and talked to. This wife you know and we may contact her for -- Holmes there's two kids I mean they also on the ground gospel -- -- sold annually physically alive today. But I -- missing for a week and he feels so he just how I -- -- I don't remember the times they'll say between anti spam and her transition back into my friends. Campsite you know we were her campaign vulnerable on here's a week later so that's one of the deficits and at times so. Right this past week there's been a show on TV united slow speed I think it was on the History Channel the name of the socialist even was talking about. The dragon triangle. I turn up from Japan and larger than the Bermuda Triangle. But they claim that many more ships have went this you know disappeared. Airplanes that -- kept missing. And they don't normally get reported over that same country but the strange thing is there's many many reports. Of the ships being seen floating around out there. Really think they'll have another ship passed by and you'll see the missing ship trip by when they turnaround it's kind of. So if you go -- can go ship. And that's fiscally dragon triangle never never heard about -- slogans such an event. Especially on the stuff clinching a French think I have I'm. I'm all for the toppled angers India time -- -- those two were very interesting to me just because. -- itself a kind of to have someone that looks exactly Q. Non related to you halfway across the world know what ever may be good looks exactly like you prior view being born is just I just I could see. Some type weird coincidence. I can't see me arriving home several hours before I got there. That that's a little strange stats although that's. -- internal paranormal an option pounding just above the norm and that's really about an army right. For you -- physically you don't come visit me how are free -- come visit me that would be a little weird to me passengers on this -- I -- if I came to visit you. -- was sitting down chatting I get a -- Kuwait and walked back in the room and start all over again like I just got there. Right you're gonna wonder what's wrong with don't think it a stroke or something senator I'm OK if I notice there's Larry closely would you not think something medical someone just came in a repeat is exactly outfit in these are solid. People it's not like it spirit wandered into residential Internet transparent there's so if you're still on this earth and I happen I think I'd actually be more freaked out if you will the message if you were not a serve like. Especially on my loved one in the past week came to me tonight a machine and I mean right we deal with that. All the time for the most part but for someone physically still be here on the -- pick you don't -- -- -- in my -- here. Com the remember my data from this but I know congress is -- with. I remember you telling me I was on your mind that that he -- dream you have to have a my -- Obama a few nice for the past. I called you for a reason totally. Non related to that -- I was calling you because you thought that my my dad pass and run once. Mom and my question why you said because you have. The dreamer yeah it was weird I mean. His father was at my house just standing there smiling looking -- mean to say a word just smiling. And he was there. -- and it was an aspect that may be passed away -- just you know come -- okay type thing right and you and you know it's weird like you know you would you report that to me. -- -- -- -- Comments at the same thing that he you know I dreamed that you know uncle Joseph came to win. -- like you know smile like him a thumbs up I think and it was just you know this amazing in itself and into the future to wrap this up. I remember he and why dad passed to us and sleep on the couch and stuff like I look I could source uncommon on the hallway. Not the owners have non hunters walking down here -- honestly you don't -- -- music was bedridden for -- last few days. On the condition that my mom thought she saw him. Which was dozing off getting on the bench as a little -- -- -- she jumped up to actually help him thinking what's -- do right so I mean I don't know if that's. All the time slippage is kind of it it it came in my mind's -- -- -- mention that right you wonder if if you zealotry you know all resort natural projecting. -- the fact that the only he's OK even though you this you know kind of and that and that's stay so. But up firewall on that -- we're gonna take a short break we'll be back. I. All right welcome back. Before the -- you're talking about. Creatures giant raptors. Toppled in your son -- warships -- -- my two favorite console Zimbabwean news. Not anyone out there and listening world if you're -- you loosen you wanna talk. He was shown -- -- 10437. Germanic. And -- -- text talk also if you don't want your voice be heard on the radio to -- tax talk 99404. Any questions at all. We're here yes we are. We -- -- actually a number seven times slips on her talk about mom my dad now -- like you know project if you will I'm wondering you know it. Again no time more charming sometimes people are. -- -- could console actually physically. Confirmed