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6-9-14 What Am I Lyin?

Jun 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

May I interject here maybe you maybe don't -- think about it but my week was right went no where he goes out. Let's -- and it's there that many are making the rounds last week the president do his work out at a hotel and call it. Not a big fan of the president for statement that said I see that video I really hope that was -- I hope that. There was some look like I opposed to any every candidate be the president. Embarrassed for the poor -- eight dogs and get headlines track staying there like a video shot a remedial gym rats using hip swinging around oil pipe bomb down about your mind. And check on -- back row of the -- light workout video. Dan Marino -- incursion lawsuit against the NFL last week. He did that on Tuesday and Wednesday with a concussion lawsuit against the NFL a reporter at the white would draw on the lawsuit they said what monsoon. And -- can't get forget -- real big big jackpot miracle at every point of prison in Spokane county actually out. -- it. 7:30 AM wake up weekdays got to make your own bed. Can't sleep later than 10 o'clock on the weekend and I target -- one guy and accurately throw bodies at the break America -- You can always intimacy is the right level at that point where our guards and -- you have a personal chef there can bring that on the tapes. What my client. Object. Loose lips to remain see why don't you live view yeah we'll be right back after a work of our lovely yeah.