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May 31, 2014|

Saturday May 31, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims made or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Larry and -- -- your weekend. -- -- -- -- -- -- Aaron. Good morning good morning how are you today I have -- -- used -- doing wonderful thank you as. What's going on your world anything of notes. No okay. But I did just like typical you know crazy yeah as usual some good stuff it's a good. Have to -- a shout out to a friend of mine who I ran into end Weis Markets. In quite some of the other day and realize that. She is so I'm doing something fun fun. This Black Swan river festival which is today as you listen to this. I'm he says Trout fisherman and has -- and has done a significant amount of work in our area -- teaching this skill to a lot of people. He also has. Something and I'm not sure which channel it's on but it has sportsman channel. Sports man channel. And then he doesn't. I show on how to be a really great fly fisherman. He said he listens to us so I just find it should have a shut out here and Charlie Charles worth. And wish him luck in his new ventures was -- Fly fishing. The -- iron leaked Charles worth Texas name. Wow does a lot of really cool things he takes people to countries all over the world where they can -- it really at school. People are really into com -- fishing I mean it's can I just like fit I'm not that I go. But I love. The tranquility and I'm fishing I think it's the amount wanna put my arms or anything and -- but I do like the idea of it and you Wear those waders and or CNN that I used to when we were little my saudis take this fishing and with little fishing pole only and he put the -- -- -- and I know we look at different -- and to be honest I wanna say Lakewood -- are somewhat but I can't remember exactly where was only knows I used to talk to the finish how. I'm sick and -- I turn my thirds. My irons and they never and they let -- never listened to ever catch one yeah I think in the end my original group that -- To just take them to hook -- you know somebody else did and I think I was afraid I cut my finger and how we saw where my parents so they did I'm sure I'm. But it's too nice support I think I really do I think it's great there's something. Seoul as calming about it and so that's good hello Charlie he's like one of those people and we say we have 21 names and like Thomas Thomas -- yeah Charles Charles and his name and they just Dan it's some might care. Suffix to what's called the to -- charles' words Charles -- love it. -- -- that I. Cheer up China me. Quickly and that's from Willy Wonka I'm a quick story. How quick. Are. I'm Stephanie had no reason to consider the possibility. That her husband would not be with her in retirement. They have planned carefully to splurge in the first five years on some trips they always dreamed of taking. A cruise to Alaska a riverboat tour of France a stop -- all the NFL stadiums in the country. Kenneth trip down the Mississippi River around steamboat. They would use some of Stephanie small IRAs from a previous employer to pay for these traps. And use her 401K and his two retirement plans to support their living expenses through retirement. Her husband Ken -- expected to continue to be a consultant to his former employer. For a period of five years after retirement. This would require his attendance -- quarterly meetings of the board but not much else formal work time. One year before their expected retirement date -- was killed in a freak hunting accident. And her entire life changed. In addition to the trauma of his death in the dramatic change in her life. She now realized other plans for retirement lost their appeal she wasn't interested in doing it any and that alone. More importantly she thought she should talk to a financial advisor about how her retirement income would now change. She asked me if I can help her review all of this and let her know where she stood. I asked some important questions about his pension and retirement plans she couldn't tell me much about them for two reasons first. Her ability to focus on things like this was severely limited with the stress her life and secondly. She knew very little about configuring Ken had an all covered. Once we spoke to the human relations department at his employer and got some information. I told the pension would be paid her but not until she reached day sixty true. She was now sixty. And the 401K plan did not allow for a lump sum distribution. She knew her 401K plan was not something she planned on taking until after age 65. I was afraid she might have no income she didn't start to take it now. Then we asked about his life insurance. Stephanie told me they had a policy they just can't stand a few months ago because -- thought it was no longer needed. It was made a huge difference in her life candidate then there. She didn't think he had some that work so we inquired if indeed he did but it was only -- one times the salary. She had the he had the option to increase -- threefold he was working but did not do so. She had no idea what he did that he -- he did not take this and she remembered she was a fan of life insurance. We were able to help for designer retirement plan around his life insurance proceeds his pension his 401K distributions. And her IRAs and for a one case should be fine. But having had a life insurance -- it made a lot of difference in how she would be able to work out during retirement. They have planned gift to give some money to their grandchildren for college costs but that would not now be possible. How she wished she know more about the decisions he made about his life insurance the end. Every night. OK. So. How is she