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May 24, 2014|

Saturday May 24, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- okay. -- Good morning good morning how are you I'm just Jim dandy and you don't. I'm just -- Jockey it was time for docs this morning what kind of brain -- in Romanian Romanian -- DL with auction did you wake up in the middle of the night here the thunderstorms. I love it. You do Atlantic. I love thunder and lightning hated. -- -- Bruins -- good nights -- I love it especially when you're sleeping I don't mind -- when it's not bothering anything that I have to deal. So if you're sweeping it sort of makes me feel cozy. I don't know what it just slow and I always have I just I just love it. I -- I know why because I especially love to sit on my front porch when it's under him yeah thundering and lightning because. When my daddy we would India and we were young children and it would start to do that my -- -- -- -- on the front -- And he would sit on the swing and -- we sent -- around and and we hear them brain pound DNC on things and just it was just to soothing kind of neat family I remembered that fondly Soledad -- Why I think I like it and so I do the same thing in my house of course and into it and it at 1:30 this morning. Please stay in bed and my johnnies are not yet where I bank. But otherwise. -- -- I -- been there but it's neat it's a nice memory fire trucks are another story here in them in the middle and I -- that makes me scared as -- let me just an area offices. Here in -- in our house -- -- whenever we had the lightning and the thunder. I was usually under the -- yeah. Scared to death. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Light and they would sound at -- and I was in the front bedroom and I'm -- and I was petrified because I always for some reason believed when there was fire trucks in the ambulance police they were coming to my house I'll I don't know why I just was a kid fear of mine and I used to brawny -- couples. Out of my bedroom and I used to run in bed with my grandmother -- bedrooms on the other side of the house yes and what my father used to tell me stop running into your grandmother's bedroom. I think maybe I told the story years before I don't know and I said OK dad in the next time the fire department went by I I don't. Again I don't care I don't care what is that I wanted to -- and I ran and I opened the door and I flew flexed straight to a stomach because. It. I was a little tiny on the stand that there and I just flew right into -- -- what did I -- -- that she. And I might -- so I did the. It never stab me again I can donate anyway and have my grandmother might need to because she felt like she could sort of protect me now. So I -- I did anyway. Just when I was trying to -- bend the rules saw the weakness of the opposite with a tire tracks you know we were right there arms race so. My father had radar that he could hear when they left that engine house down and then 10100 block of north -- where yes right. He could hear I swear to god you have -- I think eleven or 12 PM whatever was. A minute he heard the first siren. It was automatic and nobody's even question that Leon got up from wherever we work. And random the front door and went outside to see where they were going and if my father thought it was worse the traffic. You've got you've gotten the kind Holland and what IE because he just had this thing about this exciting it's really. And he would do this anti how we're this let's enjoy the a claims. Examiner Powell okay for. Some of the the company says that that did this stuff like ever facts and everybody else. And so we had a clip board. And so he would go to these fire scenes. And park the car somewhere and go out and get right in the midst of that with the fire men at that time just fire man. And has his clipboard and they assumed that he was a -- that's that's the. Hi. Can any and he was a person dating a claims and it wasn't impersonate he had the claim that I'd tease he would go in there and find ways back O'Malley has everything to get to that fire high and we just learned. That when we heard today still we'll match you know what do you mean I do I do what I hear -- sirens. I have to don't see latest heights city and the the rest of us are like that and I just automatically get nervous for who went whomever they're going. And I don't care if it's a false alarm and I like when it's a false alarm because and I feel as soon as I see them come back I think hockey thanks guys -- where I mean alaskans and I -- I think a lot of -- a terrible thing off. I know. Firemen you know -- feel yes I know I am Bruno America's true heroes -- iron. Fireman yes there and then I hear it. They are running into is burning house is -- did kiddies at the trees they help people they know CPR they know and to me hats -- firemen on the way baby my favorite. The telco -- and then everyone else is under that. Thomas and I believe and and and of course you're gonna get a big shout out to my my fire guys have been done more -- Sino in the crew in Denmark then wonderful guys great job. And really. That's the best. So. Swords into this well last night. Because we're taping on Thursday I was at the chamber dinner with captain Phillips. Look at me a -- look at make sure I'm the captain out. So anyway he he he spoke he was great he was so he was wonderful and he's they had a little bit of it and then. Scranton times today about what he said he started -- face and now of course I'm paraphrasing. Somebody says something like you know I didn't know what talks as if that day I didn't