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James May Interview

Jun 12, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone talked to PennDot's James May regarding several issues.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we didn't -- BF car now a GS specifically because you were here -- hey it works. Some ground still underway an old friend of this program James may from Penn -- is here James good evening glad you're good evening thank you very much it's good to be back very opportune timing because. Secretary Barry show was here with a big announcements. A bypass. And swords. Turn around Scranton and truth be told and full disclosure away and -- its first started talking about me coming on the show when you had mentioned Wednesday night after last night. And I -- back tunes and heavily go Thursday -- I did so for two reasons first of all Wednesday night -- -- date night with my wife so I try to keep those open. And I also I knew that we would we be doing this press conference on Thursday afternoon. I thought if I if I got you scheduled me for Thursday evening instead of one seemingly get talked about that so yes. They would not be confused wise -- that your initial email. Said that you're available any night. Monday Tuesday it any week Monday Tuesday and Wednesday Streisand right. I want them like I don't know -- are we had and that's when it I'm like yeah. Come last night I could do it I can be out with my wife tonight instead. But. Well after we sent the first team all that and we got the press conference we started things rolling with that so I was available any night and I sort of looking and saying you know what if I can get him to go on Thursday night. That'll be after the press conference and so I was available last night and I networks. Saturday here today because by -- have to keep a secret if I would have been here last night what what is the major announcement a bypass we talking about building a new rolled around Scranton -- -- they're looking at doing this after known today the secretary of transportation -- show and need -- turnpike Chief Executive Officer. I'm mark Compton and a number of our elected officials we all got together. And DuPont and they made an announcement basically they're moving forward it is there's kind of -- that you go through with the project the initial -- just a very preliminary you go out and -- get some data and you say would this be a good idea and they said yes I -- -- a feasibility this idea is -- and the next step in that and and the next step is basically you begin to do this feasibility study were you see is this possible or you dealing with. The analogy I DOs is if you're gonna build a house in the first thing you do if you go out with your -- you about your -- -- -- -- -- around and think yeah I think this would be a nice a nice place that's done them the next step as you go out and get somebody to come into the park testing is somebody to -- and a survey the property. And and you actually pay for that stuff and that's of a big next step because you're moving forward that's what we announced today they're gonna begin the feasibility study and what we're looking at doing. Is there are essentially. Too many cars on interstate 81 anybody who has traveled from about pit stand up to clarks summit knows that that area is just -- Act is real bad there but it's actually from clarks summit all the way down to draw and a Coke is an even farther I mean I think it did enough I've never seen the traffic is heavy. Around Cunningham and the and they hazel is an exit says I've seen the last 34 or five years -- -- -- -- Trabant is just jumped from way way up and what we're looking at. Is -- it's like this now what will it be five years from now ten hours from now twenty years now and ask that you really have to begin the plan those type of thing so. I'm what we're doing as we are moving forward this month the study is -- -- and again. And I'll be about a year long study the feasibility study to see if this is possible. And then if it is then we'll move right into the design phase they'll begin to design how we do this and then we will construct. What they're looking at doing is essentially you're coming up interstate 81. When you go past. The smell of sausage and roadway in the Pittston area -- by the line. Right there and it didn't interstate 81 and the turnpike are very very close to each other -- literally stand there and almost. Reach your hand on one and the other stone building across over right there there would be high speed. Cross over so that when you're coming up anyone. Maybe assign -- says that the turnpike stay in less plain. Eighty once in the right lane you can have an easy pastor they had electronic -- he just in the left lane and you move right up the turnpike. Which would cost a little bit of money they're not looking at dropping the tolls on the -- three mile grass question a -- and everybody -- And -- -- -- not looking at dropping that the tolls on it but it is three miles shorter. If you're going I live up in clarks summit host three mile shorter and right now it's a higher speed limit so both of those things he can just stay in the left lane and move up. By doing that you'd get the cars off of interstate 81 which is over utilized and onto the turnpike which