doing today she's still well out -- doing well she's come out of the cloud. That she was then. And I think that's a really important thing to understand. People in my business. It's just a natural. Reluctance to want to walk into that emotional minefield. When. When I was there were no worse commend to see you. And the hardest thing to do is to let it unfold. Naturally. Because the tendency is to want -- health and get it resolved and get some feeling better as soon as possible. But one of the big issues is that you can't force them to make decisions. Because they're just they're such a cloud around them there -- able to focus on so much. And it's really difficult sometimes it takes more than two years for people actually get through that to the point where they can. Do something but the one thing I do know is that. Children always wanting help mom and dad. Whomever is the survivor. To make decisions about their lives and that it's all well intentioned. But when you start getting into when you're gonna have to sell my house momma come only with me. Hard you know let's get -- this house and you can have the one in Florida. Quarry whenever it is people don't really understand. As well intentioned as it is. And the survivor has got to work this through and their own hands. And it takes time to do it and you cannot force it and you just have to go along for the ride if you wanna be of any value to that person. And that's what was going on here it was a it was a fight. With her children. Who thought they knew what was best for mom. And the knowledge that we had about how you have to do this. I was like did a bigger conflict but thankfully. It all worked out in the end. Hanging out so it's okay here's the chemistry -- it's very hard yeah. Because you you won MVP. You wanna you wanna -- and all of -- nice neat package for them and essentially. Taken off the plate and say don't worry about it we'll take care of it. But you can't make those same decisions. For somebody who might be moving into retirement. More. Moving to get a new job -- it's a little bit different. Mind -- and you're not dealing with the the absence of another person and if you don't deal with that. You've missed a huge. Piece of the puzzle them. So that's very difficult Palin I'm glad that you just moments fine. In your case tool you have to have their sensitive balance between. The advisor and almost being a therapist at the same time hassling me you have a little bit of that background yeah. Capping method financially on on at how many years thirty some are my mind but Europe. The year in tune to the psyche which again isn't so -- for anybody to be never hurt anyone no matter what you do. To have some knowledge of how people. Think in tech. Hit it well it's really critical kind now because if you don't understand and I think beyond just how people sick there's also. The the awareness that. People come end to their adulthood with stories about money that they learn from their parents frank and if you don't uncover those stories. You could have all the best advice in the world but it's not going to get implemented. Because there's another story running in the background that's telling them not to they don't know if that's not even aware that many times my. But it's something that's running the show and if you don't uncover that and see. What their values are around money what their experience has them with money. You won't know how to approach them with. The resolution of the problems I have financially. It's good that you're even doing an excellent stuff because in the miss its match or something you can learn and a buck. Lot of money give something a big shot attitude I took my. I'm continuing edge credit education classes form -- Pennsylvania real estate license because as -- our state -- you have to take. Fourteen hours every two years before you apply for your licensed to renew your license and south I just wanna give the big shout out to mr. Larry. Delgado who is the owner of Pennsylvania. Real estate academy went down into Kingston and took two days Tuesday and Wednesday and what a delight. It was the first time that I've been in a class which you know I don't sit too well these classes I don't like my time I just wanna be out of there. And -- and I did it nonetheless but. He was fabulous so if you're out there in your real estate agent which you can't do it now because change your. Your last day at -- anybody wanna take the quest to become an ancient word to renewed TA your continuing Ed thank of his. I'm a program because he he was terrific and he was funny and Smart and and he just guiding this quick and a delight so I am. Pennsylvania real estate academy Larry don't rattle a great guy and I think about it that's for your classes because he's wonderful thought anyway to -- us. And we don't have to pass it to take it it's not attack I took a realistic test. Twenty sport five years ago how this is just continuing adds he now I can use assets in the class yet but I'm so angry and I. Time. He was great and we did Regis we did like a game with like jeopardy and he he was in her -- very interactive instead of him just sitting their lecturing. And we had broke up into teams and we Bonner didn't win and and then he had this one device that you would hit. Like which which it here's the answer here's the question here's your multiple choice answers and then he would do like an electronic way of knowing the whole cool how the people. I am hooked it in the hole from how they they scored. And it was amazing that it was that it would be like 98%. The right answer and 2% to -- answer and we. We look around and think I'm right host yeah I mean listen Tony you know I'm back I'm getting used to you think did their big