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Robert Spencer Interview

May 22, 2014|

L.A. Tarone's interview with author Robert Spencer on WILK.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

738. Stairs. Thursday night led senators -- -- -- on it is Robert Spencer mr. Spencer is an author of several books he's also written for a a variety of Bob publications. He's a regular contributor. -- -- frontpage magazine which of course is run by David Carr went saying he cannot Pamela Geller who has been on this program our. Bob opposed American presidency mr. Spencer is also the author of -- new book called. Arab winter comes to America mr. -- a good evening thank you for being here tonight paid -- to be here -- don't tell you how bout. Both goal harm I had never heard of this group until this incident Nigeria worthy -- 48 people were kidnapped. Well you know it's amazing because lead vocal Iraqi group. Is an apology -- group that has been waiting very bloody violent GR. In several years now let's say you're by no means alone injured having heard of him recently but -- mainstream media has been largely silent on them. -- -- think go to the web sites. They're my colleagues would be mentioned or mind you -- what you award to you about them. They're -- especially that the party of the people look at -- -- -- -- Andy -- from its effect acceptance from the practice and the public as a farmer proselytizing. And developing Islamic group and think very violent they have. 500 people in Nigeria in the first three months of trying to -- alone. And -- without they had been burning churches but I think Christian them so long. The country and they are. It's kind of neat thing actually that this incident in particular. Welcome to world attention because it's by no -- think -- -- that record. Now I'm looking at a story here from awhile ago like double car bombing and killed a 130 people in Nigeria they took credit for that. So apparently is is say you just pointed out this is not a new group is there any things tabloids. Differentiate. Them from say the one we think of immediately in this country would be al-Qaeda what you are there differences between them any differences in -- differences in tactics. No different than -- or tactic has in fact -- just al-Qaeda is a group has been generally concentrated. In the Middle East and Central Asia and all the it has been reported that vocal Iran is al-Qaeda groups really just an acknowledgment. The same ideology to -- institutional connection at all just that they do believe the same things they read this same cough may act upon it in the same place. Them. It's any clear up any confusion. About the girls themselves we understand that one is mother may be an American and it is indeed do you know anything about that. Confirmed and it's possible there's no reason why couldn't be so. We know that 80% of the girls are Christians and that they were forcibly converted to a farm to refute sticking to a strong but you know. -- overall group is holding out. Exchange. And took a factor being Nigerian government -- all of coax Iran terrorist group there's. An exchange forward beat notre remaining girls. Complaining that there are. Now free liberated -- couple took out the leader spoke of -- for -- and normal and not be and why so vocal raunchy other. And wives and these girls are you from what -- the information I've seen is like they're 1213. Fourteen is that right. That's right and let the perfect match Malaysia. If you are a -- to Nigeria. Because that the profitable -- console it is now that the nine year old girl when he was 54 and so it's considered to be. About their normal because Mohamed was these for example a perfect example of contact. In fact he did that it trying to and so I go into about twelve actually if you could be a little -- Rather I'm think the stories of of the Arab Spring. That this administration not caused. A series it I don't believe got enough coverage you need to came from Egypt where the Coptic Christians were annihilated. And it got very little coverage in this country first of -- MI correct in that assumption and secondly did you lack of covered surprise you. You know it didn't surprise to me all -- -- absolutely right the Coptic Christian born the brunt -- responsible for governor of the they were toppled from power pac ten million addiction to the street and an extraordinary thing to keep in the so called Arab Spring up on the eleventh. Obama -- -- regime last summer. And and the Coptic Christian group blamed. That toppling by the outlook from other health. And they had as the churches torched didn't because that would his act. I think Britain have been killed and fought the world has paid virtually no attention to rest of them -- not exactly. You the -- mainstream media in the left still continued to dictator that. Three -- from the redeemer legitimate -- -- regime that ought to be restored to power. I I was gonna mention that and I I see references to be Muslim Brotherhood every once in awhile as -- what was. -- now any Egyptian version of the democratic or Republican Party. I heard them talking about I heard one of their leaders talking about the constitution. It wasn't. Until he actually looked at what -- constitution. Included that it made whats is name the former president dictator for life. And