know what to expect today. I really did an and he went on and on about like uncertainty and that he goes and I -- And he said that was just my wedding day. Are people we think he was talking about the kids piracy -- And it was he was -- but he was excellent excellent excellent capture attention I did not see the movie. On people's -- saw the movie almost nobody was gonna say because it was exactly this you know he told the story. But he was great they spoke well made people laugh he was very funny at an end at times. It went by very quickly any capture your attention and that's what you need to do as a speaker. So I thought he was great and the Hilton did a great job. And it was packed in there so hats off to the greater Scranton chamber of commerce and in particular. Mari opponents because Mari does all bad for the chamber and she's in. The event -- there and it was great and she did a wonderful job and a lot of people in every -- seem to be happy so good. That's what I did last night well I was so teaching classes last night. I heard I'm not Fino told me through this step Peterson. She told me. And because I met her afterwards and she said -- No crust -- she was wonderful as a matter of fact I wanna use windshield she knew exactly what to say she was excellent. She -- never really heard her speak about her profession and. I was very impressed so I got and here's an unsolicited that's nice. That the event was and I'm by the voluntary action -- brave and sponsored by prime time health. And their words seven. Classes that people could go to these are for folks over 55. And I guess obviously -- one of those and I did I'm retirement mistakes which I'm gonna talk about a little later on. But they had. Another one on exploring the Endless Mountains. And I think this is pronounced key key -- may be saying you're right from wrong. She's selling exercise prices far right. And then cooking for one or two weeks. Saving money to recoup Conning and from when I understand the -- planning when he didn't show up. And there was great problems there because her backup didn't show up either. And I don't know what happened but these these were offered three different times and some people specifically had you know why is seen -- Especially on ice and food these days no -- are crucial to save you some well what was interesting is so many people that were in my classes were saying to me all I could probably teach the class. I Sullivan you should be about local -- yeah so well how many people -- in -- -- their how -- 140 people look at how many. Different people spoke and while I am saying that there were seven. They are you went to every single 10 yeah -- -- -- -- use all -- strange. What was it was it something about the name in the -- in this in the name of it. But to pick great. Did I miss that. -- in the -- -- the great event what how okay so should you went there were a hundred Sony some PRI and forty people leave that the last the -- -- was saving my age recoup Conning and top ten for container gardening and creating I'll and they are darn cool. So people went to any idea why he is and the three sessions were about forty minutes long. And then they game time in between because we rats like like how else -- and so you end up -- down steps and get to where you need to be but. It was it was really well done they all started in the cafeteria with a light. Dinner kind they they -- -- and -- the stuff like that from stern has become. And it was good and and then they just they started with these classes and they all had to. Do. And valuations of the speakers after the foundation national. I haven't seen my I don't know. But I thought that -- people were really engaged -- -- asking questions and -- I was I was class how how did you get that gig. Nancy post called now ask me they -- I'm doing press that -- So so you would do and I and my three sessions. Yeah woods so that you did three separate and where is that each of them as well attended yes great they were between. I would say ten to. Fifteen people any trauma them great land so it is -- I was very impressed with the and she kind of went -- with my -- here. So. And I said are you sure you're talking about yeah I know how -- it was -- when did not in mind this revelation. She didn't tell me that Pitt she's. He tells me her agenda but net neglected to I don't like it to do that in terribly. So. What else have you done nothing my -- boys home. Oh yeah me -- And then he's going to DC he goes to he leaves some Memorial Day his father's taking him. For ten weeks to. Do -- intern ship. DC. And he's staying in -- of the GW dorms. And he's very familiar with because my son tiny graduated from GW and or George Washington neo and done. Very conveniently located to his office for the ten weeks so he should be home over the fourth of July because it's a long weekend so he'll be home for bad. And how -- hopefully I'll get down a few times to see him me and can our hands are you asking about one dollar RAF. Tayshaun. -- So he's still an irate and he once again because he didn't pay I don't have Vincent average but his Q owned by the he had done two days NA plus an NA minus in his fourth semester at the University of Pennsylvania. Tell us to come out somewhere about a three point 94393. Something like that. I'm very very very proud of them yeah because he's works really hard and he's doing great job so yea shine -- falling yes indeed necessary. And so I think the next time time. Looking forward to this wonderful weekend coming up. They have the lenders see who now I what I do on Saturday I am. A Sunday I am invited to