day there's gonna hit the wrong button and stick. How could you really even say it was back then you know it was bad it was sad food we hadn't. We actually had -- good health but that's. I'm and that was that you don't hear that you're not gonna hear me say in a classroom that's the case because I just rarely seen him around but man oh man he -- He was great so if it worked out and of course last night you missed. My -- the Mansour dinner the -- yes monthly common -- source who of course is open on for breakfast and lunch once a month has there. -- dinner a dinner that they offer and of course pat outed herself once again. Pat down mascot was incredible and it was so neat to be which you know -- it's so -- to be in the -- up at 98. Because you're only -- during the days you feel like you're somewhere else to eat and was wonderful once again so I'm hats -- -- because they did a really nice job that's great. So anyway we're gonna take a really. Quick break we have another special guest here and in addition to our do our expert by doctor par -- now we have for the next twenty minutes coming up. Ms. peg ready using executive director of the women's resource center and we'll be right back you're listening this morning to the -- dementia. -- -- -- -- Good morning good morning good morning how are you today. I'm good Hank I'm doing very well see we have against the this morning. I'm not our guest expert that's photos as an expert he did to. But I guest expert. Will be on a little later we're talking this morning when I'm the executive director of the women's resource center in Scranton. That's peg Bradley who has been with the organization for a thousand years if -- and it is synonymous with the women's resource center. And -- talked about some of the things going on at the center so Malcolm Payne. Thank you Lenny and Gloria appreciate being here happy to have you -- what's happening at the resource center what's new though we have a lot new. I'm quite been a thousand years they think we're eager since I -- only a thousand at widows and evolve it and she's history using a little are trending worse yet. We are am actually embarking. And project to ensure our future. I know you talk a lot about. Individuals and retirement and planning for the future and help bring that is -- and that's what we're doing right now as an organization and they don't sure that we have a sustainability fund. So that what it's called yes OK to have a name. President closest thing to -- the women's resource center sustained and then they're not a big out yeah yeah out. But -- obviously they'll be opportunities for individuals to get involved. Who may want to be large donors to have naming -- Cheney's back. You know we we are the organization is 36 years old and if you start to take a look at organizations that's very young. Hindi and it's time it's time for us to make sure that thirteen 1415 years are now. Our programs and services. Well not only be available but be able to keep up with the trends of the future. -- you know you I can't tell you we've sustained. Significant budget cuts federal and state. I used to be that the Pennsylvania provided 50% of our funding and now it's 16% of wow I didn't realize that we -- and it's that bad. So that doesn't mean that the program participants in the needed -- community don't go away right his. The battered women's and rape crisis through is done a fine job of raising awareness gas have been and not a very good job of raising public policy awareness to the point that our. It's our responsibility for my perspective we have a great board of directors who also -- their responsibility. To make sure they were here well into the future. And so was so looking like CN sustainability fund since our formal yes we are around there's a couple things we. Britney's gonna be hearing a lot about this in the next twelve months as you know with any large campaign. There's a lot of work because some behind the scenes. On and so right now what we're doing is. We've developed -- -- statement. Which is our statement of need with the help of until Novell's strategy group -- numb and our board in our staff and our program participants from. And -- and we are just starting to take a look at what our priorities. Oh and what our priorities for funding and so that you know that used to be 50% estate funds that snow sixteen we still only keep those programs alive. So we're looking at individuals who are interest in domain into RC -- program to our justice center to our crisis program. We take forty hotline calls a day in our community fortieth day. And we've got to make sure that we there are four women and men and children who are being battered or sexually abused. A right now. It's easy you can get on our web site. Which is WR CN EP eight dot org or just type in you know women's resource center and it'll come up of of Scranton. And there's all kinds of information on there about how you can get involved. With helping us things came our future sustainability. I'm either specific activities that are planned in order to raise some of these funds yes that's the process that we're in right now -- is -- planning process we don't have anything public. I'm at this point but we're in the process of you know training for activities getting the word out. During the month of February we had sever several months at posh -- -- where we were able to you you know. -- targets and keep people from our team -- you know gonna get on board. I'm so that's something that will be getting a lot of information about out in the future and what's so what's the goal. 3.5 million dollars. We wanna set aside a million dollars for capital. Yeah we have a 100 in 25 year old building. In -- have to other facilities. And you