is essentially under utilized. And looking at doing the same thing. I north of clarks summit when you're coming south building another cross over right there and not even be high speed crossovers that you just. You don't have to stop it and what they found is that a lot of times. One of the reasons that the turnpike is not getting used it is and I'm in a perfect example can living in clarks summit might GPS always tells Maine. To get off and extend to go down there to stop to pay my tall in the take the turnpike up. I don't -- I don't do that. Beat an essay on any funny and 81 as it is just simpler but if I could just simply stay in the left lane I would probably east. -- use the turnpike so that's what we're looking at the of this study was announced this morning on this afternoon. And now we are moving forward with it and that's everything that goes back. As we hope it does. I'll begin the process and a few years they're not talking about a lot of major construction played in in effect you're talking about building two ramps like to sort of cross overs. And they may be readjustment of the -- maybe widening the -- is a little bit bright and it does take him and he can't just go out there and -- I hear so many pavement in the met all right but I EIA it's it's a long term process so the study will take years the design we'll take another year or so to do the actual design on it. And then I would try be a two to three year. Natural -- and a lot. That's why I'm giving numbers by you know a lot of that will come out in the design. If you look at and everything you have to make sure an environmentally. What happens with that obviously the top issue is safety. Com where do you put dead -- turnpike and then. Everything with that to make sure the year you're able to. Allow people pay -- told I -- there's a lot of stuff with -- silly it's. Fairly involved but it it looks pretty promising. You say environmental studies -- Fred -- Jerry calls from the 124. Legislative district and he was how weighing. About the fact that to build a bridge sure to repair a bridge it was I don't know maybe 4054. Law and it costs like 600000. Dollars. Our first studies just because of wetlands and stuff. Cy Young -- dock cost a lot then and and sell a lot of times -- did the there's a lot of environmental stuff you have a lot with him right away you have a lot list. I wanna make sure you're not in the historic district do with any thing in the united disturbing that type of south south. It's a tough balance to find because. These are tax Payer dollars obviously and we wanna make sure -- were being good stewards of those dollars. And you also want to make sure that you're being good stewards of the environment and of moon's made this historic aspect of what's around here -- anyone got I got right -- historic around here well. I don't think south -- -- And the other half and the the in the southern part I'll -- our -- Bob you were done -- his -- coverage area which would be. Broad street in hazel to the end your hometown guy yeah yes I had Manny street I'm very familiar winced because. I drive and a lot will be driving it more because you're gonna be -- -- garage just gonna make me. All right underneath. The place where there is supposed to be one traffic light and brought him Pablo -- Rihanna. We got yet know what -- is why don't we have to traffic lights there well. Essentially that the whole broad street corner project is a safety project that. -- that corridor. Was the highest traffic. The safety got to get how they termed it but it was that one of the most dangerous corridors the entire state it had the highest high traffic. Crash data I entire season where. And so what we're looking -- is obviously first and foremost is safety and the safety study came back and and determined that putting. A second light and right there have been abroad and poplar. First of first and foremost would improve safety the other thing that's going to do and I know that the public's not seeing this right now is that by having all of the lights in there you're able to synchronize the lights much better than you would be -- a stop sign repeat bored just just stopping and around now I'm the lights that are going in the Arab. First of all. When people are looking we're getting phone phone calls now from people who are saying. You know it was better before you guys commit here what you're nobody until I can't. Any time that you put in a whole series of new signals you always have. Those synchronous nation issues right Leno when their op but they're not fully running top and a hoax in Scranton only does he -- project. We're still sort of tweaking -- but it's a whole lot better than what it was so you always have these kind of growing pains. And we're about. Two or three weeks out from this project getting wrapped up. This always happens. But to add to kind of insult to injury here with us on top of that. What they're also doing a lot of the paving now and you've got single lane pat and Jim guy and certain lanes that are close. Certain and a rare -- tracks that -- the -- -- is that there that's a big problem I was on the city should get them -- on -- -- because right up the street -- the block up the street is the biggest firehouse in town now mercifully it hasn't happened yet. But idea