the am home -- mr. Joseph the chalk -- because he's having a little. Summer and Memorial Day bash and he invited. A few of us. Trauma. West side to come over and visit so I'm going to go over there and see him. He in this lovely wife -- and -- wants to go for a couple. Hours there and that's on Sunday announced Monday who knows me thinks -- sort of just up in the air Saturday and going to Strasbourg for a little bit to do some shopping with some friends and I'd just kind of pressure Killen -- -- good. I -- tell you that several of the people in my classes last night I mentioned to them in my introduction that I was one half. I'm Delorean -- show and some of them with that. Slowly. I am. All hole but it's -- it's felt. We do will flow plug for our show so. Until all of those people who we're listening and wrote it down and decided they were going to listen to us so I'm -- -- tell my students. Last night your now listening. So yeah that's me and Kerry found that's -- And what you're doing you're going to the lake. Probably -- like there would be a choice the end of I think it's okay and then I -- is -- after rain now now. Now. -- healthy there. -- we're gonna take a really quick break here in the -- this morning tube allowing him. Hi this is Nancy came in from W wild case morning news with Webster and say. -- -- Good morning you're listening to Larry in -- show I'm Larry captain and I'm the owner of -- cat and enterprises which is say. Fundraising PR and special events business. Since she keeps -- -- fifth and mine humans Lyn Evans and I am the president CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. So Election Day was a few days ago yeah so you'd be an array -- million -- have you beat her range for a mr. Tom -- more winning. I'm. One hell of a nice guy and did a great job getting his name and and the message out to the general public yeah. And I heard on the way here today. There was an interview I'm done with Allyson Schwartz yes who ran cocaine yes seconds yes and that I didn't quite get the story about what it meant to why she was being interviewed and I'm just wondering if she's thinking your. -- her own campaign independently. I don't know -- Fan but that you know her plane was when he women in government -- world's true yeah. So do -- I like her I've known her for years. And Philadelphia I'm matter one day it's Scanlon so I'm really briefly yes. Why would appear. -- -- my I don't know she was having lunch and I'm not I'm not actually done she was with Virginia McGregor I'm wondering -- dinner and I saw our south. And like a nice woman and I just don't know -- I don't know much about her. I'm -- like -- But yes how about it being an hourly were not fixing. -- That was my take on that I have -- like one and no I did and what do we have. It's I left to a well I'm glad it's now I'm by the -- I don't know -- -- me I mean you know I just didn't think it made sense I didn't see the reason for his. Find them. And I don't think I understand NIH. I I what I think EL EEU. To have things. To work on something and haven't actually come to fruition like you like Volpe did in the get it to where was it says one thing but I'm. -- I'm I don't know him at all so I don't you know I can't comment on that -- I can tell you I think it's. The fact that he took it to that level and got too -- had to get this is an actor and great accomplishment. But I just didn't think it and it's that I was he's old town named her and I was out there are too many. Loopholes are coming un unanswered questions are too many one if Sinatra and I just don't think it's it's the way to go I think we're. What Iran is where we need to -- and like the commissioner said you can vote anybody you want -- In four years if you don't like what they're going seven people to other people running and it's it's it's a different story it's a different story. So I'm I'm I was very happy with that and it seemed like it was ahead all the way because in the beginning that race between. I Hagerty and Farina and -- only. I have Henry was ahead for a long time because of course today and have an eighty a valley vote and and then none he ends up winning and losing Hagerty Boston. Offering a one. About the no vote seemed to always maintain a nicely through them all night seemed -- off anyway and then -- ultimate decision was now. South come to their react -- to get things. Did did you vote I didn't I'm kind facility as you might enable them. Was where they're a lot of people -- nine now is Caremark. No I don't understand I really. Really really really do not get why people don't -- Apathy. Resignation. I know but so what anyway just -- but I had different does it make a believer if you. The only your decision doesn't make you win nothing matters at this -- it's so why you have do the girl until it. I just don't understand it. It's one thing if you can't get there and that's another -- as you can. Some can get you there -- as his tenacity about something else for health reasons. But people just start young enable and just think they should I just don't get that I don't get it when people fought over the right to vote. For so many years and women especially weren't even given that right and the fact that we have women who don't. And I don't agree with it get out and vote for him to my mind Hamas thanks so you're not tell everything through. It's. The -- could. Little patriotic out again every now as of yet again OK so let me tell is some of the things I mentioned to them the folks last night about five. Top retirement mistakes. And a lot of people send me when they came and well I just