they -- there anything like that happen to them we'd love to hear from you. Because I'll love to actually to see that I mean it until enough anybody comes to me consisting of the sun now. We started talking have a conversation is downloadable -- -- you combine -- -- -- -- I think -- -- -- to -- our -- -- I really. I'm I'm really number if you follow the law for that to happen because I'd love to try to explain especially in extreme danger Lou exactly know myself -- -- to find -- mean it's it's. You know like I'm 21. Point two. While at 22 years later -- have a aplomb considering it's what you do years later. Of the incident. On behalf of myself and April I'll tell you what I would still love to know when the time went there really is it's. It's Obama afraid -- scared pretentious it's it's it's the laundry it's it's it's the question what happened. -- -- -- -- my life under yeah sung low and you just something -- you can explain attainment. Understand how it happened here and wish I could and wish I could. The next would be. That you put conference who put -- is it real. -- that's one the most -- -- -- and cucumbers Mexicans big foot in my opinion I mean there's just so many different sightings and and and and references to it to Cuba conference it's actually amazing. Dad says this a strange one immunity is very possible that there is such a creature out there. They've got. A lot of evidence they've got the footprints prime supposedly they've got pictures of this thing. They've got dead cows dead animals slow with the blood sucked right out -- bone dry right I don't need their pitchers they don't have a live animal. And they try to pass on offense AM. I'll bring this up you hear the old new vampire bats did you loosen vampire bats -- -- a couple of these you know these cows and stuff. But you -- on CNET. In -- to recover you know I recently up. Thus there blaring as far as of the of the blood loss and soft to go either way neither one of these channels Cuba copper or the amazing -- hasn't been seen in the gospels Google's size of humans four foot tall. That's such a blunt I'll put you won't ever been seen -- that there's more documentation as far as you can cover rose then. Yeah I mean it's it's the most documented almost you know. Worldwide gaming before has a lot of documentation Richard -- -- -- clear pitchers and I've never seen a bigfoot you know I'm personally anyway you know so. Clear pictures and they've got the evidence that something eight to -- summer and suck the blood out of it and it it's not a wolf not a coyote not a dark. -- insists. If it's a dog it's a deformed unpleasant they say they. He said he looks kind of like a dog that's been my -- That boiled water thrown on him Jerry Jones -- some some people report that its careless or do reporters here patchy. You know it's the Spanish word -- reachable covers Spanish word actually means goat sucker -- he -- this test session means goat sucker. Tom actually you know we can block. This will be joining us here on line. 12. Hello. -- -- go to enable the shelters where I don't know exactly where category control within. Well I had trouble cup -- and just happened already. I -- watching TV. And there were like shaking and make someone had -- You actually star would sort of know where someone had died right there and -- you know like twenty years later. I heard on TV again and actually -- shouldn't died. Really. That's that's that's that's interest saying you know what -- all else would be you remind me we actually recall one time. Hope always first -- started to show that said the same thing about the TV she heard. People's names come through her her bright. German lesson she said she heard people's names -- will use Johnny Carson she's a famous one gushes you heard Johnny Carson actually you know. Johnny Carson indicted so that's very similar to what you're saying hammered out so you don't hear their names and then if usually they pass this very scenario was saying earlier about seeing somebody twenty years before they're born -- realizing their die die die years before it should I do here in their right announcement for -- -- -- -- almost -- -- Almost like a time slip their current -- -- what are. We were there and put it you never know I mean there's always. Furor in the twilight state can sometimes we kind of you know I don't know about you with some puzzles are now I'm watching TV and you know you your mind kind of goes a little bit and I yeah you don't do it. Unfortunate when where you don't in the code Rasheed or invest to martial arts knows who they called -- new shin and usually means no mind. Yes and that's what happens when paying no mind we actually get more. Intuitive to what we're -- -- than -- will could be at. All right well thank you for going and doing shared -- -- thank you appreciate it thanks for. -- mentioned earlier about vampires and just something moussaoui's. Maybe think about them yes. I'm a big believer and as annoying to have a book written I do follow a lot of -- lot of stories and one of the things they generally say is there's always something. That happened years ago that 'cause the storage