know if you're if you're fleeing your home because you're Nancy theories certainly don't want wanna walk into an environment where you feel -- -- -- capital. Some are building and our environment is just as important at times as our programs because you wanna lock in with extensive. These people care about me and this is a nice environment so we're looking at raising a million dollars for that -- the other 2.5 million dollars we -- and we'll go into an endowment fund. I'm so that were able to come build on that. On and then he can insure the future of the -- you some of that then. Some of those earnings and year -- year for our our operating post holes and are offering budget and who came up with a number. It was a joint effort from here we obviously. You know he's the expertise. Elements -- fundraising account and some of the project she's been involved -- The staff and aboard were very active and then in terms of what that means we did a needs assessment. Annan and so we it was a really a collaboration. Between all of the stakeholders that the center. Okay I'm just curious -- -- why -- came up with 3.5. Because he probably should be 350. -- components it and I always had. I mean if yeah -- yeah absolutely do you look at this imagine her to go over right oh no that's supposedly why he has. I think maybe he's due to tell fun like did you detect swift is coming relations at -- -- right. Friendly really insist they raise outrageous amounts of money millions of dollars to just think people put me in ten and twenty bucks and how works. Is there any component of this so it's intended to be on the Internet. Oh yes common fact we have a very active FaceBook page -- women's resource center we have us updates see our web site. I'm individuals and my dementia in the telephoning because. In a candy like ours it's incredibly generous we rely on donors like me who might be able to give -- a nation that tonight. You know a large donation right you know where we would go after corporations that. I'm we're looking at tapping into individuals in the community to give us a dollar day. And that's the that's the grass -- campaign right that's really important so for thirty dollars a month think about what you do with thirty dollars a month. You know you but I chew gum is a pack of gum a day right it's a lottery ticket yes it has and then I Duncan donuts bread and -- I know you can get on our website click dollars a day Ice-T it comes automatically out then -- -- whenever. -- you might want to use and if we got -- think about this and we -- 5000 people. Out of this northeastern Pennsylvania market. 5000 people to do that that would be one point eight million dollars yes so Larry. That's -- -- it's all doable as early as and I think using the Internet I just think of all the times. That's seen with the American Red Cross when they've done that recommends the tsunami end of this and whatever was. Go to the American red cross and right now and sign up ten bucks and there they raise millions and millions of dollars into three days yes. Because it that's that's exactly the grassroots type thing. If everybody gave a little bit like that it would be huge -- and then people I think there is what's good about -- -- having the smaller type. Donations and I mean small end up in the gift part but small. The smaller dollar amount than than naming rights say. Is is that people feel like Dave. They've now been able to invest in the future themselves and it's not like how I can't make a donation because I don't have XY and -- In my bank account but I can do something like this again and feel good about making the donation right and. -- you know I think that's -- to keep playing and Larry because we all know someone we all know someone who has been touched by violence against women. And it's in you know or sexual assault domestic violence. And when you start to believe Philly Q can give back in making investment and help that person may be you know you can say you -- to do that in honor of your mother your sister or your. You know your cousin or your dad for Father's Day. -- it really does make a difference because it is a community problem he -- -- I'd like that idea you know it's like who now you can invest in him and help and someone else in a real significant -- and how are you looking to do that -- it and and that I know it says here but I'm just couldn't announce they you can do it on a monthly or yearly -- this if you get -- -- the women's resource general from. Website eighth he hit the big orange donate button and then you can go right into we have account set up that you can have -- conducted monthly. Quarterly or annually premier accounts CNN MSNBC -- yeah Marion and you never have to think about it that's right now. And it it's it's and it's a good thing and a 100% a 100%. Deductible and it's deductible -- devoted to just to play a straight donation you're not getting anything not an infinite amount I mean you are you getting a laughing you're not if you're able to deduct it which is a good -- and -- -- percent and fewer donations scenes moment. Local our local programs. -- -- Statistically when it women and -- come to CEO. Do you see the moment -- most of them. -- I have to do they have children or are or is it but what's the percentage of women and children -- a man and woman who is not. Who do not have -- the majority of our program participants in our domestic violence program have children because. Not to say that we you know it's probably 75%. With children 25% -- solo. They are sexual assault program. -- it's equal you know where -- Primarily working him -- with college. Students who have been raped. Now with young children who perhaps have been victims of sexual abuse -- with adults who