came because I want to see what mistakes and -- Mae and see if there's any hope for me being put together out at the beach -- them. Can I hire right so here we are the first one was waiting too long to take Social Security. Is there -- waiting too -- I I think there is because like I look at it from a different perspective. If you go in and speak to someone from social security and they do all the number crunching Koreans show you. How much do you would have if you didn't at this age and how much you would get mortgages the -- And then they tell yeah how many years you have to live in order to have. Okay. What's missing and all of those calculations. Is a fun but the whole. Problem with Social Security which isn't going away and that is that it's not funded. And this whole thing according to at every year they came out with a new number. Well this year now 2033. And 2033. We run out of funds. -- my money left left to pay current and future benefits. So. When you look at it from that perspective and realize if you leave it. If you I believe it well here's one of the things I mentioned when you have people who are. Ex spouses. And they have been married for ten years yeah. You can claim under your and I know house and do you have -- -- let me ask discuss we've been talking about this painful. Through -- friends of mine if you remarry you lose that benefit correct yeah okay just making sure it does and it. Let's just say for example that you never remarry rain right and your husband's ex husband made a ton of money no but now has another wife Deanna and divorce is that life after ten years yeah and gets a third life. And divorces that life so all playing 3 o'clock AM and him he's still living -- gotta -- three winds pick it up but all of three of them and him can claim I'm the same. Idea bad idea and it. That's part of the reason why this is insane. If you can't keep as I don't million dollars or keep why did they allow that to keep happening why don't they kaput after the first wife watched a video anything like that this thing is it's like the sacred cow nobody wants to touch Social Security. Because the baby boomers the huge block that we are. Have a tremendous amount of political power and then -- the -- so they go crazy are always is. Don't touch my Social Security. And who's in congress. Baby boomers can damn. And they don't wanna lose the baby boomer votes because they are the people who actually go to the polling -- my notes I am. So it just goes nowhere the same thing is going to be true for Medicare so what I say to people is. If you have a chance to start taking -- -- take kids time. Because it is generally speaking the US government has banned their history is -- If you're taking a benefit they grandfather people in who are already taking us where they. Condit is for the people haven't yet begun to take the benefits. So what is if you decide after that you wanna take your Social Security as in you're married to someone for ten years and year claiming -- You wanted and they are still working to -- still today have to be retired does the man have to be retired. No but if that they have to be you have to be at the point where you're able and I know there's a man doesn't have to -- that's right now we can iron out right now you can still work. But you've been collected. -- -- Swing works as a matter of fact you might say keep on work and because then there's more money in the end. But it doesn't make -- -- and see a benefit because once you get the guy that you guys you're done now and a chance to it and then this won't go up but when I his situation -- my point is it was never. It was never created to do crazy things like this. It's just so you can't expect the system. To remain viable when all of that is going on and pick somebody just pass to do something about this because it will run into is that just because he demand was the bigger breadwinner. No I happened -- he's gonna have nurse so women men can collect and a woman that she made -- money it gets so we -- because. I'm just clarifying that because there's always the man she's. He's always the one -- made more money and made a great. In common -- and she was married to commit her husband who may be didn't make as much to collect on Harrison -- aren't good chance of making sure it's fair yeah I was like how their -- at -- -- that way it has but you know when they started Social Security FDR started thirties. They expected that everybody -- died three years and I guess 65 that was. That and surely that's exactly how they've programmed it and now obviously people living in their eighty's and ninety's. And they're still taking from the right. But we don't have the resource is the other great -- about it is people think that there's a separate trust fund for Social Security but there isn't. It's part of the general treasury the United States so what is the lottery money down. Where does it go home. Claiming whereas -- lottery money where does that cup. What I have fun what does it what does it do for -- how it goes into some of them though. Programs for the older pennsylvanians and then do you know these programs enough to help them in any way. It yeah let me get editing the money I mean gives them some of the programs that are out there now that are funded died at the lottery odds takings. -- things like the decrease in the property taxes says you can get abatements if you have a certain income level. That program all the lines they do with. The senior centers and loser away that this can be fixed with -- sorry that I -- -- more fun funded from other source absolutely and people