a -- or some other things that we in this country would find Apollo laying it. And very little coverage. Virtually -- because so Obama. As favored beat favored them also brotherhood regime from the beginning a matter of fact he sent a whole Arab Spring in motion in 2009. In June 2009 your mirror when he went to Cairo did make it outreach speech to the Islamic world. And he's consistent and pummeled from brother to be president that represented his little brother be president even though let's find it was still an outlawed organization. And Mubarak the president and he chips he says -- you know I think column on the and I can't come because not going to be. With this group that outlawed and Obama says I won't be infected that they believe there are so Mubarak wasn't there and that was the big signal get sent. The Egyptian supporter of the brotherhood. Said the Arab Spring and emotion. Data parties on -- not gonna get your way EI and there were reports there rebels in Tunisia and some other places were actually supplied on the black market. By American forces. By an AM when I -- forces I don't mean capital after armed forces I mean small after groups of I'm simply. -- in -- covers many of the and I comment so appalling. Yes exactly in the thing isn't that -- media will not a report on any thing that makes Barack Obama look bad and so. Barack Obama likes the brotherhood. Then the media you know what was the brotherhood -- I -- Had that they want to extraordinarily short trying to be you know we're we're all more vulnerable for -- because the brother and a bloody huge and -- and then supremacist agenda that -- What -- institutionalized discrimination in the tournament and not look formed. My dream -- from -- of the united excel at links the brother murdered all the troops being walked over because first they have to protect Barack Obama. I I was astounded where about an hour and 45 minutes ago ABC news -- an ABC news affiliate. Ran a story that briefly mentioned out pending hearing that congressional hearing on Ben Ghazi. And the newscaster actually said. The uprising was initially blamed. On an anti Islamic video that however turned out not to be true that is -- first time I ever heard. Anybody in the mainstream media admit. That that whole video story wasn't cockamamie lie. Yeah that's amazing I'd never -- I can say if you're one up on the I can tell you that. And we don't often think about that and explain in the -- is that GO. Obama administration decided complained that freedom of speech. By blaming this video that nobody ever seen or heard yeah they were essentially saying that our First Amendment it sucked speaking at -- -- at central formed and that we would be quiet. And not say anything to defend them that kind of thing wouldn't happen another -- this -- -- adoption to show real blasphemy laws and meeting will be okay. And and I remember how words to that effect from several members of the administration. At that time even a couple of -- congressional hearings. And especially is somebody who makes his living exercising the First Amendment that was among most appalling things I've ever heard in my life. Indeed and it could be two or three consider Hillary Clinton saying. To be father -- -- -- the navy -- until they -- and that -- Steven to have that filmmaker arrested and prosecuted. And she gets below that he became a political prisoner. And Barack Obama and going to the UN and I think the future must not belong to -- -- -- the proper habits well. Oh really well you know I don't remember anybody Obama laughter and Democratic Party here anyone anywhere -- that. About says christianity when they -- in the -- here and one -- That was given and international government of the humanities. The double standard and goal intended to all of this because it ultimately would look at against freedom of speech. Get -- -- that is one of the beauties of America is that we can we can beat up anybody we want to in this country any religious figure. -- or non religious figure any politician they are subject to. Two west satire. It's a condemnation and criticism that's what has made the United States different from every other country on the face of the earth -- Absolutely and it's -- great right now people don't realize -- -- Freedom of speech earlier. But Barack Obama as. These people went into administration. Actually toward -- actually in the book pro American president I think it's in the meat for the freedom of speech people with the proper -- Obama you must be -- And he didn't help and really being done so also packed -- concealment. About your new book which is called the Arab winter comes to America. I'm speaking to you from Pittston Pennsylvania. And it is made he. 85. Or ninety miles away from islam's -- which is outside of Bob Port Jervis. And Hancock New York. First -- -- you did -- you know a little bit about it I would not looking to try to find at one time I couldn't find anything. Tell us a little bit about Islam -- if it's even still there. Well it's saying very secret place there is still there. And it. -- -- -- -- -- America which -- the group that is tied to really jump out of -- group which is we kept changing our group led by. Mubarak on July NICU is AG -- -- in Pakistan who Daniel Pearl -- on its way into the interview claimed he was. And