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karel on the street fathers day 3

Jun 13, 2014|

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    Mon, 11 May 2015



Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey it's -- on the street and I find myself in -- at the pocono 400 did you guys have a great time today. Major driver -- the are you -- I am absolutely father yes I am new name and most memorable moment. Between you and your child my son loves her -- parks -- -- park it's your favorite memory of your father. Honestly if we were. In Dallas Texas went through Six Flags over Texas. Had a great time is like 3000 degrees and a lot of park had a great time -- is that this huge water slide it was straight down and blast. Are you would have. Held -- of the board went down get used to spend Father's Day as a child. Well I was always you know make -- -- that you know we did something special -- that could give -- his favorite practice. Day. Scrapped all it all nine yard hampering you forget him anything special that you can remember. On my dad's death apparently velcro. On chunks one year. Pro swim trunks and -- Oh my god my father. That spears was at least a sock. It. -- Hey this is Carol I'll see you on the street. --