could happily there's a fire raging and the fire department can get through because there's a plot because there's a train across broad -- a lot to talk. Dot that -- bridge on -- begin that we would and that was an issue right now pat and are having down there but I'm. I -- -- guy I would like to come back to love to talk to you and then two or three weeks and see what your take is on at that point because my my hope then and the plan is that once the paving is complete. And then once the week all the bugs worked out with the synchronization of the lights. That is gonna be much of the much smoother through there. Also the lights that are being put then down there have -- Smart technology to them which means that they're able to sort of self adjust and you know many times. We synchronize the lights we -- to go back Kenneth L this one give a little bit more time now they're able to read that -- traffic data and sort of self synchronize and fix themselves adjust themselves as they dells army -- -- at 2:30 in the morning and you're the only car on the role they will sensed that and stay green. They they are able to sense all attend the stuff get longer patterns at different times and time. And somebody described the one up and -- that they project manager up there -- described trying to synchronize all the lights in the city. Like a fifty cited -- ex Cuban crisis and he adjusts I'm one side is salable let's give. Poplar a little bit more time that major cutting the time off on broad street which means the next light Downey got with me the next light around which means all the prostitute Rosie cut. And it becomes an item like a fifty cited -- skilled I wanna come back to that synchronize their traffic lights because there -- a number of places that is. Definitely need about -- is here from all forge Lanny here on W I -- James may from that -- You're absorbed -- listening -- discerning about that they're expanding it he wanted to the turnpike. And Huard -- dollar short but they too late then you're also recruiting manager -- development. Caroline talking about it and when I you've broken any kind of what development. You're just development OK okay they're talking about expanding the east side of the airport -- below. You have the turnpike it'll loop go from 810 why don't you think airport and it course and Brady -- again and lose it. If you ordered to get from it you want him. Into the turnpike at its stated. And you're gonna cut off that old -- actually Merrill actually an open look at the involvement. But you're gonna have to go all the way you where have you get back to that I didn't tell me what are -- -- it's still the -- -- I have to get any money from it. Anyone would still be on how it's. 81 would still be open it's not as though god they're gonna close 81 and and one of the things that they did in the study was they were they -- -- and they can do this by traffic by traffic count on license plates. They want to see how many of the vehicles are is -- through traffic meaning that they're coming from Virginia going to -- in Barack and how many are headed from pits in the -- and until. That was part of the initial study and that's more of what they're gonna be studying as well to see it -- you know how many it. If all the Karzai and 81 are simply people going from pits then. To scratch and then of course it makes no sense whatsoever to build to build a bypass around but this study so far the preliminary stuff that they've done. Showed that there's a belt that they're looking at 141000 cars that are actually threw cold weather is more than that but. And they believe that what they've done so far that you be able to move about 141000 cars over. Play LA LA is saying is right anyone still going to be open you can still get up there because there's -- saying if. I have little doubt that I have no doubt that anyone would stay open my problem is. You won't go to bed but turnpike actually major and ask us. It goes around the airport many don't know at all forty love the corpse on the right that's two -- if you keep produced two loops of and you'd shut out of the airport so they do -- all around the airport on the turnpike. I didn't exist on the time the airport side in the back again there are rooted commercially develop but he -- I don't leave the airport. And then have -- course again it's it's it's been this sick. With 81 in -- And it never goes straight into eighty wanna get in clarks summit you have to add of course to -- -- changes. Those two winter changes would much credit developers. Then having won it could change. That can isolate the entire west end of that loop. Then we will would have absolutely no plan the development. Of the turnpike is very very relaxed when becomes slime ball pretty hard. Well I'm sure that they'll be looking and I mean right now they're they're just looking at. That the 21 down from the sauce can road area just north of -- and one north of clarks summit. I'm guessing that once they do the the actual study that's one of the things they can look at does that make sense to have. I'd you know two different areas normally with the bypassed. I and I know that -- loops over there are normally the idea -- happening around a whole area when you duel might try it that's essentially it allows you to get around my all of