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Lou Barletta Interview

Jun 13, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone recent interview with Congressman Lou Barletta.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wow I round two is underway and -- seven. And and very happy as they were jamming on the news -- line and eleven district congressman low bar -- as well as -- good evening thanks for the earlier tonight Mark -- we're preparing better. Yeah I don't know my shorts and give me a hard time all this week I guess it does -- still got some emails say what's wrong you don't sound like yourself lately our -- -- -- -- -- on loan. Man I gotta get I I may be office a day or two next week to go out of the doctors anyway more important things to talk about. I started off this morning there this afternoon. -- talking about this in flocks I even lost. -- town of Bob how many the numbers are all over the place. I'll -- children in to the S southwest and I see that do you have also asked war. Some basic information. Have you gotten any answer yet what are your thoughts about all lists. No I have no whereabouts for a I actually -- an amendment. By asking for report he that so Border Patrol. A report back to work each year what what the Costner's. For them to babysit basically and cannot. He walked -- and and they go well with the situation. Let's bring down a dark mortar and build the Border Patrol already. Overworked and then under understaffed. And then move they should be doing her job of watching our border instead of now there there were turned them into our. Government opportunity to daycare centers in the -- there -- search. There have been created by eight people in Washington. The president of the United States has -- well welcome -- To people all over the country I've been saying his career here is where. Away and while our borders are opened it is irresponsible. To start talking about. Opt out -- -- citizenship has both parties are now doing in Washington Republicans and Democrats. And it's important reason to go they want is for gold -- the other's food so far in the United States chamber of commerce -- Cooper corporate for a politician she claims are true cheaper labor I had that the -- -- -- the risk -- -- at -- children's. Are you an even greater risk. You know these children now will be prime targets for. -- for a gang members look forward sex trafficking which is a huge problem. Around the United States and he remembered there's no medical screening done and are not on these children and so if they are now put into the schools. Our business risks the other children will also -- response throughout the some big crisis could have been created. By the president using his own prosecutorial discretion. In Beaumont port. Any minors. We have an open border situation where congress for part of -- every -- Karadzic is not a coincidence what has happened. I I sought to stories out today one AP reported. That an assistant border agents has ordered. Border agents and those under him not to talk to reporters and apparently they used to. And not an error as the congressional toward today have died -- not -- -- and are not about well apparently not even talk suicide. But now where they were told that were members of congress were told don't ask any questions. Don't talk to anybody and don't take any pictures boy is that raised suspicion. Australia will be different America how well -- -- -- we can't try and our what Beckett going on there and why this situation why did this happen. You know why why are we knew we have 50000 children that's a direct -- maybe the -- well based. -- -- -- On on the borders of the United States senate then and now what more when I woke up to what what happened with the children what do -- -- which humanitarian crisis now part of the father. I can't imagine. Are you mostly my child and so far I understand you know the situation Guatemalan and El Salvador and Honduras this so bad. That parents feel -- -- -- the best case from any other structure -- -- there -- -- No but we also he's real life with. The children and others can comment well when there's a national security issue and I don't always gonna -- -- one day we're gonna have we're gonna have a discussion about. Something that's happened here in the United States senate because. We refused to and secure the borders and enforce our immigration march. I I have a very difficult time believing. There's some out on the middle of the night some -- eleven years old dot -- -- -- from Al from El Salvador Guatemala on said Clinton I feel go to the United States. This is going to be organized by somebody. I don't know abysmal why does not I don't know if kids. A government agency I don't know that's a foreign government but I have to believe that it is organized by somebody. That's not where they are not a coincidence. This many children have -- and Michelle in our show -- follow us. Hello all a one trick while the president talking -- -- he remembered it's it's just a few months now look at it and that's sad the we will -- support. Any children basically. -- you -- welcome back. Send your children here we're not going to deport them. You know what you did this happen it's pretty obvious why it happened we we should be over these countries accountable. And I end up. You know what are we gonna do about it being a president Huckabee defending -- -- -- -- and we congress was a great many members are are afraid to stand -- and -- certain of this -- -- open borders and then talking about a pathway to citizenship and amnesty. -- already