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Corbett and LCTA Board Member Pat Conway

Jun 6, 2014|

Pat Conway talks about the LCTA and its ridership

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The state attorney general has now filed the criminal charges against the executive director in the head of operations at the LCD -- highest putt Con-way to share some of his thoughts. In the aftermath of these arrests Pat -- thanks so much for taking time to talk with us. -- hair so I only took flight but it's a commercial. Spots. That's the business. Yeah it. Look at certain it was a goalie ever bench impact Amway it was a guy by the name Robert Carlucci. It grew and what I grew up together he was about -- board of directors. Years ago in the they concrete could get about reappoint him but critical. So tell us to tell us how this all really. Came about between you and and -- skiing in the and remain. Richie don't need to watch. Watch these are lots of numbers so well we started doing another friend of mine Bob we go to -- have lunch. -- bloodshed but Google by accident nobody got them. Obama rebuttals on the square and repeat so watchable but there's there's nobody -- over -- shouldn't street -- -- bust loose. Go oh yeah. Well what it would make command and look at some of the podium -- most of the common -- look -- and nobody got -- So what the hell he's certainly in 72000. For the month low blow whatever credit. And we give -- the data at a county council meeting. It is CPA says. All they really get thirty so that's what the hell I mean. I was told to get a dollar bit deeper Reese senior citizens there don't normally get thirty cents. And then and then the best. Was all Mark Pryor broke our -- or don't -- That's a -- yet. -- threaten this tool mr. stroller stretch so be it Bob read street. Threat this sort of accounting councilman David. And let -- -- other abuse we got for the last two years. What Chara what you're alleviation of Bob -- -- said we grew up the other we -- -- the other we pick up a very influential -- I retired we have back the other. Know that that's -- that. So it's simply get it I can't seem taken money from the heat assistance. The page program. The actual social -- rebate you know I'm real NB a this year Greg Gordon take them back import. There -- doctors appointments. -- taken that. They had seven million dollars to rally got seven million dollars in my -- I think and what a good job you're not spread -- -- -- their -- order. It would lower the people -- real we're gonna put totally to dollars didn't. See -- salaried employees. Pension strong I -- -- buddy of mine. -- weren't sure enterprise Ed -- goal at that that he says I don't think so. It was like huge bureaucracy you're auto body you're out of you do well you attack about. I just ask you this question do you believe other than should relish and the head of operations what -- Anderson. Do you believe that other people. Willingly cooperated. With what you perceive and what the the state attorney general perceives as criminal Bagger you pick other people were involved in this. Are there other -- and agencies don't. -- Ottawa trying to lead order China and agencies I was told. History he's like a lot of good spike -- -- -- -- -- too risky still alive your son's. Our -- yet it would simply right now I told you so -- All -- I ask that is because I don't know I don't know who people line I don't know he's he's stood. They use these and this solar. So as far as his involvement here is a board member from 2005 through 2012. He was the board chairman around 2007. Students didn't upon Shapiro -- at times later today. Then -- riske testified to the grand jury. Pitch to relish -- -- him in private conversations. That the drivers would not press the button and then if they didn't start there would be layoffs -- drivers and mechanics. It's all social too risky says this -- admitted his role in advocating this fraud. You know he's said that drenched sheet quotes correct and lives well and. That's what he says that's why it did so that's why she needs to be investigated so. Now say they're gonna be ammunition a very spokesman accused it. A lot of listeners like Monica. It yes we -- and then we got we need to get elected officials on blurted no pun intended to show how serious this issue this. What do you think should happen next time. -- All but they're they're gonna probably. Build it probably plea bargain them what are. Live build up and he had sold out of league are resistant put the money second. What about the board members do you think that they should resign as. Permits he has advocated and I happened to Gary look. Yet they -- did he should without naming any names do you think that some of them were aware of this. Sure what it felt like could trigger and a dummy up you know domino effect that but I -- that you're not to comment. A little one you are. Talking to Steve McCarthy -- it is very clear. That. The money that was being. According to the prosecution. Stolen. What's being stolen from senior citizens as you just -- from the -- program well rebates meals on wheels. You should that they took the money from the greatest generation and on this anniversary of that can't be anything that sounds -- dot. You're right you're right because you know what Leggett played -- them. The greatest generation abusive down and -- a trial would come. You learned a lot about history -- you would dentistry book. Especially a veteran of older woman attracted them to be good recipes secret recipes. I have seven children. Oh boy is street girls who like past -- zero. Votes. Friend of white children and our department's list. But on the square but the pharmacist is that people have been order prescription. -- they only get to have this month that don't have the money I don't have the base. I don't qualify for pace up and they cut the pillow and half -- what the -- -- this. There on junkets -- San Diego look at at a god damn bunch fidelity and not out of dry it. -- go to New Orleans so well. Believe these junkets need to be looked until I believe any benefits need to be looked into I wrote about the Christmas party. That who was she was changed abruptly after public scrutiny was was placed on not more and more people need to pressure. Just see what's going on behind closed doors. As well as as fun as as you roll now as a as a board member do you think it will change in anyway. As supporters have been in the supporting what are they took the pop what I as far as -- questions they took up the personnel committee. The maintenance neither of the that the union pension board they took me right up. -- had all daughter and hope you're listening. Well we've been reassigned him we've made changes W -- does that they did just cigarette habit now there. It used to be on the worst yet but I just sank so people understand who is used to be a board member right. And you -- -- he was the president of the board and for many many years he was congressman Paul Kanjorski right hand man. Right. I -- 87 geared toward congressman Ted viewers. We're gonna -- -- -- are eligible and we showed up fault but I think I hit the button we can we have to be very very careful I know. -- you're excited I know that this is serious business but we really truly have to be very very careful language on the radio. As far as action you hoped to see happen. What do you expect to see happen what do you hope to see happen. -- -- -- Odom traded. Bill basketball. Mecca Paul Porter and -- -- -- to promote. But compared -- prices. So it didn't pay the price. Throughout the absolute suitable I'd been. Dropped so -- about the spark plug salute. Still they find him guilty total hard forum. Well we'll show you what happens due process is a very important part of our liberty and a cornerstone of Omar national law. And according to the prosecutors these two men broke the law and hopefully we will continue to have to learn more and to. When your foot chaps with regard to stand them up and doing what's right and seeking the truth. And any other. Ordered great -- other boards and other agencies whether recount your state. -- -- sitting on -- board but you -- so long should go it hadn't been so Mubarak also are. Don't sit there -- I completely agree with your -- come way thanks for talking with us we'll talk you again.