the traffic that you have and then and then we'll terrorists are in the Scranton area. I don't know they'll do the engineers will be looking at that they'll be doing the whole study and one of the things they do look at is the impact it'll have on economic development that's a huge aspect of what they do. And you're right and I was talking about this in the hall earlier that on the one hand. A lot of people say well if you have a lot of traffic on a road -- -- trucks are not gonna come through here and and people don't wanna drive on the road that has a whole lot of traffic right on the other hand if you're a business there that is on the gas station you might like a lot of traffic coming by so. -- -- I well lob break we'll be back it's -- money to do -- Thursday matter guest tonight is James may from and not say it's funny 61804370098883. -- there and I say whatever is undermined this evening as long as it is transportation related as James may from and not as air. Afghan immigrants from last lens on the phone restaurant W I'll -- Police think you'd think sir haven't gained only changed thank you for coming -- they appreciate what you did all winter trying to keepers -- would -- a lot of late hours okay thank you very much for his I have an email that's gonna come your way but I Michael -- used to problem areas. I want strike close to the studio if you get up to 175. Which is a Pittston execute heading -- and eighty -- yes. First allow it very congested there and eventually it may he's up with a new construction but if you go over -- last point to make -- -- -- do we you turn. To try to go so all I'm 360 or to make a left stock to oak street yeah. First time you can even make polite -- the trucks coming up from the industrial park. They just keep running a -- lights. And -- -- I know exactly what he's talking in allowing Reggie Mann the well I think it. Not only -- -- many times you get off 81 hair cut across four lanes of traffic to make the turn on old street. And through much of today boy that's a dangerous thing that try to though. So what what happens people are turning on yellow when you have a harder for Reagan and behind them. Get me -- I would -- eight extension. 33530. When this really busy. And the next thing is 17 needs beat stature when you're heading out north and 81 you get up for what stereotypes -- clover leaf. When you swing around you can stop signs says it's of people from their creature from -- The traffic is backed up and 81 some data to peak hours I mean the whole you do there in the access -- -- that I highway. They're the only solution I found that a law white cannot deny law but I -- and I'm not a traffic expert. I don't know why the cars coming down I treat everyone should let me -- I've moved over to left side so mostly would have to have that's stop sign there. And then there's a mob on the road you can do your mix and match and whether people are gone the Dow usher people are normal looks very. Because people have to stop for stop sign there you know. Let me. Let me talk to my traffic guys about this. That no end and the fact that you said that traffic is backing up onto interstate 81. That's always a really bad sign an and that's the sign that we need -- to look at that because that's exactly what we don't want happening. Just by way of example op -- about 191 main avenue. We had that they traffic going down there and if he ever come down from say the view -- mall. We had a stoplight there so and and people said why in the world that you put a stop light they -- there's nothing the reason we have a stoplight there's because we need to allow the traffic coming off of 81 around that rampant use it to have access there it once we -- everybody so we don't like traffic ever backing up onto the interstate -- -- my guys. Look at that. On the other one -- they'll look all I wrote this stuff down with the 171. They can look at that too but what things I I will say is that. Just not a good. Great designed exit to come out where are wise you -- responsibility -- whether Obama won awards is this would be 11 Lebanese 508 gallons and he's idea I know names not numbers right down -- that that sounds right that that was just a poorly designed it was a bad place -- point. An exit off 81 and that was done in 1958. Or -- that thing was design long before I was even -- -- -- -- it's really not a great place right I mean and there's not much you can do about it Abbot try to impugn his best as you possibly can end. One thing that's happening now is the -- airport project. I always they were doing that for three reasons one safety because the on and off -- there for 81 our our very very short and -- we had an accident there. But a year and a half ago or somebody was killed. But it's a safety project. It's also an economic development because you have -- in the industrial park back there -- but is also a traffic mitigation a lot of people looked at me like I was crazy because they they said traffic beyond any traffic up by the airport what do you -- this this bypass this. -- road back there. This thought was that. Is that if if once we build the the road that goes from the exit straight back to the industrial park -- a lot of the trucks and getting out here and pitched and we'll go up there and take that that's bypassed I see