inviting millions and millions of people come to the United States. -- expense of the American people it's not -- trying to get jobs are in America today how do we explain to the American people why we are not. Good fortune or so why we are okay with just cheap labor. Are coming here competing for or job. Has so anybody in congress asked wed her. And he. Federal offers Department of Justice AJ jazz Homeland Security somebody. As and in organizing. Any of this or do you think it's just a president's words. That were responsible for someone else or is all the boy I don't know Lindsay administration or. An outside job pressure group that said hey let's -- this is a good time to do this. -- you can only point the finger at the proclivity Pete Pete play a major part of that country. It is announced to the world that we're not going to deport. Any any minors that is here illegally. -- being held back. -- statement coming from the president of the United States. There's clearly -- have some affect on the fact that we have 50000 children now that have shown up. I don't -- adored -- But at the same time no way. You know since Ronald Reagan I gave amnesty -- 1986. Down he promised we're gonna secure the border are still -- secure because. -- into the United States. Not only across the border you can come out of these are saying don't go home we have no way you are in the US foreign terrorists targeting in the country and we have a congress. Play another talks about. Trying to find ways to give amnesty every other day and it's not only Democrats to Republicans as well you know the Republican Party came out what this immigration principles in the beginning of the year. You know they talk about it you know world there's so many things you have to do and everybody skimmed over the fact that we're gonna do background checks and -- and that's what the deal -- risk for me because I doubt. Secretary Jimmie Johnson as well as. And then secretary Nepal pro nor are we going to do based group contribute -- we do background check how -- -- going to be turner and the country toward him and the background of people if you are not treating them across the principal anybody could submit documents -- whatever we want why we think the American people. Well it's important to realize that this is just going to be you know rubber stamp it and we're gonna let. Eleven million people -- come into the United States unchecked. You mentioned Johnson I just read a quote from him about an hour ago that I found pretty interesting the way it was worded. He said HH asked. The Department of Health and Human Services act in the best interest of the child which very often means. Reuniting. That child with their parents. In the United States he didn't say reuniting. The child with -- parent if that parent is in upon Doris there's something. I he didn't say if the parent is in the United States he said reuniting their child -- The parents in the United States I'd get out of that that the kid gets here and they'll bring the parents here is. That are reasonable. -- think it's very reasonable -- It would be unreasonable not believe that I bet -- that's part of what's going to happen are trying every which way. Our troops could give them defeat LA they were trying to do recruiting and let's go back to allow. He could allow little time on a legal immigrant and our military. They try to with a dream back then and now all of a sudden we're you know we're. Rahm Emanuel remember whether Craig should go to awake at night and you know for me it's just not a courtroom coalition. Has happened. At the same kind. -- let me switch gears cited -- watching what is happening in Iraq the entire country is falling apart. I'm number one your reaction to that number two what should we do about it if anything. Well -- first employer you know is it I believe that any time you leave the United States -- -- vacuum. Are in an area such as Iraq. It's going to be troubled by bad people. You know the good thinkers saying that -- -- record probability is that they're not going to be some pretty radical. Should be is -- -- -- not going to be happy just. How occupying. A rock. You know -- I would Jordan and I would do real I'd be very very try turned up on what's going on them and you know again we're just sitting back and Paramount. It just seemed that are foreign policy news. Due to do not treat him scold people or -- prep that's going to be enough to work. Frustrated about the situations. You know there's there's auctions I don't know I don't believe you know we cannot let Baghdad. All. Well according to reports its net Sarah apparently not too many miles outside of Baghdad and are bracing for a tough fall. Well you know -- in the United States is going to step up and I could tell you -- -- The fact that -- -- countries around the world are looking to the United States coming and asking. Asking the United States to look. To show some leadership. Here you know but we're not we're we're -- -- no word we're just sitting in the in the bleachers watching them some of the options. You know we -- -- There could be air support produced Iraqi Army. -- would draw owns a word or manned aircraft we can use ship based missile strikes. But. I don't think this situation -- -- there aren't so we're not the president then you know it showed today well you know they have to I have to try to carbon -- -- You unfortunately couldn't throw a no look fairly good that's going to be a lot harder we allowed them to contribute. Throughout Iraq condemn and take Baghdad as well so -- it's another situation for a pulse -- -- Networking. And you know we're not better off and that's the question noted that the world they pretend they don't want -- answer -- and you know what's there and -- they troll here and I I don't believe that you can we beat vacuum. Because the only people these radical. -- -- it's not like they're really you know the old days where they just wanna take your country in an -- are. I look at it take the whole region and even -- way or even party Europe tried that I don't think there's any doubt about that that's why -- its interest -- talking you job Batman begins immigration now would pop up and and several European countries are strengthening their right immigration laws to try to prevent. Some of the Islamic immigration that there are afraid are just creating sleeper cells in France in Greece and other places. Well we know we know reform couldn't happen here or where we have. So if people from the United States who have gone over the serial. They have bow may have been trained and that they're able to come back cheered into the United States because they're American and we know for a fact that -- open borders sit there are still cherish. Who have been able to crushed a border. And and not you know I or -- to -- and so. Lovely but I believe there's no beard they want when we will talk about why you know we had -- I'm not exactly sure again and our own oil. You know I didn't do these people are not happy -- -- -- just taking direct -- they they want Europe. Are they want Israel and then not only held a grand a trophy is the United States. I'll feel free to say I told you so because I know he did because I was there when you were saying it's eight or nine years ago we south. Let me change gears again it's a little bit of politics Eric Cantor went down this week. He went down to a man named David Bradley spent a grand total of 125000. Dollars. -- what's been the reaction on Capitol Hill particularly among the Republicans. And I use supporting anybody to replace him. How low -- -- answers here slopes are probably put my support towards strong -- Kofi. -- California right he's from California he would whip. -- and -- delegation. We got together and you know we went in at a block for the fourth largest. Delegation have been repeated the salute our own. There were ordered -- in congress and a Republican numbers we've gotten together and how we hope it's better for the state if we hope we can get together on one person going -- a -- I think it does have. Are -- the table I want more try to encourage you cared until maybe when they realize they've got. Thirteen members Syrian noted talk about the Tea Party LA or there might be thirty members there and you know over how -- that's been. Sort of the debate that. What you've been caused by a -- thirty members. I have made their their opinions known well mr. Pennsylvania we have certain members and we we carry some weight. -- came together as well so we put our support behind democratic. It's so it was pretty shocking what happened. With how what Eric. There was a number of issues immigration played a role there that. Major one and and that's why I'm thinking boy you see he got defeated doesn't that put a cheer all. Up and down the back and anybody who resumes talking about quarter unquote comprehensive immigration reform. Well it's sure -- permanent they can't if they can't see the writing on the wall and how the American people feel and you know. They thought I believe personally -- -- it wasn't just a treat party. Oh victory. At the subtle warning to politicians all over the all over the country but the American people. Feel all that politicians in Washington don't care about draft they're more worried about their own elections -- only when he knew what more worried about. Opening other people but they're not worried about helping. Helping the American people actually back in the district and then he we have to remember -- and -- Washington you know you are more -- -- -- sent -- -- you or your neighborhood your -- your community. And you've got to get back in the district and make sure you're listening to the people have sent you there you know expend a lot of time traveling around the country helping other members. And and I believe that there are people aren't -- district of that you know he wasn't there would -- wrestling -- it was also an open primary which is which is interest in which means that Democrats. And vote in the Republican prime. Her dad that's something bad that that was only briefly discussed but it is worth noting is there any chance in this was sort of like a Democrat -- operation chaos in reverse or anything. How could it it's kind of band you know food -- been Merrill girl on the contrary to what happened there because nobody saw this coming. I think it was a perfect storm planting -- it was so. Where the American people are doing actually very you know maybe they want got a very -- don't have social -- -- -- -- in and it. Well -- guidelines recommend they go they've certainly -- they just -- -- they go one on the wall and then another should be a warning that covers. Now spot lower left -- so much your mailing list and I know we've been I've been night in contact when they're offers several times we're having a difficult does scheduling indium a very. Acting is scheduled on a lot of different places I still would like to get in for hours a night we'll just -- and -- and take phone calls. Well I've got big that we were gonna be back in the district. I'm more this summer so what -- I'm sure will be able find some -- -- sounds good thank you memo today unless I don't.