practice always a start to a physical something really happened -- Where would -- have started them that sucked the blood out of somebody. Right and I'm -- is that if you're started something years ago. To somebody else to say all I need to start a story CF flying. What ever to -- bad -- grab review charter college right price it's gonna suck the blood out of somebody. But that's their. For the most part vegetarians eat fruit and insects. -- -- -- there are no are vampire bats but I mean there there's you know -- -- -- -- indigenous to -- And haven't denied all over the world there and I think they're in Brazil somewhere in the jungle right someplace for most people would never heard of -- your breath. It's just you know. Was there something I agree there's always the first thing -- -- exactly and couldn't have been. A -- cover like you know animal and then vocal combat to someone I mean again. We don't. We took the current mean they're. The strange thing about them is they're not seen all over the world -- not to see in Mexico dissing the southern party United States Indian may be little bit South America and that's it right. My and I like percent most of say that the -- Armed to suggest senator in the second start mutilating -- know nothing like to have water thrown on a non interest. Religiously counts chaos and stuff but I mean am I don't just. Attacks like -- and if you think about it that's pretty good hunting grounds are and where they -- -- -- in -- -- -- -- -- know we actually have another caller here. Mark from free learn how we do market from the show. Well I think your desire to talk to you thank you thank you sir are related that I noticed too little bit also be firm up the paranormal. Well. Say. -- the whole realm and then with anything that is mysterious. Like destroy the pot so to speak okay. You know you have to you know we're going to question it but you have to push the boundaries -- Yeah you know it is something scares you of something mystified as you. Chasing the raptors. You know that it would use common sense when indeed doing these things. Right -- and safety. Of course they do yeah I was right after I was received yourself and other special. Of course I am -- good things that I had that it doesn't really my parents. On the little house -- middle rebellion nowhere francs. So so there's no lights there's there's no real traffic. And when -- was driving home I I notice you know close flying up behind me blinding me with their. Heidi resolution. How would you like right. So like I started thinking about it and if you've ever noticed the aliens. There are all all of black big ice. That you would mean probably more than anything else they're very sensitive to -- and I would think it's right. So what I asserted duel with our charter plane around with the idea of -- of it by name if that bothers me that bad what would you do to them. Could -- like certain. Yeah exactly aliases is common sense. So -- -- that you would researches studied the sky and night. And all of a sudden my surgeon note the traffic air traffic mostly went from west to east and from east to west. Beyond the stars. Just beyond store -- -- -- national life. That would be flying -- -- help. And no not in any general pattern but did you -- these -- I know -- loopy -- -- just tell you go off into the distance. So work so well it was a I want my invested in a very powerful college -- life. And -- -- that I would see these objects I would shoot the way into the objects. Or -- road courtyard yes. And right away I -- noticed they would zigzag. Speed up work to basically try to get away from my life. You know. -- -- Ended up happening what -- eventually. A couple of right into I would do it you know whenever I had a free time because again you know we all -- -- have other delightfully you know fashion. A move all of a sudden. These -- decided they were gonna calm down. And other things it really took me by surprise. Was number one their craft appeared to be very small. And they're they're glowing like -- almost what you yellow school issue -- connection. -- you couldn't make anything else inside the crap itself just the sheep from the craft. And the colorblind. Another thing that really caught my attention was that the way they would come in if they would sit down at me. And then like almost shoot up quite angle away from the same trajectory from where they please sit down. -- Yeah so the first thing I thought was motivated they must be using anti gravity. Equipment. And using the Earth's atmosphere like -- skipping stone across the -- -- -- There and then you -- I've done this in I've had numerous really close encounters. Over the years with with these objects. And unfortunately no police stations. That was my next question so we should answer it doesn't say anything face to face no. Com journey time slips and since then millions they -- you're aware of. No no nothing nothing that I arrived I've noticed. Again after usually I know you days or -- radio but. I noticed after I push the issue and I really started spending late nights doing this. I would turn into coast to coast AM. And it will always seem like