back right and so bluntly say it is a part of the reason that we're doing the avoca interchange project is for the traffic. People think we're talking about the traffic that's going to the airport has really nothing to do with that is the traffic right outside your studios here. That was all of these trucks are going up to the industrial -- there and this is what they go down so if we have eight game road going directly from the exit. And they don't want to go down through DuPont and pits and everywhere else dull and as a direct drill. Our hope is to get a lot of these trucks Oslo 315 out here -- there take them got out of the Adobe air power and down and that way so I'm. Solve problems occurred during peak hours only so that's what seventy -- he -- 75 semifinal are -- one quick question -- gulp yes. 129 desperate thank -- exit offered 81. There's a bridge that goes -- in the road. When you're heading out towards -- very middle road. And not in the last. Six is just last fall they have cones that movie three feet away from the edge of the bridges there's something wrong with that bridge they actually did not sit on a bridge. About three and a half feet you can't just right on the bridge he kinda move still left and I just funny if you know why that was done. Off the top of my head I don't and down if you shoot me an email and I'll I'll give you -- anybody else my email JA. M a Y at PA dot gov. God I am unless I mean up coming your way either he's a few of the more important ones but that's. James -- try to do it thanks for coming on the radio and LA another good -- thank you for. Haven't you I read thank you rob has a lot of Santa Charlie's in Kingston Charlie here on W I'll okay. I think are -- Mr. -- and -- need your State Street bridge a panda project it is. It just amazes me this problem. Seems like it it's taken. For ever and everybody else and -- that knows something -- project management and I've talked to says the exact same thing. I mean he's been in now going on simple things -- at least four years. And if if this bridge where somewhere else outside the state. This bridge could have been done finished and then Libyan written on. Well from scratch. But this is the repair job. The time we go. -- this Bridget seemed like. Very today. The virtually a little or no work being done on it and then the case for years. Is there's some reason why eight what do not preceding at a normal baseline has project. Let let me back and I'm just looking here I have a balanced five pages of projects in and lose our accounting and look at -- to see if I see the timeline. On my appears mighty braves it is a veteran Steve I know it's never met -- cards bridge I -- At 1 point and I am a veteran myself I am an Iraq War veteran and a one point I referred to as the pierce street bridge and somebody. Couldn't properly cracked me and says the veterans. Bridge I am used to the old one was the north street bridge is off to college guy but I am. Line with this edit it and who. Let me go big picture for now and then if you wanna email Leo -- the timeline back on -- or SI everybody my -- little is actually listening he cannot email me on because he probably knows. Any time with people always say why does it take so long to do a bridge day of this will be -- say you know I was in the war and and I remember we laid bridges and and we were able to put them down right away and there are no issues. Anytime you try to maintain traffic. Especially in a place like Wilkes-Barre on the veterans bridge there anytime you trying to maintain traffic it takes a whole lot longer to do project then if you wanna build a bridge. Anybody who ever remodeled home and you tried to live in the whole wall you remodel home you know full well that it takes about ten times longer to do that. That it doesn't -- is going from scratch and does build. -- the house from from the from scratch what's. He's got yet what are we didn't directional -- and it wouldn't work on what are and and it was damaged in the flooding of 2011 that's gonna be three years ago now. It -- I'll have to look -- trying to look here as on time as I'm talking to see if I can pull up the timeline. On that and I have an idea error when they build that won the old north street bridge got washed out in Agnes and it put a temporary one up there and they. Builds. That pierce street bridge in I'm maybe three years what are your lesson now OK now well and and that's true and and building bridges is always. A much faster process and then repairing bridges because you're trying to maintain the traffic as you go through there. They let email me I mean I'm trying to talk and look at my notes here at the same time. And I have an idealist someone else plays throw that out because that's all the people here -- give the wrong -- date month year. Email me or give meaning to me -- excited and ready for war. I -- a -- to carry. I don't carry a -- but you know it's if we look at this week completion of the bridges got. We -- -- the -- the completion is going to be. Pick -- and it at this game waited picnic -- Who was indicted and then cut off. What may be better off a pair of Britain delta are Democrats -- -- a -- -- a new wood from scratch and they're trying to repair that. Flowered -- he -- -- running -- -- the million dollars. How big time