have been abuses children. But Tim. You know they're they're a lot of a services available. For individuals and our community as it relates to you know being able to go into. Do counseling or you know find programs to assist them when you start taking a look. As someone who has to flee their home with their children in tow path is -- programs out there were the only game in town. And so the majority then of those individuals come to us. I'm with kids because they say they don't want their children hurts me sometimes and it's in the violence starts to trickle down to the children. The people that finally you know make the decision I have to get here. On the NC where you and offers safe place that might not be available in other agencies. That'll line when the pain of being and it is greater than the fear of losing it right to make the change right right did. Do day. The when this happens as well now I have to think of your responsibility not only to keep these people safe. But to nourish them and give them all of the needs to know what happens with your food do you get food donations thank you like to get that -- mean is that's where it. Something to tell people are still BS the job easier feeding off how many people can -- -- at one time well. We have what we can't continue on the housing -- -- recognizing the sheltered he's no longer a one size fits all. So within our Statehouse program we can house three Phillies within our community based programs that we announced fifteen families can hunt and that's between Lachlan and Susquehanna canning. As well as -- referring to other agencies like in any neighborhood centers to provide housing. -- food obviously if you don't have food clothes and shelter there's not a lot you can do -- Com we do participating in the state food program -- united way how we also are recipients of the Weinberg food bank they are amazing. But you know there are times that it runs out via really fun we wanna be able to make sure the people have just the basic needs. Now to get through the days and that they can start to dreaming of and look at a life free from violence. It's well -- do -- wonderful job thank you and again peg one you tell every Monday website how they can make you know a donation. Sure it's -- Women's resource center which is WR CE NE PA dot org. And there's a big orange by the England stereotype donate if it is a dollar a day program that they're starting. As if if that's something you think you can do please support from -- nap because it is. The grassroots it is CU out there listening to this radio station who can make a difference. What do you think it is it all adds up as -- said every dollar makes a difference that's right -- if he can do something like that. Please help woman I don't need your help and and I'm sure would welcome it's a -- keep up the good work. Thank you and -- keep doing it right pig is there seriously how many years thirty years thirty years amazing. So congratulations to you and keep up the good work and we'll. Be right back we're be back with doctor Barbara Tuchman our guest expert and you're listening this morning two of whom are human shot. Here is -- inland. Good morning good morning and welcome Mac. Yeah and what's your name. I know my name is large cat in from the owners -- can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And I'm -- Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit -- and -- our guest expert. We own our favorite and favorite these favorite gynecologist so tomorrow. I do there are so I -- I was thinking well she really yes because I say if you're abroad out there. What he'd gone to a guy for go to a woman -- seriously and they are women who would say just the opposite I know but I love I'm telling you. Full disclosure and you have to to the bar be wire iron iron gynecologist. And I have. I am not the band and him as an to a male gynecologists and sports. At 1230 years hi Ben and Phillies. With doctor Kathleen -- you know I think I told you who was a Harvard grad I love -- She delivered my first child to Amy Boyer who delivered my second. And now Barbara who stays clear of the obese stuff and just GYN and we're delivering more of your children -- daddy beat him so and Sony put that in print Melanie thank god -- to the point is that she's the most loving. -- until Smart and so compassionate doctor has the best bedside manner. And I say doctor should be in school for a year for bedside manner because that makes a huge difference when you're with -- and -- Wind where they're getting done what we need to get done it's hard it's hard to -- Road in front of other news and I think you know being trying to be kind and helps out quite a bit yes. And you remind me a lot of Kathleen a -- in which you're you're just steered. Kindness in your sense of touch which I think is so important that you just feel so. Taking care of and that that is aren't all I'm nine goal every day is -- to help people feel better and to take care of them south. Well thank you -- your wonderful so what are we talking about today -- -- -- -- instruct you won anything not actually answer owner. Nice but I don't I was nice to talk about so I thought we would talk about pelvic -- pro lapse movies I think and there's a lot of unknowns. Information out there and I think -- a lot of women he is speaking and taking care of -- I think there are a lot of women that may have to -- laps. And don't know all that they have it or don't know that they could do something about it or have you know I think that it's genetic my mother had my grandmother had it and everybody should have and there's nothing to do about it. I'm so I thought that we would talk about pro lapse so what is pro last time. Essentially it's the dropping of