don't wanna talk about it or there's just no court order but is it I -- either ideas that people have to funded and no one wants to bring it up or why this uncovered if you're somebody. Cool for all the rest the last ten years of her life may -- -- million dollars OK okay. And you are able to put money aside for your own retirement. And you've got 401 -- in everything else fully funded. Now you reach seventy you have to take -- Social Security yes. Why don't you get an opportunity to take a pass get a tax credit or something. And say OK fine you can have my money I don't need it yeah. And though we don't have anything like that muscles and smarts plus there's that plus and you ideologues and are you don't know. As a lot of -- we know is gonna argue about it is that these attacks collectors. Because I don't want any and I -- again right right right well so mind. It's better than credit -- paying that money out this summer don't -- in the lead when he year's rain. I am now and there's there are many many options that were presented and nobody wants us nobody wants it taken on because not. I'm -- enough from -- to constituents and I wanted to have. Feel like it's the latest. While so what else did you -- we talked about it. How financially we'll show it in an announcement -- is trying annuities now we know we've talked about annuities and I don't wanna go there but. That was another one we talked about. The other thing is paying off a mortgage people saying that they have to pay off their mortgage when they retire. Not necessarily. It's not always a good idea and we talked about reverse mortgages which is another great idea that people still think that it's a bad thing. It's it was five years ago seven years ago. But they've redone this and it's not a bad deal anymore it's a very. Prosperous wage. To take the money -- in near the equity in your house and use it for your benefit especially. If you have children who are never gonna come back and living your house. Why well because it gives you and your children an opportunity to say fine I've already turned this house over to bank day when I do the reverse mortgage. Mom and dad is going to be able to us live a much better life because they have more and come from this reverse mortgage. But now I know that when they pass away. The banks can handle all that including selling the property in the hall. I can't -- banks like reverse mortgages. -- banks not necessarily for banking companies Pennsylvania and they did this yet they do they do because that's an -- and I didn't counts doesn't know -- -- what's his name and labeling colored I don't know I don't did that there -- other -- I -- he's playing time Fred it's something or whatever is -- out -- doing I now. There are some companies that are bad there really are I know but there are some that are really good. And so -- because look at it because what happens is. Tim -- is an ex banker. And owning property which is other real estate owned banks don't -- own property so tell me although it's not a foreclosure or short sale it's still bank on property that they don't want. I'm sure that's. Yes yes and now but there's other ways I know we're gonna Todd -- about because really we have to take a really quick break. So we're gonna be right back you're listening this morning to -- our -- child. -- -- Good morning my name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit and I might and the -- Mario can enterprises. Which is a fundraising PR and special meant business. And I -- experts this morning as a representative of fidelity. Deposit and discount thank -- -- name's Trish curly and she is pretty retail branch manager. Of the west Pittston -- soon to be. The manager of the pits and Branson and she says she drives by every day and watches -- -- construction going -- So anyway she Tenneco's -- university studied psychology she lives in the eight still with her husband Jonathan and two children. A lot of grief and Ireland. Trish is an active member of sacred heart and Jesus church in DuPont she's a board member. Over two years -- greater Pittston YMCA and volunteers as a board member and good shepherd academy. Here is on their membership and marketing committee and she also volunteers her time with community organizations and less Princeton. As well as it is a former Kingston -- member of three years while contrition. I think I could have. And that's thank gonna be completed -- not -- I would love to say tomorrow. This -- a few years in the making by the start really and anticipating the grade a rival of our concern location which we've been a process for a very years. -- we hope to have our grand opening spring 2015. If not sooner and so I'm certainly thrilled. So now either two managers over in west Pittston while you're training are you training Baier and now or do you are you your training complete. Training is complete while lawyer. Staff is going to move. From west has since dependents now on -- compact so there is a great deal turn you know we will have to have because it's a deep interior design -- -- sat up. This is going to be state of the art facility. It's similar to our west Scranton office if you're familiar with the setup an element. Exterior design same concept as a glass. Interior is going to be a little bit different even in my Scranton and we will not be having a Krispy Kreme donut shop -- Well this seat now let me tell you Chris is trash to reason you don't is because west is best and that it's Hawaii that -- branch has its own. -- -- -- -- And Lynn and I are west siders so we understand it and we know while about the -- branch and we held to play any -- about meeting there yeah and we love it so I'm glad that it would be sort of like that because -- that's and need to feel on that bank it's a less intimidating thing is we just don't have the space to comment. To have won but I will say just take crude oh you're west as best we do have a west Scranton employee dioxin are all around I ran a well representative irate. With her. I'm bad you should -- and I think instead of Krispy -- anyway since -- -- there and pitched and it might be good thing to have some kind of an Italian. Pizza or something in the quick trip that is that they're a fantastic can't beat out a -- does not the greatest food in that area is. I love you less than 530. Yeah. There's lots of places fairways -- to be in new claims opening -- Goods. Busy tell us about what's going on in that. Home equity -- phone now is it time to either refinance your current loan or take out a new loan because -- six straight options are phenomenon at this point. We are offering a great great honor six straight. To do home improvement projects we hear this all the time that. You know with all the rain and poor weather that we have been having results and some need for home improvements or -- It's a dream pulled you stare out in your backyard that any good I can invasion I do this myself I envisioned my children jumping in the imaginary pulled -- her yard where are dead grass flies right now. So and that's a great opportunity to think about those projects as well as we have a home equity line of credit. Which are phenomenal race on that right now that we've never historically offered rates as well as we are. -- great opportunity until the end of may just to put their little plug in America and and now's the time to do this and think about this over your Memorial Day weakening come right end and can you say that the rates are you know last time I can see what their rates are Kansas. We have disclosed information. Brace on our home equity lines of credit are at 0% for your first six billing cycles six months. And there are after a national time which is currently at 3.2 5% so. You know prime plus no prime classes -- just one of the first times we have offered rates this great. I saw a sign that I thought and and no I got it maybe -- was home equity anticipated said three point 19 as Baghdad as -- org I fewer fixed found naturally -- turned down and non -- Okay now. So great opportunity to do that. And what about if I hit the lemonade. Let me pretty if you have not yet seen our president CEO dance -- now has been on TV early in the morning I signed. I'm squeezing his slam -- into making lemonade. With the children and hopefully that's when he was -- he is doing. And it's too remote. It was great terrorism and -- and I love it and promote our kids turn. Orioles. Tied for nor am. -- program I know it's cute. How this happens is as a community bank for a while represented in all the volunteers and all of volunteering that we do as a bank in terms of staffing by one of the biggest. Assets that we have our children because they are our future customers of tomorrow. This lemonade stand concept is really too. Any attention to of children -- how to create and start up their own small business and what better way to do that and went such a lemonade stand. So for our green team savings members. What that is is it's a current savings program for children up to age eighteen. For them to kind of -- the concept of valuing money. Saving money and what they can actually show -- for a with their money. Top part of this program is to teach them to save. And also to the start of their business they come in west they'll fill out a loan application through Rihanna. They get immediate approval upon -- have to show up with mom or dad though because due to their agent. Com and we will give them ten dollars for any new green team savings members look at ten dollars to start up their business west. As well as aid lemonade stand to felt that -- to make a lemonade good solid. That is just such a different way to approach to generating that's business from children to get them to start. Valuing their money as well starting up their own business because they are the future of tomorrow -- so where -- make you really. Creator put up a lemonade stands. And the front of their house they can do it in the front of their house at the end of their driveways. At a friend's house that he donated go and you know as -- -- -- for our new and kept. Do you understand. What. What better this -- -- I have ballooned. From there and it would mean but it's a great. Great way to get that you know the know how and knowledge out there as well as stupid you know partner with our children. That's a great idea so how did you get from. Where you started as fidelity to being a potential branch manager now -- -- New -- what was your career paths. My career path was always west sales and consumer sales. An and I -- grow into the business aspect Jones for a selling. Mom I have a retail background I used to work for a clinic in enough confidence department store and then into a little bit of consulting and sales Ford clinic. Independently yeah in terms of used to do their gifts with purchases as everybody waits in line for their free gift with purchase if you spend thirty dollars he had a free gift. So I'm used to do a little bit of that. I'm the one of the biggest thing I said I love it especially with the community bank is the only bank I have ever worked for. Comment on the band for three years and I think it valuing knowing your customer. Anticipating they're needed