so I had preceded the called thank you Carol for mountaintop gearan WI okay. Current and content and I call him my father architecture for forty years and -- now. He always always and if they would take the plan. Apparently yellow lion killed a -- as the jury. You can go even 100 camera. Much as the truckers we have -- and ours because as content owners they were followed. Look at the debate is exposed as the Clinton to say that what you're on your because it's. We were content -- right now effect. I didn't even on the main highways -- -- -- have a -- factored into one -- knows the tooling around. If they if they would just take constructive paints a number one strike. In an old girl to. Big that would be to really bringing in different all in there it's highly enough. -- -- upcoming that your life but definitely not fat cat. I need to -- in the country I'll decide to Kabul that the white what help but in the middle that hotel and economists say that went on a -- -- I am. And adapt for forty years it's somebody we can't come up with the attitude about every fact in -- how much would it. Caught somebody and practiced some as you might not not in this country I saw designers are on nether lands at the meadowlands. And it's a little we're looking in and it's got a little like this strange sort of eerie glow when I was glowing right. -- yeah he lights up the road I mean you would have to try not to see it in the fog and. I'm thinking that anybody on our it has something to interact so it's it's tiger couldn't predict and I because their reputation -- President Jack. Very regular I and I can tell me exactly where imported it's not your district it would be so vocal havens. That stretch of eighty want to -- and what they're doing the construction well actually. Wound gel and all. Hometown. Up to mom always city and almost in the -- battles stretch. I used to work in -- felt OK and it's seventy degrees and sunny in pot smell and you get there and it's 55 units fought he -- difference in the middle of the day it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I guys like I just step -- put statement and I like it or what mr. -- their response to a like to know like -- and I did not set our speed limit in the state of the 85 percentile free flowing traffic speed wouldn't make it traffic flow much -- and to reduce congestion and you would make it safer right now. When we we applicant epidemic got our speed limits are too low and he's a lighter weight too short and that that makes -- danger I think we have a lot of -- drivers getting tickets I'd like this. -- Carol like what the reason. Better here here I agree with everything he just set my hand and they did the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says when you set a speed limit. He shouldn't senate begins got a bunch of neighbors screaming people glued to -- to you look at what 85% in regards to do and in use -- it then so they may wanna speed limit at 35 minutes everybody's already doing 45. It should be 45 -- I'm who let me one of the things that you had mentioned you wanted to talk about again touched on this right here is that. The legislature recently did pass. Legislation that allows the speed limit to what the 770 on that aren't tied undeterred by any interstate and what I can be looking I'm basically. Right now they've they've listed a lot of -- go to 65 they said by -- you can take up the seventy begin doing studies and see where that is happening. I will be honest with you and tell you that as far as then they. Do when we do here that we hear that side quite a bet that it's too low. We also hear the side that probably even more often that from the locals who say they're speeding by my house what can you do about -- everybody wants a lower speed limit until they get written up for breaking the speed limit and until they wanna -- is somewhere really -- right. Some distance statistically shown that the new look at the speed -- -- correctly that it is much safer that's been known since the 1960s and quite a -- like you mentioned on the interstate what this seventies but I do and what and there are expert papers they think that would be very limited in application and we need that win the most traffic is now one of the least propaganda like I mean you won by what very 55 -- that that doesn't even make any sense. I mean it's further congestion traffic I don't think there's any doubt about that it. Absolutely does. And I looked like it from an engineering perspective Blake there's a left exit it's like -- what were 165. Is like it because I'm just real and I got another thing you have people coming on the -- -- -- Dolly coming out in many com. They have to get on I 81 cost too lightly into traffic can take a left exit -- spotlight that is what kinds -- -- I mean everybody keeps saying the drivers are so bad and stuff by the you know that a lot of room for improvement we will look at other things I think. So it. Hi all I will pass that on again I think I and and I always chasing and that it did analysts elegant trying to -- Pass the buck at all but. I will talk to our traffic -- and -- to be honest it's going to be at a much higher level even that our district drive traffic guy -- -- -- -- label might show on somebody at the state level baby food imports from the legislative