more than hernia Chenault of your pelvic organs. Into the vaginal area or even outside of the vaginal area so what -- -- -- it would be your Blatter and your uterus for your rectum. And we've all heard of a drop splatter dropped uterus and that means that it's it's falling it's -- it's lost its support. So I always say that it's it's like having hernia it's a bulge is a sense of weakness someplace. That allows these organs these -- bladder uterus or even the rectum to bulge. In two. The vaginal area. So. You know some but some people don't know that they have this bulge and that's that's great but other people can tell that they have a bald spy there's something there that they when they -- Where they feel that there's a sense of pressure down there they may be sitting on a ball or something of that sort. Some people even have a lower back -- it would give them symptoms and they wonder what that's from. Other people noticed that they can empty their their bladder or their bowels easily -- its docket doesn't cut out when it wants to. -- that could all be related to having this -- this this pro laps down there. Well. So how does that to how is that different than other. Problems thoughts on the last time we talked about. I urinary incontinence or and the inability to completely boy aid. And that's a different situation in the requires different types of treatment so how do you know that that's what it is that is there an exam that would -- them. Yes at times and I was say if your number of women will come to me because they've they've gotten a -- and they look to be said something is just not right town and they will get a mere. Other times it is something that I might pick up -- an exam or a family practitioner if they were doing their pap smear their pelvic exam. And so if you know some people with pro lapse. Also having -- -- keep letter. But people that have a leaky -- don't necessarily have to have collapsed but I don't have to go together yeah. And so unique can't count on one symptom as a basis for that haven't -- the other condition so does the one -- have to do is because every woman in my age group. -- and my grandmother who used to say make up masters so was 92 when she died and she I'd say joining get a nice tear something for the route. Absolutely now want to stop at the bathroom ten times I'm not doing it. And and now and it -- I think. What like Kenny holds a -- control. Now as you get older we won't tell the story about BI because we you do things that. You just can't you can't control it or hold it -- as long as you thought you could. Does that come what they each or is there a problem. So everybody says -- Problem then you're Harold yeah that's an island so that would be a good description of the word overactive bladder or irritable bladder when I got to go Blatter count and and that does come with age. And is sometimes associated with a dropped flattered but not always asks us there we -- -- -- and pro apps also sometimes comes with age. But other times can be after child first. Actually one in three women that have given birth to a child may have some evidence of -- pro -- but it may not bother them can I ask this stand. Women who have had babies but had vaginal deliveries vs C section is there any correlation between -- absolutely what is that. Absolutely and actually a couple of years ago there was this whole push. For women to choose which method of delivery they want and because. Vaginal deliveries. I did the one that will cause pro laughs because there's a stretching in the polling in the tugging an all that stuff. C sections are not thought to be associated with pro last. So there was a time when women wanted to say I don't want to have a vaginal delivery I only wanna see sex and wanna prevent. Ever having. Incontinence or you know this dropped latter dropped -- thing. But the wind that came all the risks of surgery so that really wasn't a normal thing so yes there's a big difference between the method of delivery day you have some country. And is that just because of the mosque is it is it a weakness in the muscle or is it just that they what is it gets like Al -- -- gravity of the -- So it is a weakness that can occur during child -- you know -- things stretching given Poland Tug. You know we we weaken the muscles we weaken the nurse to those muscles we weaken the ligaments that are down there. This and so they sometimes they don't come back to their normal -- place that they were before childbirth. So that's one of the main causes for pro last the other causes are things like you know constant bearing down so people that have constipation. What people you know I find people that have these very heavy lifting jobs write some -- into industrial them places around here are some of our women patients have to lift chronically it day in and day out. These four people have pro lapse. And -- and if Graham I had it -- at risk for its -- -- your mother your grandmother had an app problem that you could also have a problem when it. People that smoke contains these terrible cost cost or if they had I have asthma. People that chronically costs will also be at risk for having this downward gravity pulling bolts. That we see. So good how about. Menopause and with weight gain and does that contribute or delete like TJ it did that they did they ever do was study -- someone who's -- vs someone who -- series and -- what if fat has to play -- a role in it keeping it where it should be you know this is more -- order is -- -- -- when you're thinner. Because you don't have anything hold -- in a place. Both of those things he mentioned both men applies and two week have an effect and weeping and a big effect because you know as Len setting gravity pulls things downward -- you have more weeks sitting on top of the policy is likely that it's gonna pushing downward at one of the things that they talk about doing for prevention of pro -- Is not gaining too much weight after we go through menopause and of course the two things seem to go together. You know -- -- to minimize we tend to you know at our little. Fat in the middle and we talked about that is Ralph. But menopause also decreases the amount of estrogen you have circulating estrogen is what keeps our tissues so nice and happy. And resilient and elastic -- so we lose our estrogen are tissues don't have that elasticity anymore and they don't hold things as well. So if you do then I know this is going spinning 'cause we could suites will -- and I were talking like you could be on here for five hours without a distant one little section. But this is dad is -- in does that help then if you do do more hormone replacement. For now. Is it because it's diminished it's not coming back to ask how direct and -- it would never be recommended to use hormone replacement therapy even if it was a vaginal route for that per hour. -- -- and do you see then it happening more. Now did this pro apps or it did it because it seems like it's much more talked about. Maybe because now the surgeries are different and the and the way you can fix it is different I mean because you do you use our are you. You have like a robotic type system right climate in Unix and I I think -- that's part of Indian I don't think that the occurrence amount of pro lapse. Has changed I think that it's always been there I think it now we simply talk about it more and now that people know that the surgeries aren't quite as. Invasive and time taking and the corporations aren't as bad. I think people are more willing to acknowledge that they have a problem because they know that there's there -- out there. And it will say. He keynote is first of all polyps is never life threatening so if you're not bothered by a pro laps then do nothing about it do nothing. It's only when you're bothered by the bulge that you should do something about it in those two something's one could be. A non surgery. And the other is a surgery. -- -- allow people to make those choices on their own because I don't feel that it's my place to decide that. So the non surgery involves inserting a plastic device called -- history. Which is much like a diaphragm it's who you know who usually round in nature it can be inserted taken out with with not a terrible amount of difficulty. And that works as say I have a good repair for people they don't want surgery. So it's done in your office yes we -- get -- much like we would have -- -- diet Freeman in years how has done Wii Fit them for the right sized people try to -- they see if they like him and they go home with them. And as opposed to surgery. Surgery now thankfully is what we call minimally invasive and we've talked about robotic surgery. Minimally invasive meaning small incisions -- -- procedures. -- corporations are still the same amount of time but you certainly don't feel poorly while you're recuperating. So you know with the advances in technology that we have we can repair these pro lapses. You even if you choose to go to surgical route. For the same day surgery. Because I was -- to refer to as the vaginal mash dissent. Something that's used that is something that was used and that's a great thing to bring up so you hear all the scuttlebutt -- no news -- -- and everywhere about -- I assume everyone from that and I will tell you to trans vaginal mesh with the vaginal surgery that inserted -- to push these bulge is back where they belong to. -- that actually was a great procedure and still is on it really did the trick and it really helped a fair number of people. -- keep their pro -- where they belong to. The downside is there's always a risk and there's always a complication rate for any procedure and when there -- complications which is about five to 10% of the time. They were significant complications and so that's why you hear about all the scuttlebutt out. And because people are so apprehensive about it it's not that the procedure itself is bad if we just stopped doing it. So let's see what is the other surgeries and that you have. So the replacement for that procedure would be a robotic surgery. It's still used to smash and -- -- -- is absolutely don't mesh -- -- -- -- hold it up yes absolutely just hernia repairs that people have on their bellies. He knows this sutures sometimes aren't strong enough to know a lot of times a surgeon will place mesh because the tissue so weak. The same holds for pro lapse so when you that they found that when you insert the -- through the belly button as opposed to through the vagina. These risks don't have the same compound called. So that we don't see the same complication rates that they saw and it's still justice dirty and just as great of a procedure but the risk went down. It's amazing. It's amazing what can be done and it's amazing to be it. To be a woman and all these things that go on as fired just and I love it down there don't you love it down man anyway so Barbara how can people get. Let's see if they wanted to do well week you can call my office at 5703. Or 49997. Or you can reach us online and doctor Barbara Tuchman dot com. And again Colin she's crazy not to. You will not ever once say why I do miss the passes. You make she's truly I love I mean I'm just full disclosure and she's the best of every dollar and when you know as well Sony's. I'm just my passion. Got -- enjoy. Everybody thank you support the you guys next weekend it's going to be a beautiful weekend so enjoy it and a lot of fun we'll see you soon thanks for listening -- eat safe and clean nice. I.