and just getting to know a little bit about. A little bit about them. -- -- Bring examined. Not just selling them something which showing them that there's value behind what product or service at -- currently using or what they confused in the future. -- as a financial advisor it's really our job to get out there. And show them everything that they could have because it could be you know right underneath their eyes and they mean and even now not what best products for them. And they may not even be using the right thing that fits their needs somebody could've just sold him something that. Wasn't necessarily for them that's my job to help them educate them and so are you responsible for training tape for tenth. A small portion of training we have agreed training team within the bank that they do training with the staff. So that's. Usually. At that level. That went -- -- is that's. That doesn't the training happens else dynamic command -- now they are always looking to branch manager having been an -- branch manager myself. -- fidelity as well as others make a UE eight C this big you are called upon but they do command. Pretty much trains boom. And that I think it's becoming more and more. Obvious and -- promise I mean years ago in 1980 when I started their national bank we had. A teller and a customer service training that you couldn't even advance and that was all those years and you couldn't even leave. The training until you passed the league an exam after he took the test to get into the position that you were being higher for. So it was it wasn't just the training and then go apply you actually had to take a test and then going user actual application so it was. Is so I'm doing this I think they've gotten back to doing more of that weight I -- and they have been just putting someone in and having them train on the jab there's a lot of back going on. Like classrooms right in the banks now because -- yeah. When you mentioned state of the art from the new facility what do you mean by that what's what's going to be and it isn't -- and other -- it's not going to be your traditional branch banking it's in terms of there's no teller look a formal color line they're called pods where they have a cash dispenser. So it's a real teller is actually cross trained in terms of they can do anything they could process your transactions for you if you wanted to discuss a long while another service. That person will also assist you with that so there's not just a teller. Any longer and they are called the universal employees so they're trained -- all aspects sounds. Think it says something you think it's going to be rolled out to the other banks is to -- the branches as well yes well that's pretty neat. Listen to is green which sort of like that is well yes we have -- green rent just this current land west Scranton office packed film I'm kind. Mosaic is under construction Adriana Lima and Spain will be they will be also now coming very soon. It's like I think it's less intimidating and it's more pride because when you think about it you're in a teller line and there's. Courier fourteen tellers and you're standing you can't really discuss your personal information without -- and blow standing next you listening to everything that you're trying to talk about so I like that those pod type scenarios because. It does enable you to have much more of an intimate conversation about your finances than you would and that's straight line. Tell salvation and when I -- -- I have. A bank account checking account at PNC bank end whenever I would join their to do anything. And I wasn't in front of the tellers but over what do you -- the platform I. You okay. When I was that they are these -- these open. Places that had the I forget what they call them. Now I'm not content they comments Cuba is there's yeah my right. So when I'm having a conversation with somebody and funny speaking in this level tone voice. Everybody else could -- -- nobody else was saying nine now. And it was really uncomfortable because I knew that everybody else can hear what I was saying and I didn't necessarily want everybody -- my time. Maybe this is a good idea -- the -- a great confidence and for it to the customers who want to have a little bit more in depth conversation. That's not right after -- if there is so customer. Drums and -- areas where he can have a very laid back discussion about what. You know how the best predict your financial future right. And then if you extend it isn't very relaxed setting we have cookies and coffee every day that we all -- -- -- always cookies always have any. And it's just an added personal touch that you again. Regain that customer relationship we have now we value our customers and while you're waiting you know enjoy a cup of coffee enjoying -- it just promotes that. Intimate one on one experience so we have with our customers and handle their mobile lounge area where you can discuss best. You're good and like I said your blood pressure everything is reduced when you go win mariners series like she is so -- Those nice ones is not used our years it takes you somewhere else and I agree with tarmac he. It's it's good and so we wish you the best of luck in your new location -- -- -- and don't look -- pence and here comes Trish -- and yeah. They've got good girl we like I'm ready I just texting and friend mister -- candor and I said I lover already he gave me a couple thumbs up on the tax stuff. Anyway we're gonna see -- and hopefully come backs everybody have a very safe and wonderful. Memorial Day again be safe and be nice embassies owned by the I five.