the UFO activity would really pick up. So I got to do together and I just figured. I mean I was really -- someone here. Never never know they say when you put it on the new person takes and does its own thing right so. When you're torn out they're very well may be you know I mean we will have -- -- tuition so you never -- I don't know we'll play get so good thanks for your time guys. Not a prominent thank you for hallmark bridge club had to thank you. Great -- and Amazon's third theft clincher Martin mark Thomas on tonight right. I've heard that before but like China -- -- things and getting reaction then yes I mean say you know. I can't joke for we move onto more just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go to our FaceBook site unsung paranormal science to realize OK FM. And I do have it posted there of the ten bizarre. From Lincoln what we're talking yes I'm looking go there they can follow on what we're saying they can really got to leave your heart that's that's that's a different. So it's on our FaceBook -- -- apparel sounds FaceBook and we knew it was important to crested at its -- yes -- no problem finding solace from the Axel. -- number five. Panic in the woods. -- -- as child I think we've all had panic and Wisconsin continue. Especially with the paranormal thing is here's some people say they bumping ferries the little people. Different things in the woods did it scare them that system. And overcoming fear that something's going to get you something's not right. And you're you're afraid of being there. You know what I think this also has a long to do. With. I hate -- that Hollywood effects which do we talk about. I think because of and I must say it's unnatural but let's be honest. You're this little person big ones you always been trees around you a lot of people loser way. You know directions one thing and we start to panic and of course were an unfamiliar. Territory it's our nature to be here on high alert if you will sort of dual. Fresh separation -- tweet that you hear you know it's it's kind of mix up this coming after exactly you know the unknown and and again it's like you we talk about the fear -- soft like that around electricity and so also fourth. You know that -- would have I say a mine in her -- I mean it's nature out there and there's a lot of things and that are out there that weren't there we don't even now. I think it has its own energy -- it does it doesn't mean it's a living creatures -- entered the living trees everything its power has its own energy absolute powerful. They insist on I think it's it's it's Islam. A lot of people don't feel very welcomed when they don't the what if they're not woods man I am a tragic ending almost able to our round was her whole life -- camping insect. You know you can easily easily get disturbed and not know where your where you're going you're like I said you know usually delusion vision or your -- There are certain areas. I grown up in the woods I know I hunt I go in the woods and nighttime and daytime generally nothing. Scares me right. But there are certain experience. In the woods when. That I am not comfortable with I -- I mean and there's something definitely -- -- -- those places. I agree -- something's watching you sometimes watching you can get the chills it's just. And you leave the area he's -- thirty yards away you feel great walked back in the area. If you don't want to be there. Was that comparable Honda is frozen panic in the woods a lot of people say I'm. Feel like I was describing about him twigs breaking -- so that people see becomes. Awkwardly. Quiet. And then -- just before played just before their -- starts to say things who's music hero escalating buzzing sound. I don't know what that is but I as you know explained. And they -- just -- that then it must -- buzzing sound stars is when they start to turn to -- potentially running and they don't know where it's coming from them. Many -- -- totally unknown people things I fear the unknown. Exactly. There's. An area in Japan. From the site of a volcano forced. Where people go to die. It's in very. An easy place it's just it's it's an area not just a -- do you commit suicide there. This are you watching these woods is actually broke tell you from the trees -- have hung themselves. Change just one little forced to people going to the very people go in there and they kill cells and that one little area inside the volcano. Anything you wonder why I mean the energy there you know we'll likely -- everything has energy -- positive negative you know. And why that area you know online -- -- we're talking but -- don't just just in general I mean there must be so negative and well for people that believe in the spirits -- believe in different powers the American Indians. There's not much sacred ground that that. Strange things happen if you disturb -- oh absolutely I mean there's. Local businesses that supposedly are are buried I'm sorry my -- are built on Indian burial grounds. And I can assure you the one I'm paying you specifically which Obama mentioned on the fans really not had any success. Since they built that there's probably about. That