captured by members of the group and that -- -- ordered him that that's about twenty years ago that that happened but I I still remember seeing the the video that was there shown by eight or that was I shot by the terrorist it was eventually aired I guess CNN at that time some. Exactly and this is good thing group in the United States people have reported -- compelling thing. Gunfire coming from if you can gunfire in the air mysterious secretive group that has nothing to do with the outside. A lot of people are afraid of what can I think the problems that law enforcement doesn't seem to be interest that even in making perfunctory investigation. Is astounding to me I mean I do not like in Pennsylvania something like that would have need when he needed zoning approval right it's a minor thing but you needed. I can understand how a part time zoning officer who gets 8000 dollars a year would not wanna go risked his life trying and we expect something like that. But I am astounded that the New York State Police. Or anyone else had no interest because I've seen those same reports that you just mentioned carrier -- bazooka fire and and gunfire and it's -- middle of the night nearing. Big explosions. And didn't let me -- honest -- that. Yeah exactly. Strange and know what you even here is that the -- -- of America has camps like that all over the country axle. And -- are good people and try to go there and just took certain. Took -- look around them then that the Lou I have seen video of a group I think oh there go one of them believe it was a enjoy and the police warned he's not going there never may try to get into the front gate from them. -- treat people inside the group attacking. And what to. Think that kind of thing -- tolerated with no food no hesitation. How how many of those camps are there -- United States took about thirty article that I had a lawyer and they'll plot. As I I thought there was maybe a dozen and I understand that there either is one. Or there were plans for one not far from islam's -- on our side of the border in a little town that I'm somewhat familiar with called shaman. Pennsylvania. You know I'm not familiar -- but I call my -- So they take it very well remote rural areas near misses is trying to avoid scrutiny. Garrick Sherman is about as remote as you can get through one road in and one road out that's our. -- in your book guy Arab winter comes to America. Prefer those of us who haven't seen eight yeah that. I -- gave us a brief one down as to some of the things you cover and it and what we should be aware of. The book about denial and willfully ignorant willfully ignorant that -- -- the Obama administration and mainstream media welcome the Arab Spring. When the Israeli and winner in the same locally here and -- denials that different from our ability to deal with the -- that oh. And so I -- in the book how the Boston Marathon GR bombing and before that -- got massacred. Could have and -- and would have been prevented if they were up political correctness. Completely and strings. Our ability to deal with these threats adequately. For example got the performance evaluation of nature we -- can come before the shooter. And show you that he gave it even after he wouldn't put on well lucky. And he -- -- in his coworkers were talking not violence and delete them and made them afraid that he was going to be violent. These glowing recommendation and kept getting promoted amount that. This performance evaluations in the book showing the great thing he could he could teach older law about it all. -- But not quite know we expect that -- -- -- that you can imagine immediately what would have happened. If they have not given -- these positive recommendation. Would have been. Brought up -- cornucopia and the -- -- we're -- to look at all of break -- the would have been big exposes and CNN New York time to look. Oh culture expressing -- space -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Killeen massacre would not prevent it. -- you just answered my question when I was gonna ask you is how in God's name could the united states army not have seen. The warning signals because after the massacre some of those very things that you just mentioned some things he said other soldiers. Apparently there was an incident with him out. Yelling something about gee -- I'd be in a yet kitchen one time and and. -- ignored just found. Indeed it is and it's not the only time. Interest income often. The Russian government told the FBI that the -- Cameron and I have put us yeah -- show him under constant surveillance station that they could have watched him and followed him did he start to assemble the material from the pressure cooker -- I'll nobody was gonna why not -- around the same time the Russian told -- religiosity. The FBI without -- oak cemetery trading material of any mention of Islam and Jihad in connection with terrorism. Welcome politic. Talk that you are -- -- look at that time. Obviously -- welcome politic even to track -- condemned the terror Pakistan I think you're killing up to keep doing it it -- -- -- Astounding I'm not at times and a half -- armistice fans I appreciate you being with -- as your book is called the Arab winter comes to what America the truth. About the war war in and thank you and -- have you back again. Or are they give.