let me throw out right now I'm ideally again you can Google -- that PA idea link where I forget even though the -- that website content. The secretary I was talking to him about this today every week he takes a full hour and reads the different ideas that people give -- Does he does well I'm gonna say and I'm LA around traffic control -- from 1990s I tend the American game did you know there's gonna bring this up I really terrible -- these miserable SOB's who will not get out of the last plane and I know this is more the legislature in panayota. But it is a disaster we have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had a radio show and tell people your your real -- suspending riders like. Tim thank you thank like bras like the Bob from well to marry Bob here on W lab tech. Thank Leon LA I just wonder about this one intersection it's pretty -- how we don't come from Kingston. Colbert and except -- low -- eighty -- -- -- -- -- as telling the folks -- get over you can get Hannawald boulevard which is fine print on south. When you've got to get out there and you're going up -- isn't -- miners knows there's a stop sign there. And what their fifth. Traffic it's certain that night that was duke at -- a busy hours before 5 o'clock or something you -- issued across. To go to traffic common. So bound to get on northbound and it's that that's the party about tricky intersection. It's like they never look I think maybe when they get -- construction in the report around the boat on the democrats' ballot. What Debbie appalled and across the Alley or the boulevard -- in -- boulevard I mean I was -- how much they used to be a railroad bad and and I forget who is -- at that time was the guy before -- -- Naimi who decided let's put rolled -- I'm glad he did and I'm not sure how much clout -- who was put into exactly where was gonna come out. They don't know what I mean now they understand is you got to beat the trap the -- south. Where he earned the number and it's if you can be a little hairy Indian busy traffic Arizona where I mean yeah it's let me say something here -- again that little bit bigger picture than the specific may be of your question. I'm and I wrote that down and I'll go back and NASA might my guys to look at that comment you wanna shoot me an email tomorrow does the follow up with many you certainly can but it's. What it. Let me look plugs are being involved in local government a lot of people say why should we be involved in local government the best way to get these things to resolve that you can always called violates her own show on top ten yet and I guy and I can do ask some questions for the other very effective way with a lot of these things. Is too I am. Go to your local government because what we really need to have happened normally these cases is the local government. And I'm feeling like hey we need. And the reason we do that I always give the example of somebody out there and and they called me -- in my office and say I want you to lower the speed limit lowered to ban trucks may be telling you about and trucks on -- mainstream front in my house there's too many trucks Columbine. And and the trucking companies said you're crazy you're gonna try to be banned trucks that's how we get to where we need to go -- so. I'm going to tell you from personal experience that when you talked to a city government official name a single -- -- and we're talking about synchronized -- is specific I was gonna -- -- -- avenue and hazel ten. And -- street in Wilkes-Barre. Where would you drive -- new gets and I just did this the other day I was furious the other day I went downtown on the court house. There's one red light on spring street I got. -- are owned by local municipalities -- -- cities problem not and -- well we work with that I'm -- and we can work with them and often times they don't have -- resources are trying to do stuff so we -- have traffic folks thinking come along and assists but again they -- the lights so if this video -- Barron Hilton says we're perfectly happy with our lights the way they are. Then we're not gonna go and override evidence they can come to us and say could you please look at this we'd like to look at and feasibility and I know whom to blame I'm quite a lot of blame anybody ready for nasal figure I'm WI OK with James -- from them dot. Get up I -- ingested enough I understand that there are looking need an -- already fine. I think my arm and had not caught in particular and it -- very. I didn't brought. One way it already got a lot of play going won't vote. And there's no reason not her there is no reason why can't let don't -- there I wouldn't think electric. And I know exactly worries talking about its empire and broad street pine street comes down to hail hitting Norris. And it. Ted right is a vacant lot. To the left is a wide intersection. So there's nothing blocking your view because -- are often heard that spiders and our turn and read the easy can't see graphic I think that's not the case here this intersection is wide open. It was just region while just redesigned and I mean it was redesigned sometime in the mid to late seventies. But a couple of buildings and the end of the block for torn down so he's even made wide -- So I agree with him completely there's no reason for no reason for