I know -- wish -- -- maybe eleven or twelve businesses and went through there fail fail fail fail they never last long at all in com. And Russian ally song on saying like my years by any means you I think the one lasted a few years -- -- On the once they're now is going on the third gear source who happens right -- -- I know and you know aviation speculation solves any bears -- people say but we'll find out soon -- he represents. Why not I won't talk about that and some more things masses break. -- can. This controversy. As some listeners. Spontaneous enlightenment may occur. All right welcome back animal science. We are talking about. And -- -- our modern paranormal phenomena. And down. We'd like to hear from ES and enjoy a few minutes left but still we still hear from its -- Simoneau. These threes -- an Armani 1043. Sevens or even on its way to text talk at 99404. All right before we -- don't panic in the woods. This kind of goes. I guess panhandling and although it's disarray supposedly in Africa and is on the big things -- These are called -- hit it. Men and their men with heads of dogs -- reported since ancient times. They supposedly. I'm -- to Africa and there are cannibalizing humans. It's I this is one -- you didn't I've heard them before running rushing you'll look into Brenda Palmer and I found. To get us any Australians stinks over there -- -- about -- about it you know bright -- itself in Egypt that dog has had yet so I mean I don't know -- you know -- you know. Witnesses claim that they insist on Tom. -- was walking you don't men walking along the road just in differently knowingly in actual clothing to modern days. And claimed to have me in Damascus. A dog on their face but it's to quote unquote you know. Relay is clearance -- right in the lifelike motion and it would true that it wasn't a mask now. I've never seen on here -- I -- losing oil that's kind of weird I mean. I'm not I'm not saying they don't exist around a lot of reports would occur at -- time. -- that happened during daylight hours but bizarrely mostly nothing occurred during during the night. We're here announces one nighttime John reported that a -- can demand kept pacing with him she ran across a field. Com staying alongside him until he until -- a fine man finally made it. Too well lit door okay. But -- he didn't do anything wrong choice -- your dog just bring along a -- -- -- mean you know when I used to until tomorrow and then. I used to chase me so I mean maybe. I don't know I mean if if they're actually you know careless humans you think you Cairo fears pace and he definitely will beat him prior to making its doorway in my opinion. But up against you don't know Tom. I don't disagree that's -- -- there was one report of a dollar hit in May and seeing seen through window from outside the house. Looking towards the kitchen -- you can't describe values standing outside a night. And looking through windows. A peeping Tom doesn't mention him right -- -- -- him. The next one -- I really heard of either our first heard shadow people but they -- stick men can now incessant wandering. Yeah I think it's. Very similar to the shadow men except. It's a statement -- it's the when your little kid if you're drowning person draw a line. Straight through for arms of the kernel makes little circle prevent Huntsman then I mean I go I don't know what this one -- the Sony and it's. Com I'm not an artist by any means is the only thing I ever actually. Drawn. Properly -- a stick figure. It -- here are very isn't just some black circle -- facial features described. They're walker described as a weird. -- -- -- We'll get straight laced a two foot high humidity is the series you know I can you do have moved them you know come. Yeah I mean I'm taken back for this one apparently where touchpad. Right. And they don't know physical harm at all when just disappear. I don't -- if so I didn't -- from. -- you -- top ten from around the world number three so I'm barely its common somewhere I wish this and where was from. I'm trying to reroute -- curious what's on my. But yet no finished mr. -- see usually they've been sighted walking along -- a night. Or traditional times such as twice later just before -- bizarrely some report them wearing. -- Pat's death and -- describe liberal -- K get pumped that's up. You know I guess a formal shadow people I don't know and and that's of course that's our next -- and show people. We would talk about the new response times off course on the show read Tom. So people are actually seeing toughness and we we are we actually have on your website and PP dot net. I want -- cases where she have a shallow person command a room look around in the quickly exit from this -- top -- there and it's. It's just alarming to see gossiping and really it's almost like your shadow com. -- -- -- -- I hear the music. OK we didn't get to -- people -- black -- -- -- -- it just on the paranormal science FaceBook and you can read about what's left the -- into what we're talking about. I want to thank you all for listening and we appreciate that. I'm Joseph hockey and I stands are specialists and keep the faith sleep tight.