no chair on red sign there. And I've always wondered why cannot doesn't put in he's talking about broad street -- resulted. Vine street there's -- I don't know why. Locust street while now locust street there isn't one -- street does what why can't it be like no turn on read between -- 9 AM and 11 AM and 3 PM and 5 PM because I did see a need for one during peak rush hour traffic. By next 11 o'clock in the morning or 11 o'clock at night there's no need for not turn on red signs in many in the intersections where they are are. They let that based that are hard times once you want to make him and I kept -- -- That's the -- -- heavily traveled not Kabul load up and coming and the body. There are times when there's nothing I'm right. Impact it would be good I think and -- and the other thing is you don't I could go back there. -- a good one I want going north but not really heavily I'm troubled -- appeared on what -- broad street. Why can't you know I don't read he's calling a -- -- that you know I mean it. Thank. You cannot consider no apparent on reds -- I think I'm probably just don't make any attempt and it makes illegal. It Backstreet Dubai has broad street I can't. -- I would have appreciated the call expected you know every single intersection I'm talking about but in general I don't when he was talking and I have been done abroad clinic. I had been our guy you know brought down as well as I do right now in general not turn on red signs why are there so many what else is infuriating you'll come does some. Littlejohn free wind has one red light and it hasn't -- turn on red -- it's the most ridiculous thing in the world. Even as he was talking I was wondering if per chance and -- sort of thinking out loud here. Sometimes it might be a case of a no turnover on red sign was put in 25 years ago that was the case in the whole structure what's there has changed that. What can and -- nobody out and and again. They request would normally come from local municipality -- Something like this I can just taken her at the door sign our signal guys and say hey run back down the broad street -- and see if that's still necessary cap it a quite frankly may be something as simple as that. And so this is whoever I can talk to my guys tomorrow winded -- out I was won't send somebody -- -- broad street you why we have so many. No turn on red sign I was a mortal hanging out on broad street when bubbles went up in 1970 several with a no turn on red law when it was enacted the mayor -- the times or were not carrying any anonymous found. And he put them up on every intersection downtown and they now -- to my knowledge. They never been checked is whether any of them are still needed and downtown has changed tremendously. From when they were put up in 1977. Good lord. I gonna get one more break -- -- time and keep tomorrow and and have them take a look at as Russert sounds great I dwell lob break. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This direct question for you surface yes. Well -- so well true that some are maybe you beside the river from just above the power -- plant. It's funny I was just on that road today when I came back from so I know exactly we're talking -- yes I live in Newton so I was going home from DuPont and went up that way. Yes. So why isn't anybody ever gonna -- except they. I'll have to talk to my maintenance guy and an Energizer is at a local murder Raul -- -- the state road and it that is an anatomy like I was looking at it. And -- you're talking -- I'm assuming more on the luz -- Side before you go and a -- gonna. Look I'm not sure exactly rebel lines are there but I don't want to get above what do you use remedial Potlatch -- it's been eroding anymore. OK I would. I'll I'll I'll talk to my maintenance guy let me throw this out as well you can always call 1800 takes a road FIXRLAD. And that we'll take you right to with the county -- supposed to do it together right out from your phone by -- you can either request and you can you can put that and I won't talk to the guys. I know that's one that gets hit a lot with the flooding. Were always closing down ransom rode around. But I'll talk to the guys and see how when they're scheduled to download hi Jim thanks let me try to get at least one more college here paid for mountain -- -- -- I got about forty seconds but they're -- -- I I have a question about I'm. Rode up on I'm. Here on the web part I'm right here beyond arena and looks great yeah are the last time I can look upon among. It's more than an open and now what I didn't. Well let him in high fuel standard is very dangerous or not carpet -- wait around and since you know I was wondering what the other person is doing -- right -- -- other places renowned. The idea is right every down right now paid we're out of time James thank you very much it takes courage. To talk to a bunch of angry drivers for an hour and then -- angry always real quick then there are cameras on the north and south part of state -- through a night where they were doing the blasting because the last time I was done. Right after the show somebody said they heard me they called me made a suggestion and there there are carried out -- do try and and we really try to do. -- some of these ideas I have every one of them written down and we'll see what we can.